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It’s getting tougher to provide cover for Barack’s Religion of Peace

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

   From Western Journalism:

New Poll: Majority Of American Muslims Want Sharia, Shocking Numbers On Jihad

On the heels of Barack Obama’s woeful mourning that most Americans have a “distorted impression” of Islam comes a new Fox News poll that won’t exactly help the president’s cause.

The poll finds that the majority of Islamic Americans agree that Muslims should be able to forego the Constitution and be governed instead by Sharia law. The same Sharia that says you can’t draw Muhammad, or insult him, or question his having slaves or being a pedophile. The same Sharia that says you must sympathize with terrorists. The same Sharia that says all Jews must be eliminated. The same Sharia that says you must convert, or you must die. THAT Sharia.

The poll also found that 25% of Muslims in America agree that violence against Americans can be justified as part of global jihad, and 29% agree that violence against those who insult Islam is sometimes acceptable. Catch that? 1 in 4 American Muslims think jihad against YOU, America, is justified as a part of global jihad.

Estimates of the number of Muslims currently living in the U.S. range anywhere from 5 million to 12 million. That means anywhere from 1.25 to 3 MILLION Muslim Americans are good with jihad – with killing – YOU. Because you’re not a Muslim. Therefore, you should die. Sharia.

Moderate Islam is a myth, folks. Time we tell the world the truth.

By Steven Crowder

   My Opinion:

Will the left ever stop claiming how inoffensive Muslims really are and how only a teensy weensy, misguided minority means to do us any harm? If the majority were moderate Muslims, would the poll cited above reveal what it does?

According to Barack, misinformed Americans “…mostly hear about Muslims in the news and that can obviously lead to a very distorted impression.”  HUH? Is Mr. Obama talking about the American news media which refuse to even mention 9/11, or use “Muslim” and “terrorism” in the same sentence? The same media that dropped the Ft. Hood massacre story like the proverbial hot potato when it was learned that the killer had screamed Allahu Akbar as he murdered unarmed, defenseless people one after the other? That news media?

If our opinions about Muslims have really been “distorted” by the media, Americans would believe these sub humans to be far less despicable than they really are, now wouldn’t we, Barack!

“A little less than every five hours, somewhere around the world a Muslim is carrying out a fatal jihadist attack,” writes investigative journalist Bob Unrah.  Unrah’s information comes from The Religion of Peace (TROP), a website dedicated to “the politically incorrect truth about Islam; one really messed up religion.”

Since 9/11 there have been 26,221 jihadist attacks by Muslims around the world, writes TROP site operator Glen Roberts (a pseudonym) of the dangers posed by Mr. Obama’s religion of moderates.  Roberts includes a list of attacks during the past 30 days; the BBC tracked terror attacks by Muslims in November of 2014. During that peaceful month, Muslims accounted for 5,042 deaths in 664 attacks over 14 countries. It came to about 7 per hour. Now there’s efficiency for you!

If these are moderate Muslims, I worry about the bad ones. Time to lock and load and watch your back.

Rules of Engagement. Obama and Other Liberals Love Terrorists

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

History repeating itself. U.S. military pilots flying combat missions against the Islamic State are frustrated over Obama’s pro-Muslim/terrorist rules of engagement. Team Obama has resurrected President Johnson’s micromanagement war policy that doesn’t allow pilots or front line commanders to make tactical decisions to kill terrorists where they live. The Pentagon bureaucracy, being in lockstep with the White House, are too damn dependent on receiving aged intelligence from drones and ignoring the folks on the front line. Perfumed Princes fighting a war from office chairs is a sure fire way to lose as they are giving the enemy all the time they need to mock the elite on their twitter account.

A U.S. Air Force Central Command spokesman in a hissy fit typical of the rear echelon types, refuted “the idea that close air support strikes take ‘an hour on average’. Depending on the how complex the target environment is, a strike could take place in less than 10 minutes or it could take much longer.” In a close combat situation that is too damn long. How many innocent civilians died because some linguini-spined desk jock couldn’t make a gutsy call?

Bottom line, The White House is not taking the fight to the enemy. Strategic targets are not being touched as Mullah Barack focuses on small tactical engagement. Regime officers are ignoring logistics, communications and troop movements. Based on his actions, The White House Mullah is helping the Islamic State to overthrow the administration’s primary target, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Obama won’t do anything to stop the Caliphate as he owes a big-time favor to the Muslim Brotherhood for its having been thrown out of Egypt.

According to White House press secretary Josh Earnest “We are very cautious about making sure there are no civilian casualties.” Oh really? The Geneva conventions don’t apply to terrorists, Josh, as legal combatants are prohibited from dressing like civilians. How many Christians must die until DC’s Nintendo warriors get it? Talk is cheap. If the fools on the Hill want results they must allow the real warriors to do what they do. And if Obama and his media allies are so concerned about terrorist rights then why don’t they go over to Syria or Libya and conduct conflict resolution seminars or some other anti-bullying, bovine excrement that libs are so fond of.

Sooner or later America must deal with the Islamic State. Hopefully the next president will actually be an American, one who will rebuild bridges with our friends in the Middle East and rid the world of the ISIS extremists who are even now infiltrating the United States. If voters put another terrorist-loving traitor in the White House, we might wind up watching our grandchildren face east and bow down to Allah five times a day.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/05/28/us-military-pilots-complain-hands-tied-in-frustrating-fight-against-isis/

Easy Money

By Ed Wood, guest writer

As we know, one of President Obama’s campaign pledges, along with a re-distribution of wealth and the “skyrocketing” of energy costs, was the closing of the Terrorist Detention and Recreation facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Many schemes were proposed; moving the POWs to a stateside facility, having them tried in US courts instead of the appropriate military tribunals, etc. etc.  But in an amazing show of courage, Congress would not go along and an Executive Order seemed a bit over the top, even for this president, so Guantanamo remains operational.

What to do?  If the facility couldn’t be closed, at least it could be emptied.  Designed to accommodate 700 visitors, “good behavior” releases has whittled the number remaining down to about 135.  

Among those Islamic terrorists turned loose was a “rehabilitated” Saudi national named Ibrahim al-Rubaysh.  Oops!  Seems like Ol’ Ibrahim really hadn’t turned over a new leaf after all!  The State Department has now designated Ibrahim al-Rubaysh a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist,” and wants him back.  In fact, the Obama Administration wants him back so badly that it has posted a $5 million reward for information that could lead to al-Rubaysh’s re-capture.   But it gets even better.  The prize is just a part of a $45 million pot offered by the State Department’s “Rewards for Justice Program,” with some of al-Rubaysh’s buddies being worth up to $10 million each!

With only two more years left for the President to be “more flexible,” the pace for release needed to be stepped up a bit.  You know the story.  Mr. Obama exchanged five (5) of the most senior Islamic Jihadists for the return of one alleged deserter, Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal.

But it seems like the wheels are coming off the deal a little sooner than expected.  The five terrorist leaders, described as having an Al-Qaida rank equal to our 4-star generals, were paroled into the custody of the Islamic nation of Qatar, where they were greeted as returning heroes!

Although their year of parole doesn’t expire for another 90 days, it was revealed last week that these Al Qaida commanders have already been communicating with their Islamic terrorist troops.  Surprise, surprise!

So here’s the deal:  Just keep watching the US State Department’s “Rewards for Justice – Reward Offers for Information on Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Leaders” program.  You can Google it.  Soon you will see BIG $$$ posted for information leading to the arrest and re-capture of the Guantanamo Five: Mohammad Fazl, Mohammad Nabi, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Mullah Norullah Nori, and Khairullah Khairkhwa.  Go for it!

I realize you may have trouble recognizing them, since they all tend to look alike.  But you should be able to smell them.  The whole deal stinks to high heaven!                                        

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John Kerry claims Arms Trade Treaty will not “diminish freedom”


By Doug Book, editor

While signing the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in September of last year, Secretary of State John Kerry made statements worthy of his corrupt past and of the venal, power hungry nature of his boss in the White House.

Kerry’s first claim: “I want to be clear both about what this treaty is, but I also want to be clear about what it isn’t. This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors…”

The second Kerry second claim: “I also want to be clear about what this treaty is not about. This treaty will not diminish anyone’s freedom. In fact, the treaty recognizes the freedom of both individuals and states to obtain, possess, and use arms for legitimate purposes…”

The Secretary then manages this statement while keeping a straight face: “Make no mistake, we would never think about supporting a treaty that is inconsistent with the rights of Americans, the rights of American citizens, to be able to exercise their guaranteed rights under our constitution…”

In his first claim, Secretary Kerry provides no portrait of the “terrorists and rogue actors” the Arms Trade Treaty will work to disarm. Some years ago, then Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano defined likely terrorists as Americans who own guns, support the 2nd Amendment, celebrate the Constitution, contribute to conservative candidates or parties and are pro-life. These clearly “perverse” individuals earned the title of “domestic” terrorist from an Administration which has labored hard to discredit and disarm them. Of course no one believes these law abiding citizens to be “rogue actors” but Obama and friends.

As to Secretary Kerry’s next claim, it’s comforting to know that the ATT “will not diminish anyone’s freedom” as long as firearms are obtained, possessed and used for “legitimate purposes.” Unfortunately it’s a safe bet that legitimacy will be defined by the Obama Administration or the equally anti-gun United Nations.

Shortly after the Newtown murders, legislators in Connecticut and New York decided that some 1.5 million owners of so-called “assault weapons” were apparently not using their firearms for “legitimate purposes.” But when politicians demanded these weapons be registered or turned over to the state, an estimated 80% of owners refused to do so, while large numbers of law enforcement officers refused to enforce the knee-jerk legislation.

But gun owners won’t have such an easy time flouting the ATT when its terms make criminals of them. For unlike the New York and Connecticut statutes, the Treaty states “If a United Nations member state cannot get rid of privately owned, small arms legislatively…any guns or ammo not willingly surrendered to the UN will be tracked, seized and destroyed by UN peacekeeping forces.”

That’s right—armed, UN forces will tour the United States for the purpose of confiscating firearms from recalcitrant gun owners. What could possibly go wrong, unless Americans start laughing out loud at those intimidating sky blue helmets. 

Finally, we have Secretary Kerry’s solemn promise that the Obama Regime “would never think about supporting a treaty that is inconsistent with the rights of Americans;” rights, that is, which are “guaranteed under our Constitution.” This is such obvious nonsense coming from an Obama mouthpiece there’s no point in discussing it.

The Obama Follies have no business occupying Coach is Right on Christmas. On December 26th we’ll decide whether the terms of a treaty—any treaty—may preempt the language of the Constitution or the laws which are derived from it. Last year, Attorney General Eric Holder filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court claiming terms of the ATT should take precedence over rights codified in the Constitution. In similar cases, the Court has ruled each time in favor of the Constitution.

Two hundred years ago Thomas Jefferson wrote: “I say the same as to the opinion of those who consider the grant of treaty-making power to be boundless. If it is, then we have no Constitution.”

The better question might be whether Obama will obey the ruling should it come down against him!

              A Merry Christmas from everyone at Coach is Right








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ISIS and Al Qaeda join forces in Syria


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Militant leaders from the Islamic State and al Qaeda affiliate, the Nusra Front, have reportedly formed an alliance by joining forces against common enemies. Not only would the alliance oppose United States and Syrian forces they will fight the Obama administration-supported, so-called “moderate” rebels to dominate the fighting in Syria. The moderate Syrian rebels do not have the organization or the man power to fight government forces and a coalition of hardened, terrorist forces at the same time. (1)

Obama was counting on those “moderate” rebels to weaken the Islamic State in Syria.  His only resort, without committing Americans on the ground, is by making deals with Iran to get involved. His letter to Khamenei described a shared interest between the U.S. and Iran in fighting Islamic State militants.

The meeting occurred on November 2nd in Atareb, west of Aleppo, Syria and was confirmed by a member the Obama backed Free Syrian Army. Information released by western backed Syrian rebels indicates that the two sides did meet and that an agreement has been reached. Details of the alliance are unknown to the public at large at this time. The alliance between the two brutal Islamic terrorist groups doesn’t bode well for the western backed rebels or the Syrian force in Syria and their supporters.

The Islamic State has occupied nearly one third of Syria and Iraq. In its “campaign of brutality and beheadings” (2) ISIS has acquired weapons and resources that have enhanced the groups’ ability to wage war against the Syrian forces with equal or superior fire power.  The two groups have fought each for over a year now and have formed an alliance that has far reaching consequences for the United States and its allies. There now exists an unofficial agreement between the Islamic State and al Qaeda since the beginning of airstrikes by the United States. Both now have common enemies.


1) http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/11/13/isis-al-qaeda-reportedly-reach-accord-in-syria/

2) http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/E/EU_ISLAMIC_STATE_AL_QAIDA?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2014-11-13-14-35-12

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