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Here’s why America is upside down and has left us

by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Some of these points are more painful than others, but they’re all spot on.

Today American citizens are more afraid of the American government than illegal aliens are.

The DoJ doesn’t see criminality in threatening voters with truncheons, but is prosecuting an American citizen for making a video Obama doesn’t like.

The government now decides what will go on top of wedding cakes.

Abortionists are cheered and those who protest abortions are prosecuted.

Year after year “Global warming” conferences are canceled because of cold weather, but those who say it is a fake are mocked.

The guys that call us bigots for demanding photo ID to vote require photo ID to visit their offices.

The guy who is in charge of keeping illegal aliens out of America says they “have earned the right to citizenship.”

“Black Pride or Gay Pride” organizations catering to minorities are celebrated but “White Pride” or “Straight Pride” organizations are immediately labeled racist, bigoted and/or homophobic.

In-state tuition is automatically given to people from a “state” in Mexico but not a neighboring American state.

Cars that don’t work and no one wants are subsidized by the government but American auto manufacturers are collapsed with fake crises.

Criminals and psychos regularly kill people with guns in “Gun free zones”, because no law abiding armed citizens are carrying guns that could have been used to stop them.

We have to look to European media and even Pravda to get honest coverage of things happening in America because our own media won’t provide it. This goes double for things that embarrass the government.

We have record numbers of obese people but are constantly barraged by Public Service Announcements (we pay for of course) about one in seven people going to bed hungry (so pay more in taxes).

Those (especially Blacks) who speak out against the government are audited but the IRS keeps hands off Leftist groups.

The government regularly “pivots” to focus on creating jobs but outsources the construction of Obamacare and more and more Americans fall out of the workforce each month.

We see an idiot who blocked traffic for political reasons gets 40 times more coverage than the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi.

Everybody but the GOPe KNOWS immigration reform guarantees Democrat control for ever

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Every thinking American, whether conservative or liberal knows that when the feckless Republicans in the Congress fold and stab us in the back by erasing our borders Democrat Party control of our lives will be assured forever.  

The sad truth is that we are reduced to hoping that the horrific terror attack on Boston will defeat the Democrats’ plans to swamp our country with ready- made Democrat voters because there seems to be little reason to hope the Republicans will do so. 

There are several reasons we should be concerned about the Democrat plan to erase our borders.  Nevertheless, we cannot depend on Senate or Congressional Republicans to come clean and tell us the truth.

The 844 page (“You have to pass to find out what it contains) “comprehensive” immigration reform bill contains at least five dangerous elements.   

No matter what Chuck Schumer has ordered McCain, Graham and Rubio to say, this is an amnesty bill. It will immediately create 11 million new Democrats andperhaps another 20 million new Democrats as a result of the “anchor” provisions of our ridiculous immigration laws.  The vast majority of these new Democrats are here in America, not to be Americans but to be Mexicans in America or Jamaicans in America and so on. These people are here for what they can get FROM America NOT what they can add to America.  They will vote themselves every benefit they can.  They will not stop until there is nothing left to carry away.    

Even when the Democrats realize that they are now in charge forever and decide to try to stop supporting these freeloaders, built- in entitlement programs already in place will bleed us white. This will cause huge social problems.  This will be a major lose-lose because these people will bring nothing but outstretched palms to our big cities at the expense of lower paid, lower educated minority workers.    

Government spending will be huge while the new Democrats settle in but become endlessly expansive once they get the hang of the system.

Border security will disappear and the axiom that a nation that loses control of its borders ceases to be a nation will take hold.

America will become a less free, less attractive choice for the kind of legal immigrants we want. Combined with the devastating effects of Obamacare this could keep skilled doctors from coming here.

Sure these are dire predictions, but which dire conservative predictions made by conservatives have not come true and which rosy liberal predictions about anything have ever come true?        



A new survey shows us exactly why America is dying: the Takers think things are just fine

By Emma Karlin, staff writer

A new Pulse Opinion Research (POR) survey provides all the evidence needed to conclude that America was mortally wounded by the reelection of Barack Obama.  For whatever their reason the Makers in our country saw fit to stay home and allow the Takers and their enablers to ascend to power. Now the country will reap the devastation brought on by their decision.

The opinion splits found in the POR report on every important indicator of the financial health of the country could not be clearer. While an overall 59% think the country is on the wrong track, 87% of Republicans (the Makers’ Party) said “wrong track” and 54% of Democrats, (the Takers’ Party) saw the nation as being on the right track.  Why should they think otherwise with so much “free stuff” coming their way paid for by taxes collected from the Makers?

Everything is “free” in Comrade Obama’s land of milk and honey – isn’t it? Sixty percent of the Takers believe they will be better off after another four years of Obama’s “free stuff for all” but only 30% of the Takers believes their children will be better off.

By contrast just 4% the “Makers” say their children will be better off; 80% said their children’s lives will be bleaker under more of Comrade Obama’s largesse. This clearly proves the base selfishness of the Takers. It demonstrates that although they believe their children will be worse off tomorrow because of the way they want to live the next four years they don’t give a damn.

The Makers are frightened and upset about the horrible mess their children have been handed but the Takers are chanting, “O-BAM- A; O-BAM-A; FREE STUFF;  FREE STUFF; O-BAM-A!” African Americans, whose unemployment is double that of Whites and substantially higher now than it was when Obama came to office, are of course more upbeat than any other group. Forty four percent of African Americans think the country is moving on the right track.

A huge 56% of African Americans think their children will be better off after four more years of Comrade Obama’s bottomless “Free stuff for all (well almost all)” policies while just 10% of Whites feel the same way. That’s 56% for one group and 10% for the other – any questions?




America is now run by angry, feral adolescents fueled by hatred, jealousy and revenge

by Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Minority groups in America live better here than they do in other parts of the world. This is true for both Blacks and Hispanics. “Poor” in America is a description of at least lower middle class or better in many countries around the world. Yet when given a chance, these groups gladly plunged America into a dark and dangerous future to take their “revenge” against our nation.

On first glance this lust for revenge seems counterintuitive.  But closer examination explains this rage. Both groups are fueled by greed hatred jealousy and a thirst for revenge stoked to a roaring flame by Barack Obama a man unconcerned with long term consequences.

Consider these points.  At 14.3% Black unemployment is more than double White unemployment. At 10% Hispanic unemployment is more than 2 points higher than the national average.  By no measure are either of these groups better off now than they were before Obama came along.

Yet Blacks and Hispanics ran to the polls in an orgy of hatred and revenge for the greater society to reelect “Brother Barack” who has destroyed both their secular and religious lives.  Obama forced both of them to choose between him and their pastors over the issue of Gay marriage. They decided the chance for revenge he offered them was worth ignoring their religious leaders call to Biblical law. They willingly complied when Obama appealed to their seething hatred because feeding their desire for retribution is more important than anything else in their lives. They loved it when Obama publically abandoned any pretense of caring what White people thought of him or them.

A recent survey found 59% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track.  This alone should have stopped Obama, yet the sheer orgasmic delight of “stickin’ to the man” rendered this fact meaningless for these groups. Certainly they participated in this survey, but alas eating the tasty meal of hatred and revenge – which Obama actually preached as a reason to vote for him – was far too satisfying to pass up.

“Getting even” for the “pains and suffering” of living in a nation still the envy of the world, was enough reason to flush America down the toilet for these people. Barack Obama has turned half of the country into feral adolescents willing to give up their freedoms and ability to think in exchange for a front row seat to the decline of a nation they have been taught to hate. They are content with a life of roaming from one “free lunch” trough to another. They will eat until their snout hits bottom then straighten up burp, fart and move to the next trough without ever contributing a thing or showing a speck of gratitude. What happens when the last trough is emptied is the question.





Detroit schools must stop breeding generations of welfare recipients

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

What a disgrace to learn from statistics just released by the Department of Education that “…only 7 percent of the eighth graders in Detroit are grade-level proficient or better in reading.”  And statistics show that “Detroit public-school eighth graders do even worse in math than they do in reading.  Only 4 percent SCORED HIGHLY ENOUGH to be rated proficient or better in math. “State figures reveal [just] over 30 percent of public-school eighth graders were proficient or better in reading or math. “Sixty eight percent of Michigan public-school eighth graders are not proficient in reading and 69% are not proficient in math.” (3)  And little to no progress has been made during the last 12 years. (1)

Worst of all, we learn NOTHING of this from our erstwhile, Mainstream Media! 

Americans watched as union thuggery took place at the state capital during the passage of right-to-work legislation.  Countless teachers took vacation and sick days to be present at Democrat Party-sponsored events protesting the right of individuals to freely choose whether or not to join a union. Will the new law result in competent, dedicated teachers coming to Michigan schools? Will it provide the means of removing and replacing “educators” who have no business in a classroom?  Certainly something has to be done to improve statistics which currently foreshadow disaster for Michigan, public school students and by extension, the state itself.  And students seeing their teachers bully right-to-work supporters in front of the state capital can’t be part of the solution.

When Mitch Daniels signed right-to-work legislation in Indiana, he saw companies and new money pour into the state in record numbers.  Could it be that law makers in Lansing are making a purely economic decision that will open doors for a renewal in Detroit and schools all over the state?

One commenter in a Christian News story points to a big reason why Detroit schools are showing such pitiful results.  “Black peer pressure is an albatross around the neck of academically gifted or motivated black students.”  Acting White is a slur black students hurl around their playgrounds.  (2) Another commenter quotes President Obama who famously proclaimed, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” as America’s first black president seemed to praise a young black male killed in a fight with a community security watchdog.  But the commenter points out that, early in 2009, Obama said nothing about Darrion Albert who was murdered for acting white at a Chicago bus stop.

Kids can no longer be satisfied with a life of depending upon the generosity of taxpayers to make up for the penalties of ignorance. But just as labor unions provide a shield to protect workers from the consequences of incompetence, Big Brother and the Democrat Party offer a lifetime of public assistance. If teachers are incapable of getting the job done, they must find another way of making a living. And kids   unwilling to put forth the necessary effort in school must be told to fend for themselves as the government will no longer feed, clothe and house generations of welfare recipients.

(1) http://cnsnews.com/news/article/only-7-detroit-public-school-8th-graders-proficient-reading

(2) http://rentec.wordpress.com/2010/03/07/intra-racial-disparities-acting-white-put-on-trial/