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Obama’s underfunded Veterans Affairs Dept. has a backlog of almost 900,000 disability claims


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 The Democrat habit of appointing “good Democrats” to positions  without regard for the required administrative skills it calls for is  hurting almost 900,000 disabled veterans.

 The incompetence of Barack Obama’s Veterans Affairs Department has created a bureaucratic nightmare in which more than 65% of its disability claims sit on someone’s desk for more than 125 days.  More than this 16% of the cases that are brought to resolution are done so in error according to veterans’ advocate groups’ testimony to the House Veterans Affairs Committee last week.       

 The V.A is totally underprepared for the predictable increase in disability claims stepped up fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan has caused. The current projections of a 1.2 million case backlog and an extra 50,000 cases a year present a sobering scenario in light of the so far failed administration of V.A. Secretary Eric Shinseki a Hawaiian Democrat and retired Army General.

 In response to the cold facts of his failure, Shinseki did what any good Democrat does; he promised better results by some future dater. He told his critics he would have 98% of his agencies disability claims settled in less than 125 days by 2015, when he should be long gone.

 The failures of the Veterans Benefit Management System (VBMS) to properly care for those who have been injured protecting our freedoms cannot be blamed solely on Shinseki.  As is the case whenever any good and upright undertaking is malfunctioning in Barack Obama’s America, the Faker in Chief is at the root of the problem.  While Obama has spent wildly hiring thousands of new IRS agents to make us knuckle under to his Obamacare scheme, he is grossly underfunding the VBMS. The VA has requested just $92.3 million for 2013 in spite of having spent a total of $343.6 million in 2011 and 2012. 

 It’s easy to see where Obama’s priorities are and they are not with caring for the veterans who have been disabled in the service of our country.   

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