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When do we start talking about Black Privilege?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Regardless of what Democrats and the media say, White Privilege is hogwash.

The word privilege means “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.” Privilege is, therefore, not based on accomplishment but rather something given by another person of entity.

The most glaring example of Black Privilege is that which is enjoyed by Barack Obama. He is at best an incompetent fool but more properly an enemy of America and his Black Privilege status keeps him from being described this way.

In almost every walk of life from schools to workplaces we can find members of other races denied their just rewards to satisfy the demands of Affirmative Action which is the codification of Black Privilege. We’ll never know how many non-Black Privileged Americans saw their hard work wiped away to feed the demands of Black Privilege.

This begs several questions about the nature of Black Privilege and the extent of its presence in our everyday life.

Consider these circumstances of Black Privilege.

There are several double standards for Whites and Blacks, but which group benefits the most from the “invisible thumb on the scale?” The NAACP is celebrated but any attempt to start a viable NaaWhiteP is attacked as racist.

Black Privilege demands that Black rappers who sing the dirtiest foulest words about women and killing police officers are celebrated as “artists.”

Black Privilege allows grossly disproportionate use of tax payer funds to support Black families which are multiple-generation welfare recipients. Questions about how this condition can continue are met with references to the plurality of those on welfare being White because Black Privilege demands it. Blacks who make up just 12% of our population suck up 25% of welfare funds, but this is never mentioned because Black Privilege demands it.

Black Privilege allows Blacks to whine that there should be more Black managers in sports without mentioning the comparative scarcity of White players in the NBA and NFL. These leagues are meritocracies as they should be; but Black Privilege is never mentioned when the demographics of our 26% Black Postal System workforce is pointed out.

Black Privilege allows Blacks to parade around in hoodies with their hands up regardless of where they are. Blacks are allowed to make “political statements” during professional sporting events because their Black Privilege says so.

Black Privilege demands that no mention of Blacks committing nearly half of the murders recorded in our nation can ever be made. It prevents any mention of surveys that consistently show Blacks are the most anti-Gay and anti-Semitic group in our society.

Of course there are many more examples of Black Privilege but what is clear is that it is not the mythical “White Privilege” that is destroying our country. It is the very real millstone of Black Privilege that is pulling us down; and unless we talk about these privileges they will destroy America.

Taking Our Country Back, Part 4

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

In this final part of Taking Our Country Back, I ask what we can do to change the direction in which our country is headed. There are steps that can be taken involving both the individual and our culture. But nothing will change unless the American people understand that ignoring problems or pretending they will be resolved somehow at some point in the future are not options at this point. Low information voters must be made to get involved by understanding the dire consequences of remaining on the present path; that the ongoing, seemingly endless gravy train will soon end.

We will not survive as a nation if we agree to simply “slow the rate” of government growth. Government growth never slows and never ends. We need to force our federal government to live within a budget, rein in the welfare state by ending it and close government bureaucracies which have become political slush funds and obvious Party cheerleaders. In this Republicans are just as guilty as Democrats, with the Senate and House both caving on any changes needed to repair the system. Welfare to Work for some odd reason is considered racist, the word bandied about whenever liberals are concerned their bought and paid for voting blocs are being threatened. Welfare has become generational vote buying that keeps families from moving ahead. It must be ended.

Slavery was a part of our national heritage which has been ended and condemned by all. But Barack Obama is now using the 160 year old history of slavery for the purpose of seeking reparations, that is, entitlements for millions who do not deserve them. My family came from the Czech Republic, a potato farmer who made his way here legally and worked his way into a middle class way of life. He didn’t take from others or keep anyone down to raise his family. He just worked hard.

Reparations will further divide this country and Barack Obama and the rest of the radical left know it. Americans are happy to help those who need it. But we must NOT provide billions to the undeserving in an attempt to appease White guilt that should not be felt in the first place. By the way, I assume taxpayers will be reimbursed the $16-20 trillion in Great Society welfare payments–our own reparations– before reparations for the previous institution of slavery are seriously discussed.

Government is too big. Does anyone really know how many government agencies exist, how many work there, what they do, or how much money they spend? Our government has turned into a clown show, making regulations by the thousands and infringing on our freedoms. We are literally being ruled by an unelected subculture which believes it knows best how Americans should lead their lives.

It is the citizen’s responsibility to be informed. If we have no knowledge of our founding principles, we have no understanding what our government should be and more importantly, what it should NOT be. As a result, politicians believe themselves entitled to rule rather than govern.

Ours is an exceptional country, no matter what Obama and leftist academics say. The indoctrination of our children in the greatness of the liberal agenda, starting in grade school and continuing through college, has to stop. Multiculturalism is all but worshipped by the far left. The notion that all cultures must be treated as equals; that criticism is the equivalent of racism or bigotry; this is the sort of dangerous nonsense which can lead to the death of those forced to accept it. Can anyone but a lunatic actually believe that Iran’s practice of beheading gays or the Saudi practice of treating women like chattel should be considered acceptable cultural nuances?

Responsibility must be the cornerstone of our country. Diversity can be celebrated, but not in and of itself. There are universal truths which must be accepted in all successful societies and by all worthy cultures. Already contemptuous of the United States, leftists embrace multiculturalism and diversity only as methods of destroying the society and culture they detest. We must stop them or be enslaved by them. This “choice” may be forced upon the American people sooner than we think.

As American taxpayers all we have is: Taxation without Representation

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

It is laughable that the District of Columbia, the most powerful City state in the world, puts the phrase, “Taxation without Representation” on its automobile license plates. Their whining is ridiculous. The government of the District of Columbia is the federal government of the United States of America and because of this the District of Columbia is omnipotent. It is we, the people of the United States who suffer Taxation without Representation.

Supposedly acting in our name, because it funds almost everything to one extent or another, the federal government puts its hand into our lives multiple times a day; yet it never seems to demand an end to the libertine, unfettered lifestyles of the people it forces us to support. When it comes to the conduct of people in our inner cities, minorities, poor Whites and illegal aliens we are not even allowed to ask how the money Washington steals from us to buy their votes is spent. This is truly “Taxation without Representation.”

We the taxpayers who pay the bills are laughed at if we dare question why there are no requirements to receive welfare, or why women are rewarded for producing multiple children with multiple irresponsible males. This is classic, “Taxation without Representation.”

Because the federal government funds our roads it gets to say how fast we can drive, how slowly we can drive and how much we have to pay to use our own roads. They have no trouble posting speed limit signs, but would the government ask a welfare queen to go to work? Not a chance, “We have no right to interfere in their lives, so shut up,” is what we get.

Because the federal government funds our schools it gets to tell us what may be taught and what it forbids in our classrooms. They make our children learn about Islam and forbid the wearing of American flag tee shirts. They tell us what our children must eat for lunch and what they can’t eat for lunch. They force our children to learn about foreign cultures at the expense of learning American history. But we can’t inquire as to why inner city children are regularly falling asleep in school. All we are allowed is “Taxation without Representation.”

It is infuriating that the federal government has its nose in every part of our lives yet won’t muster the courage to demand that welfare recipients live by some of our rules.

Would it be too hard to start throwing those who are convicted of crimes out of our public housing project buildings? I guess so because as American taxpayers we all have “Taxation without Representation.”

Taking Back America, Part 3

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

Pundits tell us that the Republican Party will never win the black vote. Is there a reason for that? Is it perhaps because conservatives put an emphasis on personal responsibility and the rights of the individual? But does a black man care less about his child’s education than a white man? Does a black man working two jobs to put his child through college care any less about the cost of insurance, or if he has to worry about a politically correct response to the burning question of what he wants out of life?

I am a retired military veteran and have worked with a great many people. And I have in my own world found something that would startle a great many people. Among blacks, whites, Asians, Latinos and all others (I would assume the numbers are basically the same) 85% are good people just trying to get through life, doing the best they can. Ten percent will do just enough to get by and 5% are just losers no matter what you do for them. So how did we get where we are?

Over the past several decades, America has been divided. Progressives have deliberately pushed Americans apart as they pander to women, blacks and Hispanics. These individual groups have formed the base of the Democrat Party for many years, not realizing that being a part of the progressive movement has not changed their lifestyle. What has happened to black employment under this Administration? Who has predicted the lowest of expectations for these groups?

Calls for more government intervention are only guaranteed to make matters worse. The War on Poverty has been ongoing since LBJ; more than 50 years. A total of $16 Trillion in transfer payments have been made from those who work to those who do not.  And what has changed? The numbers still in poverty have not changed, unless it has been to increase.

But the attitude of waiting with your hand out—that has certainly changed. Those numbers have grown exponentially every year. And it is music to the ears of Democrats throughout the nation. For they realize that people dependent upon Big Brother are likely to stay that way, generation after generation. The Democrat Party has seen to it. After all, millions of votes are theirs for the asking; that is, for the buying. And only a massive redirection of incentives away from those who expect everyone else to take care of them can possibly dismantle the poisonous system with which the left have deliberately destroyed a race and they hope, eventually a nation.

It is up to us, all of us, to make a change, to make a difference. We can inform others of the cruel future guaranteed them by the Democrat Party, but we must not help Democrats provide it for them. Welfare for the able bodied must end. Those who decide to riot will burn down their own neighborhoods and towns. Let them pay for these crimes and do the rebuilding. We can’t waste any more time or money trying to help those who refuse to help themselves. Nor will we continue being intimidated into providing a free living. They have the choice between work, poverty and prison. Let them make it.

The progressive agenda is anathema to liberty. It survives only by means of theft, threat and force. The left must discredit the family, Christianity, our constitutional republic and way of life by telling the so-called “have-nots” that the rich have taken what is rightfully theirs. This is class warfare as practiced by the true experts.

The family is the backbone of this country. It is where everything starts, whether good or bad. Parents need to teach their children, children need to respect others. We need to have the respect and care necessary to tell our fellow man: “You are going down the wrong path, let me help.” Hollywood’s limousine liberals, D.C. progressives, academics and celebrity wanna-be’s will not provide help to anyone. They spout platitudes and move on. They have engaged in their feel-good service of the day. Have they changed you personally? Their goal is to prove to themselves and their fellow, brain-dead libs how compassionate they are.

The agenda of the far left and the effect of its minions on the United States and its citizens have always been the same—lie in order to destroy the culture and society; lie in order to put progressives in positions of power; attack anyone who disagrees or tells the truth.

The choice belongs to us. Will we work to sustain our nation and liberty, or destroy the one chance we have to move forward?

How very important Election 2016 can be.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

Will Blacks ever “get it?”


By Mary Spoor

We live in dangerous and stressful times. The margin for error in our fight for the survival of America is very small. The number of people willing to surrender their genuine freedoms for a little faux security is growing. We are a strong and resilient people but even the strongest die eventually. We who pull the American wagon and recognize that nothing worth anything is free, especially our precious liberty, can only go on just so long. The whiney and the greedy are not our friends regardless of who they are or claim to be.

It is, therefore, an unfortunate fact of life in America that Blacks have become “professional whiners” who greedily demand more and more of the good things in life for which they show less and less gratitude. They are convinced that everything should be free for them because their great, great grandparents were slaves. They either don’t care or don’t want to see the truth.

Someone should advise those who live off the rest of us that fighting to destroy their benefactors is fighting against our ability to provide the life they are currently living free of charge.

Since no one else seems willing to say what needs to be said, here’s some free (of course) advice for Blacks to consider.

Using police service to guard the few remaining stores in your area means those cops cannot respond when you need them.

Setting fires all over your area means fire fighters may not be there to save you when a “protestor” decides to burn down your building because he hates “the man.”

Teaching your young people that doing well in school is “acting White” and therefore somehow insulting to “the struggle” doesn’t help anyone, least of all your community.

Adopting a policy of not “snitching” will insure that your young people – even babies – will constantly be in danger from drugged up thugs showing how “tough” they are.

Having more than seven in ten of your children born without a father figure in their lives leads to a never ending cycle of 40 year old grandmothers living in public housing.

Voting for the same Democrats who have lied to you for the past 50 years about how things will be so wonderful if you’ll just reelect them is senseless.

Will you ever “get it” and understand that those who are lying to you are your jailers?  

Get your free PDF of Coach’s book “Crooks Thugs& Bigots: the lost, hidden and changed history of the Democrat Party.” If you don’t know the truth all you’ll have are Democrat lies.

Just ask at kcoachc@gmail.com