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Pity the Poor RINO, Restore Republican Freedom

Rod and Sherri Dodsworth, guest writers

How often at your workplace have you held your tongue out of fear of saying something that could get you fired?

Everyone looks out for their interests. Read that again. You and I and everyone else naturally try to do that which best serves ourselves and our families. It’s called human nature and it has served mankind well since the Creation.

The people we send to government are no different. They can’t be different, for like us, they are as imperfect as the rest of mankind.

First we must understand that most of the chosen 435 in the House of Reps had to claw, grasp, climb their way up from humble beginnings. Does that sound familiar? Didn’t you have to do the same to achieve your level of success?

Anyhow, being in the House means they “made it.” In this heady environment, most congressmen believe they should be senators and most senators believe they should be president.

What happens to what may otherwise be good and upstanding people? Like anyone else, they respond by varying degree to their surroundings. And nowhere in the nation will more corrupt surroundings be found than in Washington, D.C. Go along to get along with party leadership and lots of extra power and money are virtually guaranteed.

Most of our elected officials would respond in just that manner, conducting themselves in such a way as to facilitate their continued ascent in so-called public service. It is human nature. What you and I do in our own workplace is hardly different from the behavior of politicians. It cannot be any other way!

We can admonish Republicans for their failure to stand up for the Constitution. We can beat up RINOs and blame them for accelerating tyranny. It feels good. I occasionally take part in the sport myself. However, if we are to peacefully restore our previously free, constitutional republic, we must come to grips as our Framers did with the fact that men respond to passion and self-interest far more often than to reason. No matter where, in or out of government, personal aggrandizement trumps the greater good almost every time.

Since passions rule, how can they be made to positively affect the greater good? How can they be directed toward one of the declared purposes of our government, the general welfare?

The answer devised by our Framers in 1787 was to divide the universe of legitimate governing authority. First and foremost was their VERTICAL division of power between the states and the government they created, as evidenced in a Senate of the States. Let the passion of state self-interest serve as a diffuse check on powers. The Framers’ system worked well until it was turned on its head in 1913 with the 17th Amendment. Overnight, the US transformed itself from a unique federal republic into just another democratic republic. For it is the 17th Amendment which established the election Senators by a vote of the people of each state, superseding Article 1 Section 3, Clauses 1&2 of the Constitution, under which Senators were elected by state legislators.

Until power is once again distributed between the representatives of the people and the states, there is zero chance that republican liberty can be restored.

Coach is Right, Friday Short Stories

By John Velisek, USN (Ret), staff writer

1.) Dingy Harry Strikes Again

Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid’s disdain for his Republican colleagues is on full display as he aims to force a vote on the nomination of Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General. In fact, the former Majority Leader is threatening to hijack the Senate. Given the weakness of the Republican majority, why not!

“I know parliamentary procedure around here and we’re going to put up with this for a little while longer, but not much,” Reid said in an interview on MSNBC. “Absolutely we can force votes. If we don’t get something done soon, I will force a vote.”

The Huffington Post reports that Lynch’s nomination was delayed because it was “tied” to a “controversial” bill on combating human trafficking currently under consideration in the Senate.

Unsurprisingly, both those statements from HuffPo are untrue. The Lynch nomination is “tied” to the trafficking bill only to the extent that it is scheduled to take place after work on that legislation is completed. This is like saying Friday is “tied” to “Thursday.” The trafficking bill is only controversial because Senate Democrats have united to push for changes in the bill that would erode decades-old federal policy on abortion funding. Reid’s threats aren’t as much about getting a vote on Lynch as they are continuing to intimidate Senate Republicans in the public arena. Inexplicably, Republicans have largely avoided the public debate on the trafficking issue, giving Reid a free reign for his demagoguery.

My Opinion: Does anyone have any doubt that the Republicans will cave without getting anything out of the process? They hide in corners and give us excuses about why they can’t get anything done. When a corrupt, perpetual liar like Harry Reid can run roughshod over the Republican Party using both legal and illegal means, it is time to look at that party again. Grow a backbone Republicans. Either join the conservatives to get things done or–preferably–get out of their way.

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/04/17/harry-reid-threatens-to-take-over-senate-for-lynch-vote/November 2014

2.) Reparations? Again?

On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox Business Network’s “Making Money,” host Charles Payne made a bold prediction when he suggested that President Barack Obama would make a push for slavery reparations. Payne said: “I think that there’s going to be an official apology from the White House to slavery in America and then a major push to get cash, and I’m talking lots of cash.” “Many including those closest to President Obama will push him to make this happen,” Payne continued. “I actually think it would be a major mistake. Instead, Obama should really discuss and focus on all of the progress we have made and how all Americans need to move forward for better days for all of our kids.

My Opinion: Good Idea! Let’s take more money from the productive and give it to those that have spent decades—generations–being victims. Mine was a family of poor farmers in Eastern Europe, so why should I owe reparations? Of course, that won’t matter, I’m White, therefore guilty and I have to pay. And what about the Blacks and Muslims who sold slaves, will they pay? Just another government handout to keep the victims of Democrat policies voting Democrat. Taking even more money out of the pockets of producers is not going to make things better. When that production system runs out of money, where do they cut first? JOBS. Affirmative Action, quotas and being given permission to break the law with impunity because Eric Holder won’t prosecute “his people” are reparations enough.

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2015/04/17/fbns-charles-payne-obama-will-make-a-push-for-slave-reparations/

3.) Immigration will Happen by Hook or Crook

Monday on Newmax TV’s “America’s Forum,” political commentator Dick Morris said the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPA) fast track being supported by many Republicans has a provision that allows for the “free flow of workers” between countries, essentially creating a backdoor to “unrestricted immigration.” Morris said, “This is huge. I hope everybody listening takes action call your senator about it. If he is a Republican he is voting wrong.

“I don’t think that people understand that in this deal which is a trade agreement among Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Peru, and Chile, there’s a provision for free flow of workers, just like in the European Union. What it means is unrestricted immigration. It means literally that congress would not have the authority to restrict immigration because a treaty supersedes a statute under our constitution.”

My Opinion: We are going to have a massive, unrestrained influx of illegals into the United States no matter what the people want. Our Muslim in chief will do his best to end the exceptionalism of this country and cause the United States to devolve into another third world nation of welfare and ignorance. Our liberty has been grossly and unconstitutionally restricted. We are being forced, literally at the point of a gun, to accept the demands of political correctness. And when freedom of speech no longer exists it can only mean the country is on the brink of becoming a socialist state. It once again falls to Congress to take up the reins of leadership, and say “No More”. Unfortunately, with Republicans in charge, can we hold out much hope? Call your Senator and tell him in no uncertain terms that this cannot stand.

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2015/04/20/morris-obama-sneaking-in-unrestricted-immigration-in-tpa-trade-deal/

4.) Clinton: ‘I Am Tired Of the Mean-Spiritedness In Politics’

Hillary Rodham Clinton found herself on the defensive during her first presidential campaign visit to New Hampshire this year as she had to push back against swirling questions about her family foundation. She spent much of her time dismissing accusations that foreign governments which made donations to the Clinton Foundation received preferential treatment from the State Department while she served in the Obama administration.

“We will be subjected to all kinds of distractions and attacks,” she told reporters during a stop in the liberal bastion of Keene. “I’m ready for that. I know that that comes, unfortunately, with the territory.”

In her early campaign stops, Clinton has cast herself as above the political back-and-forth, vowing to change the harsh partisan tone in Washington. “I am tired of the mean-spiritedness in politics,” she told voters who gathered in a supporter’s living room in Claremont. “Enough with the attacks and the anger, let’s find answers together and figure out what we’re going to do.”
My Opinion: Poor Hillary, being treated like a candidate. Doesn’t everyone know that after King Obama, we must vote for Queen Hillary? I am being asked to vote for a woman who ran a bimbo eruption team out of the White House, let four men die in Benghazi and still hasn’t answered those or countless other questions. A woman who took foreign money to do the bidding of our enemies, and who can’t give a straight answer to anything. She says she wants to talk about the everyday problems our country faces. The main problems are the efforts of Hillary Clinton and her ilk in the Democrat party working to transform a great and free nation into a Socialist dictatorship. Go away Hillary, nobody but the Kool Aid drinkers, Muslims, socialists and welfare recipients believe you anymore. Will the Republican Party elite have the courage to nominate a candidate who can defeat the most corrupt female in the history of politics?

Source: http://washington.cbslocal.com/2015/04/21/clinton-i-am-tired-of-the-mean-spiritedness-in-politics/

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

Will the Senate threaten the 2nd Amendment?

The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty goes into effect on December 24th. Through that date, Coach is Right will provide background and current information concerning the dangers this treaty poses to the American people and their freedom.

President Obama has been re-elected since this piece was written and Republicans secured a massive, midterm victory in 2014. The midterm results should guarantee an incoming Senate that would  not ratify the Arms Trade Treaty. But conservative voters were certainly betrayed by the vote of the Republican House on the Omnibus Spending Bill a few days ago.

First published on July 13, 2012

by Doug Book,  staff writer

As New York City plays host to a conference which will shape the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) into final form, most 2nd Amendment supporters are concerned that stealth language or overly broad applications woven into the document will serve to separate Americans from their right to keep and bear arms. After all, why else would preliminary versions of the Treaty be so difficult to obtain and U.N., pre-conference position statements remain consistently absent from the internet?  

Barack Hussein Obama leads the most anti-gun rights Administration in the nation’s history. Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and recently appointed, ATF Acting Director B. Todd Jones have spoken often and passionately about the importance of implementing more restrictive gun control legislation.  

But the gun-grabbing Regime will not be able to ratify the UN’s global gun control measure without first securing a 2/3rds majority of senators to vote in favor. And it won’t be easy to convince 67 politicians to sign onto a document which countless critics have spent nearly a decade rightly representing as a worldwide assault on the 2nd Amendment. It will be especially difficult as the American public may once again be told that the document has to be “passed” in order to find out what’s IN it!

Late last year the Heritage Foundation obtained an ATT “Draft Paper” from an NGO participating in the Treaty mark-up. The Paper makes it clear that the finished product would be broad in scope, controlling everything “from rifle scopes to battleships.” And though the Treaty purports to monitor only “international arms transfers,” document language shows the UN also wishes to control “internal transfers” as “any firearm transfer—meaning any change in ownership…might conceivably somehow affect another nation…”

Therefore the ATT will demand signatories control and monitor “transfers including ‘transport’ across national territory.” To accomplish this, a nation would necessarily “maintain records of all imports and shipments of arms that transit their territory,” creating records on “the type of arms transferred and their ‘end users’.” So as international records would be kept of all weapons bought and sold within the United States, the Treaty would create not only a global arms registry, but the rules by which arms may be transferred and to whom.

Would Senators sympathetic to global arms control try to slip these and other unconstitutional ATT edicts past American voters? 

DC politicians—including Republicans—have already written purposely misleading and legally ineffective language into both the 2012 and 2013 National Defense Authorization Acts for the sole purpose of deceiving the American public into believing their constitutional rights were being looked after.  As for treaties, they commonly include “reservations;” that is, language designed to “define and limit the effect of a ratified treaty.” A few dedicated, gun-grabbing Senators might get the idea of attaching a codicil to the ATT, claiming it would prevent the ratified Treaty imposing upon the 2nd Amendment rights of the American people thereby safeguarding the right to keep and bear arms.

Of course they wouldn’t bother to inform Americans that the Arms Trade Treaty specifically forbids any reservations which are “incompatible with the object and purpose” of the Treaty! Would members of the Washington political class be so dishonest as to try such an underhanded stunt?

It’s doubtful that a sufficient number of Senators would risk the fury of the NRA and gun owning voters. But then, stranger things have certainly happened in the nation’s capitol.  After all, a Supreme Court Chief Justice has just prostituted both himself and the Constitution!

Maybe keeping tabs on the Senate wouldn’t be such a bad idea.


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Debo Adegbile: At least one enemy Obama was not able to force on us


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

To the great delight of those who value and cherish American freedoms, Barack Obama has once again failed to put the power to destroy our Constitution in the hands of Debo Adegbile.

Monday this warrior of destruction was forced to withdraw his name from consideration as Obama’s attack dog at the Department of Justice. He would have been the chief Civil Rights lawyer for Eric Holder, another enemy of our freedoms.

The magnitude of this victory cannot be overstated. What we have avoided is the placement of a yet another man who is essentially a foreigner being placed in a position to wreak havoc on our everyday lives.

The president is for all practical purposes a man with very few emotional ties to anything American; in fact it is clear that he hates our country and us. The Attorney General comes from a family whose roots and emotional ties are in the Caribbean not America; and both of them have consistently demonstrated their hatred for America especially White America.  Now their dream-teamer Debo Adegbile, a man who also comes from a union between two foreign nationals with no ties to America, has been shown the door even by Senate Democrats.

Adegbile is a mutt who has spent a considerable amount of time and White “guilt” money while at the NAACP, trying to free a cop killer who has never won a single appeal court judge’s vote.

He has tried to free Mumia Abu-Jamal who murdered Philadelphia Police Office Daniel Faulkner in 1981.

Last May, Obama and his Charlie McCarthy dummy Bite Me had high hopes of making Adegbile Eric Holder’s chief enforcer and executioner of the Constitution. They failed and were so blindsided that idiot Joe was actually on hand to “break the tie” as Vice President and put their mongrel over the top. They lost 47/52 with seven Democrats voting no.

Since then things have apparently gotten no better for the conspirators as Adegbile has just withdrawn his name from any further consideration. The enemy’s ship has sailed and he’s not on it.   

Debo Adegbile is at least one enemy Obama was not able to force on us and that’s a nice victory.        




Learn the truth about Democrats. Get your free PDF of Coach’s book “Crooks Thugs & Bigots: the lost, hidden and changed history of the Democrat Party.” Just ask at kcoachc@gmail.com  


Why refusing to yield to Republicans and their Democrat buddies is the only choice for conservatives

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

The conventional “wisdom” is that this year’s elections will see the Republicans gaining seats in the House and retaking the Senate. This is a lovely thought but nowhere near reality. The forces who will wage war to save the Democrats’ hold on the Senate and reduce, if not totally erase, the Republican margin in Congress are too formidable. It is time we recognized this fact.

We conservatives can win both chambers of Congress in a tough clean fair fight, but the 2014 elections will be nothing of the sort. We can beat a cabal of the RNC, DNC, Koch brothers, the media the White House and the Chamber of Commerce, but we can’t beat them when they add 30 million illegal aliens who will be granted amnesty by John Boehner.

Over the history of our nation we have suffered grievous defeats that left us reeling and gasping for air. At the Alamo, American forces fought well and hard but were ultimately overwhelmed and slaughtered. Had the circumstances allowed a more even distribution of forces we would have won, but we didn’t.

This year’s elections will be another Alamo. Conservatives (myself included) will fight like cornered tigers to save America. We will be laughed at and belittled by the Republican Party and its allies in the DNC and the Chamber of Commerce, but when the shock troops start pouring over the southern border we will eventually end up with a government totally governed by Democrats who hate America.

If we lose, even if we go down fighting, phonies like Karl Rove and the rest of them will say the TEA party philosophy was the reason we lost our American freedoms as he laughs all the way to the bank.

We conservatives will certainly lose America if we stay home, but in so many districts the Republican is barely more palatable than the Democrat – so what to do?  Each of us will have to follow his/her own heart and principles next November. All I can say is fight hard in your own way so you can look your children and grandchildren in the eyes when they ask what you did to try to revive and renew the old America.