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Show of Force or War Preparations?

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

This week NATO released a series of satellite images showing a Russian military buildup near it’s border with Ukraine. The forward bases are Spartan and are mainly used to disperse or deploy assets for contingencies. Most likely this is a show of Force to counter NATO’s shifting of Forces as a display of good faith to support the current government of Ukraine.  

NATO leadership estimate at least 40,000 Russian troops have been deployed near the borders which could likely be within Ukraine in about an hour if ordered. The images show aircraft, armored vehicles, artillery, and forces deployed in positions that are not equipped for long term occupation. Usually such deployments are performed for training purposes but in the current situation they could be a show of force for the benefit of the pro-Russian population, a move to deter NATO, or to provide Air cover if the population should decide to have a civil war.    

Russia is telling the world that there is nothing unusual about the deployment, but the satellite images contradict the buildup along national boarders during time of internal turmoil.  Russian forces are already in Crimea and the well trained forces used to secure the Peninsula are much more professional and more integrated than NATO leadership have seen in the past. If war were to start, NATO would meeting a formidable force. (3)

If the current occupant of the White House knew anything of history, he would understand that the last time Europe and America faced such an army it wasn’t a pleasant trip for those who fought the war.

As for the United States, Obama foolishly promised: “We are not going to be getting into a military excursion in Ukraine. What we are going to do is mobilize all of our diplomatic resources to make sure that we’ve got a strong international correlation that sends a clear message.” The public housing Harvard Law School grad is either bluffing or willing to surrender Ukraine in the name of Social Justice. Most likely he and Valerie Jarret don’t care because the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t involved.

The wild card in this dangerous game is China. They might use a Ukrainian showdown to quietly grab a few islands. (2) 

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Cold War II

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

President Vladimir Putin is taking maximum advantage of the weakest American President in history to rebuild the empire that was once known as the Soviet Union. The Left can bloviate all they wish but they cannot tap the heels of their Ruby Red Slippers and wish it wasn’t so. Barack Obama  has already lost Egypt to the Russians and pretty much surrendered the Ukraine to them as well. Given John Kerry’s moronic boast that the era of the Monroe Doctrine is over, Russia is planning to expand its military presence beyond current boarders especially in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Russian forces in these counties, with no opposition from the current administration, represent a declaration of the second Cold War.

Cruise Missile threat
Armed with Russian built missiles, Iran is now a legitimate cruise-missile threat to America’s Gulf of Mexico states. Russia can launch cruise-missiles from land, sea or air from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua with little or no warning. Military Planners are working to defend the United States against cruise-missile attacks launched from the Gulf of Mexico! (1)

A 2013 joint service exercise deployed Patriot Missiles, Aegis warships and fighters against a simulated missile attack from the Gulf. Lessons learned from the exercise exposed United States’ vulnerability to attack from the  region. The exact details of the drill  and what we learned from it are classified.

Gen. Charles Jacoby of the U.S. Northern Command told a Senate Armed Service Committee hearing that the U.S. has “some significant challenges” in countering these missiles, but is currently exploring “some opportunities to use existing systems more effectively.” If Russia manages to base strategic assets in the Gulf region America will have a new Cuban Missile Crisis. Needless to say, Obama is no John Kennedy.

Russia has been working to improve its cruise-missile program for years. Vladimir Putin can easily attack Alaska and the Eastern United States with little or no notice. Putin has a military strategy while the only thing that piques Barack Obama’s interest is the filling out of brackets for the NCAA’s March Madness. Even the sycophants in the press can’t change that fact.   


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Barack and Vladimir face off over the Ukraine

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

The true extent of Barack Hussein Obama’s stupidity and bluster is on full display as he and Vladimir Putin face off over the Ukraine. For Russia is there and Obama is not. And the community organizer’s talk is cheap to a man of action. This Administration is failing to dissuade the Russian incursion to the Crimean region because they are Ivy League educated and therefore ignorant of the history and the relationship between Russia and Ukraine. (1)(2)

Russia and the Ukraine have been linked for centuries. Their histories and culture are tightly intertwined, beginning in the late 9th to the mid-13th centuries as a loose collection of clans known as Kievan Rus’. Kiev was the birth place of the Russian Orthodox Church as founded by the Apostle Andrew. So many battles were fought on Ukrainian soil to preserve Russian freedom that the Russian people would have a difficult time seeing the Ukraine as a separate nation. (1) In fact, the idea of the Ukraine joining the E.U. and NATO would greatly concern the Bear given the history of the Ukraine acting as a buffer against Russia being attacked by her enemies in the West.

In a nutshell, Ukraine is two countries rolled into one separated by language, culture and religion. The western Ukraine consists mostly of Catholics speaking Ukrainian while residents of the East are mostly Russian Orthodox speaking Russian. During the Ukraine’s 23 years of independence, neither side would compromise but only attempt to dominate each other. It was only a matter of time that riots and revolts would take place. Yugoslavia provides a perfect example of what happens when various factions try to dominate each other.

Perhaps the best solution to conditions in the Ukraine involves a peaceful split into two separate and distinct nations. The split of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia might serve as a model. Today those countries coexist peacefully, continuing to trade with each other while allowing free travel across their borders. Each is an independent nation, freely aligning itself with other countries. If, as Henry A. Kissinger points out, the Ukraine is to survive intact it must remain independent both from Russia and the West. However, based on history, neither Russia nor the West are likely to permit the Ukraine to exist in peace.


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A Dysfunctional Combination Means Desperation On The World Stage


by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

The projected toughness of the Obama Administration is only directed against domestic “enemies” of the Regime and longtime allies of the United States. When dealing with hostile nations, Team Obama reveals itself to be thoroughly inept. (1) Staying true to the liberal definition of conflict resolution, the Kenyan Muslim and the haughty Secretary of State fall back on appeasement as diplomacy. Always ready to accommodate fellow Muslims in the Middle East, Obama is eager to remove sanctions against Iran rather than negotiate with the Islamic Regime to give up its nuclear ambitions. (4) When Secretary Kerry was dispatched to sell this dangerous idea to Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that a “bad deal” negotiated between Iran and Western Powers could lead to war.

France Saves the day
France objected to the appeasement approach taken by Team Obama, insisting that “…the six-power group negotiating with Iran should not sign a “suckers deal” and must take heed of the fears of Israel and Arab countries troubled by Iran’s nuclear activities.” (2) To save his Botox smoothed face, Secretary Kerry insisted that it was Iran that walked away from negotiations (rather than France) and that the U.S. isn’t ‘blind’ or ‘stupid’ on the subject of Iran. Despite his tough talk the fact remains that the Iranians backed down from France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius. It was the second time in a matter of months that a foreign nation (in this case, an American ally) has prevented Team Obama from doing something stupid on the world stage. Putin was the first to give the rest of the world the impression that foreign leaders care more about the American people than the Kenyan Muslim living in public housing on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Third Intifada
Mr. Kerry believes that he can broker peace negotiations between two peoples using his own ego-saturated drivel. During a television interview, Kerry issued a veiled threat to coerce Israel into holding peace negotiations with the Palestinians by asking Israel if its opposition to talks meant the Jewish state wanted a “third intifada!” (3) The same damn fool who lectured Republicans about “nuance” had just encouraged a Palestinian uprising to murder Jewish citizens. The anti-Jewish sentiments in the so-called Palestinian territories have increased and the Palestinian negotiating team has resigned. No more peace talks. Despite the best efforts of the American Ambassador to Israel to spin away Mr. Kerry’s faux pas, the Jewish population must be on heightened alert against terror attacks. Obama’s choice of John Kerry as Secretary of State is the perfect selection for a president with a pro-Muslim bent. 


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The Left learns a lesson

by Emma Karlin, staff writer

Every so often the Left gets a rude reminder that America is where freedom lives and not the “oppressive” gulag they believe it to be.  The Left, both here and abroad, is finally beginning to feel what it is like to be abandoned by their powerful friends. They are feeling the sting of reality. 

The “safety net” supplied by their powerful friends, which once extended around the world, is tearing apart especially in Russia their old capital where Vladimir Putin has shown he doesn’t care about political correctness or a critical media. A group of self-styled Greenpeace warriors determined “to save the world’s environment” is learning this first hand.

When the Russian Navy captured them as they attempted to disrupt the operation of a Russian oil rig, these deluded fools probably thought they would be slapped on the wrist, given a few hot meals and sent home. The joke is on them.

News reports tell of a British journalist (the title ‘journalist’ is supposed to be a shield against prosecution for any crime) says he now fears, “losing years of his life” and “being kept away from his family and friends.”

When he and a group of other “brave warriors for the environment” picked a Russian oil rig to attack, he probably thought they would be gently helped onto a Russian Navy boat and escorted to a plane bound for England. This isn’t what happened.

The “Hero of The People” now spends 23 hours a day in his cell “with nothing but the occasional book and my thoughts.”

Australian Alexandra Harris, was another member of the “saviour of the world” oil rig assault team. She too spends 23 hours a day in her cell and is allowed an hour to walk around what she calls, “an outdoor chicken pen,” enduring Arctic blizzard-like winds.  Nevertheless, what is worse for this deluded halfwit is that now the poor thing has actually admitted the harsh treatment she is getting in the real world has (GASP!) caused her to start praying to God for help.

The Russians have accomplished something not possible using a sandwich and a Starbuck’s latte; they got this woman to pray.