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In Ferguson, professional agitators fan the flames as usual

by Suzanne Eovaldi

Radical communists, anarchists, even an ISIS flag waver; members of the far left from CA to NY are taking advantage of the death of Michael Brown to foment fury in Ferguson.  A revolutionary named Gregory “Joey” Johnson is promoting and agitating local protestors as shown in a Missouri web post by writer Duane Lester. (1)

Johnson is wearing a black tee shirt with white lettering: “The System Has No Future. Revolution Does.” He is chanting in childlike, sing song lyrics that say there will be no police brutality, no wars, no oppression when the Revolution comes.  Using hatred of America, our way of life, our capitalism our whatever, these hate groups are doing what Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s mayor and Obama’s adviser recommends: “Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste.”  Using the Brown family’s pain, the agitation of Al Sharpton and the siege mentality of leftist media, Communists have come to town to bring America down.

This is the commie mantra: use masses of people to create a revolution in the United States as part of a worldwide takeover.  The term AGITPROP is derived from the combination of agitation and propaganda and originates from Communist paradigms. Globalists, race-baiters and mainstream media lefties in need of ratings have co-opted pain for their own gain.

As he chants, Johnson’s demands are simple. He wants: “a classless world where exploitation, oppression  and all destructive divisions among people are eliminated [as] all work together to build global security for the benefit of humanity.” The crisis-exploiting Emanuel would just love Johnson as he was in on the Trayvon Martin Florida protests too.

What younger observers need to realize is that these riots very strongly resemble Chicago’s days of rage during 1967 and 1968. Night after night, walls of flames flared along South Michigan Avenue and into once lovely parks near the Art Institute.  Police were being fired upon, hit with feces and Molotov cocktails. The scenes were manufactured by bi-coastal agitators who used anger over the Vietnam War as an excuse for every destructive activity.  Here, in Ferguson, agitators are using racial tension. Having a black man in the White House was supposed to make things better, but not so.  Obama came from the Heartland but was not of the Heartland.

The real villains here are the mainstream media.  After watching all night coverage it becomes quite clear that the media are using their own version of agitprop to stir up the so-called revolutionaries.  Missouri State Patrol Chief Ron John stated at an early morning press conference that new protocols for the media soon will be in place. He admitted that the police were being fired upon, that the agitators were skulking behind innocent young protestors and that the Molotov cocktails and guns on display were meant to hurt. So the tough side of the black cop in charge must now take control.  “People from CA and NY are coming in…we have to keep people safe…our officers safe.”

This whole thing will just have to play out, just as Chicago’s Days of Rage played out.  Up on the web are videos of accounts by witnesses who maintain that the dead black teen rushed the cop.  Twelve different accounts now on social media say the same thing.  The autopsy report shows gunshot wounds on the frontal right side of the body, evidence that would not be there if the white cop had shot the black teen in the back.  Now we’re learning the dead man was 6′ 4″ tall, 294 pounds, that he pounded the cop in the face and attempted to take his pistol.  Just what do you expect the cop to do?  Those who remember the term “blunts” from the Trayvon Martin shooting know that Brown and his friend might have stolen the Swisher Sweets cigarillos to make blunts, that is, the tobacco is removed and the remaining outer layer packed with marijuana.  Who knows?

Captain Johnson spoke of officers being surrounded last night as they worked to rescue civilians suffering from non-police gunshot wounds.”That’s why we brought out the vehicles.” Several nights ago other reports told of four police officers isolated and surrounded by an angry mob of protestors.  Fox news Anchor Gretchen Carlson interviewed an area radio talk host who said the local union head was considering a lawsuit against the MO State Police because “his officers were made to go out into the crowds WITHOUT protective gear, no vests…they were hurt, hit with rocks.”  This decision was made during the touchy feely phase when police were made to handle agitators like they were participants in an all-night pajama party.

Chicago’s Days of Rage did not stop until Mayor Richard Daley Sr. took to the podium to give his famous “Shoot to Kill” order that sent the media into paroxysms of outrage. “They’re not going to kill my men,” the tough Chicago Mayor said.  International headlines screamed out his order. What they didn’t give banner headline status to was the fact that this was the only thing that put a stop to the murder, injury, loss of property and deadly chaos on the streets of Chicago. When the fun became downright dangerous, the outside agitators crawled out of town.  We can only hope that Ferguson’s days of chaos never get to this point as the realization that these riots have been co-opted by vicious, out of town anarchists and America haters starts to sink in.  The communists have come to town and it’s not nice.

SOURCE:  http://themissouritorch.com/blog/2014/08/17/meet-greg-joey-johnson-an-opportunistic-communist  

Chicago Police Superintendent caught creating phony police reports to reduce crime rate

by Doug Book,  editor

Other than hitting the perfect tee shot, nothing is more gratifying than the sight of liberals hoisted by a petard fashioned of their own corruption.
In May of 2011, anti-gun lunatic Garry McCarthy was named Chicago Police Superintendent by mayor and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel. Though making all of the usual promises about reducing the city’s crime rate, during his first full year–2012–Chicago recorded 507 murders, the most since 2008 and more than in any year since 2003.

Of course, more important than 507 dead was the fact that Emanuel’s approval rate seemed to decline another notch with the discovery of each new corpse.

So in January of 2013, Emanuel had a friendly sit-down with his police superintendent during which McCarthy was told that a repeat of the 2012 murder statistics would find him packing.

And lo and behold, a miracle occurred. In December of 2013, Emanuel and McCarthy called a joint press conference to inform Chicagoans that the city was on track “…to have its lowest homicide rate since 1967 and its lowest violent crime rate for nearly as long.” “This is not just 2013 against 2012,” said Emanuel. “This is 2013 against the last 40 years. That is what is significant.” Naturally, most of the media pitched in with round the clock praise for the mayor and his police wunderkind.

But not everyone was willing to accept the word of Chicago’s dynamic duo. Except for the spike in murders during 2012, Chicago’s crime rate had fallen dramatically from 2010 to 2013; TOO dramatically.  “Index crimes,” the 8 violent and property crimes which make up the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, had dropped by 59% in the city. And this with 10% fewer police on the street than in 2011. A veteran police sergeant commented that the extraordinary reduction in crime “makes no sense,” continuing with, “and it makes absolutely no sense that people believe it. Yet people believe it.”

But Chicago’s inspector general and the people at Chicago Magazine did NOT believe it. This year, the IG’s office finalized an audit of assault related crimes in the city during 2012. The audit found that “…the department under-counted aggravated assaults and batteries by more than 24 percent, based on the sample cases reviewed.” Chicago Magazine discovered examples of 10 murders; people “…who were beaten, burned, suffocated, or shot to death in 2013 and whose cases were reclassified as death investigations, downgraded to more minor crimes, or even closed as noncriminal incidents…”

In short, Police Superintendent McCarthy and department higher-ups accomplished their remarkable, 3 year reduction in crime by–to put it charitably–“…changing how certain crimes are categorized.” For example, homicides as initially reported by case officers would be quietly downgraded to non-criminal events.  Chicago Magazine reported that “…many officers of different ranks and from different parts of the city recounted instances in which they were asked or pressured by their superiors to reclassify their incident reports or in which their reports were changed by some invisible hand. One detective refers to the “magic ink:” the power to make a case disappear.”

And unlike news of graft and corruption during the Daley years, this story is being reported. Two weeks ago, Chicago Magazine published the first of a two part article revealing the underhanded crime reporting methods of the CPD.  The Chicago Sun Times revealed lies told by McCarthy, including his having assured a reporter that the department had NOT changed the way it “measures statistics;” that is, reports crimes.

Garry McCarthy has (probably with the knowledge of Rahm Emanuel) deceived the people of Chicago and done an unforgivable disservice to crime victims and their families. If this story gathers enough steam to damage Rahm Emanuel, McCarthy might well be gone.

And how will Emanuel handle it? If he tosses McCarthy under the bus by claiming to have known nothing about the crime reporting fraud, will McCarthy rat him out?

What fun, as December’s liberal heroes are revealed to be the slimy rats they are.







“Martial Law Now in Effect” signs create stir in YouTube video

by George Spelvin
“Martial Law Now in Effect” signs have been spotted in a three truck convoy on Illinois highways, and you can read all about it on a YouTube video that has already had 1/2 million hits!  (1)  “You wouldn’t believe what I’ve got in the back of this truck” a young trucking employee allegedly is telling anyone who will listen to him.
Warning, this video is full of “F” word expletives as you clearly can detect the distress in the voice of the producer who relates being awakened late at night by a friend wanting to tell him what is going on! 

“He’s scared out of his f______ mind,” says the speaker, apparently describing the young trucker.  The employee is feeling very scared and upset as he examines three loads of Martial Law signs printed in English and stacked top to bottom in the back of the convoy vehicles.  This employee relates how his boss said to him, “That’s for another country,” when pressed about what these well written, expensive looking signs were doing being transported along Illinois highways.  The trucking helper is upset because he says, “Nothing is coming to Illinois (in the middle of the country) to get shipped to Iraq.”

The three diesel truck convoy dropped off these signs at three un-named warehouses near Army bases in Illinois, according to the video whose Email address appears to be majormindjob.com.  Fear is the over-riding emotion throughout this video which begins with a news report of a possible call up of the Illinois National Guard to restore order and protect school children from rampant gang violence in Chicago.  New school assignments and the closing of under performing schools by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff, both require extra supervision for children having to travel through competing gang territories to get to their new schools.
But the young trucker concludes his rant with, “No one orders 1,000s of signs without something pretty negative.”  A commenter to this video alerts viewers to an Army website that is advertising for a Supervisor of Confinement and Detention Centers. (2) Job duties include: “External security to facilities; supervision of confinement and detention operations; counseling/guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program; records of prisoners/internees and their programs.”  Yet another commenter to this very disturbing video relays the following quote attributed to Hitler in 1935:” This year will go down in history.  For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration.  Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead in the future.”

SOURCES: (1)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Sxr10nkpio   ( view it before it is removed)
(2)  www.goarmy.com/careers-and-jobs/browse-career-and-job-categories/legal-and-law-

Chicago’s top cop McCarthy should leave now, give the City a break

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

The guy just doesn’t fit in.  He needs to quit now in order to explore great new opportunities for the sake of the children.  Chicago’s Police Superintendent Garry Francis McCarthy, known lovingly as McStreetlights, was hand picked by Mayor Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel to do something about Chicago, a city whose kill stats are worse than those of Afghanistan.  In a stunning panoply of ironic details, the man blew in from NYPD’s CompStat program, moved over to Newark, then sent letters to Chicago gang bangers, telling them in essence that he knew where they lived and to have a nice day.  Can you imagine?
“CompStat, according to Wiki, is a multilayered dynamic approach to crime reduction, quality of life improvement, and personnel and resource management by which Geographic Information Systems are used to map crime and identify problems.”  Are you kidding me?

To get a clue, here’s a new homework assignment in which some street vernacular is necessary: “Chicago ain’t no New York; ain’t now’ never will be.  Why is That?”  Mailman McCarthy’s sharp New York accent is music to the ears of hardened street thugs whose main command is “Are you down with me?”  What that means is they know if you are in or out of the Chicago milieu thereby giving the thug leaders some reaction time and reaction responses to win or lose on the mean streets of Chicago.  Just hearing that New York inflection draws ridicule from the flat Midwestern accent bought by television producers nationwide when they hire only that flatness.
Chicago is in some ways imperceptible.  New York confronts, shouts, yells, drinks latte, may even chest bump, and boom, problem is gone.  Chicago’s pizza is thin crusted, heavily laden; you eat it first and never belch all the while scanning the terrain.
According to Chicago’s Second City Cop blog (1), McCarthy’s milk toast response to South Side, Illinois Housemember Monique Davis’ despicable suggestion that Chicago cops are killing some of the city’s children (cops rather than gang-bangers, that is) was as bad if not worse than her remark itself.  Rather than defending his men and women, McCarthy went soft, saying her words were “inflammatory and not worth repeating.”  The blog even carries details of a female police supervisor ordering a police car to stand down only two blocks away from a fellow cop in trouble and calling for help!      

Local Chicago television carried a positively chilling interview with a young black woman whose close friends and relatives had just been gunned down.  One brother died from a shot to the eye while the second apparently bled out from extremity wounds. “Bring in the national guard,” she said through her tears and outrage. “Search they (sic) homes,” she added, telling Chicago what needs to be done to stop a grinding violence responsible for the death of guilty and innocent alike on the South and West sides–areas populated by an Afro-American community that should not have to live like this. McCarthy is a polar opposite to the inscrutable Chicago personality.  Winks, nods, and a near imperceptible head motion are Chicago’s GPS system, not a multilayered crime mapping comp paradigm.  If you get the head motion, and you can detect it, you know to grab granny, your kids, significant other, batten down the hatches, and go to ground. How long depends on if the head movement is done with the eye shadowing. The fainter the shadowing, the longer you need to stay out of Dodge. 

McCarthy is a guy who just doesn’t fit in. The gangs are in control; they are playing him and his boss and as a result, crime in the city is out of hand. He needs to quit now for the sake of the children, perhaps both who kill and who get killed.

SOURCE:  (1)  http://secondcitycop.blogspot.com/search

Its last appeal turned down, Illinois may no longer legally prevent Concealed Carry

by Doug Book

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has told Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for the last time that she MUST honor the Constitution of the United States by doing away with her state’s ban on the concealed carry of firearms.

It was back in December of last year that a 3 judge panel of the Court found the Illinois law banning concealed carry to be unconstitutional. “The Supreme Court has decided that the [2nd] amendment confers a right to bear arms for self-defense, which is as important outside the home as inside,” wrote 7th Circuit Judge Richard Posner, paraphrasing the opinion of S.C. Justice Samuel Alito.  Naturally, the scrupulously liberal Madigan then petitioned the entire 10 member court, hoping that the ruling might be overturned. But the full court refused to reconsider the ruling of the panel. (1)

And now the Illinois legislature has about 4 months to rewrite its unconstitutional ban into something acceptable to groups which strictly preserve the 2nd Amendment rights of the American people. And that is the REAL question: will the ONLY remaining state to disallow concealed carry abide by the ruling of the court by creating an honest and reasonable statute? If so, it will represent a truly staggering break with the leftist-inspired, Illinois tradition of governing as though rights were privileges of which the common classes are rarely if ever deserving.

After the 2010 McDonald v Chicago decision in which the Supreme Court struck down the city’s decades-old, unconstitutional handgun ban, brainless thug Mayor Richard Daley and city officials crafted a new ordinance to “comply” with the ruling. Naturally, this group of self-serving thieves and political prostitutes sought only to defy the Court with an ordinance which limited each person to ONE operable weapon; allowed no gun to be taken outside the home; prohibited the existence of gun stores and firing ranges within the city; mandated “approved” training and marksmanship; charged $100 for a 3 year pistol permit; banned handguns the police superintendent considered “unsafe due to their size” and, of course, required fingerprinting of gun owners and registration of their weapons.  Needless to say, these provisions did NOT apply to law enforcement or certain city officials. (2)

Since that time, constitutional rights groups have been in court with the City of Chicago on a seemingly daily basis, suing to terminate the Daley legacy of wanton abrogation of liberty. On three occasions, the city has lost court decisions to the NRA and twice Rahm Emanuel has decided to amend the Daley ordinance, “…conceding that the city had little chance of successfully defending lawsuits against certain aspects of it.” (3)

Incredibly, Chicago City Corporation Counsel Steve Patton has accused the NRA and others of “…cherry-pick[ing] the things they thought they could marshal a challenge (on).” How does one “cherry-pick” UNCONSTITUTIONAL provisions in a city ordinance? Could anything be more typical of a Chicago official than to whine because the city’s assault on freedom has been found unacceptable by those who prefer liberty to the beneficent dictatorship of nanny-state hoodlums!

Leftist Governor Pat Quinn is not likely to provide Illinois residents with the 2nd Amendment rights to which they are entitled. The 7th Circuit has given lawmakers till mid-year to write a constitutional law.  Don’t be surprised if the state is once again before the bench by year end.

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