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I want my country back

By John Porter, guest writer

It would be so refreshing to hear President Barack Obama tell the truth, both about the way things really are and what that means to us. But rest assured, this will never happen. For Obama practices only deception, by telling us what he wants us to think and what he wants us to think it means. This man, I believe, considers the American people to be stupid; unable to think unless he directs the thinking process for us. It is intentional deceit on his part.

Those who are familiar with Islamic Sharia Law understand the very significant role that the term “Taqiyya” plays in the advancement of Islamic conquest and subjugation. For the definition of “Taqiyya” is DECEPTION.

Webster’s New World College Dictionary: de-cep-tion(de sep’ shen) 1) the act or practice of deceiving; 2) the fact or condition of being deceived; 3) something that deceives, as an illusion, or is meant to deceive, as a fraud or illusion; fraud suggests deliberate deception in dishonestly depriving a person of property, rights, etc.; suggests an artifice or stratagem used to deceive others and to evade something or gain some end.

Apart from armed conflict, deception is perhaps the most powerful means of advancing an ideology or agenda. How did Barack Obama become so highly skilled in the art of deception? (1) In his childhood (until age 10) he was schooled in Indonesia, the country with the largest population of Muslims on planet Earth. He is very familiar with the Koran and understands well the religion of Islam, its Sharia Law and the most effective means one can apply to advance its goals: “Taqiyya.” We are all familiar with the many deceptive statements Obama used to be elected president. He continues that same process of deception from the White House and will do so until his term in office expires. (2) We must familiarize ourselves with the Socialist, Chicago “organizer” named Saul Alinsky and the “strategy of deception” he devised to promote social change. Barack Obama did exactly that and is putting it into practice as president.

I have written before of my conviction that Barack Obama is purposely bringing America down to the level of other countries of the world, especially those of Europe, Asia and the African nations. I am more convinced now than ever. It is very evident to me that he is an Alinsky-guided revolutionary, bent on turning America into a Socialist nation.

There are several steps one must follow in order to accomplish such an end, including redistribution of wealth, class warfare (divide and conquer) and the undermining of a system even while working within and through it. All of these and more are Alinsky teachings in his “Rules for Revolution.” Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama is a disciple of Saul Alinsky. By profession Alinsky was a self-proclaimed “community organizer,” the same title Barack Obama has used to describe himself. Former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani got it right when he said Barack Obama has never loved America, it being a nation of Individual Freedom with the people in charge of the government.

Barack Obama has a single principle; to take from those who work and give to those who do not. He would forcibly equalize the abilities of every person and the advantages of every country, allowing no individual or nation to be exceptional. These were the principles preached by Vladimir Lenin and Saul Alinsky. They represent a destructive assault on the established system in the name of the people. Obama has built a power base which he is using to destroy our existing society and its economic system. We are witnessing his attempt to mobilize the “poor” and use them as a battering ram to bring down the system.

No White House occupant has been more deliberate in the creation of class warfare than Barack Obama. There are three hundred and twelve million American citizens in the United States. We must not permit one would-be tyrant to turn us against each other for the purpose of Socializing the nation.

America IS the people. We are far larger than Barack Obama, if only we will accept the responsibility of fighting for the individual liberty given us by the Founders.

We have been shamefully deceived by this man and shamefully have we permitted it to take place. If Barack Obama succeeds in bringing our country to its knees, it will be raised back up in Socialism, in the deceitful guise of his having done it all “for the people.”

You see, in order to “Fundamentally change America,” as he promised, he must first destroy the America we have. Please understand, I am not afraid of my country. I love this country. It’s the man Barack Obama, following the Saul Alinsky model and deceiving the people into hiring him as president, that I’m afraid of. WE THE PEOPLE must be devoted to our liberty and we must strengthen our resolve to keep it. If we must die, let us stand tall and die on our feet, fighting, and not on our knees in subjugation. Let us not again fall victim to the deceptive rhetoric and ways of another Barack Obama in 2016.

It is a fact that Hillary Clinton is also a student of Saul Alinsky, with the same singleness of purpose. I here declare to you, and believe with all my heart, America will not survive two Saul Alinsky students back to back. If this happens, we will not long endure.

May God bless America and keep us free from a big and intrusive Alinsky, Obama, Clinton Socialistic Federal Government.

Obama birth certificate story not going away


By George Spelvin,  staff writer

According to lead Obama investigator Mike Zullo, fear of ridicule is the number one reason authorities are not acting on the mountain of verifiable evidence of document fraud concerning Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Appearing on the Carl Gallups, Freedom Friday call-in show, Zullo said, “We are dealing with a fraudulent document that would never survive scrutiny of the judicial process.” (1)

Disinformation and the intentional dissemination of false information to protect Obama, will not survive in the face of what Zullo is calling a 100% fabricated document.  He listed the following tactics used to discredit the research of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse:  media black outs; ridicule of opponents;  infiltration and domination of message boards;  setting up straw men to create an argument to chip away at the truth and simply ignoring the facts.  “All we ask [is that Obama] bring forward the real original document,” said Zullo.

Ridicule is among the most effective of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  The godfather of community organizers, Alinsky said: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. Since this tactic is almost impossible to counteract, the opposition becomes infuriated and then reacts to your advantage.” (2)  Though frustrated himself, Zullo assures listeners that the truth will come out.  Speaking directly to those who have been “chasing this longer than I,” Zullo says the truth will eventually be known and will vindicate those who have worked to reveal the  “greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.” (3)  A Rule of Law investigator, the detective continued: “The Obama Document Fraud attacks our core principles; we are a nation of Laws, not of Men.” (3)

But Zullo grew pensive when he spoke about the reception that he and radio host Gallups received at the recent C-PAC event.  “People are afraid,” he said. Gallups pointed out the Allen West betrayal as being just one of many examples of VIPs who backed out of a promise to support the Document Fraud investigation.  “We Don’t Remember Making that Promise,” one politician said.  The internet spins round and round with stories of deaths of key witnesses, friends, acquaintances  who suddenly  died, were shot, or even had to leave the country, as occurred in one instance.  The secretive nature of events, threats, and disinformation are all more obstacles the Cold Case Posse have encountered as they try to find out who in the White House constructed the fraudulent Obama birth certificate released on-line in 2011.

As the long call-in show began to wind down, both Zullo and host Gallups remained optimistic that a breakthrough in this case is coming within the next three to six months.  But the most poignant moment came at the end when they described their visit to the grounds of Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home.  “Barack Obama is the only president in U.S. history who has never set foot on Mount Vernon property,” an old caretaker told them.  Obama also is the only American president to spend millions of dollars to hide who he really is from the American people!

SOURCES:  (1)  (3)  Carl Gallups Freedom Friday radio show on 4-5-2013 at WEBY.com, also at www. BirtherReport.com

(2) http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2249577/posts


I’m a Tea Partier! So what?

by Jerry Todd,  staff writer

I’m a Tea Partier! I’m also a lifelong Republican as was my father, a Chicago Packard dealer Service Manager in the Capone Era. We even owned Machine Gun Mike McGurk’s ’29 Packard coupe for a while. Dad said he got to vote against that SOB Roosevelt 4 times!

I went to Tea Party meetings on 3 occasions – 3 different groups. I attended a big rally here in Bakersfield where John Boehner and my Congressman Kevin McCarthy attended and were denied an opportunity to speak. They never forgave the Tea Party. It was such a stupid move, but that’s history… and I believe we’ve been paying for it with the Establishment ever since – with Carl Rove as the resident strategist. I got to share some thoughts with several gays from the local college who came to protest. We got along fine even if we didn’t agree.

How can I be a Tea Partier if I only went to 3 meetings and have no serious contact with any “leaders?” Tea Party is a philosophy of governance, not a club or a political party. Tea Partiers sense something drastically wrong with the “progressive” direction the country has been in since Wilson signed the Federal Reserve into law in the dark of night. This created what I call “The Multistory Outhouse” with the mastery of money at the top and a sewer of lost beauty and debt at the bottom. Guess who is in between! The Democratic Party has long abandoned the hard working family man and woman while brainwashing their (our) children.

“Progressives” see the Constitution as a living, breathing document subject to change with the whims of those who make the most noise – classic democracy – not the Republic they hate our kids swearing allegiance to. They believe the Declaration has no legal tie to the Constitution and is therefore irrelevant. The President sees the Constitution as dead – his oath of office should be interesting, but he could sing “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and it wouldn’t matter to the MSM.

Tea Partiers are strong on the Constitution, but not clear on the Declaration of Independence except for its reference to God and the equality of our creation with inalienable rights. They are only slightly aware the bulk of the Declaration is a litany of history repeated in our time. The Republican Establishment hasn’t the foggiest idea and operates in ways that prove it beyond a doubt.

Contrary to the multistory outhouse, the combination of Declaration of Independence and Constitution produced history’s greatest secular gift to mankind. I call that “The Fountain of Opportunity and Prosperity” where money is the medium of exchange and the (profitable) servant of the other 8 levels in the structure of society. There is an order of three groups of three priorities in how we Think Act and Operate. How these are prioritized defines the upside down “progressive” versus the “Beautifully Correct” priorities called “The Political Theory of Relativity.” (I’m willing to share with any who have the intellectual curiosity to inquire!)

We are way past politics as usual and deep into all-out spiritual warfare. We only need to note that attacks on religion, religious freedom and loyalty have accelerated drastically under the current Administration. Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” were dedicated to Lucifer. This is the “bible” of the “progressive” movement, including the teachers’ union. It is applied with great consistency with significant results against a dumbed down population.

The other horse in the race is the well-entrenched Muslim Brotherhood with a goal of destroying the “Great Satan” and instilling Sharia Law to replace the Constitution – at the cost of American blood and treasure to establish Sharia ruled Middle Eastern countries for starters. In either case, the end game is bloodshed and poverty for the vast majority of the American and world population.

I found the major Tea Party blog groups to be helpful but too buried in choir preaching and fund raising to have a solid effect. They are a necessary element to counter the hundreds of millions of dollars communist-leaning unions, Hollywood, George Soros, his lackeys in Academia have poured into Luciferian Alinsky and Cloward and Pivens strategies to bring down the Constitution and the economy.

Time for “The whole armor of God!” Ephesians 6:11-18

Jerry Todd

The Obama Strategy of straddle, jump and ride like hell

by Jerry Todd,  staff writer

Obama’s “strategy” is akin to a circus rider astride two horses – one with currency manipulator George Soros whom he has further enriched with the Gulf oil spill fiasco evicting rigs to Brazil offshore along with a billion of taxpayer dollars to drill in Soros-controlled leases. (Note: only Republican people of wealth are the evil rich. 16 tons of gold Soros is just an international patriot the French would like to get their claws in.)

The other horse is obviously his love of Sharia Law. He told Putin the Constitution was dead in 2009 – and now he has the flexibility he assured the Russians. Expenditures of American blood and treasure in the Middle East have resulted in Sharia-based constitutions and the murdering and driving out of Christians.

Would the title “Supreme Caliph” suit him? The Pakistani Minister of Industry thought so.

In the meantime, leftist pundits praise his every stroke on the golf course while right wing pundits wring their hands, hoping he’ll finally figure out he’s destroying the country.  (No kidding!)

It’s called spiritual warfare and we’re playing by Luciferian Saul Alinsky’s “Rules.” I now sense the Arab satisfaction of throwing a shoe at my TV when our leaders forget the Constitution they swore to uphold. It’s an idiot’s game as they ponder the next move to the phony fiscal cliff.

Which horse will Obama jump to when the scimitars start swinging? George better duck.