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Afghanistan Asking Russia for Help?

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Obama’s failed leadership has created a vacuum which is being filled by Russian President Vladimir Putin. President Ashraf Ghani asked Russia for artillery, small arms and Mi-35 helicopters to bolster Afghan Security Forces. Since Obama is hell bent on retreating from the world, Russia will gladly take on the lead role in fighting terrorism and selling weapons to Arab allies. Afghanistan sees that Obama is ready to abandon them both militarily and financially which allows for the growth of its enemies, first the Taliban and now ISIS.

The Taliban is the main threat to the fragile Afghan government. The principal threat to the Taliban and main rival for control is the jihadist-expansionist Islamic State. ISIS will fight any opposition to their plan, at this point, most likely a plan to surround Iran. Whereas the Taliban wishes to restore its power in Afghanistan, ISIS wants to incorporate Afghanistan into the Caliphate. Russia is concerned that an unstable Central Asia will pose a direct threat to its own border. Putin’s strategy is to destroy ISIS in the Middle East before the terror group can reach the Russian homeland. China may have to join the fight if Pakistan should be invaded by ISIS forces from Afghanistan.

After seeing what Russian forces hope to accomplish in Syria, the Afghan government believes a potential alliance may finally solve the Taliban problem and drive out ISIS terrorists. They would consider assistance from their former enemy in order to fill the void caused by Obama’s retreat. Obama has pledged to leave behind 5,500 troops after January 2017, down from his earlier promise of 10,000. It’s hardly a surprise that Obama’s failed policy has left the country in one Hell of a mess.

The Iraqi people are also seeing an alliance with Russia as a possible savior. Outside of the Kurds they are taking on ISIS directly and effectively. The first American killed fighting ISIS was Master Sergeant Joshua L. Wheeler. Wheeler was killed when the U.S. military agreed to provide five helicopters and a number of ground troops to support a Kurdish-led mission to rescue 70 hostages. U.S. involvement was authorized because it was consistent with America’s mission to train, advise and assist Iraqi forces. However the Iraqis had hoped to see direct action which Obama will not authorize.

Afghanistan and Iraq aren’t prepared to go it alone. And as both countries are familiar with Russian weapons, they are willing to bank on Putin being a more reliable ally than Obama. In an extraordinary reflection on the reliability of Barack Obama, Afghan Prime Minister Abdullah would prefer to rely on Russia, his nation’s former enemy, than depend upon the American president when the chips are down.

Could there possibly be a more blatant expression of mistrust? As the Commander and Chief of the most powerful nation in the world, Barack Obama should be mortified by such treatment. Interesting the number of obscure definitions the hyper-arrogant Obama must apply to shame.

The Curious Dramas of Bowe Bergdahl

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Last Monday retired Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer, citing unnamed military sources, told Bill O’Reilly that the Army was planning to charge Bergdahl with desertion. He claimed that his sources confirmed Bergdahl’s attorney was given a charge sheet. It didn’t take Obama’s spin doctors long to have the Pentagon lying and denying that any charges were filed or any charge sheet presented to Bergdahl’s attorney Eugene Fidell. At the time of writing Mr. Fidell declined to speak to the press. In a surprise move NBC cited an anonymous senior defense official who said that Bergdahl will be charged with desertion very soon.


The White House doesn’t want Bergdahl to be charged but rather listed as a Prisoner of War to justify their idiotic trade of five Taliban terrorists for an alleged deserter. A court-martial would be very bad optics for the infallible public housing mullah of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and his JV Staff.


But then, this White House considers the Taliban a group of armed insurgents, not a terrorist organization. So the idea of negotiating with the Taliban for Bergdahl is not a concession to a terrorist organization. Maybe this White House can sell that to the people of Afghanistan. According to White House spokesman Eric Schultz, when Jordan makes a deal with the Islamic State it is giving in to terrorism. The little fact the spokesman left out is that Bergdahl was held by the Haqqani, a declared terror group. In an interview with FoxNews.com, California Congressman Duncan Hunter summed up the Bergdahl fiasco: “Is the Taliban not responsible for American deaths? Frankly, it’s more nonsense from an administration that seems to have lost its sense of reality.”

Command Influence

The curious case of Bowe Bergdahl being charged with desertion has many wondering if the White House is trying to quash any negative publicity regarding the prisoner swap. As soon as Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby stated that the General Courts Martial Convening Authority, General Mark Milley, wasn’t under any political pressure, it was obvious that investigating General Milley was indeed under pressure. After all, a U.S. Army spokesman stated to the media that “Gen. Milley will determine appropriate action – which ranges from no further action to convening a court martial.” Considering the investigation has been completed and according to Lt. Col. Shaffer, Bergdahl’s lawyers have been presented with a list of charges, it’s a safe bet that Barack the 1st has brought massive pressure to bear on the general; no doubt consisting of the mild recommendation that he—the general– take the fall by ending the proceedings now.

But should the general do the right thing, when will Bergdahl be publically charged? And when will Obama pardon the undeclared prisoner of war?


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Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter; the only hostage is the overdue Army report


By Glenn MacDonald, guest writer from MilitaryCorruption.com

It’s an old axiom in the world of public affairs to release bad news or information that might result in blowback late on a Friday afternoon. That usually results in minimal “play” by the media and hopefully (in the view of the news managers) it will be marginalized by Monday morning’s news cycle.

If the long-awaited Army investigative report on Bowe Bergdahl had been released on time – Friday afternoon, January 16 – it would have tested that strategy to the maximum.

Much of the country suspects the liar-in-chief in the White House wants to paint the alleged Taliban “captive” in a sympathetic light, ignoring the over-whelming evidence that he is a lowlife deserter.

Much is at stake. Obama, ever mindful of his “legacy,” doesn’t want to be known as the President who freed five Taliban killers in exchange for a weirdo loser who got American GI’s killed in an effort to rescue him.

But, if GEN Mark Milley’s report is an honest one, the only way out for Obama is to over-rule his recommendations and that would have to include court-martial for desertion in wartime. And that risks even the reliably lapdog mainstream media turning on him.


So when will we finally know what is to happen? Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, GEN Martin Dempsey, is generally known as an Obama butt-boy, so chances of Bergdahl facing punishment are slim.

We just hope that Hussein doesn’t reward Bergdahl with “prisoner-of-war” status. That would mean this creep would collect more than $200,000 in back pay and get lifetime benefits which, at least until now, have been reserved for genuine American heroes.

To equate the sufferings of Sen. John McCain, five years in solitary confinement at the “Hanoi Hilton” with the amiable circumstances of Bergdahl’s time with the Taliban is an absolute outrage.


As far back as 2010, the respected British newspaper of record, the Sunday TIMES, reported from Afghanistan that sources told them then-PFC Bowe Bergdahl had converted to Islam, taken the Muslim name of “Abdullah” and collaborated with the enemy.

A Taliban deputy district commander in Paktika Province who called himself Haji Nadeem, said Bergdahl had taught him how to dismantle a mobile phone and turn it into a remote control device to trigger a roadside bomb.

Former Army SGT Evan Buetow told CNN “Bergdahl is no hero. He’s a deserter, and the truth needs to be told.”

Bergdahl’s sergeant and team leader said right after the weird PFC walked away from his unit, “we started picking up radio intercepts from a nearby village that Bergdahl was there seeking contact with the Taliban.”


Defying the Army’s attempt to muzzle him (Bergdahl’s unit members were ordered to sign “non-disclosure” statements in a blatant move to keep the true nature of the private’s departure secret) Sgt Buetow told CNN there was a sudden increase in attacks on the American outpost right after Bergdahl’s disappearance.

“Soon after he left, IED’s started going off directly under our truck convoys. They (the Taliban) were getting perfect hits every time. Their ambushes were very calculated, very methodical, like they knew what we were going to do before we did it. It was incredibly suspicious.”

The former NCO said Bergdahl “knew sensitive information” that, if provided to the Taliban, could put U.S. troops at greater risk of death or injury.”

“We were very worried he was giving information to the enemy,” Buetow said.

You can be sure it won’t be forgotten by the families of those soldiers who lost their lives looking for Bergdahl. Can you imagine how they will feel when the onetime private banks those “big bucks” and gets lucrative book deals and TV movie offers?

Dear readers, please be sure to carefully go through the previous eight Bowe Bergdahl stories published on MilitaryCorruption.com. Coach is Right will be carrying these stories over the next several days.

Glenn MacDonald writes of MCC: “See what facts we have dug up and contrast our reporting with the kid gloves treatment the Obama-suck media have provided thus far.”


Bowe Bergdahl and the Taliban’s “Made for TV” release of a traitorous stooge

By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

“Boys are for pleasure, women are for babies,” former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb told CNN viewers as he explained that the Taliban propaganda film of Bowe Bergdahl’s release was carefully crafted to throw many cruel insults at America in order to flood the Middle East with the message that the Taliban had achieved victory over the great Satan! (1) 

The fact that Bowe Bergdahl had no beard, no facial hair was meant to convey the message to world audiences that he, i.e. America, had been emasculated, rendered weak, unable to win the battle for hearts and minds!  In the Afghan culture, thick beards and facial hair are signs of virility, masculinity on steroids.  Webb said the entire scenario was a deftly drawn propaganda event aimed to humiliate the United States, our fighting men in Afghanistan and to tell the entire world we have been defeated!

“It’s an insult to shake with the left hand,” an affront to the Taliban who knew to send this non-verbal message, even though our vulnerable Special Forces extraction team had to operate during the daylight, without protection of backup power of our military.  Our team had to keep their right hands free as they were meeting up with heavily armed Haqqani troops carrying grenade launchers and heavy duty assault rifles.  Had something gone wrong, our copter “would have been a bullet magnet!”  Again, the message the Taliban was sending to the Western world is, “we’re compassionate; Bergdahl is able to walk out on his own.”  But the propaganda payload sent to Arabic TV was that the clothed in white “Americans are weak, they’ve lost another war, we’ve won this one for Allah.”

The fact that the Taliban filmed the whole thing and CNN simply picked up the feed immediately sends a message that the terrorists were in control.

Now, let’s examine the message the Muslim world was picking up on in this film, as revealed by the hints of former Navy SEAL Webb.  Wiki defines Bacheh-baazi as a Persian word for “playing with kids; also a child, young man, kid; it is a slang term that is commonly used for sexual slavery and child prostitution.”  Bacha bazi was exposed in a 2010 documentary aired on PBS’s Frontline.  “These batchas or dancing boys are a recognised (sic) institution throughout” Afghanistan, Wiki continues. “Bacha bazi is one form of pederasty which has been prevalent in that area since ancient times.”  (2)  What has to be noted here is that no female soldiers were on the US extraction team, and that the closest visual of a feminine—or rather, effeminate–presence in the entire event was Bergdahl himself.  Think about the symbolism in our currently politically correct culture that the Afghanis are exploiting.

A clean-appearing, childlike male next to heavily armed, bearded, very virile Afghan males conveys. . .you connect the dots.  The left hand over the chest greeting the Special Ops rescue soldier gave was met equally with one from the other side, neutralizing slightly the handover.

The contrast between the appearance of Bowe Bergdahl and the Taliban soldiers who released him is very startling, especially given the look of Bergdahl in terrorist’s “proof of life” videos as he sits cross legged on a floor mat, eating out of a bowl in typical Middle Eastern meal tradition.  One sees these dining-on-the-floor scenarios all over the North African Imperial Cities in Morocco of Fez, Marrakech, Meknes, and Rabat. So any viewer with half a sense of travel in the Atlas Mountain regions should easily be able to recognize what’s going on in the Afghan mountain made-for-the-movies-agitprop. (3)

“Our government knows full well that he deserted…it looks bad and is a good propaganda piece for the Taliban.  They (U.S.) refuse to acknowledge it. . .What he did affected his family and his whole town back home who don’t know the truth. . .our movements, locations, tactics, weak points on vehicles, and other things for the enemy to exploit are just a few possibilities,” says an un-identified (for this post) soldier companion of Bergdahl. (4) “He failed his brothers.” So not only were the wise-to-Western-messaging Taliban able to exploit Bergdahl’s walk around the earth; they astutely manipulated his handover for television and the internet the world over!

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(3) agitprop . abbreviated from Russian agitatsiya propaganda (agitation propaganda), political strategy in which the techniques of agitation and propaganda are used to influence and mobilize public opinion/http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/9224/agitprop     
(4) http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3162450/posts

Obama reaches back to Clinton’s “Nuts and sluts” trying to lie his way out of Beghdahl treason

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Barack Obama is basically an enemy of America. Those who voted for him and those who manipulated the Republican primaries to insure a loser like Mitt Romney would be the GOP candidate to oppose him, have much to be ashamed of and much guilt to share.

Obama has always been suspect in every aspect of his being from his fake life story to his devastating use of executive power to destroy our nation. Nevertheless, few among us could have predicted his treachery in the trade of five top level enemy commanders for a single soldier who willfully deserted and collaborated with America’s enemies.

Obama’s Americanism has always been suspect as well, yet we were still surprised at how out of touch with America this fake Obama actually is.  When he arranged for the trade and he actually thought Americans would be euphoric at the return of “Nicholas Brody” Bergdahl he thought we would forget all about the VA scandal. This stunned us.

This fake American really thought we would be in the streets dancing around barn fires. Instead the truth that this fake; this empty suit created by the Democrats; is not an American in his heart, came crashing over the nation like a tidal wave.

Now Barack Hussein Obama has to try to lie his way out of the spotlight of truth.

He has to use every available weapon and “leave no lie behind.” 

The loathsome New York Times has slashed out at the Americans in Bergdahl’s unit suggesting his treason was caused by a “lack of discipline.” It accused Republicans of “arranging” for Bergdahl’s unit members to lie to reporters saying lives were lost searching for the deserter and newly minted Islamic Jihadist.   

Professional liar Susan Rice, our Affirmative Action National Security Advisor, is locked into the lie that Brody Bergdahl served with honor. She is spouting “innocent until proven guilty” as if there is any chance whatsoever that a resolution to his case would be reached in the next forty years. 
Obama is saying there is no evidence that Brody Bergdahl fraternized with the Taliban even in the face of his continued survival for years in the hands of savages who cut off the heads of those who resist them.  
Obama’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Brandon Friedman, a nervy little twerp, has decided that Bergdahl was the only sane man in a platoon of “psychopaths.”  

Marie Harf, who is way over her empty head in the job she has, (and should never represent a small town Council let alone the President of the United States), summed Obama’s position up by accusing “Nicholas Brody” Bergdahl’s platoon mates of “swift boating” him.

So far Obama has laid out the “nuts” defensive. As soon as he gets the nerve his lackeys will call the wife or mother of a soldier killed searching for their hero a “slut.” They might not say so directly, but it is coming. Bank on it.    




accused him of acting like Hitler, the Russian president stands by as Obama plays the gentleman for the Queen