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Well-Funded Islamic State raised over $1 Billion Last Year

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The most important requirement of terrorist groups is revenue. Fielding an Army of jihadists requires not just Muslim terrorists, but water, food, weapons, ammunition and transportation. This means the Islamic State needs cash and a lot of it in order to maintain its existence. Last year the Islamic State raised over $1 billion in revenue and captured some $50 billion worth of Iraqi weapons, the latter, courtesy of the Obama Administration.

The Islamic State is the ultimate predatory machine. It’s Army has  ISLAMIC STATE  been able to acquire large amounts of revenue in a short period of time by means of theft, ransom demands, extortion, taxation and smuggling. As a result, the terrorist organization remains a formidable force in Iraq, Syria, Libya and now Afghanistan.

The organization began with little or nothing when it first joined in the Arab Spring effort to remove Syrian President al-Assad. Initial funding for training and equipment may have come from the United States and supporting Arab nations. The probability of the terrorist group receiving support from Muslim nations was great    indeed. As a side note, existence of the terror group may be the reason so-called Syrian refugees are not moving to other Muslim nations but to Europe and the west.

Islamic State

According to the U. S. State Department, the Islamic State raised an estimated $500-$800 million from: seized Iraqi bank assets;    $20-$70 million from taxation; $100 million from oil trafficking; $25-$45 million from ransom demands; $10-$50 million in Agriculture theft, and border tariffs $10-$50 million. From retreating Iraqi Security Forces, the Islamic State captured an estimated $50 billion in weapons and vehicles.  As long as the Islamic State is able to acquire such extraordinary sums in cash and assets it will continue to exist. And like many “non-profits,” they benefit from the work of unpaid volunteers who carry out missions abroad thanks to a well-funded, internet-based propaganda ministry.

Islamic State Oil

The Islamic State’s highly successful methods of revenue generation make it a self-financed entity capable of operating outside of any formal financial system. The IS features diverse, non-centralized command and control and financial operations which make it difficult to directly attack financial structures or assets. As long as the Islamic State can sell oil below market price they will have income. Muslim neighbors will look the other way for a price to get smuggled oil on the market. And oil poor nations like China would love to help.

The Treasury Department is taking credit for halting financial aid to al Qaeda. However such tactics will not be very effective against the Islamic State since it doesn’t depend upon the same sources of income. If Obama were serious he would order the bombing of oil fields and pipelines.

Syrian Armed Forces

It is likely the Islamic State will be driven out of Syria, but the  group’s longevity will depend on the continued production of Northern Iraqi oil fields. To establish and grow the Caliphate, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi will need to establish a permanent means of providing for his followers. It’s doubtful that it will happen in his lifetime, if ever.

It’s time we acknowledge the dangers posed by Muslims and the Religion of Islam

By John Porter, guest writer

With the events we are watching unfold in Europe and much of the Middle East; with the constant attacks on people of many other nations, including the United States, there is concern and discussion in our country and indeed, all over the world about the war being waged by, “Muslim Radicals” on behalf of their Religion of Islam. This is a war against all people who are not of the Muslim faith or who do not support Islam and Sharia Law. Make no  

Muslim Brotherhood
Muslim Brotherhood

mistake, we are under attack by Muslims.

If anyone speaks of the Muslims who are waging this war without including the qualifying terms “Islamic Radicals,” they are chastised rather harshly for not being politically correct. Have you ever wondered why the so called moderate Muslims, who may not embrace terrorism, do not speak up in outrage against and put a stop to what is being waged in the name of their religion, Islam? I submit to you it is because they are not the devout Muslims. Those who are waging this war of murder and other atrocities are devout Muslims, true to their faith and the teachings of their Holy Koran.   TERRORISTS They are indeed radical because the Religion of Islam is a Radical Religion. Islamic Radicals and the Religion of Islam are one and the same. Moderate Muslim only means you are not a true and devout Muslim, guided in all things by the teachings and commands of your Holy Book, the Koran.

I challenge the claim that Islam is a religion of peace. It is in fact a religion of submission. The war Islamists are waging against mankind will only be won when all people submit to Islam and Sharia Law through either conversion or death. I state without reservation: ALL MUSLIMS WHO ARE DEDICATED TO THEIR FAITH AND THE TEACHINGS OF THE KORAN HAVE AS THEIR GOAL THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF ALL NATIONS WITH SECULAR, CONSTITUTIONAL FORMS OF GOVERNMENT. THE IMPLEMENTATION OF SHARIA LAW WITHIN THOSE NATIONS AND THE SUBMISSION OF ALL PEOPLE TO ISLAM; THESE ARE   

ISIS Terrorists
ISIS Terrorists

THE TRUE GOALS OF ALL DEVOUT MUSLIMS. Such is the meaning of the Religion of Islam.

It is not only a religion but a form of government with its own law called Sharia, a very evil thing in itself. It is the only religion in the world which has an overriding goal to control and dominate all human beings on earth. There is no other religion which seeks absolute power and authority over all mankind. And that power shall be obtained by means of deadly force if that is what it takes.

If we are to survive it is an ABSOLUTE MUST that we recognize this powerful and fundamental difference between Islam and the other religions of the civilized world. Ladies and gentlemen, WE    Islam will dominate worldARE AT WAR. It is World War III. When our nation is at war, who is Constitutionally, the Supreme Commander of all efforts to defeat our enemies? It is our president.

No American President has ever been so partial to Muslims and  Islam as President Barack Obama. He will not refer to our attackers as what they are. He cannot bring himself to say the words, Islamic terrorism. What does it say about our chances of survival in the United States when the Commander in Chief refuses to publicly recognize who we are fighting? Every world leader of any standing has declared that we are confronted by the actions of Islamic Terrorists except one–President Obama of the United States.

The events we are watching unfold in Europe and the Middle East, the be-headings of Americans by the Islamic State and other such events of murder and mayhem have taken place without our president so much as naming the enemy. This has aroused concerns in many that President Obama might in fact be a Muslim. There is an Islamic doctrine known as “taqiyya” that permits Muslims to   OBAMA CHRISTIAN MUSLIM deny they are Muslim if it would be dangerous to admit the truth and to knowingly deceive infidels (anyone who is not a Muslim). Ask yourself if you believe Barack Obama to be capable of lying, or of being deceitful to achieve an end.

No, I cannot prove that Barack Obama is a Muslim. However, he has never made a secret of the fact that both his father and stepfather were Muslims. It is well documented that when he lived in Indonesia he attended a madrassa-a school devoted to the teaching of Islam-until he was ten years of age.

Many of us have seen his interview with George Stephanopoulus, when Obama said “John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith” and Stephanopoulus was quick to suggest to Obama that he meant to say his “Christian faith”? Obama quickly responded, “Yes my Christian faith.” Can you imagine any Christian you know,    under any circumstances accidentally calling himself a Muslim?    OBAMA MUSLIM 2Again, no I can not prove Obama to be a Muslim. He has publicly referred to the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.” He has recited its opening lines with a perfect Arabic accent saying “Allah is supreme…I witness that there is no God but Allah.” Is Barack Obama a Muslim? I think in his heart of hearts, he is. What do you think? Be your own judge.

What we are witnessing today in France, other countries of Europe, Australia, Iraq, and Syria will spread into the United States. WE ABSOLUTELY MUST STOP THINKING, “THAT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE.” I assure you if we don’t enlighten ourselves and  TERRORISTS 3 stop allowing our lives to be ruled by political correctness, it can and surely WILL happen here. The issue is now front and center in our current presidential race. It is time to consider the threat posed to our nation and our liberty. After all, it is up to us.

Christians are being persecuted throughout the world

By John Velisek, USN (Ret), staff writer

Christians are under attack; not for anything that they have done, but simply for being Christians. The past few years have seen a marked increase in the persecution of Christians in every area of the Middle East and Africa. There are millions facing harassment, discrimination and even death for adhering to a religion which has been followed for centuries. Christian villages have existed in the Middle East since the birth of Christ. And now, because of the apathy of the world’s government and governments of the world, they are under attack like never before.

A report by the Catholic charity Aid to the Church shows that in 55 of 196 nations in the world, 75% of the intolerance faced by Christians is sponsored by ISIS and other extremists who allow no dissent to Islam. The ancestral villages of Christians, the churches that have stood since the days of early Christianity are being dismantled.

In Pakistan, a Muslim mob beat a Christian couple and burned them to death because of a rumor that they had desecrated the Quran. Boko Haram has kidnapped hundreds of Christian school girls. Northern Nigeria is in throes of a systematic destruction of the Christian religion thanks to forced conversions to Islam. In Kenya, 28 passengers were killed on a tourist bus because they could not recite the Quran. In Central Africa, thousands have been displaced while in Asia believers are arrested for having a Bible. There is also the systemic oppression of Christians in China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. There is a campaign of the Islamic State to obliterate Christianity from the Middle East, an area in which Christians have lived in relative peace with their Muslim neighbors for centuries.

In fact it has moved beyond persecution to genocide. The Islamic State has told its followers that they will go to heaven if they kill a Christian. This leads to crimes against humanity, such as the killing of Jesuit priest Frans van der Lugt in Syria who was shot twice in the head. This is a priest that had done humanitarian work in Homs for fifty years before being murdered. Originally a home for 80,000, the Christian population of Homs has been reduced to a handful.

It is hardly a secret that there is a push to secularize in the United States. Militant atheists mock the Christian religion. Yet enemies of Christianity should realize by now that it is a religion which grows under persecution. The more intense the fight, the faster it grows, because the arguments against religion only make it stronger. Atheism has never been the majority position of mankind.

Are there good atheists? Yes, many are good and moral people. But the moral code of the Judeo-Christian religion is an important part of the believer’s moral fiber as well. Our government must end its role in the promotion of Judeo-Christian genocide. It is a disgrace that the Coptic Christians who recently came to San Francisco, who have family members in the area, are being deported back to face even more terror and death. Something needs to be done.

An Open Letter to Americans Everywhere

By John Porter

excerpted by Coach is Right

I have heard for a long time from thousands of people complaining about not having anyone to step up to the plate and take the reins of leadership against the army of Socialist Progressive Liberal politicians and biased Media moguls who are destroying our way of life in America. Well, here he is America. Are there things not to like about him? Sure, you may not like his, arrogance, his hair, his swagger, his tone, his brashness, insulting remarks or something   DONALD TRUMP 6 else about him. However, one must be impressed with his power of conviction and willingness to express it, political correctness be hanged.

His name is Donald Trump. A strong man, a non-politician who owes nobody anything and promises he will bring America back to strength, world leadership and economic success. A strong man who will stand in the wind against those in positions of political power in America and foreign nations and not back down.

The path will not be easy for him, but he seems strong enough to endure the meanness and the cunning roadside bombs set in his path by those in politics and media who wish to blow his legs off to destroy him.

Do you wonder why the powerful, Socialist, Progressive Leftists   TRUMP 7 groups have mounted campaigns against him? Isn’t it strange that even those in the Republican Party Hierarchy are opposed to his very presence in the field? Why? It very well may be because he is the only candidate, if elected, who will completely change the corrupt, crony culture of Washington, empty many offices, fire department heads and close some of them down completely.

Americans have grown tired of always losing. We’re losing our exceptional-ism, losing our world leadership, losing the respect of the rest of the world, losing our sovereignty to the United Nations, losing manufacturing and our jobs to other countries, losing our military strength, losing the battle of people illegally pouring into our country, losing our freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

We just may be at a place in our nation’s history that a nice and    politically correct person will not take the actions needed to deal effectively with the Socialists inside our country or the evil and   

REVCOM, Communist Party in New York
REVCOM, Communist Party in New York

destructive (not so nice) leaders of our foreign enemies or the demonic Islamic Terror Organizations. Think about it…..who do you feel WILL, not can, take the necessary actions to effect these sorely needed changes?


Please forward this to anyone you wish by any means you wish.


Kerry: Iran Can Violate Parts of the Nuclear Deal Without Really Violating the Nuclear Deal

By Guy Benson
Commentary by John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

“Secretary of State John Kerry would like to assure Iran that even if it violates the terms of the gratuitous concessions ‘thrown in as add-ons’ to the nuclear deal, the regime won’t be in violation of the deal as a whole.

Specifically, the arms embargo is not tied to the snapback; it is tied to a separate set of obligations. So they are not in material breach of the nuclear agreement for violating the arms piece of it.   

John Kerry
John Kerry

Not to worry, Kerry explains, because there are ‘other sanctions’ the US could impose — plus, we mustn’t forget about the ‘specific UN resolutions outside of this agreement’ that prohibit the Iranians from arming groups like Hezbollah and Shiite militias operating in Iraq. Except Tehran has sent weapons to those proxies, repeatedly. Iranian explosives killed an estimated 500 American soldiers in Iraq.

The regime has habitually ignored those international rules and  obligations, with lethal consequences; they’ve been rewarded with a lopsided international deal that legitimizes their nuclear program and guarantees hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief.   

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Why on earth would they ever abide by a UN resolution again?”

My Opinion: So wait, let me make sure I understand this. An agreement isn’t broken unless all of it is broken? There are parts of the agreement we don’t really mean and it is OK if Iran wants to ignore them? If that is the case, shouldn’t we take those parts of the agreement out because they really don’t mean anything?

And our Secretary of State “Hanoi John” Kerry really believes that Iran won’t arm Hezbollah, even though the President last week admitted that the sanctions money could be used to do just that. Yeah, those UN resolutions really have teeth in them, just like the 15 or 16 other resolutions that Iran has already ignored. This administration is a farce, believing that threats made against those who refuse to toe the line-like the Congress or Israel-will be taken seriously.    obama_lies

It seems to me that the Obama Regime is only serious about a threat when it is made against the American people. He promised to demolish the coal industry in the United States and he has succeeded in doing just that, destroying countless lives along the way.

Maybe someone can convince Barack that Iran’s nuclear program is funded and depended upon by a large group of non-union Americans. Christian Americans! Wanna bet the whole operation would be shut down beyond any hope of salvation in 30 days or less!