The “Hispanic vote bogyman” threat is actually a Democrat problem not ours

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

It’s election time so that means Democrats rolls out one of its favorites weapons: the “Hispanic vote bogyman” threat. The script goes this way: The Democrat supporting Hispanics dictate a demand list to Republicans then watch them squirm and pander. To add some salsa to the threat they promise retaliation at the polls if Republicans dare to ignore them.

This kind of knuckling under has never gone well for Republicans. Endless concessions and saying things like, “We’ll give your cousin amnesty. We’ll give your kids our kids’ college classroom seats – and throw in our jobs food stamps and ignore your past voter fraud; but please vote for us”  rarely wins us Hispanic support but rarely fails to anger our base who sometimes stay home on Election Day. 

Every cycle Hispanic voters thank us for the goodies laugh behind our back and vote Democrat anyway.  Chasing votes we will never get is a fool’s errand. Let the Party of Fear do the pandering – it’s their specialty; and besides Hispanic threats of reprisals at the ballot box are toothless anyway. 

How much of a threat is there?

A new Latino Fox News poll shows likely Hispanic voters support Barack Obama by a stunning six to one. This makes them as out of reach as Black voters. Nevertheless, with the possible exception of Florida their geographic distribution does much to blunt their threat as a voting bloc. No matter how Hispanics vote Obama will win New York, California and Illinois and lose Texas. 

“What about voter fraud?”

The indications are Obama won’t be within the 3% margin necessary for voter fraud to work. This window is closing for the Democrats as 40 states are actively working to stop voter fraud by Hispanics or anybody.  Moreover a Rasmussen survey shows 69% of all likely voters favor anti- fraud photo ID requirements for voting. 

Combining these facts with falling Hispanic voter enthusiasm (50% in August fell to 44% in December) makes the Hispanic vote not a Republican problem but a Democrat problem.

If Republicans leave Hispanic pandering to the Democrats they’ll have a problem with Hispanic voters we won’t.  They’ll have to go on record supporting amnesty open borders in-state tuition for illegals and all the rest of the Hispanic’s demand list.

Let’s put Democrats in a lose- or- break- even situation and let’s take the win- or- break even position. We can’t lose votes we never had anyway.   Democrats are the ones who need Hispanics to turn out or lose elections when they stay home.  Make Democrats respond to the Hispanic demand list and suffer the consequences when they further alienate majority America.

 Either way is good for America and bad for Democrats.       

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3 thoughts on “The “Hispanic vote bogyman” threat is actually a Democrat problem not ours”

  1. This morning a Catholic clergyman friend mentioned in passing that most priests think Obama is great. Given that most Latino's are Catholic – thank you Our Lady of Guadalupe!

    There are interesting battle lines forming as Obama finally revealed his war against the Catholic Church and its myriad educational and service institutions. He wasn't expecting a push back from the Bishops as so many clergy got sucked into the social justice fiasco, playing into the "progressive" agenda. Anyone remember the Delano Grape Boycott under Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and the Kennedy's? (One of my Latino friend's Mom was head of "Moms Against Chavez" He was 12 at the time and remembers not being allowed in the churches to speak in opposition to the UFW.)
    Latino's tend to be creative, hard working and family oriented… all anathema to the "progressive" agenda.
    Latino men are really waking up to how they've been suckered. If the Bishops and the Republican candidates can reach this population from the spiritual on one side and the political on the other, that 6:1 voting ratio could disappear overnight.

  2. ….and they lie about the effect it has on American citizens of Hispanic descent…they who came here legally have little patience for those who come illegally. It is they who have to put up with the scrutiny.

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