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ISIS and Al Qaeda join forces in Syria


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Militant leaders from the Islamic State and al Qaeda affiliate, the Nusra Front, have reportedly formed an alliance by joining forces against common enemies. Not only would the alliance oppose United States and Syrian forces they will fight the Obama administration-supported, so-called “moderate” rebels to dominate the fighting in Syria. The moderate Syrian rebels do not have the organization or the man power to fight government forces and a coalition of hardened, terrorist forces at the same time. (1)

Obama was counting on those “moderate” rebels to weaken the Islamic State in Syria.  His only resort, without committing Americans on the ground, is by making deals with Iran to get involved. His letter to Khamenei described a shared interest between the U.S. and Iran in fighting Islamic State militants.

The meeting occurred on November 2nd in Atareb, west of Aleppo, Syria and was confirmed by a member the Obama backed Free Syrian Army. Information released by western backed Syrian rebels indicates that the two sides did meet and that an agreement has been reached. Details of the alliance are unknown to the public at large at this time. The alliance between the two brutal Islamic terrorist groups doesn’t bode well for the western backed rebels or the Syrian force in Syria and their supporters.

The Islamic State has occupied nearly one third of Syria and Iraq. In its “campaign of brutality and beheadings” (2) ISIS has acquired weapons and resources that have enhanced the groups’ ability to wage war against the Syrian forces with equal or superior fire power.  The two groups have fought each for over a year now and have formed an alliance that has far reaching consequences for the United States and its allies. There now exists an unofficial agreement between the Islamic State and al Qaeda since the beginning of airstrikes by the United States. Both now have common enemies.


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Obama Administration Providing Aid to ISIS


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Daily Beast’s Jamie Dettmer revealed that American humanitarian aid has been going to ISIS. The terrorist groups are receiving food, medical supplies, clinics, and cash. The so-called humanitarian supplies were meant for rebels and displaced Syrians in refugee camps but wound up in the wrong hands. According to the logic of  White House Mullah Barack and State Department Grand Vizier Kerry,  aid will be provided to America’s enemies only after sending American airpower for the purpose of killing them.  All of this will take place after sniping with them over twitter. This must be John (I was in Vietnam) Kerry’s idea of modern warfare. After all, the material being shipped into the jihadist territory is assisting the terrorist build their caliphate.  (1)

The aid is funded by the “U.S. Agency for International Development, European donors, and the United Nations.”  Diplomats have   considered stopping this aid but fear that such a decision would lead to bad press. Apparently the fact it was being continued despite the supplies going to ISIS must be “bad optics.”   They are really worried that ISIS would blame western nations for cutting off humanitarian supplies to Syria in a propaganda video on YouTube.

If the supplies do move through ISIS territories, the terror group not only collects a portion, it also collects a tax (bribe) from the aid providers. America has been dealing with Islamic pirates even before Thomas Jefferson was President. America used to paid tribute in the 1790’s to free Americans held by Islamic pirates. Jefferson believed that paying tribute only invited more problems. Unfortunately the Obama Regime has failed to learn from history as the odds are that the money being paid to the Jihadists may be used to strike America. Recent incidents may be the beginning of an ISIS/al-Qaeda North American campaign.

Don’t Underestimate ISIS

Whenever you see Islamic State groups using new magazines they are well-organized, not wasting ammo by firing into the air in celebration. It’s likely that training and discipline have come to these Islamic State representatives thanks to former Sunni Iraqi soldiers who defected to ISIS. They don’t have the numbers to take on formal military threats but they are not as rag-tag as most terrorist groups. According to recent articles posted in Dabiq (ISIS online magazine) the organization is working to win the hearts and minds of Muslims in the caliphate while killing everyone else. To date the only opposition to terrorists on the ground has come from the Kurds, while the Obama administration is providing aid to both sides.


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The Administration that never was

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

“The Administration that never was.”

How else can Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House be characterized?

In 2008 when the greedy and the foolish joined together to elect Barack Obama and a Charley McCarthy dummy named Joe Biden, putting them in charge of the greatest country ever conceived, they promptly set about destroying America.

In early 2009 Obama had a near 70% approval rating which means that many who voted against him were willing to back him; yet nothing substantive or helpful has ever come out of Obama’s White House.

Obama’s Administration that never was gave us Hillary Clinton who pretended to be someone important; someone who could handle the job of Secretary of State – but she wasn’t. The fake who replaced her thinks the global warming hoax is a bigger threat to us than ISIS and has said so often.

Obama gave us “recovery summers” trumpeted by a brain damaged Joe Biden. They were crashing failures. Finally such foolishness ended with the media declaring the recession was “over” so Obama and his dummy could avoid more embarrassing “recoveries.”

He has built protective “Who? Not me! I didn’t know about that until I read it in the papers,” walls around himself so he could golf instead of stand in front of a camera answering question about his incompetence.

Obama’s tenure has given us spying on American citizens to an unprecedented level, but still we have home-grown Islamists murdering Americans on our on soil in “workplace violence.”

Obama’s IRS has been used exclusively to harass and destroy honest Americans who are guilty of “protesting while conservative.”

Obama has sold guns to Mexican criminals and run away from the horrible murders committed with these weapons, claiming “Bush started it.”

Obama has erased our borders to apply Cloward and Piven’s formula for chaos and the destruction of the fabric of our society.

Now he has appointed a political fixer to be our Ebola Czar. The man’s job will be to make sure that Obama can never be blamed for bringing Ebola to our shores. He is not scheduled to take office for about five months. By then there will be about 5,000 new Ebola cases in our midst.

Of course the man has no medical training or healthcare crisis management experience; but so what he’s a good Democrat.

In the Administration that never was that’s all that really counts.  

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Thanks to Obama, Iraq has become the new “Apocalypse Now”

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

The Sunni controlled, Islamic States of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have invaded Iraq in order to confiscate land and establish a strict Sunni caliphate in region, all with the blessings of Mullah Barack Obama. (2) (Mullah generally refers to someone educated in Islamic theology. Obama attended a madrassa in Indonesia). ISIS is an al Qaeda offshoot which has been successfully defeating Iraq’s post-Saddam, Shi’ite controlled government. (1)

The Obama Administration is stuck on diplomatic solutions to invasions. But the world see this as weakness ala the French proverb: “Les mots sont des actes féminins masculins.” (Words are for women, actions for men.) After all, Islamic terrorists have little use for words or hashtags.

It is intervention by Iran that will have the best chance of saving the Shi’ite nation. After the liberation of Iraq from Saddam and opportunistic Islamists such as the members of al Qaeda, Tehran has developed a relationship with its Shia brothers in Iraq. Iranian President Rouhani has stated that Iran will act to counter the ISIS threat to the Shi’ite population, meaning that the former enemies will join to fight the Sunni invaders.

ISIS leadership announced that it will take the capital city of Baghdad, certain that the Iraqi Army is cowering and will not confront the battle hardened Sunni militants. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has committed 150 fighters from the Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds force and has offered to send two additional brigades to aid in the defense of Baghdad. (3) Iraqi President Maliki is considering the offer from the Islamic Republic as Obama has made no serious commitment to provide military assistance.  Maliki may have to accept Iranian assistance to defend Baghdad from ISIS. Iran will gladly join the fight in order to prevent the creation of a militant, Sunni controlled Islamic state on its border. Once the fighting begins, look for both sides to formally deploy those missing/nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.

The Sunni controlled, ISIS fighters will seek revenge on the remnants of Iraq’s Mehdi Army which had slaughtered and cleansed all Sunni residents from Baghdad. It is something the Sunnis have not forgotten.

The liberation of Iraq that cost many American military personal their lives and limbs has now been lost. The abandonment of Iraq and the meddling in Syria by the Obama Administration has unleashed a religious Jihad between the major sects of Islam that desire to restore a caliphate under their control and it’s going to be bloody.
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Obama reaches back to Clinton’s “Nuts and sluts” trying to lie his way out of Beghdahl treason

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Barack Obama is basically an enemy of America. Those who voted for him and those who manipulated the Republican primaries to insure a loser like Mitt Romney would be the GOP candidate to oppose him, have much to be ashamed of and much guilt to share.

Obama has always been suspect in every aspect of his being from his fake life story to his devastating use of executive power to destroy our nation. Nevertheless, few among us could have predicted his treachery in the trade of five top level enemy commanders for a single soldier who willfully deserted and collaborated with America’s enemies.

Obama’s Americanism has always been suspect as well, yet we were still surprised at how out of touch with America this fake Obama actually is.  When he arranged for the trade and he actually thought Americans would be euphoric at the return of “Nicholas Brody” Bergdahl he thought we would forget all about the VA scandal. This stunned us.

This fake American really thought we would be in the streets dancing around barn fires. Instead the truth that this fake; this empty suit created by the Democrats; is not an American in his heart, came crashing over the nation like a tidal wave.

Now Barack Hussein Obama has to try to lie his way out of the spotlight of truth.

He has to use every available weapon and “leave no lie behind.” 

The loathsome New York Times has slashed out at the Americans in Bergdahl’s unit suggesting his treason was caused by a “lack of discipline.” It accused Republicans of “arranging” for Bergdahl’s unit members to lie to reporters saying lives were lost searching for the deserter and newly minted Islamic Jihadist.   

Professional liar Susan Rice, our Affirmative Action National Security Advisor, is locked into the lie that Brody Bergdahl served with honor. She is spouting “innocent until proven guilty” as if there is any chance whatsoever that a resolution to his case would be reached in the next forty years. 
Obama is saying there is no evidence that Brody Bergdahl fraternized with the Taliban even in the face of his continued survival for years in the hands of savages who cut off the heads of those who resist them.  
Obama’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Brandon Friedman, a nervy little twerp, has decided that Bergdahl was the only sane man in a platoon of “psychopaths.”  

Marie Harf, who is way over her empty head in the job she has, (and should never represent a small town Council let alone the President of the United States), summed Obama’s position up by accusing “Nicholas Brody” Bergdahl’s platoon mates of “swift boating” him.

So far Obama has laid out the “nuts” defensive. As soon as he gets the nerve his lackeys will call the wife or mother of a soldier killed searching for their hero a “slut.” They might not say so directly, but it is coming. Bank on it.    




accused him of acting like Hitler, the Russian president stands by as Obama plays the gentleman for the Queen