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Trump promises to end the grotesque, Common Core assault on America’s kids

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

“As president I’d end Common Core. Common Core is a disaster. Bush is totally in favor of Common Core…Education has to be local,” says front runner Donald Trump who continues to get   DONALD TRUMP 6bashed by the establishment and its propagandists, the “Mainstream” Media. The candidate continues to hit all of the right chords as he explains the repertoire of issues important to Conservative Americans.

The father of five and soon to be grandfather of eight, Trump each day is becoming one of history’s warrior heroes who fight to keep their fellow countrymen from becoming extinct. While Homer’s   SCHOOL KIDS Odysseus used truncheons, Trump uses his common sense rhetoric in today’s war of ideas to fend off the entrenched ruling class and its out of touch candidates. What follows is a piece I wrote in 2014. It reveals in honest and disturbing detail how liberal politicians and educators are using Common Core to indoctrinate school children into acceptance of the leftist agenda.

From Coach is Right: March 10th 2014

“Common Core sex education materials deemed pornographic even in America’s prisons”

Illustrations about “Do It Yourself Masturbation” appear in a book being circulated to America’s 8-10 year old public school children. But this book’s depictions are so like pornography that WA prison officials have found it unacceptable reading for their ADULT inmates! The book, “It’s Perfectly Normal” is being endorsed by Common Core standards, Planned Parenthood, and by association, Florida’s 43rd governor Jeb Bush whose Excellence in Education, non-profit group is fully on board with forcing Common Core   

FOX News presents Common Core teaching standards on sexuality
FOX News presents Common Core teaching standards on sexuality

values onto our government school system! “On page 15 (are) pictures of oral and sexual intercourse” along with the more familiar male-female who’s on top positions, says the video announcer who describes what is in this sex book for fourth graders. . .”  “It’s Perfectly Normal” is so graphic that FACEBOOK  refused attempts to re-circulate its post. This expose’ video describes young children masturbating together. (Pg 48)

According to this video, this book’s author is on the Planned Parenthood board of advocates. “Some drawings depict children and adults masturbating and having intercourse with do-it-yourself instructions included,” says web reviewer Frances Stotter.  “U.S. schools are teaching eight year olds to masturbate, and    COMMON CORE AND EDUCATIONparents are outraged.” Stotter goes on to point out that the ACA (Obamacare) “has budgeted $75 million for sexuality education, and U.S. Common Core REQUIRES sex ed for all students in K-12.” She stresses that much of this funding is tied into federal grants being administered by the U. S. Department of Education which, in turn, requires that schools use Common Core standards to get these federal dollars!

The video reviewer says that free copies of this sex book for fourth graders were handed out during Sex Party activities in Waco, TX. But a commenter later praises TX Governor Rick Perry for rejecting Common Core. “Creepy stuff is being taught eight year olds,” says the announcer!

Now, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his non profit Excellence in Education become associated with this outrage because he is fully on board with Common Core and all it symbolizes. “Our children’s futures depend on how well we prepare them for success after high school,” states Bush’s   COMMON CORE ARNE DUNCAN innocuous sounding tool kit web page.  Bush and his experts are refusing to denounce Common Core even as opponents lobby the Florida legislature to pull out.

His statements and tool kit pages defend Common Core Standards and even have links attempting to defuse opposition. He is Founder and Chairman of the Board of Foundation for Excellence in Education which is partnering with Bill Gates’ foundational work. Worthy of note here is that Gates’ soft wear and the Bush consortium are collecting donations from wealthy Americans who can take deductions for fostering reading materials they may not even realize could contain pornographic style illustrations intended for our very young children. One illustration consists of cartoon-like stylistics and shows a female with wired looking hair and her male partner in the sex ready   COMMON CORE SEX ED position!

So “It’s Perfectly Normal,” the U.S. public school system, Planned Parenthood, and Common Core now are linked with Jeb Bush, Bill Gates, and other wealthy U.S. educational reformers. Do they know that the Catholic Church and other online Catholic groups have condemned such assaults on our children? This is according to the web video reviewers of “It’s Perfectly Normal,” for fourth graders, but not our adult prison inmates.

But, perhaps, one interested individual best sums up these porno type depictions of masturbation by saying: “Hey, America. You wanted tolerance. You wanted to avoid the horrifying bigot label. Now you’re going to sit by and let perverts turn your kids into freak shows.”

After teaching for over thirty years in U.S. public schools and    SCHOOLS AND COMMON COREcolleges, am I asking too much of our educators to explain why we’re teaching grade school students how to masturbate but not how to read, write, and solve mathematical equations by using methods that our business world can understand?


America’s Schools, for Those Who Wonder Why Johnny and Shaliqua Can’t Read

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

As our nation’s public schools begin yet another year’s exercise in futility, read about the abject failure of the Pinellas County (Florida) School Board that is trapping black students in failure factories “within six square miles in one of Florida’s most affluent counties!”

An exhaustive investigation by the TAMPA BAY TIMES reveals that “Ninety-five percent of black students tested at the schools are FAILING reading or math, making the black neighborhoods in southern Pinellas County the most concentrated site of academic failure in all of Florida.” 

Continuing on, teacher turnover is so critical that “some children cycle through a DOZEN instructors in one year.” Some of the teachers just walked off of their jobs and over half asked for transfers out of these five schools: Melrose, ranked by Florida’s Department of Education as its worst elementary school; Fairmount Park comes in at No. 2; Maximo No. 10; Lakewood at No. 12, and Campbell Park at No. 15.

Black children are FAILING AT OUTRAGEOUS RATES say TIMES staff reporters in their outstanding news story. Their research traced and reviewed “tens of thousands of pages of district documents, millions of computer records and interviewed parents” to compare the Pinellas School Board’s effectiveness with other boards all over the state. “Eight in 10 [students] fail reading, nine in 10 fail math.”  For crying out loud, Mike Grego, school superintendent. Get your head out of its very dark place and DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING!

Grego carries advanced degrees in Educational Leadership. Hello. Erratic funding of black schools, ending integration, solid slippage in achievement scores over the past ten years make for a dismal achievement record for these elected officials and their administrative staff! The huge salaries paid to administrators who pile up degrees in education to get themselves out of the classroom is a big problem, IMHO. Why are these people drawing big salaries given their pathetic record? How would they like their own children to suffer in this educational fraud, year after year? Why is the State of Florida allowing any of this district’s supervisors to receive taxpayer funded dollars? Where is the Department of Education’s head in all of this? If Black Lives Matter, shouldn’t the left be yammering that the Education of Blacks does too?

But Pinellas County isn’t America’s only school district from Hell. Years ago, a long-tenured high school science teacher at a Chicago inner city school told me he and his fellow teachers always signed up for 8 a.m. classes. I was complaining because I, as a non-union teacher, kept getting skewed schedules. “Why would you do that?” I asked him. “We don’t care if they don’t show up on time,” he answered. In other words, he liked not having to teach. He said many of his black students just didn’t show up until around 10:30 a.m. and that was just fine with him.

The truant guard was so overwhelmed he wouldn’t get to the laggards for days and that was a good thing for these inner city teachers. But the teachers are not the problem. Can you envision for yourselves just what it’s like to be trapped in these classrooms day after day? You get little to no help from administration. Your students come into class with all kinds of electronic gear and if you say something they don’t like, they put you up on youtube or other social media. You have a literal fear for your own life, your car, your belongings. No matter how much or how little homework you assign, count on many students not doing a thing. They get their federal dollars and educational perks either way so they don’t care. Our students maintain so little knowledge in their “knowledge storeroom” that you have to reinvent their wheels of background data over and over.

Here, in my opinion, are just some of things that must be done:

1.) Get the federal government OUT of our schools. Stop their unfunded mandates, their money payouts for indoctrination of our young people with liberal, progressive mantras, many of which come right out of Communist playbooks for destruction of America. 2.) Stop with the social engineering, the political correctness, the silly academic mind games. 3.) Protect our schools from frivolous lawsuits that drain much needed taxpayer dollars. 4.) Get rid of outrageous administrative bloat, salary pay scales, silly, endless rounds of pointless, “make nice” meetings. Make these people do something for a change; make them go into the classrooms to help out our suffering teachers, at least with student discipline and control. 5.) Get rid of public sector unions for every public employee except police and fire. And NONE, police and fire included, may be permitted to elect their own lobbyists, i.e. elected officials who exchange union donations for union favors in our legislatures or local city and county councils. 6.) Get rid of do nothing wasters of our taxpayer dollars, namely those silly Departments of Education. 7.) Get rid of automatic union dues deductions. For decades, Democrats have maintained a death grip on our schools by exchanging political contributions raised from union dues for the votes of uncaring politicians who happen to be in bed with this toxic system known as American education. 8.) Stop grade inflation. Return the teacher’s imprimatur to student transcripts. Flunk them if they fail your course. Put pressure on the student, not the teacher, to satisfy the federal grade quotas for federal dollars, a dirty little secret no administrator wants you to know about.

Finally, yet another source finds that parents are responsible for American students ranking behind sixteen other countries. “In the U.S., kids from homes where there are more than two full bookcases score two and a half grade levels higher than kids from homes with very few books…the problem is that parents–and particularly poorer parents–aren’t empowered to make a difference.” 

One of the most important things I did in teaching 26 years full time at a Chicago area college was to require students work through the Little Brown Vocabulary workbook every day to receive grades in my composition courses. All levels of achievers received much benefit from this homework. While their vocabulary workbooks required enormous amounts of my out of classroom time, student vocabulary skills improved their overall success. BTW, this wonderful teaching tool IS NO LONGER IN PRINT! That shows you the current demand for one of the most valuable possessions in determining success in adult life—the ability to properly speak the English language.

Administrators use silly, cotton mouth “educationalese” to keep parents, especially poorer parents, well at bay. When one guy started that claptrap with me after I complained about my neighbor’s daughter walking in on her classmates performing oral sex in the girls’ restroom, I used some of those words of my own to tell him he and his other administrators needed to quit, leave, slip out the back or whatever and let someone else take over!

How often I would see these bloated, over-payed fat cats tear out of school at the end of the day, doing everything in their power to avoid their students, their stricken teachers and concerned parents. This has to stop, NOW. On our first day of school, the Palm Beach County School District had so many bus pickup failures that the local television station ran and ran missed pick-ups! Same old, same old.

As an adjunct at a well-respected area college, I had no desk, no phone, no computer, no office. I was paid $2,750 for one semester, two classes at two different campuses, four days a week, one class of turtles, one class of mainstream. Out of this enormous paycheck, the college deducted my pension, which I’ll never draw in Florida and my health insurance which I didn’t want, need, or plan to use.

Meanwhile, our local newspaper printed the salaries of the college president and his MANY administrators. President Edwin Massey is picking up an obscene HALF OF A MILLION DOLLARS every year from taxpayers, along with bloated administrators and their own six figure theft of our money. Now just multiply the effects of this cruel lunacy all over our state, our country and you can add up on you own why Johnny can’t read, write, add, subtract, get to school on time, treat his teachers with respect, etc. BTW, my pension as an English professor is with the State of Illinois’ pension system, the worst funded in the country. Nice, what? No, I’m not getting anywhere near the dough those Chicago Teachers’ Unionists are pulling in for their retirement. Nowhere near it!

Can you say “busing” boys and girls?

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Will this lead to busing so liberals can feel good about themselves?

A new report from the UCLA Civil Rights Project has named New York’s schools the most segregated in America. Other deep blue Democrat controlled states like Illinois, Michigan, Maryland and New Jersey were cited just behind New York for maintaining the most segregated schools in the nation.  While the absence of both Detroit and Washington DC from the top of this list makes its conclusions suspect, the fact remains: New York and the rest of these Oh so Blue states are very segregated. 

In the latest period for which records are available, (1989-2011) the percentage of White students attending New York City’s public schools declined from 21.3% to just 14.5% the report said.  

The fact that New York is run by a far Left cabal of “Working Families Party” officials suggests that forced busing of White public school children is a real possibility. That this “remedy” for racially imbalanced public schools was a crashing failure when it was inflicted on the people of Boston in the 1970s means nothing to the far Left.  

Starting in the fall of 1974 Boston was torn apart by The Racial Imbalance Act, a Massachusetts state law which demanded that White public school students be bused into predominately Black schools.

Liberals thought this would solve all of their “racial imbalance” problems and ease their consciences. They were wrong.      

The numbers from Boston’s experience with this social experiment speak volumes about why busing is a bad idea that can inflict serious damage on a big city’s public school system.

In the 14 years Boston public schools employed forced busing as its remedy to a supposed racial imbalance problem, enrollment fell from 100,000 to 57,000 and just 15% of those students were White.

So what happened?

Whites moved out of Boston and/or sent their children to private schools as they will should New York’s mayor Comrade de Blasio adopt forced busing as a general policy in his city.

A single sentence from Michael Goodwin’s March 2, 2014 New York Post column says it all about people’s willingness to pack up and flee: “One friend says 10 wealthy people have told him they are leaving and another says disgusted New Yorkers bought $1 billion in residential property in Florida since the November election [of Comrade  Bill de Blasio].





Wagging the dog in America’s schools

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Unable to control its bloated spending habits our local Democrat controlled school board is gearing up for a big hike on beleaguered tax payers. After hiring twelve administrators at near six figure incomes to implement the latest pedagogic evaluation fad, this same board is stiffing overworked and under-appreciated teachers whose salaries rank among Florida’s lowest. 

Hello! Get rid of the administrative beast and you can balance your budgets and pay your teachers what they deserve.  Require the pedagogues to teach one or two classes and you may suddenly see increased appreciation for what the drones in the trenches do on a daily basis! But most of all, you’ll get some “sweat equity” out of all of the foolish,  degree-laden administrators now ruining our US Public school systems.  When out-of-touch administrators experience first-hand what teachers have to put up with each and every school day, maybe they’ll come down from their expensive offices to share their technology with those employees who need it the most.

From outcome based education and classrooms without walls to the self-esteem debacle, US Schools of Education hand out Doctorates of Education to people who may know how to arrange a white message board but are not proficient in teaching specific fields of discipline.  In fact, some school boards make efforts to force out first rate, experienced teachers with “big” salaries just to pay for additional, Ivory Tower overhead. 

I just finished up my first return to the classroom after an 18 year retirement by having to deal with 33 different people and units to teach 13 students. One Afro-American Ed.D really shocked me with a hate filled diatribe against America. Rude, undisciplined students, blast phone calls from the administrative beast and one real time security threat from a student with an arrest record have made me retreat to my blogging keyboard for good.

Want to know another well-kept secret which is understood but never stated inside school house doors?  It’s those 60’s throwbacks from the hippy generation known as “student evaluations.”  Would some statistician please trace the introduction of student evaluations of teachers with the concomitant decline in test scores to illustrate a main reason American students are falling so far behind those in other countries?   Letting the untaught grade the taught is dooming our schools because teachers learn early on it’s just easier to cave on the grades students get than it is to fight the administrative bureaucracy.  Administrators can read the evaluations and then put pressure on realistic graders because keeping federal dollars flowing into the system is more important than defending a teacher who seriously evaluates a student’s subject mastery.  In fact, one North Carolina principal actually told his teachers, “No Black child will receive lower than a C in my school!” (1)

In other words, to bring teachers into compliance with grades needed to turn the thing over every year, the administrative beast can use student evaluation forms, thus ensuring America will neither correct its severe grade inflation crisis nor bring student’s achievement levels up to the pre 1960’s liberal take-over of our public schools.

(1) http://atlah.org/2012/11/20/stand-with-me-and-i-will-not-turn-to-the-left-or-the-right/