TEA partiers must show “newly initiated” the differences between Republicans and conservatives


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Republican establishment will lie to get Mitt Romney, the media’s favorite Republican, our nomination for President. They may be able to fool the “newly initiated” to politics, but they can’t fool us. We know the truth about Romney which is why he is virtually flat lining in TEA party polls. It’ s up to us to teach people the truth.  We have to explain the differences between a Republican and a conservative to people new to politics because the Republican establishment and Karl “Tokyo” Rove types will lie to them.

Since few are more zealous than a convert, many of these “newly initiated” Republicans might march in and vote for Romney believing that will make them good Republicans. We can’t let that happen.  

The case against Romney

“He can argue any side of a question. And sometimes you think he’s really believing his argument, but he’s not.” Who said that? Ann Romney, his wife!

  Mitt Romney has flip flopped on most of the issues we see as deal breakers.

Those include ABORTION 

When he ran for Senate in 1994 he said Roe vs Wade should be sustained and supported. Now he says “life begins at conception, …. Roe vs Wade should be overturned.”

Second Amendment

As Massachusetts Governor Romney supported the Brady Bill and was proud to point out his differences with the NRA. When he started running for President he joined the NRA as a life member.


 He created this monstrosity and even  coached Obama on how to put it together; now he says he’ll repeal it.   Today he says Obamacare can be fixed – remember when confronted with its failures Communism’s supporters ALWAYS say “They didn’t do it right, we can make it work.”   

 Protecting the conservative edge in the Supreme Court

 From 2003 to 2005 as Governor of Massachusetts Romney had the duty to appoint 72 judges. He selected 28 Democrats, 26 Independents and just 25% ( 18) Republicans.

 Gay marriage

   Romney used executive fiat to force gay “marriage” on a state that had a law against it.

 When a Massachusetts judge ruled Gay “marriage” legal Romney could have replied that state law superseded a court ruling and stood firm, but he did not. Amazingly he unilaterally declared the ruling to be “law” and started issuing gay “marriage” licenses.

 When running for Governor of Massachusetts he secured the endorsement of the Log Cabin (gay Republicans) organization.

From 2000 to 2002 in support of Gay Scout Masters, as CEO of the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee, Romney banned Boy Scouts from participating.

There will be more reasons to fight against Romney’s nomination but these issues should serve as the “straight to the point” ammunition we need to enlighten new comers to our movement. It’s up to us again. Last year we taught the Democrats to fear us. Now we have to teach the establishment Republicans not just to hate us, but to fear us as well.

Let’s remind them “Don’t tread on me!” means them too.  

 Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative:


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 This day in history October 17

 1979: The same people who gave Jimmy Carter Barack Obama and Yasser Arafat the Nobel Peace Prize award one to Mother Teresa. How could they go so wrong in recent years? These phonies couldn’t shine Mother Teresa’s shoes.

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 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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12 thoughts on “TEA partiers must show “newly initiated” the differences between Republicans and conservatives”

  1. "The Americans will always do the right thing… After they've exhausted all the alternatives."
    -Winston Churchill
    Is there enough time left or are we too dumb to realize we will be lucky to even get a last chance in 2012?

  2. The answer to your question, Normandola is that some are smart enough to get it but I fear the vast majority are too ignorant to understand that the entire fundaConstitutional structure of the USA is up for grabs. If we continue to elect Socialist/Liberals and/or "Neo-conservatives" there will no longer be an AmeriAmerica that once was great.

  3. Coach, it is very interesting that you should be broaching this particular topic just now. I had just been thinking of a dilemma which occurred to me regarding the all too likely outcome of the Repubes forcing Mitt Romney on us.
    What would be the chances of "Presidential success" for a Republican nominee that was hated by the TEA Party? (Say, the unlikeable, Obama-Care "Mini-Me", Gov. Mitt Romney if he was thrust upon us by the statist Republicans). What would Romney's chances of winning be?
    That candidate's chances would be zip, zero, nada and "No Way" without TEA Party votes.
    Yet, we are still being treated as if if we are, collectively, the "developmentally-challenged, red-headed step-child that is a continued source of embarrassment and shame to the Party controllers.
    We are forced into a position of having to topple also, those who continue to hold us back.
    We are precisely (to the Republican Party), what the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd is to President Obama !! Make no mistake about it !
    Each group represents the disaffected, disillusioned, angry, resentful, refusing-to-compromise-any-longer, surly, tax-paying citizens who have had enough of the lies, deceptions, unworkable plans,endless bailouts that were doomed from their inception, etc etc. etc!!
    We TEA Partiers are to the Republican Party what the wall street protesters are to Obama. We are tired of paying the price over and over again, for their gross ineptitude, malfeasance in office, and trails of broken promises.
    We are the flip sides to the same coin.
    Obama fears his protestors every bit as much as the Republican establishment fears us.
    Would we TEA Party types be so fed up and disgusted by the abysmal, continued control by centrist Republicans disguising themselves as Liberals that we would vote Third Party or would we stay away from our poling places in droves? In protest ?
    We can still watch a video of Mitt Romney thanking and praising the late, Uber-Liberal Sen. Ted Kennedy for helping him to craft the Massachusetts health-care law he enacted while Governor. Go to: http://www.reason.com and search for : Frontrunner Romney Praise Liberal Lion Ted Kennedy For His Role in Passing RomneyCare
    So much for HIS "conservatism"!
    I realize that "politics makes strange bedfellows", but for Romney to be cheek to jowl with a monster such as "Sen.Ted" really blurs the lines not only between most present day Republican and Democratic Congressmen ; but also makes more murky the differences ( and there are many), between Constitutional Conservatives and those passing themselves off as Republican conservatives.

    1. Well said Joanne, but I am totally opposed to satying home or voting third party. As I have written the next Congress will be overwhelmingly TEA party conservatives and put any president in a box and keep him there. I don’t fear Mittens as much as I fear Obama’s second term.

      1. Dontcha just love it Coach ? Once again (!!), for the umpteenth, and unforgivable, time in our adult voting lives, we mere peons, the "go-to" guys Congress seeks to bail out their miserable asses, the tax-payers who can no longer afford to cover the costs of the misguided binge-type spending our Congressmen/women engage in; will be manipulated then herded like a bunch of lemmings into the preselected crevasse of phony-conservatism !!
        How often have each and every one of us here in this forum alone groaned and fumed while in the voting booth that the future of our lives and of our country have been reduced, time and time again, to the basest, lowest denominator of "the lesser of two evils"?
        If the TEA Party is growing so quickly and has so much clout: why aren't we more successful in Lobbying our Congress-persons to adopt our terms, instead of theirs?
        You might say "Well, Joanne that's because we don't have control of the Senate yet"; but my reply would be "That's true, but look at the behavior of those alleged TEA Party types we elected to the House in the 2010 mid-terms. They immediately allowed themselves to be co-opted, intimidated and cowed by Boehner ,Cantor et al, and their collective performance was "under-whelming" in affecting Constitutional behavior among the power-holders. Can you assure me that this same phenomenon will not also occur in the Senate where "The good-old-boy" philosophy exacts even stronger penalties for "errant-thinking" than does the House.
        As usual, our laughable, final voting choices are preordained . "It is all about" what is good for the Federal Government's continued, bloated survival; it's never been about what is actually beneficial for this Country and its' people.
        You may think Romney is an acceptable alternative to Obama, but I do not. I believe they are cut pretty much from the same Federal-government-uber-alles-corporatist cloth and I am fed up with being USED by those who have agendas other than to guarantee the Freedoms that belong to our natural-born citizens by birthright !
        Any government (read State or Congress) which places illegal aliens rights above our own; any government which seeks to impose federal or State edicts upon our health-care choices (including Romney-care at the States' options), and any government which seeks to preserve itself before preserving the rights of those it governs; deserves neither my respect, my cooperation in its' rigged system of legislative outcomes; nor my endorsement (my vote).
        I fear neither Romney nor Obama, what I DO fear are the collectivist-status-quo, meddlesome types on "The Hill" who have allowed and enabled the erosion of their sovereignty, as well as that of the States and of Individuals.
        Do I want to "go-along to get along" any longer? Sorry Coach, the answer is no.
        Participating in this sort of endless gamesmanship has gotten us where we are today; and I refuse to be a part of it any longer.
        I know that you hope I will "re-think my position" and once again opt to be pragmatic ; but I really don't feel like holding my nose in the voting booth any more.

        1. Me again…. just wanted to make my apologies to Representative Tom Graves (R-Ga), who as a rookie Rep. has had an outstanding and consistent record of standing up to the House leadership in his defense of Constitutional imperatives as well as common sense.
          A tip of the hat to you Rep. Graves!
          And, as an aside : the Republican steering committee finally did something right in choosing not to retaliate against Rep. Graves for having the spine to defy House leadership.
          You folks in the not-so-well-respected-Republican "machine" had better keep your grimy, tainted mitts off of Rep Graves; because from where many of us sit, Graves is one of the truer icons of the TEA Party/Constitutional movement.

    2. In the above article I made a really stupid mistake.
      The statement beginning with : "Would we TEA Party types be so fed up and disgusted by the abysmal, continued control by centrist Republicans disguising themselves as Liberals ……SHOULD read instead…disguising themselves as Conservatives.
      Centrist Republicans ARE Liberals; moderates who have no backbone and game plan to help this country out if its distress.

  4. The years Mitt Romney spent governing our state were nothing more than the ‘appetizer’ before his ‘dinner’ – what he failed to realize is that a governor of MASSACHUSETTS, the bluest of the blue states, is NOT a resume enhancer! Not for a Democrat and definitely NOT for a Republican!

    I hope the early primary elections give him the message, once and for all, that he is NOT the candidate to represent the Republican Party.

  5. Mitt Romney-just another socialist country club republicrat-otherwise
    known as a RINO. We took care of one here in Florida. Sent governor
    speedo back to the beach. It's time to get serious and put a man in
    white house that IS NOT a career politician: someone who has actually
    WORKED for a living.


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