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Hammas and Obama want GZ mosque moving us closer to Sharia law, Taliban style burkas and slavery


  By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Obama’s decision to announce his support of a Ground Zero mosque at his Ramadan  White House dinner is a very chilling warning of where he wants to take our country. His treacherous insistence that “…Islam has always been part of America..” brings Sharia law one step closer to America. 

 The video linked below is a look at exactly what Obama’s terrorist allies like the Taliban and Hammas would to do to American women.

Anyone not moved by this brief video has no soul.

It depicts the differences between the oppressive burkas worn by Afghani women and the head coverings adopted by Muslim women around the world.      

The burkas Taliban captive women have been forced to wear since 1996 are made of heavy canvas and designed to be mobile prisons. The crown weighs about fifteen pounds and these torture gowns allow for no peripheral vision. Women found making the eye holes bigger are severely punished which can mean dozens of lashes in a public square.  The sight limitations force women to travel in threes with one looking forward while the others provide peripheral vision for all three.

Women are not allowed to ride inside cars. They must walk or ride in the trunk.

Women walking alone are often struck by speeding cars driven by men and if they are lucky they die immediately. Women are not allowed to see a male doctor and there are no female doctors in Afghanistan. Injuries that cause serve pain but not immediate death are a constant fear of women existing under the Taliban.  

Originally burkas were worn for modesty. They were made of silk and designed to keep leering eyes off Muslim women. Today’s Afghan burka have one purpose: the complete imprisonment of women.

The extreme heat combined with the ridged canvas fabric of these head to toe burkas makes these mobile prison cells stifling.

Living vegetative lives

 Afghan women are not allowed sing dance play sports or musical instruments. They are not allowed to go to school or even fly a kite which is very popular among Afghan men. 

Afghan women merely accused of adultery, not convicted just accused, are regularly tortured to death. This is the preferred method of divorce for the cowardly Taliban. 

Childbirth can be a death sentence for most women. With no doctors to treat them,  even small complications can mean death.  Infants are not allowed see their own mother’s eyes even while nursing. This sinister restriction of mother/child bonding serves to perpetuate men’s willingness to do these ghastly ugly things to their own mothers.

The streets of Taliban controlled towns are patrolled by young cowardly thugs hoping to find a woman violating their sick laws so they can torture and kill her.

Barack Hussein Obama’s decision to support radical Islamists over America is a dangerous step toward forcing Sharia law on us.

The next time you hear a Marxist feminist screaming “America out of Afghanistan” to parrot  the liberal line, ask her if she knows anything about how women live in that awful country. Ask her if she realizes Obama wants to bring Sharia law to America. Ask her if she realizes the only thing that might be able to save us is the United States Military.

Staying in Afghanistan and killing the Taliban is the American thing to do. If we don’t save Afghani women who will? France?         

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Silence in the face of tyranny is collaboration with that tyranny.

Remember: It’s the Military, not the reporter who has given us the freedom of the press. 

Pray for America.


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