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Obama’s Syria Problem

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

It’s been over 1,500 days since Barack Obama tried to extend the failed Arab Spring into Syria. He called for the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in order to hand over the country to the Muslim Brotherhood. But to Obama’s chagrin, Bashar al-Assad is still there. Russian President Vladimir Putin, well aware of Obama’s weakness, took advantage of the opportunity to directly intervene in the Syrian Civil war.

The Administration naïvely believed that Russia would assist the cobbled together alliance of western allies in their fight against the Islamic state. Unfortunately, Obama and Kerry don’t understand or don’t care that Russia will do what is in her own best interest. That is why the President and Secretary of State have looked like fools over the last few months in their dealings with Iran, the Islamic State and Syria. They have simply not been acting in the best interests of America.

Russia, however, is playing the long game by moving into Syria. Putting an end to the rebels and keeping al-Assad in power will provide Russia with financial, military and geo-political advantages. If Putin does manage to drive the Rebels, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State out of Syria, it will solidify Russia’s position in the Middle East. Obama, of course, was hoping the crisis would resolve itself. Although words may be nice, actions speak louder. Obama would have been better off calling “Wag-the-Dog” Clinton for advice.

Russia went into Syria to protect its interests in the region. If that meant keeping al-Assad in power, so be it. The Administration hoped Putin would not involve himself in Syria. But when did Russia ever seek anyone’s permission or consider another’s wishes prior to moving into another country? Syria provides Russia with a warm weather port and a foothold in the region.

Putin’s first order of business is to eliminate the organized rebels fighting the al-Assad regime. That includes all rebel forces, for as long they are breathing it will complicate Russia’s interests. Of course Putin’s one hour notice for Western forces to vacate Syria before bombing anti-Assad forces disturbed the heck out of America’s Nobel Peace Prize “winning” president. The One was upset that Putin didn’t make him look important-or even relevant-by first asking permission.

After its first Air Strike, the White House was quick to accuse Russia’s air campaign of attacking non-ISIS rebel targets, including the Christian Killing, “moderate Muslim,” Free-Syrian Army backed by Obama. Such are the sub-humans American tax payers are supporting, thanks to the president. They are, of course, no better than the Child-raping Animals in Afghanistan.

The Administration accused Russia of propping up the murderous Assad regime. Obama was hoping the Russians would coordinate target selection with the western allies before carrying out missions. After all, Mullah Obama doesn’t have the backbone to tell the Turks to bomb ISIS targets instead of the Kurds, who are fighting ISIS.

Don’t be surprised to hear the Russians tell members of the western alliance to stay out of Syrian Airspace. Already well limbered-up from caving in to the Iranians, Secretary Kerry will no doubt readily agree to remove American jets from Syrian airspace. After all, the Pentagon didn’t ask Assad for his permission to violate Syrian airspace in the first place!

When Military spokesman Col. Steve Warren was asked who was targeted during the Russian Air Strike he didn’t know. His response was “We don’t believe that they struck ISIL targets, so that’s a problem.” He seemed to have no idea whether the airstrikes took out Al Qaeda-aligned terrorists or the Free Syrian Army.

Downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 a story of claims and counterclaims

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile (SAM) over Grabovo, Ukraine and crashed near the Russian border killing all 298 souls on board. The national/political identity of the SAM battery that attacked the commercial airliner is unknown at the time of writing.  The finger pointing, accusations and conspiracy theories are currently noise disguising the truth. Even the so-called recording of pro-Russian separatists is of questionable origin. Russian military intelligence would be unbelievably—that is, implausibly–sloppy to permit discussion of a civilian shootdown over unencrypted communications. (1)

New York Times reports that two witnesses near Grabovo claim to have seen the SAM launch in the area of Snizhne, a separatist city which has been heavily bombed by the Ukrainians for the last several days.  (3) Heavy overcast in the launch area made it unlikely that anyone could have seen the airliner being struck. It’s possible the Airliner just happened to fly into contested airspace unaware that it was on a route similar to those flown by Ukrainian warplanes. The theory that trigger happy separatists shot down the airliner believing it was a Ukrainian military aircraft would appear to be plausible.

Escalating Tensions
Moscow and Kiev have claimed the airliner was brought down by a SAM fired either by pro-Russian militants or Ukrainian Defense Forces. In the belief that separatist rebels were not sophisticated enough to deploy a SAM, Moscow has been charged with engineering the shootdown. It’s also possible that the operators of the SAM battery were defectors from the Ukrainian military and that their lack of radar tracking ability from a centralized long range air defense network from Ukraine or Russia would account for their mistaking a Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 for a Ukrainian An-24. The overcast on that day would have made visual identification difficult, perhaps impossible.

Russia has accused Ukraine of deploying long S-300 SAM batteries to counter the ability of Russian warplanes to provide air cover for the separatists. A Ukrainian official charged the jet was downed by a Buk (SA-11 or SA-17) surface-to-air missile system which is Russian-produced, medium-range SAM equipment (NATO designation SA-11 or SA-17). The Ukrainian S-300 system was also manufactured in Russia.

Until the area has been secured and investigated by a politically impartial team, we will continue to be inundated with speculation and theory.

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Putin continues military buildup as he ignores threats from America’s weakling leaders

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer


Adopting the strategy of the Cold War the Obama administration has adopted the long-term approach of containment. The new strategy against Russia is basically the Alinsky strategy, isolate, ridicule, pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Not a good idea to attack someone who has a few nukes to toss around. (6)

To isolate, the Pentagon is sending troops to Poland for training exercises to reassure Eastern European allies that the United States will help to defend them from Russian aggression. A company sized contingent of 600 American troops will also be heading to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia for training exercises. The US and NATO presence will form a perimeter in the hope of isolating Russia from Europe. 
In addition to ground forces Air Force fighters are being deployed in Poland. (1)

Analysts have indicated that the deployment will be a symbolic gesture that will have little or no impact on the Ukrainian crisis. The Pentagon insists that the troop deployment is in direct response to the buildup of Russian troops near the Ukraine boarder.


Six Russian Su-27s Flankers and support aircraft have been deployed to Bobruisk airfield inside Belarus. Placing aircraft in Belarus serves to beef up Belarus airspace and relocate Russian aircraft within close proximity of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. This will place Russian forces close to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Belarus is friendly to Russia and is concerned that NATO may be a potential threat to its sovereignty. President Aleksandr Lukashenko invited the Russians as a deterrence to NATO encroachment. (2) Belarus would make a great location for short range missile strikes since European missile defense was disapproved by Mr. Obama. Putin is warning the Ukrainian government against attacking civilians in eastern Ukraine. (5)

Deja Vu

Reporters were excited this week when Russian aircraft encroached on the airspace of several NATO countries. (3) Fighter Jets were launched to intercept and escort Russian TU-95 Bears. Despite the timing of events, these are routine missions flown to test various nations’ air defenses. However, unless the Russians have permission they rarely violate the countries airspace. The Russians use the turboprop bombers for the purpose of conducting airborne surveillance of NATO air defenses.(4) After the fall of the Soviet Empire, Russians still conduct surveillance flights off of the east coast of the United States and Alaska. It’s nothing new.

Our own State Department’s resident buffoon Jonh Kerry and the public housing Kenyan Muslim’s daily condemnation and threats against Putin are the remaining Alinsky tactics. Such threats serve no purpose to someone who has more support among his own people than Mr. Obama has in America. Obama’s history of hollow threats regarding Syria, Egypt and Iran has damaged his and America’s credibility on the world stage.

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Show of Force or War Preparations?

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

This week NATO released a series of satellite images showing a Russian military buildup near it’s border with Ukraine. The forward bases are Spartan and are mainly used to disperse or deploy assets for contingencies. Most likely this is a show of Force to counter NATO’s shifting of Forces as a display of good faith to support the current government of Ukraine.  

NATO leadership estimate at least 40,000 Russian troops have been deployed near the borders which could likely be within Ukraine in about an hour if ordered. The images show aircraft, armored vehicles, artillery, and forces deployed in positions that are not equipped for long term occupation. Usually such deployments are performed for training purposes but in the current situation they could be a show of force for the benefit of the pro-Russian population, a move to deter NATO, or to provide Air cover if the population should decide to have a civil war.    

Russia is telling the world that there is nothing unusual about the deployment, but the satellite images contradict the buildup along national boarders during time of internal turmoil.  Russian forces are already in Crimea and the well trained forces used to secure the Peninsula are much more professional and more integrated than NATO leadership have seen in the past. If war were to start, NATO would meeting a formidable force. (3)

If the current occupant of the White House knew anything of history, he would understand that the last time Europe and America faced such an army it wasn’t a pleasant trip for those who fought the war.

As for the United States, Obama foolishly promised: “We are not going to be getting into a military excursion in Ukraine. What we are going to do is mobilize all of our diplomatic resources to make sure that we’ve got a strong international correlation that sends a clear message.” The public housing Harvard Law School grad is either bluffing or willing to surrender Ukraine in the name of Social Justice. Most likely he and Valerie Jarret don’t care because the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t involved.

The wild card in this dangerous game is China. They might use a Ukrainian showdown to quietly grab a few islands. (2) 

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