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Cold War II

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

President Vladimir Putin is taking maximum advantage of the weakest American President in history to rebuild the empire that was once known as the Soviet Union. The Left can bloviate all they wish but they cannot tap the heels of their Ruby Red Slippers and wish it wasn’t so. Barack Obama  has already lost Egypt to the Russians and pretty much surrendered the Ukraine to them as well. Given John Kerry’s moronic boast that the era of the Monroe Doctrine is over, Russia is planning to expand its military presence beyond current boarders especially in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Russian forces in these counties, with no opposition from the current administration, represent a declaration of the second Cold War.

Cruise Missile threat
Armed with Russian built missiles, Iran is now a legitimate cruise-missile threat to America’s Gulf of Mexico states. Russia can launch cruise-missiles from land, sea or air from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua with little or no warning. Military Planners are working to defend the United States against cruise-missile attacks launched from the Gulf of Mexico! (1)

A 2013 joint service exercise deployed Patriot Missiles, Aegis warships and fighters against a simulated missile attack from the Gulf. Lessons learned from the exercise exposed United States’ vulnerability to attack from the  region. The exact details of the drill  and what we learned from it are classified.

Gen. Charles Jacoby of the U.S. Northern Command told a Senate Armed Service Committee hearing that the U.S. has “some significant challenges” in countering these missiles, but is currently exploring “some opportunities to use existing systems more effectively.” If Russia manages to base strategic assets in the Gulf region America will have a new Cuban Missile Crisis. Needless to say, Obama is no John Kennedy.

Russia has been working to improve its cruise-missile program for years. Vladimir Putin can easily attack Alaska and the Eastern United States with little or no notice. Putin has a military strategy while the only thing that piques Barack Obama’s interest is the filling out of brackets for the NCAA’s March Madness. Even the sycophants in the press can’t change that fact.   


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Similarities between Obama’s America and the old Soviet Union are frightening and growing

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

The differences between the Old Soviet Union and Barack Obama’s America are dwindling away. This should be disturbing to all Americans but there are actually a certain percentage of our people, (Romney’s 47%) who believe 1984’s “Freedom is Slavery” motto and are happy being led around like farm animals. If you think we have been losing our freedoms you’re right. A recent American Thinker article, by a Russian émigré now living in the San Francisco area, paints a portrait of a drab suffocating existence under Communist rule, and made some solid comparisons between our lives today and the way he lived in Russia. 

While we are still far away from life under actual commissars, the numbers of similarities are already frightening.

The writer wrote: “In the USSR, we had state-controlled media which shaped the narrative entirely.”  Is there any difference between what ABC and CBS etcetera say?

Lenin was portrayed as a noble charismatic and smart man who championed the underdog – working class – who was a warrior against the wealthy. Lenin’s face was everywhere; any differences here?

Medicines were hard to find; sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The economic numbers the Russian people were given were fake; just as our unemployment and “Hey! The economy is almost there!” reports each month.

No matter how hard his parents worked they could not raise his expected standard of living. Very much like in Obama’s America. 

The “free healthcare” in the old Soviet Union was a disaster as it is quickly becoming here.

Grade school kids were indoctrinated with love for Lenin and the Soviet state. Remember the videos of American school kids singing songs in praise of Barack Obama?

The Soviet State owned and ran the two car production factories while the Party bosses drove Mercedes Benz’s and American cars; just as GM is owned by Obama and the UWA in combination. 

Bad news was blacked out under the Soviets. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster was mentioned during a 15 second report. We need only look at the way inconvenient news like the IRS, Benghazi or Fast and Furious criminal conspiracies have been ignored to see the similarities.  Their two main “news” outlets Pravda (truth) and Izvestia (delivered news), now report more truthful news about America than our fake media does.

In our society under Obama, poisonous anti-American propaganda overflows on college campuses and idiots who have learned nothing from unionized fakes masquerading as teachers think America is the cause of all the world’s problems.

They cling to an old Soviet slogan “Forward” without even understanding it means forward into slavery.    

Source: http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/01/m-forward.html

The sad state called Afghanistan

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

This week the Taliban said the transfer of U.S. and NATO led security operations to Afghan security forces was similar to America’s retreat from Vietnam by the “declaring victory and run” strategy. The Taliban just needed to learn a little American history to know about the Vietnamization Strategy where the US would train the Afghans to fight their own battles and allow American and NATO to withdrawal with honor. Like the North Vietnamese, the Taliban can already declare victory. Who can blame them with this Administration too busy kowtowing to the Muslim Brotherhood and doing nothing to Iran? Taliban leadership believe that history and time are on their side. (1)


American now is repeating the same mistakes the Soviet Union made during their incursion into Afghanistan and, as with the Soviets, no matter the effort expended to modernize the tribal nation it will always fail. Unless the Afghans themselves embrace the West and a better way of life, any effort to improve their own by showing them a better way is a waste of time, money and lives. The initial invasion into Afghanistan was a necessity to eliminate al Qaeda and their Taliban host. Unfortunately, it evolved into a war of choice and nation building. History has proved time and time again it has never worked. (2)

Déjà vu

Former British ambassador to MoscowRodric Braithwaite wrote that the Soviets military “rebuilt and constructed hundreds of schools, technical colleges, over 30 hospitals and a similar number of nursery schools, some 400 apartment buildings and 35 mosques,” and built a modern infrastructure. They were guarding military and civilian installations. As long as the Afghan puppet government was getting support they remained in power. Sound familiar? After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Afghanistan no longer had any outside support. After a series of uprisings the Taliban rose to power and all improvements the Soviets provided went to waste. It won’t take the 1st Century thugs   long to dismantle remaining Western efforts to make their lives easier.

Just like U.S. and NATO forces the Soviet military never lost an engagement to the insurgents but without support from the Afghan population they lost the war. As soon as the Russians withdrew, the country reverted to its quasi-Stone Age existence. It’s a history the Taliban know well and this Administration is too supercilious to acknowledge.

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