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New York Times quotes convicted perjurer to lie about NYPD

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

“All the news that’s fit to print,” the motto of the New York Times is a cynical lie perpetuated to fool its smug liberal readers into feeling validated in their narrow world view.  

Like most liberals the New York Times has clung to the fantasy that Islam is the, “Religion of Peace.”  Since it is demonstrably false one can only assume the cowards at the Times are knowingly lying and bias in how they select what news is “fit to print.”

The Times has been carrying the water for Comrade Bill de Blasio’s efforts to give the Islamists a freer hand to carry out their ongoing Jihad against New York City.

On May 11th and May 12th they published a story and an editorial attacking the NYPD’s anti-terrorism unit’s tactic of trying to enlist Muslims as informers who would warn the police of terror plots being hatched by fellow Muslims.

The “news” story featured a man named Bobby Hadid, a fired police officer. It quotes him as asking, “What does that have to do with terrorism?” when presented with evidence of terrorist plots produced by spying on those who have declared themselves our enemies.  

Hadid’s “question” became the driving point to the Times’ article because it validated their subversive position on terrorism.  

Hadid was fired by the NYPD because he was convicted of perjury in a murder case. But  in the twisted logic of the Times’ “all the news that’s fit to print” motto, informing readers Hadid was a convicted liar didn’t “fit” until the 33ard paragraph thus hiding it in plain sight.    

The Times made no attempt to impeach Hadid’s credibility because he was, “…convicted of perjury in a case unrelated to his counterterrorism work.” Really?

The New York Times is on the side of the terrorists and will help them at every opportunity. It wants terrorists tried in civilian courts in Manhattan where they can be freed by far Leftist juries. The Times is worried about the “potentially uncomfortable” nexus between crime-fighting and anti-terrorism.”

The feckless liars at the Times will use whatever means they can to undermine the efforts of the Police Department to protect the people of New York because they have deluded themselves to believe it is the cops that are the enemy and the “Religion of Peace” is the victim.

This is another reminder of why we can never turn our back on the liberal media.

Source: http://nypost.com/2014/05/28/times-anti-cop-agenda-is-all-the-slop-thats-fit-to-print/

Bergdahl release a richly deserved political and PR catastrophe for Obama

By Jim Emerson,  staff writer

After approximately five years of captivity, Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the only American held prisoner by the Taliban, was released to the United States military in Afghanistan. The Taliban (Haqqani) agreed to return Bergdahl in exchange for five Afghan terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay. The agreement was negotiated in and mediated by Qatar. Obama ignored the nation’s longtime policy of not negotiating with terrorists in order to obtain Bergdahl’s release. In the deal, Qatar will take custody of the freed Taliban prisoners. 

Feeling confident that he knocked other scandals out of the headlines, Obama took his victory lap by pronouncing that the return of Bergdahl “is a reminder of America’s unwavering commitment to leave no man or woman in uniform behind on the battlefield.” Excluding Mexico, that is. Of course those left behind in Benghazi were NOT in uniform.

In the words of the late Paul Harvey “and now for the rest of the story”

Soon after the media reported Bergdahl’s release, questions arose about the circumstances of his disappearance and eventual capture by the Taliban. Before he went missing, Bergdahl sent an email to his parents in which he complained about his disillusionment with the Afghan war and penned his now infamous “I am ashamed to even be an American” declaration.

Upon walking away from his unit in the dead of night, SGT Bergdahl left his gear, weapon and a note renouncing his American citizenship. (9) The Pentagon would later conclude that Bergdahl was not captured, but had indeed abandoned his unit. (4)(7)  Fellow soldiers from his platoon are now telling the world that Bergdahl is NOT a hero, but a “deserter whose selfish actions costs the lives of six fellow soldiers searching for him.”  (8) This is in sharp contrast with the official White House narrative on the Sunday Talk shows in which known liar Susan Rice stated that Bergdahl had served “with honor and distinction and was captured on the battlefield.” 

Soldiers who abandon their units in a war zone are subject to prosecution in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice. They can be charged with desertion or the lesser charge of being absent without leave (AWOL).

People Died

The search for Bergdahl resulted in the death of at least six men as a result of ambushes, firefights improvised explosive devices. When the Pentagon finally determined that he had deserted his post it was decided that forces would forgo any additional efforts to rescue Bergdahl. We would no longer risk good men to “rescue” someone who had abandoned his platoon. The seriousness of Bergdahl’s actions cannot be overstated if proven that they had  caused the death to his fellow soldiers.

In the custody of the Taliban (Haqqani)

Fox News’ James Rosen spoke to an unnamed senior government official who stated that the U.S. intelligence community has a sizable file on Army SGT. Bowe Bergdahl while he lived among the Taliban. The official told Rosen that “many within the intelligence community harbor serious, outstanding concerns not only that Bergdahl may have been a deserter but that he may have been an active collaborator with the enemy.” (1) If the intelligence community knew of SGT Bergdahl providing aid to the Taliban, Barack Obama had to have been briefed sometime during the last 5 years. And were Bergdahl NOT guilty of desertion and collaboration with the Taliban, why did military brass demand soldiers in his unit sign nondisclosure agreements? From experience, this may have been for investigative purposes. But it was far more likely a measure to avoid embarrassment of Mr. Obama. (2)

Upon his release, Bergdahl was transferred to the Landstuhl military medical facility in Germany where he will have a medical and mental evaluation and treatment. ABC news has reported that there are legitimate concerns about Bergdahl’s physical and mental health which the network claims to have deteriorated over the years. Naturally this would mean that he is no shape to be interrogated about his actions. In fact it will require a significant amount of time “before he can be questioned about his experience with the Taliban.” It’s a safe bet that “significant amount of time” will stretch beyond this year’s elections.

It’s standard operating procedure to conduct a review of a repatriated Prisoner of War (POW) to determine the activities of the individual. Such investigations are used to award meritorious behavior or punish collaboration with the enemy, especially as it might result in great harm to fellow POWs. If he is undergoing military review it’s a safe bet that a White House representative will be present in order to make certain the review comes to the “proper” conclusions. There will certainly be a political angle injected in the investigation of SGT Bergdahl. After all Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey made the statement that “the Army might still pursue an investigation that could lead to desertion charges against Bergdahl” (11) If the White House attempts to get Bowe Bergdahl off the hook after it has been clearly shown that he is guilty of desertion and treason, it will turn into a much bigger scandal that those the Regime had hoped to knock out of the headlines!

Who are the terrorists Obama turned loose in order to obtain the release of a possible traitor?

The five Guantanamo Bay prisoners swapped for Bergdahl are:

Khair Ulla Said Wali Khairkhwa, Captured in 2012, former Taliban interior minister possible close ties with Osama bin Laden. He was one of the major opium drug lords in western Afghanistan.

Mullah Mohammad Fazl, December 2001.  Former commander of the opposition terrorist to the Northern Alliance and was the former chief of army staff. Wanted by The Hague for war crimes committed during the Afghanistan’s civil war. He is wanted by the UN for the massacre of thousands of Afghan Shiites. This guy should have never been freed.

Mullah Norullah Noori, December 2001. Former Governor and high intelligence value

Abdul Haq Wasiq Former intelligence service deputy chief, an intelligence provider to al Qaeda.

Mohammad Nabil Omari, Former chief of communications and aided al Qaeda fighters escape from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
All this so Obama could get the VA, NSA, IRS and the Benghazi scandal off of the front page.


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A putative first person account of events surrounding Bergdahl’s disappearance in Afghanistan

By Kevin “Coach” Collins
The information contained in this report comes from an obscure website and the narrator is not revealed. Readers are, of course, free to disregard this unsworn testimony, yet those who have served in our military will recognize the unmistakable tone of truth in its message. Here is the unedited text of the original article.  

“On June 30, 2009, Bowe Bergdahl went missing in Afghanistan.  My unit within the US Special Operations Command along with a select few SOF units,were alerted to conduct a hostage rescue/recovery mission in Afghanistan.  The A.O. (area of operation) had stood down upon receiving the intel of Bergdahl’s disappearance.  My element, composed of 35 men, was alerted and sent to our briefing room to conduct our necessary planning in order to try and retrieve Bergdahl.

The intel that we were given at the time consisted of the following:
  Bergdahl D.O.B: March 28, 1986
 Assigned to 1st Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, based at Fort Richardson, Alaska.
 Bergdahl’s unit was sent to an outpost called Mest-Malak in Afghanistan to conduct counterinsurgency operations.
 We had all been given copies of his military issued ID card along with his PASS or FAIL security questions.

His unit had been on a patrol where he had fallen behind during an enemy ambush and captured. (This has been proven FALSE through written and sworn statements from members in his unit, one of them being a man initialed N.B., and through my unit commander talking directly to Bergdahl’s GFC. 

There were no patrols on the night that Bergdahl went missing and Bergdahl had stated multiple times his desire and ambition to leave.)”

“With the intel that we had received that night, we kitted up and loaded two Chinook helicopters. With the support of multiple air assets, we flew to the last known location where he had been taken captive during the “ambush”.

As the HELO’s landed and we offloaded into the town, everyone noticed something oddly wrong.  Absolute silence.  There were no signs of enemy personnel, the expected AK-47 and M-4 shell casings were nonexistent, etc.  I cannot at this time disclose the events which followed pertaining to this operation. “

“Although his unit had been placed on a gag order and told not talk about the incident, after several weeks of failed attempts to rescue Bergdahl and the loss of at least 6 known personnel, the entire story began to unravel. According to Afghan villagers and elders close to the outpost, Bergdahl had asked where he could find the Taliban.  A few children in the area also stated that they saw an American acting funny and wanting water while another local Afghan child had seen Bergdahl walk off the post.  According to a few close friends of his and some letters he wrote home, he just wanted to find himself.  Bergdahl left behind his weapon and other sensitive items, shipped his personal belongings home to Idaho, only taking some water and his knife.”

“Bergdhal had simply become disenchanted with Army life and wanted to seek out the Taliban on his own free will.  He stated this in his letters home to his family as well as [to] others in his squad and unit. As more of the information came in, my unit, along with others in the community, simply stopped looking for him.  As for the videos of Bergdahl in military and Afghan attire, we were privy to analyze and dissect all of the “unedited” video.  We realized that he had vowed to help the Afghan people (meaning Taliban), and teach them tactics he had learned through his training.  As for what he may have taught them, we are not sure, but we can say that American casualties and the amount of attacks in the area did increase following his capture.”

“After seeing what his father, now turned Muslim, had to say about his son in Afghanistan, I am truly appalled.  During his opening speech given at the White House, his father praised him for “helping” the Afghan people and pushing for the release of all those detained in Guantanamo Bay. In the same speech, Mr. Bergdahl’s father went on to praise Allah saying, “bism allah alrahman alraheem” which means “in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful”.

“Here is what I know, not from hearsay, but because I was there. Bergdahl became a sympathizer, walked off his post to seek out the Taliban in order to join their ranks, to help and live with them.  In exchange for his release, the United States released the following 5 known Taliban; Khairullah Khairkhwa, Mullah Norullah Noori, Mullah Norullah Noori, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Mohammed Nabi who were immediately welcomed back into the Taliban network.

The Taliban are currently seeking the release of additional prisoners, but will not state specifics. Now that they have the blue print on how to accomplish this by simply capturing an American soldier and with the troop number drawing down to 9,800+, I can only hope our service men and women keep their heads on a swivel.”



Obama won’t be able to vote “present” on Beverly Hills Hotel and kidnapped Nigerian school girls

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Barack Obama’s spinelessness seems to have him caught in a pincher.

From his earliest days in public life Barack Obama has done as little as possible. Whenever he has been presented with a choice he will either worm out of the situation, as his disgraceful record of voting “present” shows, or completely ignore the matter at hand.

Obama’s spinelessness is most prominent in his refusal to confront the dangers posed by the savages masquerading as “The Religion of Peace.”   

Faced with a demand to respond to Islamic terror attacks Obama has hidden behind ridiculous insulting language such as calling the Fort Hood murders “work place violence” and ordering that the term “Muslim terror” not be used. 

Now a bunch of savages called the Boko Haram, who are following the commands of Sharia Law to murder non-Islamists, have kidnapped some 300 Nigerian school girls and is threatening to sell them into sex slavery or kill them. 

During her tenure as Secretary of State, and doubtlessly on orders from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton steadfastly refused to designate Boko Haram, a group that sees Sundays as “Murder Christians Day,” as a terrorist group.

The world sees Boko Haram as Islamic terrorists but Barack Obama doesn’t recognize the existence of “Islamist terror” – he won’t even use the words. This presents a problem for a little man trying to portray himself as a “tough guy” who knows how to deal with terrorists.

Dealing with the Boko Haram will require more than saying how “awful” their kidnapping of the girls is and posting an embarrassing picture of Michelle Obama begging seventh century savages for civility on the internet.

This is one side of the pincher for Obama. The other is the awakening of Gay Hollywood to the savagery of Sharia Law’s commandments on homosexuality.

Last Monday a group of Hollywood’s “fabulous” people turned out to picket in front of a hotel owned by the Sultan of Brunei because he has implemented Sharia Law in his country. Somehow the truth of what Sharia Law really means has penetrated the liberal haze that hangs over Hollywood. Suddenly all of the pretending that opposition to Sharia Law is something only “mean bigoted conservatives” do is gone. The reality that even under a Republican government, being stoned to death for being Gay doesn’t actually happen in America, but it most certainly does happen where Sharia is the law. At last this has gotten through to Hollywood’s Gay community and they are taking action.

They’re not picketing a conservative radio station; they’re picketing a Muslim hotel. Suddenly enlightened they have finally come to understand that supporting the “voting present” president could be dangerous.

“Voting present” won’t easily get Obama out of this bind now that his Gay supporters are finally listening to the warnings about Sharia. They may very well succeed where we have failed. Gay Hollywood might be able to force Obama to do something about the threat from Sharia.




American soldiers used as cannon fodder for Obama’s schemes

by Ron Reale,  staff writer

On 5/11/14, “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, had as a guest former state department Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell. Mr Campbell tried to explain why Hillary Clinton and the State Department fought the terrorist designation for Boko Haram years ago. He did so in an arrogant, disrespectful, tilted head manner that screamed, “do I really have to stoop to speaking to you dolts?” Seriously, His head was closer to the table than his shoulder was! In his ponderous, slowly paced drone, he proved why diplomacy has never and will never work.

He stated that even after Boko Haram was blowing things up and killing people, the reason the State Department couldn’t designate them a terrorist organization was because if they did, no one would be allowed to speak or deal with them anymore! In other words, even while others die for their failures, they wanted to keep talking to the poor, obviously misunderstood murderous bastards. Their sole reason for allowing this group to flourish was so they could continue to negotiate with the enemy! He said this with the air of a professor who just spread some gem of enlightenment upon skulls full of mush, incredulous that he even had to explain the “flaws” in the designation language.

The thought that you just can’t negotiate with murderous, fanatical Islamists would never occur to State Department liberals like Campbell. Our diplomatic drones hate the military. State Department fools like Campbell would rather give terrorists tips on how to hold the sword at their beheading than admit what Boko Haram truly is and allow the military to once again expose and clean up their diplomatic failure. The lefts’ hatred and disdain for our military is the reason both that an Al Qaeda offshoot was hired as security for the Benghazi compound and that security was not beefed up when requested.

Unless the US Military is given free reign to do what is necessary the next time their help is requested in a rescue mission, we should not get involved. Just once I’d like to see an American President tell the world: “Sure, we’ll help you. But only if you tell us what you want done and get out of the way. You better exhaust all other methods before asking for our help, because we will get the job done. Quickly. With as much firepower as is necessary to protect American lives. No other safety consideration will matter.”

The practice of embedding a few Americans with foreign troops under foreign command and making believe the other country is doing the work, is bull excrement. We all know it, and their ineptitude only prolongs the risks and exposure of our troops to harm.

The American Government has proven they will let our military men die under fire without lifting a finger to help them. Does anybody think our current administration respects our military?
I believe that, like anything else under his control, President Obama thinks the military are campaign fodder, bodies to be thrown at missions in which there are no American security concerns, killed and used when the polls are right and lied about when tragedies occur on the wrong date and contrary to their published, phony agenda.