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Obama’s Gun Jihad

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

As gun owners know, our Muslim, Marxist President has been doing his best to take guns away from the American people. He has tried for six years to force Congress to do his bidding and violate the 2nd Amendment. To its credit Congress has pushed back, not interfering with the law abiding exercising the right given them by God and protected in the Constitution.

After San Bernardino, a city 30 miles from my homGUN CONTROL IDIOTSe and the hometown of my wife, it did not take long for Democrats to respond as they always do, by claiming: The killings were the fault of the guns and therefore, no one should have one. Yet not even a front page, Guns are Evil editorial in the New York Times could convince Americans that they should abandon the right to keep and bear arms.

Petula Dvorak of the Washington Post has decided that “Evil Republicans” are to blame for gun crime because they respect the 2nd Amendment. According to Ms. Dvorak more Gun Free Zones are the answer. Posting a sign apparently affords a guarantee of safety to those behind it; just ask any assortment of progressives GUN FREE ZONESand socialists. But maybe we should ask the children at Sandy Hook, the writers at Charlie Hebdo, or the county workers in San  Bernardino how well that works. Barack Obama, our resident scholar of constitutional law has proclaimed that these attacks take place more often in the US than in any other nation. But that isn’t the case; Norway is first, followed by Finland, Slovakia, Israel, and Switzerland. Sorry, Evergreen, but your numbers lie again.

Democrats have spent decades trying to separate law abiding Americans from their guns. Just after his re-election, Obama issued 23 executive actions designed to prevent the American people from owning firearms. The National Instant Criminal Background Check system (NICS) is being used by the federal government to create a national database–a registry of gun owners along with the weapons they’ve purchased. Although GUN REGISTRATION 2strictly illegal, this activity has been admitted by federal officials and openly reported in the news.

Obama’s latest scheme involves an attempt to destroy gun manufacturers. Because gun sales have skyrocketed, Obama has decided to issue a vendetta against Smith and Wesson, his weapon of choice, the Securities and Exchange Commission. He is using the public advocate of the state of New York to investigate whether Smith and Wesson has made adequate disclosures in its financial statements. The public advocate, Letitia James has stated that the SEC “should investigate whether Smith and Wesson misrepresented or omitted information about how often its products are involved in crimes and what it has done to keep its product out of the hands of criminals.”

I would appreciate someone explaining to me how any company can be made responsible for the deliberate misuse of its products! Smith and Wesson does in fact provide training and a gun lock with each gun sold and no one can realistically explain what more they should do.HILLARY AND GUNS

This is, of course, nothing but a witch hunt; an attempt by this President to intimidate those who manufacture products of which he does not approve. Barack has one year remaining in which to post royal proclamations, targeting anyone not sufficiently subservient to his wishes. I wonder if Hillary appreciates The One creating even greater determination throughout the country to prevent another dedicated leftist entering the White House?

Sandy Hook Commission advises taking firearms from “bad” people

By Doug Book, editor

The 16 members of Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission have completed their report on the December, 2012 murder of 26 children and adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.  And as might be expected from a hand-picked group of “healthcare professionals, public safety professionals and academics” their recommendations—offered in a 250 page anti-gun rights treatise—will have little to no effect preventing the next lunatic killing at will in one of Connecticut’s widely publicized Gun Free Zones.

“We support the concept of firearm registration,” writes the editorial board of the CT Post, “though that would not have prevented the deaths of 20 first graders and 6 educators in Sandy Hook because the shooter used weapons legally bought and owned by his mother.”

But effective or not, the mandatory registration of every privately owned firearm in Connecticut is to be the necessary starting point for “tougher gun control laws.” Just think how well the law requiring mandatory registration of “assault weapons” has worked in the state. Implemented immediately after the Newtown murders, some 50,000 owners of semi-auto rifles have foolishly registered their weapons in the past 2 years. Yet an estimated 400,000 have refused to make their rifles and rights easy prey for liberal politicians. And by the way, state officials have still not decided whether to enforce, ignore or repeal this unconstitutional statute.

So how has the Governor’s Advisory Commission recommended the state anticipate the hidden agenda of psychopaths like Adam Lanza? “Tougher gun laws, better mental health programming to treat troubled school kids and mandatory locks inside classrooms are, according to the CT Post, among the key recommendations in the final report.” Door locks. Such inspiration! Such vision! Along with Gun Free Zones the State will proudly warn miscreants of  Door Locks in the coming year. Certainly that must discourage the most determined mass murderer.

It may be some time before the Commission’s report can be thoroughly appreciated for what it is, but in the interim here are a couple of nuggets which must frighten even the least dedicated believers in the right to keep and bear arms. Along with the mandatory registration of all firearms, the laser imprinting of ammunition for tracing purposes and the restriction of ammo buyers to those calibers chambered for one of their licensed guns, the report includes “some 95 recommendations on mental health, the physical security of schools and most controversially, guns.”

One of the more interesting provisions on mental health states: “Any person seeking a license to sell, purchase or carry any type of firearm in the state should be required to pass a suitability screening process.” The process would not be limited to mental health diagnoses as noted by the panel as, “certain individuals are not suited to own, possess, or use firearms.”

And who will have the privilege of defining “not suited?” First there will be state judges, “…who should be given the power to order temporary confiscations of gun, ammunition and carry permits from a person who is the subject of a restraining order.” Then come family members who may, based upon current “feelings” tell authorities that Uncle Henry is acting strange and that Henry has 10 or 15 rifles, pistols, all kinds of stuff. That will summon police to Henry’s house where, upon the passage of Commission recommendations into law, SWAT team members may be deployed to round up all of Henry’s weapons. Naturally Henry will be given the opportunity to recover them, should he be able to convince anti-gun liberals in the bluest of states that owning a dozen or so firearms is neither illegal nor crazy. Best of luck, Henry.

Perhaps 2 million or more gun owners have proudly and publicly refused to abide by the Safe Act in New York or the “Assault Weapons” registration law in Connecticut. May we expect the political powers in Hartford to learn from the lesson of their “Assault Weapons” boondoggle; that gun owners will not be intimidated by thugs who pass unconstitutional laws?

“We’re balking at taking the next step, which is literally taking guns out of the hands of bad people,” said Commission Chair,  Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson.  It’s easy for the brave Mayor to talk about taking guns from “bad” people. He won’t wind up looking down the bore of a 30 06 when the gun’s law abiding owner refuses to let it be stolen in the middle of the night by one of Mayor Jackson’s officers.

And these are not “bad” people, Mr. Mayor. They just have very bad laws enacted by arrogant, liberal politicians.

Sources: http://www.guns.com/2015/02/13/newtown-panel-all-guns-should-be-registered-all-ammo-serial-numbered/



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NFL decides off-duty police a danger at games; on-duty not so much

by Doug Book,  editor

It’s been just over a year since 26, Gun Free Zone-inspired murders were committed in Newtown, Connecticut. And just over a year since gun control zealots demonstrated the consequences of preventing the law-abiding from defending the defenseless.

And now the National Football League has decided that the left’s scheme of disarming the good guys worked SO well at Sandy Hook, the League will ban off-duty police carrying arms at NFL games. Only official stadium security personnel and ON-duty police officers will be armed during the games. 

“We trust these law-enforcement officers when they are on-duty, but somehow we can’t trust them as soon as they are off-duty,” observed John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Resource Center and author of More Guns, Less Crime.

Though Lott has written extensively on the subjects of gun rights and gun control, it’s possible he doesn’t understand that to the leftist mind, success is determined only by the perpetual implementation of the “cause.” Practicality, common sense, positive results, even the saving of a life make no difference. It was for this reason that, unable to implement new anti-gun legislation months after Newtown, America’s gun control crowd ended by mourning the loss of an opportunity rather than the loss of life.

“The likelihood that there’s a need for the use of force by an off-duty officer is extremely remote,” said NFL Head of Security Jeff Miller. Now that’s a statement to be expected from a representative of the increasing liberal National Football League. Of course, the chances a psychopath would gun down 20 children were also remote; at least until anti-gun forces provided lunatics a safe haven for committing murder by turning the nation’s schools into gun free zones.

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officer’s Association has sued the NFL, claiming its decision, “violates state law, and could put the public and officers in danger.” The NYPD is considering doing the same.




Are Psychotropic drugs the hidden prescription for mass murder?

by Suzanne Eovaldi
Why are no medical or media authorities investigating the dangers of psychotropic drugs given to teens, especially to teenage boys?  The inevitable B rolls on our television screens which follow each and every school shooting incident never mention the prescription meds the teen shooter may have been given.  The Adam Lanza possible psychotropic drug of choice was mentioned early in Sandy Hook media frenzy, but was dropped as a likely factor in the killings in later reports.
Two very important civil cases are being analyzed by outstanding investigative reporter Jon Rappoport who has for years warned about these toxic psychiatric drugs.  “As I’ve demonstrated in previous articles, none of these mental disorders for which these destructive chemicals are prescribed are legitimate.  That is, there are zero objective and defining tests for any mental disorder diagnosis. . .no saliva, blood, urine, or hair test.  No brain scan.  No genetic assay.”  This great reporter in his earlier web essays has linked the teen male shooters with possible psychiatric medication usage. But this link has barely been covered by our mainstream media, perhaps to avoid interrupting the money stream from the drug and medical companies into media coffers.  Dr. Michael Savage several years ago went on at length about the dangers involved in giving these very dangerous black box pills to brains not fully developed.  Rappoport states if these industry tests were definitive, “they would be listed in the bible of the psychiatric profession, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. . .THEY’RE NOT THERE,” he says. (1)

In the 2014 civil lawsuit Angel v. Segal, a Chicago jury gave a $1.5 million award to an autistic child who was given Risperdal and Zyprexa. Dr. Peter Breggin (www.breggin.com) was the expert witness who turned the case for the boy. “The boy developed two conditions, called tardive dyskinesia and tardive akathisia.” (2) Unrelenting motion, twitches, motor disabilities, and other neurological problems made this autistic boy’s condition worse, points our Rappoport!
This brave expert witness had come forward in 2012 in a drug-induced suicide case in Syracuse, NY. (3)  “I found that a glaring negligence had been committed in the (Joseph Mazella) case,” said Dr. Breggin. (3) A family doctor “prescribed Paxil for Mr. Mazella for 10 years without seeing him…despite having no contact with the patient for a decade, by telephone (the man’s doctor) doubled his Paxil and added Zyprexa.” The man died one month later by taking his own life. The jury award then totaled $1.5 million.
Perhaps, yet again, the media are our biggest enemies in these cases as they lie by omission!  The media fail to tell the American people of the dangers inherent in many of the drugs which are flooding our airwaves and appearing in glowing print ads.  By taking ad revenue while failing to disclose all of the facts, the media joins their medical advertisers in a complicity of silence.  Only brave doctors like Dr. Peter Breggin and brave reporters like Jon Rappoport show us the love and concern they have by telling us the real story of these dangers.  Would Columbine, Sandy Hook or Aurora have taken place without brain disabling treatments?  Why are we not being given the entire story of the likely involvement of anti-psychotic medications in the horrific male, teen shooter tragedies?
edit note:  Dr. Breggin is addressing a Clearwater, Florida conference about “Psychotherapy Without Medication for the Most Challenging Clients” in the outstanding Empathic Therapy Conference happening 2-28, March 1.  Go to http://www.empathictherapy.org/conference.html

SOURCE: (1) (2) (3) (4)  www.nomorefakenews.com

This very helpful quote can be found on Dr. Breggin’s website:  “There is no such thing as a spontaneous anxiety or endogenous depression. If a patient is anxious, there is something to be scared of.  If a patient is depressed, there is something to be depressed about.  If it is not in consciousness, then it is unconscious. If it is not in the present, then it is in the past, and something in the present symbolizes it.”  Bertram Karon, PhD

Angel v Segal: State of Illinois, Circuit Court, Cook County. Law Division No. 09L.3498

Obama can’t trust ANYBODY to lie for him about the “evils” of private gun ownership

By Emma Karlin, staff writer

Pity poor King Barack, all he wants to do is strip us of our guns, like any other dictator would, but he can’t get his most loyal subjects in academia and his own government to fabricate his argument; they keep telling the truth!

The King’s media is doing its best to help him lie. The King’s Democrats are doing their best – they look directly into cameras and lie; even the King’s shock troops like the NAACP and the “Justice Brothers” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do their bit at every opportunity, but he can’t get the right subjects to go along with the program!

Since January the results of two major “show” studies on private ownership of guns in America have surfaced in spite of determined indifference from the King’s media. The studies were delivered by Harvard University and the Centers for Disease Control. Both should have “proved the danger” of private ownership of guns in the King’s realm. Nevertheless, neither did. In fact they not only failed to support the Ministry of Truth and Justice Department’s war on guns in private hands, they actually provided tangible facts to defeat the King’s gun confiscation efforts while America still has a semblance of democratic government.

Because the King has such direct control over its funding, the CDC’s report, launched immediately after the terrible school shootings in Sandy Hook Connecticut, should have been filled with emotion and useful lies, but alas it wasn’t. Instead it was filled with facts like: between 2000 and 2010 more than 6 in 10 gun related deaths were suicides; accidental deaths from firearms has fallen to less than 1% of firearms deaths in 2010; and perhaps worst of all, firearms “turn-in” programs “are ineffective” in reducing crime. 

The Harvard study may have been still worse for the King. It reported: while gun ownership has soared since 1991, firearms related crimes have dropped by 69%; on average each year 200,000 American women save themselves from sexual assaults by use of a gun; by an 80:1 ratio Americans use guns to stop crimes not commit crimes; and Kennesaw Georgia (right under the nose of CDC headquarters) which REQUIRES it home owners to have a gun has seen an 89% drop in burglaries since passing its ordinance.

If poor King Barack can’t get a college faculty or a government funded agency to lie for him what is he to do in his quest to take our guns?