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If Muslims are offended by the West, why haven’t we the right to be offended by them?

In his video, Pat Condell defines the religion of peace as “the most racist ideology on the planet.” Responsible for destroying the once great nation of Britain, Islam is now spreading its poisonous talons of hatred and intolerance across the United States.

Condell does a masterful job of exposing the ” mind-blowingly, soul-witheringly, unforgivably offensive,” practices of Islam by the simple method of telling the truth. How can the so-called “religious” practices of this group of sub-human thugs be beneath contempt while remaining above criticism or condemnation?

The 6 minute video offered by Condell is guaranteed to raise the ire of conservatives. For if Muslims are permitted to be offended by the ways of Western culture, why in Hell are we chastised for being offended by the ways of killers, liars and thieves?

Source: Pat Condell video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxlO7DLC6p8

Obama must Stop Eric Holder from Encouraging Money Laundering!

by Steven R. Peterson,  guest writer

As of January of 2014, the citizens of Colorado have allowed cannabis use for recreational purposes.  Overnight, users lined the sidewalk as they waited for their opportunity to legally purchase a substance still listed as a Schedule I Controlled Substance under Federal law.  Prior to approved recreational use, Colorado went from having just over 5,000 registered medical marijuana patients, to over 125,000 patients in less than 2 years.  In this cash-only business, dispensaries take in thousands of dollars per day, but since Federal law prohibits cash deposits from specified illegal activities, banks are unable to accept dispensary monies.  This forces dispensary owners to find some place to stash their ever growing mountain of dollars thus making them potential targets of violent criminals intent on robbing them of their cash hoards.

In February 2014 Attorney General Holder directed Colorado banks to allow cannabis dispensaries to deposit their cash proceeds, as long as the banks practiced due diligence in determining that these dispensaries did not violate eight principles previously dictated for cannabis distribution; such as preventing the distribution of marijuana to minors and preventing marijuana possession or use on Federal property. Banks should not accept these deposits until amendments in current laws pass. To accept proceeds is still in violation of Federal law, even if the business is legal under state law.

As banks have begun to accept cash deposits obtained from cannabis and also lucrative hash oil sales, Russian, Chinese and Mexican criminal organizations have seen this loophole as a way of introducing their illegal proceeds into the world financial system via Colorado marijuana dispensaries.  If it has not already begun, Muslim Extremists will also learn the trick and begin to funnel their monies through Colorado, for possible terrorist plots.

Inviting cannabis dispensaries to deposit proceeds is an incredibly naive and ignorant act and forcing banks to discern whether dispensaries are in violation of one of the eight principles before accepting their deposits is ridiculous. Enforce or change the banking laws and be consistent, don’t conspire to weaken existing ones. The Justice Department has devoted massive time and resources holding the tobacco industry responsible for their product message in the interest of public safety.  Do you not see the irony now of looking the other way with marijuana retailing and bank deposits?

 Steven R. Peterson is Vice President of the National Law Enforcement Speakers Bureau, providing training to over 85,000 police.  http://nlesb.org/

Retired as the most experienced DEA Street Agent in the U.S., Peterson’s accolades include being named the lead investigator into the murder of DEA Agent Ray Stastny as well as working undercover on the largest cocaine confiscation at that time in US history.

Islam: the global plague which threatens the destruction of all nations, all peoples

by Suzanne Eovaldi
Americans must stand against an Islamic takeover of our country, says a Christian refugee who fled the terrors of the Muslims’ war against Jews and Christians.  When her beloved father, a Christian pastor, and her brother were attacked and killed, Manal Faragalla fled her native Egypt for Greece and is now living in California with her children and remaining family members.  She travels the nation to warn Americans about the dangers of the Muslim jihad against Christians and Jews in all countries. Very critical of President Obama whose actions in Libya aided the Muslim Brotherhood, Faragalla warns that since he has been in the White House, the number of mosques has increased significantly as has the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on America’s political scene!
“Reveal truth” is Manal’s life mission and as a television anchor who broadcast the Christian message throughout the Middle East, she is acutely aware of the intent of Koran themed practitioners of what she says is definitely not a religion of peace.  Even as lunch was being served at the recent Republican Women’s Club in Florida, the ardent follower of Jesus Christ showed horrific scenes of beheadings, including pictures of severed human heads strewn about in open view. She described how an 89 year old woman was tied to two camels who pulled her body apart as they were separated by Muslim handlers! 

Almost too painful to watch was a Memri TV video of small girls, as young and innocent as 6,7,8 years old, all dressed in white wedding dresses walking hand in hand in a long line with men much, much older, men ages 40-50, as they await their wedding nuptials. One young girl who spoke out against the horrors being perpetrated against children was killed by members of her own family.

Manal told of the suicides of women and children who take their own lives to escape the awful treatment they are receiving at the hands of Islamic males. “Iraqi people [are] shipping them in boxes [for] 20 days…in large shipping containers into Greece and other world ports just to get out of Iraq!”  She told of many bodies just falling out of the boxes after such long confinement, while other women who managed to survive such ordeals literally could not move their legs and arms which had “frozen” in place!
The television anchor is speaking to Christians in America to tell them the truth, but two people in the local audience just could not or would not believe or accept her premise that teachings from the Islamic source book itself propels these terrors against Jews, Christians and anyone who stands against the Muslim belief system.  “But not all Muslims are like that,” said one older man whose comments met agreement with one woman at another table.  But Manal stood firm in reiterating that the notion to use any means possible to “kill the Infidels” is what really motivates such horrific violence. “They will destroy this country and destroy peace for our kids,” she declared!
The glowing tourista videos of Rick Steves and other European travel writers really are misleading Americans, because in reality, Europe is fast becoming a theme park.  Manal showed demographics that point to the invasion and take over by Muslim immigrants who have an above 8 point reproduction ratio for couples while white Europeans can not sustain their cultures because of their very low birthrates. 

“There are more mosques than churches in Europe,” she warns.  The low birth rates, especially in Spain at 1.1 child per couple, 1.3 in Greece and Germany are “impossible to reverse.”  Manal told her audience that within a few decades, the average European Union’s 1.38 birth rate will cause that continent to fall to Islamic domination!  The birthrate currently in the USA of 2.11 is being propped up by Latino immigrants, not Americans of European descent.
Because Manal’s former television station was literally taken over by wealthy buyers who silenced her Christian message, she is now working to set up a new broadcasting station out of California to beam the truth about Islam into the USA, Canada and all over the Middle East.  She and other devout Christians are part of the Abiding Place Ministries, 9850 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131.  You can go to her web site at www.abidingplace.org to volunteer to help her get the truth out to Americans.  She is especially poignant when she talks about the horrors being done to young boys “for the pleasure of older men.”  These young boys are called WOLDAN MOKHALADOON.  Children and women have no rights, no protections.  Hard to understand are American liberals, reporters, academics who protect Islamists who are using the very freedoms guaranteed us by our precious US CONSTITUTION to infiltrate and gain dominance over us here in America!

SOURCE:  Missionary Training Center, Abiding Place Ministries, 9850 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131    www.abidingplace.org  A $50,000 building project drive currently is underway to build, equip, and staff a new broadcasting station to beam the Christian message throughout the Islamic world as well as into Canada and the USA.

The splintering of Al Qaeda isn’t necessarily good news

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

The recent upraising in Syria may have claimed a new victim–al Qaeda. Since the death of Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda have been without a strong leader to keep the terrorist organization unified.  Documents obtained from the raid that killed Osama revealed earlier divisions.

One of the main causes of division within the terrorist factions involves a central leadership which calls for moderation, believing that worldwide uncontrolled terrorism is providing the organization with a distorted image. Al Qaeda itself is competing with a fanatical jihadist organization known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The ISIL is a splinter group, formed without approval from the al Qaeda leadership and which will not receive official support from the senior al Qaeda junta. Despite being condemned by “moderate” terrorists, ISL is gaining support from worldwide jihadists. The rift between the terrorist’s cabals was widened by intervention in Syria when the upstart group violated al Qaeda’s rules for waging Islamic holy war. It is claimed that the growing division between jihadists made it difficult for the Obama Administration to know who to support in its attempt to remove Syrian President al-Assad.

In a statement released on Twitter, al Qaeda central leader Ayman al Zawahiri declared that “the ultra-hardline ISIL was not part of the global al Qaeda network.” (2) In a display of his new “moderation,” the Zawahiri-led al Qaeda organization only suspended the upstart ISIL, evan after ISIL extremists had killed al Qaeda members in Syria. That was mighty nice of him after he called for the ISIL to be abolished last year in an attempt to end infighting among terrorists. One thing the two groups have in common is their hatred of the civilized world.

No Time to Celebrate
When the Jihadists are not busy fighting each other they still hate all things American. The possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “step-child” threat to America is real. The ISIL is gaining popular support from ambitious jihadists operating in Syria and Iraq and has attracted admirers worldwide.

Unfortunately this means that troops in the war on terrorism have yet another threat to deal with.  

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Iran responds to Kerry’s Harangue

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Last week U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, in an interview with the Al-Arabiya channel about the so-called Geneva document with Iran, warned  “If they decided they’re going to throw this agreement away and go start enrichment again, sure, they can turn around. But guess what? If they do that, then the military option that is available to the United States is ready and prepared to do what it would have to do.” (1)(2) The Iranian leadership doesn’t take the military threat seriously from Obama Administration’s court jester.

Iranian Response
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei dismissed the Secretary’s proclamation in a statement broadcast on MEMRI TV: “Our top officials should pay attention to what [the West] is saying, because they smile and say that they are interested in negotiations, but at the same time, they say that all options are on the table. Well, what exactly are these options? What kind of action – or mistake – could they possibly take against Iran? If they are serious, they should exercise some self-restraint. All those people who utter this kind of nonsense must be stopped.” (2)

And as reported by ISNA, Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan added: “Kerry’s statements are nothing but a political bluff… It is puzzling that those who ostensibly [champion]… democracy and diplomacy still talk of using methods from the Middle Ages, and think they can safeguard their interests by means of force, oppression and aggression, disregarding the fact that the [Medieval] era has ended. The use of this ill-considered rhetoric accelerates the U.S.’s decline.”

Majlis National Security Council Committee member Mohammad Ismail Kothari as reported by Fars: “Obama himself knows better than anyone that the U.S. is in no shape to attack any country… How can the Americans, who were defeated in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, stand fast against Iran’s defense force? [Addressing Obama:] If you make a mistake and act against Iran, be certain that we will fire with all our strength on your interests in the region…”
What a Republican should have said
According to Kayhan News the Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi was quoted in response to Kerry’s warning: “The hatemongering and ugly statement of the U.S. State Secretary, which was full of threats against Iran, displeased many, due to his insolent rhetoric. People are wondering how a man who does not know how to speak was appointed Secretary of State” (2)
You can’t make this stuff up.


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