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Israel vs the world

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Israel has pretty much declared it is sick and tired being the target of hate by Muslim terrorists and their enablers. In a battle against the world propaganda machine, Israel finds itself as David against the Goliath of the American and UN ministries of disinformation. The U.N. has a history of blaming Israel for defending itself and had to get used to being mistreated by every Democrat leaders since the assassination of Robert Kennedy by a Palestinian.

Obama’s contempt for Israel

Though admitting that Israel has the right to defend itself the Obama White House is doing all it can to deny the Jewish state the ability. Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya and Syria, his non-involvement in the rise of the Islamic State and his support of al Qaeda terrorists in Syria have only emboldened the enemies of Israel. Hamas was planning a major action against the Jewish state believing that the Grand Mufti of the Great Satan would forbid the Jews from fighting back. It didn’t work.

Israel stood up against the call for a cease fire by both Barack Obama and John Kerry because she was effectively fighting back against terrorists. Israeli forces were destroying launch sites and the tunnel systems built by Palestinians for the purpose of invading Israel and killing Jewish residents. Obama was surprised and humiliated by Israel’s rejection of the one-sided, Muslim-appeasing cease fire proposal presented by Secretary Kerry. It seems the American president underestimated the unity of the Israeli public behind the war effort. Israel will no doubt be punished in the near future by the Public Housing Muslim from Kenya because the One doesn’t like opposition, least of all when it has been declared before the entire world.

The only reason Obama and Kerry called for a cease fire was because Israel was winning. The early damage to Hamas was of a strategic nature, cutting off its electricity, supply routes and sea ports.  Hamas will have a difficult time recovering from the loss of supplies and resources.

The invaluable United Nations
The UN, in its strategic brilliance, has designated public schools to be safe bomb shelters for children and civilians. In fact, the world assembly is so humanitarian it even returned the weapons stored in these buildings to Hamas! It’s no secret that Muslims will use Mosques, Hospitals and Schools as weapons caches. They have also famously used women and children as human shields.

During its operations, Israeli forces have been giving the civilian Muslim population ample warning before striking a known target. The latest incidents in which civilians were killed or injured undoubtedly involve women and children literally held in place by Muslim men. Knowing they would leave the area upon news of a warning from Israeli forces, brave Muslim fighters lock these useful martyrs in the announced target area, confident that the world media will condemn Israel for their death. Of course the UN will look the other way or risk finding its own observers among the next tally of martyrs.

Israel will have to go it alone, understanding it has the support of the majority of its own citizens and sensible people of the world.


Even the United Nations says Sweden is on her way to third world status, all thanks to Islam

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Sweden the land of gentle loving people; the land of my great grandparents is rapidly committing national suicide and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

This harsh truth as laid out in a UN report that says Sweden has about fifteen more years before the North African Muslim hordes that are pouring across her borders completely engulf her and pull her down into rough parity with today’s third world crap holes like Libya.  

The Swedish Left has impaled their own country on a spike called “multiculturalism.” Far from the utopia these fools believed bringing in the poorest least civilized people in the world would bring about, they have irreversibly wrecked the lives of their countrymen.

Just as everywhere else, the swine in the Swedish media are aiding in the destruction of their own country, but unlike most places they are actually acting as PC storm troopers. With the help of Marxist computer experts, the Swedish media is tracking down and exposing anyone who dares speak out against this madness even if they spoke “anonymously” on line. They are publishing the addresses of these “offenders” so they can be punished for speaking out.  These quislings use Alinsky tactics of bullying and labeling to smother anyone who raises a voice in protest to what is happening.

Rapes of blond native Swedish women are becoming commonplace.  While these rapes are generally not allowed to be reported the cold truth is that about 1 in 4 Swedish women has been raped by one or more violent Muslim thug; and more than 3 of every 4 arrested rapists in Sweden is a North Africa Muslim immigrant.  Moreover, the dimwitted offspring of these thugs are destroying Sweden’s school system and have already pulled standardized test scores down to ten year lows.    

The situation in Sweden is now at a crisis point with “assimilation” now described as a “racist hateful concept” by the insane suicidal Leftist who run the country.

Shutting the doors and deportations are the only real options but that can’t happen as long as this suicidal Swedish government is in charge.

My great grandparents would weep at what has become of their country. Your prayers are needed for Sweden.

Sources:  http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2014/April/Soviet-Sweden-Model-Nation-Sliding-to-Third-World/



United Nations crack “scientists” have decided 17 years of no warming proves there is a crisis

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Undeterred by facts, United Nations “scientists” will soon deliver their most ominous warning about the danger the world faces from “global warming.”

Of course they don’t use the discredited phrase “global warming” because it produces laughter among sane people. Instead they talk about “climate change” as if the weather we experience is a static phenomenon.  Predictions of civilizations destroyed by floods droughts, wars, economic collapse and of course carbon emissions are woven into this latest iteration of this never ending hoax.  

This time the fake whines of gloom and doom come from the august sounding Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and because of it we are once again going to be pressured into costly policies that will line the pockets of two bit jerks in the U.N. and do nothing to address this imaginary problem.

As is usually the case with charlatans who predict dire consequence for not falling for their tricks, the IPCC is predicting the worst of all of this will be felt around 2100 – how convenient!  

The IPCC says “…hundreds of millions” of coastal dwellers will be displaced by 2100. Small island countries will be hit first.  This reminds us that like UFO landings,  these catastrophes ALWAYS seem to hit in out of the way locations, never in Manhattan or Miami. And the worst things these fakers predict are ALWAYS visited upon brown-skin, third world countries that “we of the leading countries MUST help.”

Showing they are very aware of the ignorance of the people they are talking to, the U.N. predicts a 2% average decline in wheat, rice and corn production for each decade from now until 2050, wringing its hands that the “ poor tropical countries will be hardest hit.”  

All of this would be hilarious if we didn’t have a president like Barack Obama who will slavishly follow what these empty headed fakes demand. Hold on to your wallet America because the United Nations is making a move on it even as we smile. 



Supreme Court will rule on the continued existence of the United States

by Doug Book,  editor

In 2012, the National Federation of Independent Business vs Sebelius (ObamaCare) was considered by many to be one of the most significant Supreme Court cases to be heard in decades. On its outcome would depend the continued liberty of the American people. For if our elected officials can force the public to purchase government approved health insurance, what can they NOT demand the American people acquire! The full effects of the unconscionable betrayal of the Constitution and the American public by Chief Justice John Roberts are only beginning to be realized.

If the NFIB decision pronounced an end to our liberty, the Court’s upcoming ruling in Bond vs U.S. has the potential to literally end the 240 year history of the United States. For at issue in this case is the following question: When the United States joins an international treaty, may Congress pass laws toward its implementation which violate the Constitution? The Obama Regime, through Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, says YES. For during oral arguments on November 5th, Verrilli told the Court that “…once a treaty is signed by the president and ratified by the Senate, Congress has the power to pass any law necessary and proper to implement the treaty.” ANY law! The constitutional limits on Congressional power may be ignored at the whim of lawmakers. (1)

As a result, the United Nations would effectively make the laws by which the American people are governed. The UN Small Arms Treaty would, for example, wipe out the 2nd Amendment as international police acquire authority to order–even carry out–the disarming of the American people.

The Bill of Rights will become the former law of the land. Express an opinion insulting to pro-Islamic, UN doctrine and an American citizen could be imprisoned, or, should the terms of a treaty call for it, perhaps even beheaded as an infidel!

The legal history of Bond is a bit involved and not really at issue here. What is of importance is the fact that the terms of a treaty entered into by the president and ratified by the Senate will effectively take precedence over the Constitution. For elected, DC representatives may fashion and pass legislation based solely upon upholding the terms of any treaty with any nation for any purpose.

Imagine a United States in which parents have no right to raise their children except according to accepted, international doctrine; wealth would be subject to “fair and equitable,” forced re-distribution; expression of unacceptable opinions would expose a speaker to fine or imprisonment and everywhere, informers would gain favor with the powers that be by betraying freedom loving neighbors or family members for a carelessly expressed desire for liberty.

A ruling on Bond vs U.S. is expected before the end of the Court’s term next summer. John Roberts has already betrayed the American people by ignoring the Constitution in his decision on the Affordable Care Act. Will this corrupt and cowardly justice now participate in a majority ruling which would put that document to death?


(1) http://pjmedia.com/blog/bond-v-u-s-supreme-court-hears-thumb-sized-federal-case/

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UN bureaucrats pushing hard on Seven/50 regionalism scheme

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Meanwhile, Tea Party Conservatives are getting beaten up royally by greedy, unelected federal and UN Bureaucrats looking to push a Regionalism plan called Seven/50 (seven counties in 50 years) in an early November vote.  The Treasure Coast, seven county region is awash with beautiful scenery, big bucks campaign donations and swing vote mathematics, but is also hooked to the Gore Triangle in the south which has already fallen to the UN Regionalism abomination. 

“I’ll let some of my pets loose on them,” a gator trapper muttered after testifying against Seven/50 at a recent Martin County Commission meeting. He spoke eloquently for all of the homeowner protestors in the audience who will in no way agree to subsidized HUD housing. In backing the United Nations project the American left dishonors individual achievement and violates private property home and land rights. 

Indian River County, the seventh county from Miami-Dade up along the ocean, roundly rejected the apparent “greased” land grab by unelected bureaucrats.  Caught in the middle of the tectonic plates of Conservative Vero Beach to the north, hard core Gore Triangle people to the south, and some Rinoism in Martin County is the shifting landscape of St. Lucie County.  “I beg you-get out of Seven/50.  Do Not Destroy Our Freedom,” a political refugee from Ceausescu’s Romania told St. Lucie County Commissioners in September. 

But the very liberal TC Palm print outlet’s political writer, an ex pat from Britain, excoriated area conservatives, only to make them madder.  And one of the St. Lucie County Commissioners who took down words the Conservatives spoke as they testified against Seven/50 now must answer to an investigatory compendium filed with US Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform by an independent journalist who is giving the Conservatives a voice they almost NEVER get in Treasure Coast media outlets.
So the beat goes on, the pot stirs, and SoFla politics mirror the misery of what the journalist’s compendium title called the “Unfairness in Government.”  Will any politician, other than a small haloed few, “Listen to What the People Are Saying,” as the courageous oratory of Senator Ted Cruz so eloquently asks?