The adults at Hostess give a reality lesson to Obama’s union children

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 This is the end of Hostess Bakery Company. It was started in 1930 and died a few days after Barack Obama was reelected. The smiles have barely left the faces of his supporters, and now thousands of them across the country are being fired and laid-off.   

“We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike. Hostess Brands will move promptly to lay off most of its 18,500-member workforce and focus on selling its assets to the highest bidders.” With these 45 words the world has been turned upside down for “proud and determined” union members who were going to “show Hostess how things will be from now on.”

Instead they got a smack across the nose and a clear lesson about how an economy really works. These 18,500 people have been led into a strike they never had a chance of winning. They foolishly believe Obamanomics works because their leaders told them so. Commies and union leaders lie.

The unions involved were thoroughly warned that a strike would mean the end of Hostess, but alas they didn’t care. They had just reelected their president – so what could go wrong? Hostess would be forced to remain in business to provide them with jobs – wouldn’t they?

Because they are liberal Democrats these people know nothing about how wealth is created, and don’t really care. All they know is if you have wealth they will find a way to take it. They are child-like in their understanding of wealth. They are like five year olds who don’t believe “mommy has no money” because they saw a ten dollar bill in her purse.     

There are those who will rejoice over these layoffs which come just in time for Thanksgiving. The far Left wants to keep rocking America until she is upended and has to be redesigned. They are just as clueless as the union thugs. In the short run things will be very bad, but the one thing we have that they don’t understand is the American Spirit. America may fall but she won’t be down for long. We understand this and they don’t, but they will sooner than later.     


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18 thoughts on “The adults at Hostess give a reality lesson to Obama’s union children”

  1. Coach, as usual, is wrong. Hostess has been mismanaged for years. That is the reason for their downfall. Do your homework.

    Stop with all the juvenile Obama hatred already.

    1. To Gary

      Wipe the liberal Democrat Kool Ade off your chin and think for a change. Hoew do YOU know Hostess was mismanaged? Because the liberal media told you so? A bankruptcy court ordered an 8% cut in salaries to save the company. The greedy unions said no because they are drunk with power over reelecting their Marxist king. Now reality has hit them in the face. I’m sorry for the rank and file in the union who were smart enough NOT to vote for Obama, but the leaders and the other halfwits who did vote for him got what the asked for. I suppose EVERY other company that is shutting down and laying off is “mis-managed” as well. How about the 3,000 “green” morons in the Oregon wind mill company that are now out of work? Was their company mismanaged? – actually not they were only window dressing for Obama’s money laundering scheme. Please don’t go away Gary. Hang around here and listen to grownups talk – maybe you’ll learn something – but I doubt it.

      1. To Coach Collins

        Very well written. Liberals have no depth to their reasoning. They can only see to their noses.

      2. Coach, I cannot comprehend why you even allow known Marxists and Obama apologists such as Gary Miller access to this website.
        You and I will continue to disagree on this….believe me.

      3. Coach, are you actually going to deny that Hostess Brands twice declared bankruptcy in the past 8 years? Are you actually going to deny that Hostess employees were assured their jobs would be safe if they made grand concessions eight years ago, which they did? Are you actually going to deny that Hostess Brands has been through six CEOs in the past ten years? This is all a matter of public record, not your juvenile whining about the liberal media.

        Do your homework, for once.

    2. To Gary,

      Prove it. Otherwise go away…stop looking at this site….We the People don’t want you kool-ade drinking idiots around.

    3. Gary – you’re right! Any company that has to maintain two fleets of trucks – one to deliver snacks, the other to deliver bread – then a separate employee to stack the shelves has to be run by idiots… or was that a union rule?

    4. @Gary Miller: Coach’s response to you is right on the money; whether the corporation was mismanaged or not, is pretty much immaterial in the face of the obscene demands unions have been making on employers for DECADES, and the laws that protect them from prosecution, because they’ve BOUGHT our politicians for that long as well! Unfortunately, a LOT of innocent families are going to be hurt over this folly in the very near future, and NOT just those 18,500! This scenario is going to be re-enacted ALL over the US, in both the public and private sectors for exactly the SAME reason: UNIONS and their demands have become UNSUSTAINABLE, a word you should well recognize,being it’s a Lib buzzword!

  2. I doubt Gary has ever run a business. How about the 80,000 who got pink slips in Ohio and PA this week, the week after the election? 200,000 scheduled for pink slips in VA if the defense cuts go thru as planned. How about all those who lost their jobs at Solyndra, the “green” company that was subsidized with taxpayer hard earned dollars and then went belly up? Plus at least 12 other “green” companies including one who made cars in another country that are now bankrupt at the taxpayers expense? Stimulus anyone??? Big payoff to the Obama donors all funded by the taxpayer or China. Gary, to take a course in Economics 101. You need to take off your rose colored glasses as this country is in deep trouble. It will take a different mind set than the one you currently inhabit to make the necessary changes for this economy to start moving again.

  3. As far as last I had heard, Governor Chris Christie is personally making an effort to save the recipe so that his business partners can start a similar business under a different name. Christie,it is said, will have full access to the finished product.

  4. We should send Twinkies to every union leader and member we know. If we can’t beat their Luciferien Alinsky and Cloward and Pivens tactics, maybe we can laugh them out of office.

    Kind of like Chik-Fil-A to help save the company.

  5. Greed and arrogance of the unions has come home to roost. The unions certainly have twinkie creme on their faces now. Perhaps Obama will “buy” Hostess with taxpayer money and then allow his friends to loot the cash, as he did with Solyndra and countless other of his multi-billion dollar embezzlements.

    1. @Hiram Jones: This would be more like what he did with GM and Chrysler; Solyndra and the rest were just money-laundering schemes to enrich his chums who were filling his “war chest”, not SERIOUS corporations going to provide a real service or product, whereas the auto industry HAS done so in the past, before the UAW ran it into the ground!

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