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UN bureaucrats pushing hard on Seven/50 regionalism scheme

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Meanwhile, Tea Party Conservatives are getting beaten up royally by greedy, unelected federal and UN Bureaucrats looking to push a Regionalism plan called Seven/50 (seven counties in 50 years) in an early November vote.  The Treasure Coast, seven county region is awash with beautiful scenery, big bucks campaign donations and swing vote mathematics, but is also hooked to the Gore Triangle in the south which has already fallen to the UN Regionalism abomination. 

“I’ll let some of my pets loose on them,” a gator trapper muttered after testifying against Seven/50 at a recent Martin County Commission meeting. He spoke eloquently for all of the homeowner protestors in the audience who will in no way agree to subsidized HUD housing. In backing the United Nations project the American left dishonors individual achievement and violates private property home and land rights. 

Indian River County, the seventh county from Miami-Dade up along the ocean, roundly rejected the apparent “greased” land grab by unelected bureaucrats.  Caught in the middle of the tectonic plates of Conservative Vero Beach to the north, hard core Gore Triangle people to the south, and some Rinoism in Martin County is the shifting landscape of St. Lucie County.  “I beg you-get out of Seven/50.  Do Not Destroy Our Freedom,” a political refugee from Ceausescu’s Romania told St. Lucie County Commissioners in September. 

But the very liberal TC Palm print outlet’s political writer, an ex pat from Britain, excoriated area conservatives, only to make them madder.  And one of the St. Lucie County Commissioners who took down words the Conservatives spoke as they testified against Seven/50 now must answer to an investigatory compendium filed with US Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform by an independent journalist who is giving the Conservatives a voice they almost NEVER get in Treasure Coast media outlets.
So the beat goes on, the pot stirs, and SoFla politics mirror the misery of what the journalist’s compendium title called the “Unfairness in Government.”  Will any politician, other than a small haloed few, “Listen to What the People Are Saying,” as the courageous oratory of Senator Ted Cruz so eloquently asks?

Liberty of Floridians threatened by “Seven50” initiative

Part 2  (continued from Sunday)

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Destroying the sovereignty and freedom of United States citizens is well underway with a new doublespeak plan called Seven50, just another euphemism for Globalism through Regionalism.  Flying under the radar, federal bureaucrats and alphabet agencies have joined with local politicians in 7 Florida counties in imposing The Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI), a United Nations created plan which divests Americans of Constitutionally guaranteed liberty by introducing social collectivism. Vero Beach County Commissioner Bob Solari warns that the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) being pushed by HUD, the EPA, and the USDOT is part of a culture which believes “government can never be too large,” as the agencies have “borrowed” $150,000,000, to “reshape America.” (1)

Solari addressed a letter to SCI officials Michael Busha and Victor Dover who are heading up the South Florida, seven county push to force the beautiful coastal region from Miami to Vero Beach into a federally driven plan that would relieve local citizens of local and county representation for the next fifty years! 

Solari is dead set against that plan, as it represents a concept fraught with all of the dreaded buzz words and phrases like Agenda 21, regionalism, sustainability and green-anything. Seven50 authors hope to sell their initiative to the American public by emphasizing the term “SMART” (smart meters, smart phones, smart appliances) in their new, politically correct Work Group Road Show (WGRS).  Beware these new puff words popping up in local governing board agendas, attend their meetings, and oppose, oppose, oppose any efforts to take away your rights!

Solari is speaking out against a HUD, EPA, and USDOT grant to conduct “a comprehensive regional planning study through the national Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) grant program.”  Having been manipulated along with other citizens who attended a recent WGRS event, Solari told officials that the meeting had the feel of a “cleverly designed indoctrination session.” (1)

Opponents of SCI are convinced that the true agenda of the initiative is the abrogation of property rights, the authority of local decision makers and eventually the loss of representative government. “Representative Democracy is not only the form of government established at the founding of our [country], it is the form of government that made American the greatest country in the world,” Solari told the SCI activists.  (1)

“Collaborative Partnerships” such as Agenda 21 and its latest embodiment, Seven50 represent very real dangers to the continued liberty of the American people as such collectivist initiatives proclaim a new era of “social justice” utterly devoid of personal freedom. For decades, values held dear by the American people have been under assault by statists who wish to impose a global construct of morality and rectitude.  

Go to this video by Michael Shaw who warns us we must know and understand what we’re up against.  Only your inaction and apathy can let this happen.  (1)

SOURCES:  (1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx5PVL4fc8Q

Pull up the Indian River County Commission website to contact Commissioner Bob Solari. Also go to www.freedomadvocates.org   

Contact SCI activists Michael Busha and Victor Dover at 421 SW Camden Ave., Stuart, FL 34994 to put some citizen questions to them.


Freedom threatened by plan to federalize local government in Florida

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

A new initiative by the federal government called Seven50, a cousin of Agenda 21, seeks to relieve local governments nationwide of direct representation by and for local citizens in matters of education, infrastructure and population.

Indian River County Commissioner Bob Solari (772- 226-1442) is putting out an urgent call to attend a special Indian River County Commission meeting concerning this topic on Tuesday, December 18, 9 a.m. in the Vero Beach County Chambers, 1801 27th Street, Vero Beach, FL.  Though Alabama already has passed legislature to curb the Seven50 agenda, seven southeastern counties along Florida’s coastline from Miami to Vero Beach threaten to place their citizens’ lives under control of HUD and other federal agencies by backing this “diversity” proposal.

Morphing the highly unpopular Security and Prosperity Partnership to Agenda 21 and finally into Seven50, our federal government  is hell bent on removing any local control and input from average American citizens concerning what they can do with their own land, private property, local schools and local infrastructures from bridges to meeting houses.   “What we want to be when we grow up,” says  Marcelor Camblor-Cutsaimanis in a video interview with Nancy Ferre on PBS as she attempts to explain the benefits of Seven50.  Of course, the public TV host heaps praise upon this blatant attempt by the feds to exercise total control over the lives of Americans. (1)

Whether you live near Southern Florida’s east coast or took part in Alabama’s efforts to rein in this dreadful plan, you must inform your neighbors about the dangers of Seven50.  The UN and the Obama administration have been relentless in their efforts to marginalize our freedoms. A puff piece about this fifty year, UN initiative to destroy local and county governance claims Seven50 is “good” for us given the “…realization that local governments and civic groups can’t effectively tackle [their] problems and needs in isolation.”  (2) Well just ask the still-suffering inhabitants of ocean front towns along the New Jersey and New York coastlines how they feel about the FEMA response to the destruction of their homes and businesses by Hurricane Sandy. 

Counties across the nation are being REGIONALIZED to circumvent the structure and policies of local governance . It is an insidious program operating under the radar. Why didn’t the PBS interviewer ask activist Cutsaimanis about the FEMA performance in Staten Island, where residents are being drowned in federal red tape and frustrated by buck passing and bureaucratic inefficiency? 

If you live near the area, pleased attend the Vero Beach, FL county commission meeting on Dec. 18.  And wherever you live, find out if Seven50 threatens to supplant local governance, turning your town or county into a “protectorate” of the federal government.

(1) http://seven50.org/news/nvw-issues-seven50-project-seven50

(2) http://www.smartgrowthamerica.org/2012/07/03/southeast-floridas-seven-counties-join-to-draft-50-years