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Cold War Déjà vu

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Russia will join Google, Microsoft and the NSA in collecting data on Americans by reopening their Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) listening post in Cuba. Russia struck a deal with Cuba, a direct result of the deterioration of the relationship between Russia and the United States over the situation in Syria and the crisis in the Ukraine. In a recent visit to the Island nation by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Cuba’s Raul Castro agreed to reopen the facility in return for Putin writing off 90% of Cuba’s debt to Russia.

The Lourdes SIGINT facility near Havana Cuba was the Former Soviet Union’s largest listening post operated by the Foreign Intelligence Service outside of Russia. Construction of the 28 square mile station site began in 1962 after the Cuban missile crisis. The completed facility began its job of spying on the United States in 1964. During the cold war, the facility would be staffed by KGB, GRU, and Cuban Intelligence officials in addition to spies and technicians from other Soviet Bloc countries.

Thanks to a warming of the relationship between Russia and the United States after 9-11 and given the crushing weight of Russia’s national debt, Putin decided to close the facility to save money. Democrats can’t blame the reopening on President Bush. Obama owns it outright. Reopening Lourdes will enable Russia to collect radio and Satellite signals in the western hemisphere from an Island just 90 miles south of Key West, Florida.  It’s likely that much of the intelligence collected will be shared with China.

What can be collected?
Any Signal not blocked by the curvature of the earth will be ripe for collection by Lourdes. Russia will be able to freely listen in to air, naval and some satellite signals focusing on both the US military and the nation’s commerce. Russia is actively developing a closer relationship with Latin American countries and Cuba.  Obama has announced more sanctions from the Golf Course as Secretary of State Lurch round-files the Monroe Doctrine, providing Putin the flexibility to return the old Soviet Union just south of the American Border. America’s return to Cold War diplomacy will be yet another Obama Legacy.


Putin continues military buildup as he ignores threats from America’s weakling leaders

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer


Adopting the strategy of the Cold War the Obama administration has adopted the long-term approach of containment. The new strategy against Russia is basically the Alinsky strategy, isolate, ridicule, pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Not a good idea to attack someone who has a few nukes to toss around. (6)

To isolate, the Pentagon is sending troops to Poland for training exercises to reassure Eastern European allies that the United States will help to defend them from Russian aggression. A company sized contingent of 600 American troops will also be heading to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia for training exercises. The US and NATO presence will form a perimeter in the hope of isolating Russia from Europe. 
In addition to ground forces Air Force fighters are being deployed in Poland. (1)

Analysts have indicated that the deployment will be a symbolic gesture that will have little or no impact on the Ukrainian crisis. The Pentagon insists that the troop deployment is in direct response to the buildup of Russian troops near the Ukraine boarder.


Six Russian Su-27s Flankers and support aircraft have been deployed to Bobruisk airfield inside Belarus. Placing aircraft in Belarus serves to beef up Belarus airspace and relocate Russian aircraft within close proximity of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. This will place Russian forces close to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Belarus is friendly to Russia and is concerned that NATO may be a potential threat to its sovereignty. President Aleksandr Lukashenko invited the Russians as a deterrence to NATO encroachment. (2) Belarus would make a great location for short range missile strikes since European missile defense was disapproved by Mr. Obama. Putin is warning the Ukrainian government against attacking civilians in eastern Ukraine. (5)

Deja Vu

Reporters were excited this week when Russian aircraft encroached on the airspace of several NATO countries. (3) Fighter Jets were launched to intercept and escort Russian TU-95 Bears. Despite the timing of events, these are routine missions flown to test various nations’ air defenses. However, unless the Russians have permission they rarely violate the countries airspace. The Russians use the turboprop bombers for the purpose of conducting airborne surveillance of NATO air defenses.(4) After the fall of the Soviet Empire, Russians still conduct surveillance flights off of the east coast of the United States and Alaska. It’s nothing new.

Our own State Department’s resident buffoon Jonh Kerry and the public housing Kenyan Muslim’s daily condemnation and threats against Putin are the remaining Alinsky tactics. Such threats serve no purpose to someone who has more support among his own people than Mr. Obama has in America. Obama’s history of hollow threats regarding Syria, Egypt and Iran has damaged his and America’s credibility on the world stage.

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Vladimir Putin makes Obama look like the weak sister he is

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

Russian Nationalism
After the fall of the Soviet Empire the Russian people felt a little humiliated. They felt like they were living in a beaten nation. Vladimir Putin has slowly been building a sense of nationalism that has resonated with the Russian people. He has put in place policies that have rejected the West’s programs of tolerance and multiculturalism which were working to destroy Russian identity and culture. It came as a shock to the Gay community that, during their protests, the Russian people didn’t care about them one bit. Inside Russia Putin is seen as a hero for standing up to the West over the situation in Ukraine. In a historical context, Russians see Ukraine as a part of Russia. (1) Putin is concerned that if he doesn’t stand up to a weak American president he will be unseated like the former Ukrainian Prime Minister. An analysis of the body language makes it obvious that, when the two men meet, Putin has no respect for the public housing, Kenyan Muslim.

In the face of meaningless threats from  Barack Obama and John Kerry, Russia stood firm. Putin knew he had gotten the better of the Neville Chamberlain of Massachusetts. (3) Russia still maintains the right to intervene militarily in the Ukraine and will undoubtedly annex Crimea. After all, Russian forces are not required to leave the Crimea or withdrawal from Ukraine’s border. This will be seen as Putin standing up against Obama and the European Union and NOT flinching.  Any threats from the all talk Obama Regime will have little effect on a man of action.

In a recent televised question-and-answer show, Putin identified eastern Ukraine as “Novorossiya” or “New Russia,” while maintaining Russia’s historical claim to the territory.(2)  He is making a direct challenge to the West.

Cutting off access
This week Putin refused to allow any U.S. surveillance flights over Russian territory, putting a stop to the collection of intelligence about the Russian Force massing on Ukraine’s boarder and in Crimea. The aerial surveillance was part of an “Open Skies” flight agreement which allows the United States and Russia to fly planned missions in each other’s airspace to verify compliance with various arms control agreements. Russia felt that current overflights were focusing on forces in and near Ukraine and ordered it stopped. (4) President Putin just let Obama know that he is tired of the community organizer’s rhetoric.


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Cold War II

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

President Vladimir Putin is taking maximum advantage of the weakest American President in history to rebuild the empire that was once known as the Soviet Union. The Left can bloviate all they wish but they cannot tap the heels of their Ruby Red Slippers and wish it wasn’t so. Barack Obama  has already lost Egypt to the Russians and pretty much surrendered the Ukraine to them as well. Given John Kerry’s moronic boast that the era of the Monroe Doctrine is over, Russia is planning to expand its military presence beyond current boarders especially in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Russian forces in these counties, with no opposition from the current administration, represent a declaration of the second Cold War.

Cruise Missile threat
Armed with Russian built missiles, Iran is now a legitimate cruise-missile threat to America’s Gulf of Mexico states. Russia can launch cruise-missiles from land, sea or air from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua with little or no warning. Military Planners are working to defend the United States against cruise-missile attacks launched from the Gulf of Mexico! (1)

A 2013 joint service exercise deployed Patriot Missiles, Aegis warships and fighters against a simulated missile attack from the Gulf. Lessons learned from the exercise exposed United States’ vulnerability to attack from the  region. The exact details of the drill  and what we learned from it are classified.

Gen. Charles Jacoby of the U.S. Northern Command told a Senate Armed Service Committee hearing that the U.S. has “some significant challenges” in countering these missiles, but is currently exploring “some opportunities to use existing systems more effectively.” If Russia manages to base strategic assets in the Gulf region America will have a new Cuban Missile Crisis. Needless to say, Obama is no John Kennedy.

Russia has been working to improve its cruise-missile program for years. Vladimir Putin can easily attack Alaska and the Eastern United States with little or no notice. Putin has a military strategy while the only thing that piques Barack Obama’s interest is the filling out of brackets for the NCAA’s March Madness. Even the sycophants in the press can’t change that fact.   


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Media’s Hillary worship already making them look stupid

 by Kevin “Coach” Collins

If a recent column about Hillary Clinton is any indication of how far the media will go in its blind worship of her, this year should be entertaining.

Wringing his hands that, “I expect better from Hillary Clinton” Sun Sentinel op-ed writer Gary Stein lamented that his hero actually made a statement comparing Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler.

Stein is unabashed in his love for Hillary; and although he is a “non-partisan” member of the media, since Hillary IS a Democrat he loves her regardless of what she does.

So how did Hillary upset Stein? “She used the Hitler comparison,” which in his world can only be done after someone has murdered millions of people.  Anything less in Stein’s universe is “lazy hyperbole.”

He goes on to make sure that we all understand that he loves Hillary and is really only making his comments to help her be a more perfect being, so he points out that Hillary is “very smart.”  That acts as a shield against charges that he has been disloyal to the Democrat goddess.  

If he had left the matter at that point he would have just loved like a love sick Democrat sycophant no different from most other Democrat sycophants, but he had to press on.

Stein goes on, imploring all of us to, “read your history books, folks.” In doing so he completely casts aside the old adage that says, “Better to be thought a fool and remain silent than to speak and remove all doubt.” Stein is obviously so dense that he seems to believe that Hitler committed all of his atrocities on the first day he came to power.
He clearly has no idea that Hitler marched into Austria’s Sudetenland to “liberate ethnic Germans living in oppression under Austrian rule”; and that Putin has said he is going into Ukraine to “liberate ethnic Russians.”   

This fool Stein wants us to read history but in his rush to perfect Hillary Clinton’s public image he wants her to stop saying, “[This is like] what Hitler did back in the ’30s,” when talking about Russian thug Vladimir Putin. Lying about history seems to hold a certain charm for Democrats.  

Source: http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2014-03-09/news/fl-gscol-hillary-clinton-oped0309-20140309_1_hillary-clinton-adolf-hitler-allen-westhttp://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2014-03-09/news/fl-gscol-hillary-clinton-oped0309-20140309_1_hillary-clinton-adolf-hitler-allen-westH