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How big is the target the government has put on your back?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Our friends at Americanfreedomfighters.com have examined hundreds of US Government documents and developed a clear list of characteristics Barack Obama’s Administration thinks are “red flag” indications that make us terrorists in their eyes.

All of these characteristics can be fully examined using the links provided by the authors.

All of the following “forbidden” thoughts or actions will make you suspect in Obama’s eyes.

Barack Obama thinks you are a terrorist threat if you talk about individual rights; support the idea of states’ rights; want to make the world a better place; identify with the colonists who fought the American Revolution; want to defeat Communism; believe America’s interests are separate from those of other nations; consider the state unnecessary; are intolerant toward other religions; are anti-Gay, anti-immigrant and/or anti-Muslim.

Further, anyone aligned with the following thoughts or organizations is suspect in Obama’s mind: the patriot movement; against equal rights for Gays/Lesbians; the Family Research Council or the American Family Association; believes there is a conspiracy to establish a North American Union; have joined a citizens border patrol – an immigration reform group, the Tennessee Freedom Coalition or the Christian Action Network.    

The red flags continue with: opposing the “New World Order;” seeing conspiracies in government programs; opposing Agenda 21and/or FEMA camps; fearing gun confiscation; joining a militia movement; belief in citizen sovereignty, not paying taxes and speaking out against “bias” in our public life.       

 Here are more red flags: doubts the “value of mainstream” ideas; attending rallies Obama doesn’t like; showing religious “intolerance”; holds a “personal” grievance; suddenly acquires “weapons;” organizes a protest supporting “extreme ideas” Obama doesn’t approve of; being a “right wing extremist;” having patriotic or anti-UN bumper stickers; fierce nationalism; being afraid of attacks by government agents; believing religion should not be part of our government; or and being a member of the Army of God.

The “List” concludes by citing those who are anti-abortion; anti-Catholic; anti-nuclear; pro Second Amendment; support Ron Paul; Chuck Baldwin; and/or Bob Barr; who fly the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag; those that believe in “end of times” prophecies and of course Evangelical Christians.

If you are NOWHERE on this list you are probably not reading this on a conservative website, meaning you are quite possibly part of the problem, not part of the solution.



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Whose God is this, Mr. President?

By Ed Wood, guest writer

You will recall last year’s congressionally sponsored “National Prayer Breakfast” when remarks by Dr. Benjamin Carson launched his career as a potential presidential nominee.  As controversial as Dr. Carson’s comments were said to have been, this year the President seems to have outdone the good Doctor by creating a firestorm of reaction to his comparison of today’s Islamic terrorism to early Christianity.     

Mr. Obama began his remarks with “Giving all praise and honor to God, it is wonderful to be back with you here.”  OK.  Insincere, but OK. No mention of ISIS, even though he spoke of the atrocities of “those who murder Muslims and Christians in Nigeria and subject women to rape as a weapon of war.” 

But then the president’s knowledge of history failed him when he admonished us to “remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.  In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was (sic) justified in the name of Christ.”

But equating today’s Islamic practices of public beheading and the burning alive of political opponents to the 9th century Crusades and 19th century slavery is a bit of a stretch. 

We must remember, even if President Obama chooses not to, that the Crusades were military campaigns sponsored by Pope Urban II of the Roman Catholic Church to free the Jerusalem Christian Holy Lands from Islamic captivity.  And under the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln, more than a half million American lives were sacrificed to end slavery in the United States of America — the first such nation in the world to do so.  

As for the Inquisition, it needs to be clarified that there was no single “Inquisition,” but many.  For centuries, whenever the Catholic Church launched an inquiry or investigation, it was called an “inquisition.”  Although glorified by Hollywood in such epic productions as “The Man of La Mancha,” most were not particularly nefarious.

President Obama concluded his presentation with, “And so, as people of faith, we are summoned to push back against those who try to distort our religion.”

Our religion?  As one who still wears on his third finger, left hand, a gold ring with the inscription, “There is no God except Allah,” it’s fair to wonder just what religion our president has chosen to reference. 

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Easy Money

By Ed Wood, guest writer

As we know, one of President Obama’s campaign pledges, along with a re-distribution of wealth and the “skyrocketing” of energy costs, was the closing of the Terrorist Detention and Recreation facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Many schemes were proposed; moving the POWs to a stateside facility, having them tried in US courts instead of the appropriate military tribunals, etc. etc.  But in an amazing show of courage, Congress would not go along and an Executive Order seemed a bit over the top, even for this president, so Guantanamo remains operational.

What to do?  If the facility couldn’t be closed, at least it could be emptied.  Designed to accommodate 700 visitors, “good behavior” releases has whittled the number remaining down to about 135.  

Among those Islamic terrorists turned loose was a “rehabilitated” Saudi national named Ibrahim al-Rubaysh.  Oops!  Seems like Ol’ Ibrahim really hadn’t turned over a new leaf after all!  The State Department has now designated Ibrahim al-Rubaysh a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist,” and wants him back.  In fact, the Obama Administration wants him back so badly that it has posted a $5 million reward for information that could lead to al-Rubaysh’s re-capture.   But it gets even better.  The prize is just a part of a $45 million pot offered by the State Department’s “Rewards for Justice Program,” with some of al-Rubaysh’s buddies being worth up to $10 million each!

With only two more years left for the President to be “more flexible,” the pace for release needed to be stepped up a bit.  You know the story.  Mr. Obama exchanged five (5) of the most senior Islamic Jihadists for the return of one alleged deserter, Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal.

But it seems like the wheels are coming off the deal a little sooner than expected.  The five terrorist leaders, described as having an Al-Qaida rank equal to our 4-star generals, were paroled into the custody of the Islamic nation of Qatar, where they were greeted as returning heroes!

Although their year of parole doesn’t expire for another 90 days, it was revealed last week that these Al Qaida commanders have already been communicating with their Islamic terrorist troops.  Surprise, surprise!

So here’s the deal:  Just keep watching the US State Department’s “Rewards for Justice – Reward Offers for Information on Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Leaders” program.  You can Google it.  Soon you will see BIG $$$ posted for information leading to the arrest and re-capture of the Guantanamo Five: Mohammad Fazl, Mohammad Nabi, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Mullah Norullah Nori, and Khairullah Khairkhwa.  Go for it!

I realize you may have trouble recognizing them, since they all tend to look alike.  But you should be able to smell them.  The whole deal stinks to high heaven!                                        

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The Curious Dramas of Bowe Bergdahl

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Last Monday retired Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer, citing unnamed military sources, told Bill O’Reilly that the Army was planning to charge Bergdahl with desertion. He claimed that his sources confirmed Bergdahl’s attorney was given a charge sheet. It didn’t take Obama’s spin doctors long to have the Pentagon lying and denying that any charges were filed or any charge sheet presented to Bergdahl’s attorney Eugene Fidell. At the time of writing Mr. Fidell declined to speak to the press. In a surprise move NBC cited an anonymous senior defense official who said that Bergdahl will be charged with desertion very soon.


The White House doesn’t want Bergdahl to be charged but rather listed as a Prisoner of War to justify their idiotic trade of five Taliban terrorists for an alleged deserter. A court-martial would be very bad optics for the infallible public housing mullah of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and his JV Staff.


But then, this White House considers the Taliban a group of armed insurgents, not a terrorist organization. So the idea of negotiating with the Taliban for Bergdahl is not a concession to a terrorist organization. Maybe this White House can sell that to the people of Afghanistan. According to White House spokesman Eric Schultz, when Jordan makes a deal with the Islamic State it is giving in to terrorism. The little fact the spokesman left out is that Bergdahl was held by the Haqqani, a declared terror group. In an interview with FoxNews.com, California Congressman Duncan Hunter summed up the Bergdahl fiasco: “Is the Taliban not responsible for American deaths? Frankly, it’s more nonsense from an administration that seems to have lost its sense of reality.”

Command Influence

The curious case of Bowe Bergdahl being charged with desertion has many wondering if the White House is trying to quash any negative publicity regarding the prisoner swap. As soon as Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby stated that the General Courts Martial Convening Authority, General Mark Milley, wasn’t under any political pressure, it was obvious that investigating General Milley was indeed under pressure. After all, a U.S. Army spokesman stated to the media that “Gen. Milley will determine appropriate action – which ranges from no further action to convening a court martial.” Considering the investigation has been completed and according to Lt. Col. Shaffer, Bergdahl’s lawyers have been presented with a list of charges, it’s a safe bet that Barack the 1st has brought massive pressure to bear on the general; no doubt consisting of the mild recommendation that he—the general– take the fall by ending the proceedings now.

But should the general do the right thing, when will Bergdahl be publically charged? And when will Obama pardon the undeclared prisoner of war?


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The next step in Islam’s war

By John Velisek, USN (Ret)

What is the strategy for taking down Islamist radicals. Is there one? Or is it that everything that is leading to America’s collapse is part of the “fundamental change” if Obama? We are vulnerable to major attack that would an attack on our way of life, and our American values. There are at least 22 active terror cells INSIDE the United States. This is according to an actual FBI map, not just some lunatic fringe, conspiracy theorist. Jamaat ul-Fuqra, which runs the camps, is an Islamic fundamentalist organization related to Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organizations.

The reason DHS and the FBI have been unable to act against this very real threat inside our homeland is because the Obama Administration refuses to classify their parent organizations, Muslims of the Americas and Jamaat ul-Fuqra, as terrorist organizations. They are everywhere, within an easy drive of soft targets, including one a half hour outside New York City.

To make matters worse, the FBI states that their hands are tied in monitoring their activities despite a training video that is years old, evidence of possible murders and proof of illegal activities. Why can’t federal authorities do anything? Because the Obama administration refuses to acknowledge that these groups belong to a terrorist organization.

Why are we allowing the exponential growth of Islamist groups in the United States?  Federal officials must obtain an accurate picture of  the threat we face as a nation in order to understand the true nature of the challenge ahead of us. Is Barack Obama having this done, or is he preventing it being done? What is the role of the Muslim Brotherhood, a large player in the global, Islamist movement? Who is funding Islamic radicals in the United States and who is carrying out the radicalization of Americans in the country’s prisons and mosques?

Part of this growing threat is tied to the tactics of the Black Power movement; the professional Ferguson protestors for example, the Nation of Islam and others. In fact, the Black Power movement is integral to the expansion of the Islamist threat in the US. And the danger represented by its increasing membership has undoubtedly become an issue of national security. But should this or other pro-Islamist groups suddenly explode later this year and bring to the American public a brutality rarely seen in the country, will the Obama Administration be ready–or even willing–to take down the most deadly display of terrorism since 9/11?

At this very moment a group of Ferguson protestors are in Palestine. What will they bring back? What tactics will they have learned?

This will be the next step. Our national security and law enforcement must be vigilant and we, as citizens, must back them up. For our country will remain a target until we rise to this challenge.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

An author, entrepreneur, and retired veteran is writing on the subjects of terrorism, the economy, and race. He can be contacted at stsgmsfdr@verizon.net

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