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The first ten minutes were all I could stomach

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

I tried. I really did. But I could only make it through the first ten minutes of Barack Obama’s speech on global warming, especially given the fact that the EPA is making rules on a subject they obviously know nothing about.

Barack wasted no time throwing lies at his audience.   obama_lies

“The economy is on the road to a recovery from a great recession”

I suppose that is true, as long as you recognize the fact that Black unemployment has gone up 40% and that nearly half of the unemployed are no longer looking for work. Remove these millions from the equation and maybe we are “on the road to a recovery,” especially as the Administration has assured us that today’s unemployment rates should be looked upon as the “new normal!”

More business have closed than have opened and most of the new jobs are part-time, going to illegals. We now have more illegals in this country than unemployed Americans thanks to OBAMA’S   Obama-sweat-550x358Welcoming America fiasco. And the economy has done so well that the number of people in poverty has increased from 13.2 to 14.5%. The number of people on food stamps has risen 39% between 2009 and 2014. Our debt is now higher than ever before with an increase of 15% to $59 trillion just since 2009. Great numbers, right Democrats?

The economy is so good that 53% of all college graduates under 25 are unemployed. But the American people need not worry, for government has grown very nicely, with counDevilObamatless employees “earning” well over $100,000 per year. If federal employees can be counted in his “the road to recovery” claim, Barack will be right on the money!

“We have ended two wars”

Yes we have. We have ended two wars by following a President that knows nothing but cut and run. Iraq, which was well on the road to recovery after the Bush “surge” and in the process of forming an inclusive democracy has now fallen under the   OBAMA CHRISTIAN MUSLIM tyrannical rule of Iran, fragmenting to such an extent that it may never recover. The military, our once proud military is low on morale, funding and resources. The Navy even has to ask foreign governments to assist in getting our U.S. Marines to where they need to go.

The military did not want to leave Iraq or Afghanistan, but our cut and run President left them no choice. Trying to pin the blame on Iraq for not giving us a status of forces agreement is just garbage. To have an agreement of that type you have to talk with them and Obama all but ignored Iraq. He just wanted out for the purpose of enhancing his legacy with the anti-war. Anti-America left.

“Our hottest years have been 14 of the past 15 years”

Wait, what Mr. Obama? Your own government agencies say there has been no warming for the past 18 years and if anything, we are moving towards a period of global cooling. Our President really does need to talk to his people and allow them to help with his lies if he is interested in making his claims even remotely believable.

I don’t know why I thought this spasm of narcissism from Obama would mean anything. I am sure the sycophants and low   obama-gay information voters will believe his every word, meaning nothing has changed. He told Jon Stewart last week that the VA was vastly improved under his guidance. The next morning it was reported that VA wait times were up 40% .

How can anyone believe this wanna-be Dictator? The recession is not over Mr. President. People are still hurting, mainly thanks to you. But keep on telling your ignorant, bought and paid for minions that everything is fine. Someday–hopefully soon—you will make the normal, lying leads into your next speech and you will hear laughter rather than applause.

But as for now, continue sending Michelle and her 500 closest friends on high expense vacations. Continue acting like the emperor you believe yourself to be. It will soon come crashing down and you will wonder why your tyrant’s commands no longer work. And it will be easy to explain. You cannot speak to and treat the American people like peasants for sooner or later, they will rise up and take you down.

You’ll find out that is the REAL American way!

John Velisek USN (Ret.)
Facebook: facebook.com/onepatriotsopinion

The Rise of the Machines

By LtCol Forrest R. Lindsey USMC (ret), staff writer

Hardly a day goes by without some new article describing the very rapid advance of automation in our lives. As it is right now, more and more manufacturing is done using computer-controlled machining and robots doing the assembling and even testing. We can’t call for customer assistance anymore without going through a battery of mechanical voices asking us which option we want while directing us away from any hope of human interaction. Machines are accurate, dependable and they never sleep. They don’t belong to unions and they never complain about working conditions and best of all for the Captains of Industry, they are relatively cheap: after initial acquisition, all they cost is the power to run them and the minor costs of upkeep and upgrades.

The problem that emerges is where that puts people. We all have some children who are nice, average young men and women who are capable of putting in a good day’s work but aren’t gifted with vast intellect or inspiration – in a word, average. We would consider ourselves lucky sometimes if they could find a good, solid blue collar job. Except those jobs – and many so-called white collar jobs – are disappearing.

Beside mechanization, the big money companies are outsourcing like madmen to cheaper labor overseas or in some cases, importing overseas workers to fill the spots that our sons and daughters would have filled. We even have news that Disney, that paragon of fresh-scrubbed American values, has been busily replacing American with foreign and then, after the displaced Americans are required to train their replacements, the fired Americans are prohibited from seeking other employment with Disney. Wow. Sure makes me want to go out and buy that next movie!

Between the rise of machines and the jobs lost to non-Americans, where will our children go? Is it our government’s intention to turn them into the next installment of the permanently unemployed, to receive a payment each month just to sit there and not riot? What are our leaders doing to address this situation – coming up with vast international treaties to finally finish the role of American workers once and for all (along with our national sovereignty) but, fortunately keeping those corporate bottom lines in the black?

The solution has to be some sort of plan for the future that recognizes the value of all of our children and helps them with specific education and directions to use their individual talents. There are some things that no machine can ever do and we need to identify those positions and aim accordingly. We also know that we have no real future as a nation if we keep rewarding companies which completely automate out American jobs or replace American with foreign workers.

And we certainly don’t need crazy, behemoth, top-secret treaties (like the Trans-Pacific Partnership) that throw away our American jobs along with our independence. Anything too secret for the American people to read ahead of time is most likely treason. We need to reward companies that continue to use Americans in American jobs and punish those that don’t. Call your Senators and Congressmen, make them listen.

Running on empty: Liberals have no new ideas but they don’t care

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Democrats have won many races by essentially moving their lips but saying nothing. They can get away with “Vote for me because the Republicans will cancel your (social security, welfare, affirmative action, amnesty, medical coverage, grants for global warming, anti-gun laws, and break your union up).”

All they have to do is get enough greedy self-absorbed parasites to vote for them out of fear of an end to their gravy train and they win. New ideas? “We don’t need no stinking new ideas!”

Nevertheless, when there aren’t enough greedy parasites in a particular area the Democrats feel compelled to make believe they are serious thinkers to attract the “oh so wise Independents.” This forces them to make believe they understand, “the serious issues of the day.” It makes no difference that they themselves are always on the wrong side of these issues and they are invariably the cause of the problem they are addressing, Democrats put on their stern face or appear tieless – to show how emergency nature of the issue and “come out strongly on” whatever it is.

Unemployment is a classic example of such an issue. The crisis in employment in America has been caused solely by their President Barack Obama and their ATM machine unions but at election time Democrats have to ready a “hard hitting plan that focuses on jobs like a laser beam.”  

Although as Democrats they really don’t understand economies or how America works, Democrats need only offer a “jobs plan,” and a sycophantic media will swoon over it and tell addle-brained Democrat voters “prosperity is just around the corner.” Recall Joe Biden’s annual fake “Recovery summer,” announcements.

These things being said it is no wonder that intellectually bankrupt Democrats are plagiarizing each other seemingly in total confidence they won’t be discovered. This is how we get smugness like: “South Dakota IS after all; what a million miles from Texas right? So who will know we are using the same silly little plan?”    

Three female Democrats running for governor from South Dakota, Wisconsin and Texas have been caught issuing the same “jobs plan.”

They probably aren’t concerned about this because they are running as “not the evil Republican.” Will it work? So far the polls say no; but if they wake up enough greedy parasites who knows?      

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/09/25/Democrats-The-Party-of-Stolen-Bad-Ideas               

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Democrat big minimum wage increases keep the cycle of poverty and enslavement going

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

The best explanation of what the Yiddish word “chutzpah” means goes like this: A guy who has just been convicted of killing his parents begs the judge for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.

“Chutzpah” is acting with extreme, barefaced shamelessness.

When it comes to their handling of financial matters Democrats can be classified as acting either in extreme ignorance or with extreme chutzpah. We know Democrats align themselves with job killing unions and champion job killing regulations; but whether they are ignorant of how economies actually work,  just practicing their usual level of chutzpah or a combination of both is always a question.

What is not in question is that Democrat controlled Blue States often have weak economies that lag behind any recovery of the national economy. The low information Democrat voters who live in these states are often trapped in these miserable economies which are carefully manipulated to keep them enslaved to the government.

The Democrats are very skilled at perpetuating the cycle of misery they need to keep voter discipline on their plantations. They provide social programs that insure their voters are addicted to “free stuff” which, as takers, is free to them but paid for by the state’s makers.

Since Democrat unions kill jobs, the majority of their slaves are usually unemployed which is fine with the Democrats since it makes their slaves still more dependent on Democrats. At times, however, even these cynical tricks don’t work because some of their slaves actually want to work. Enter the next trick in the Democrats’ cynical cycle: When forced to face this problem Democrats decree their voters be paid more for the same (or in the case of unionized jobs) less productivity.

They order privately owned businesses to pay employees more per hour. By doing this Democrats create a win-win for themselves. If businesses do pay their workers more Democrats look like heroes. If  a private business cannot continue under Democrat imposed rules and closes or moves out of the state, Democrats get to call them Republicans which is a foul curse word among them and their voters.

Connecticut has just raised its minimum wage from $8.70 to $10.10, not coincidentally the same amount national Democrats want to set as a federal minimum wage. Vermont is contemplating a minimum wage of $12.50 which will break the back of its private employers. Both of these raises will put more people out of work; but Democrats could not care less about that.

They have no heart but lots of chutzpah. Keeping their supporters in poverty and dependence is all they care about.

Sources: http://dailycaller.com/2014/03/28/connecticut-passes-nations-highest-minimum-wage/



Regardless of what the apparatchiks in the media report; unemployment and misery index are sky-high

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

The corrupt American media is lying for their president Barack Obama again. Our economy is not improving – it is getting worse. Unemployment is not falling – it is rising. Americans are not feeling good about the future – we are suffering from Jimmy Carter-like misery, a new report from a respected Wall Street adviser tells us.

According to the calculations of David John Marotta our effective unemployment rate is not the 6.7% as reported by Obama’s apparatchiks in media, but a staggering and more believable 37.2%. Moreover, the Misery Index we are suffering under is 14 not the Ministry of Propaganda’s reported 8 points.

In terms of the unemployment numbers, Marotta’s reasoning is that what the government is reporting only includes those who are still looking for work. It does not take into account those who have stopped looking. Because we now have 92 million people who could be working but are not, the real unemployment number is 37.2%. 

In old Soviet style accounting, these Americans are “non-people.” They cannot therefore be allowed to stain the great achievement of comrade president in pulling America out of the “Bush” recession – which by the way ended in 2009 according to the comrades in the Ministry of Propaganda.   

The Misery Index, which combines the rate of inflation with the rate of unemployment, is also therefore artificially low. It does not account for the billions of dollars the government is printing and handing to Wall Street each month to keep the Dow Jones artificially high to dazzle the dummies who vote Democrat. Because of tricks like this the inflation rate as officially reported 1.24%, is a fraudulent number. The real number is more like 4.23% as Marotta sees it. When added to even a more plausible unemployment rate of 10.2%, even by Obama standards gives us a Misery Index of 14.7 points. This is higher than it has been in 40 years.

The danger of these lies is that no one can fix our economy until the truth comes out. Doctors don’t guess the extent of a broken arm; to get the facts they used diagnostic tools.  Without real numbers we cannot begin to clean up comrade Obama’s mess, but his apparatchiks in the media won’t report them.

 Source: http://washingtonexaminer.com/wall-street-advisor-actual-unemployment-is-37.2-misery-index-worst-in-40-years/article/2542604