The Alabama Supreme Court may be the beginning of the end of Obama’s house of cards

by Tommy Thompson, special correspondent

What’s been the biggest challenge in challenging Obama’s eligibility in court? It’s been finding a judge who isn’t afraid to allow the merits of the case against Obama to be argued in court. The Alabama Supreme Court might just be different. In an earlier case before the Alabama Supremes, Associate Judge, Tom Parker, stated “McInnish has attached certain documentation (Joe Arpaio’s investigation) to his mandamus petition, which, if presented to the appropriate forum as part of a proper evidentiary presentation, would raise serious questions about the authenticity of both the ‘short form’ and ‘long form’ birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public.”

Here we have a judge who actually recognizes that the fake birth certificates are a serious issue and should be addressed. Now we have a new case before the Alabama Supreme Court. This case is McInnish/Goode v Beth Chapman (SOS). It is being handled by famous attorney Larry Klayman. Also, it will be the first and only civil case in which Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse is personally involved. Chief investigator for Arpaio, Mike Zullo has written a 200 point affidavit to this court and has agreed to testify in person. Zullo will show the court that the “picture” of the long form birth certificate is a 100% digitally created fake.

Now comes even better news. In the 2012 elections, Alabama elected Judge Roy Moore as the Chief Justice of her Supreme Court. In an earlier interview concerning the case against Terry Lakin, Justice Moore stated that he not only thought that Lt. Col Lakin had a right to question Obama’s eligibility, but had a duty to do so.

He also said that he has seen no documentary evidence that Obama is a natural born citizen and in fact hasn’t seen anything that even proves that he is a citizen of the US. Judge Roy Moore is a staunch Constitutionalist who declares the Constitution is the “law of the land” and cannot be changed by politics. He’s a tough judge.

I’ve followed most of the eligibility cases and I’ve noticed a very common occurrence. Even in those cases in which the judge appears to follow the law there seems always to be a sudden and abrupt change. As in the Georgia case before Judge Michael Malihi, the case was pretty well decided by a default judgment against Obama when Malihi abruptly dismissed the case. This was done even though Obama’s attorneys refused to show up in court.

When you read Judge Malihi’s decision and compare it to his earlier denial of motion to dismiss it’s as if they were written by two different people. Could it be that Judge Malihi got a visit? And from whom? And who wrote the decision? I don’t see this happening to Judge Roy Moore and the Alabama Supreme Court. I don’t think they can be intimidated. There is no timeline for the court to rule on this case, so we wait to see what happens. This could be monumental.

Tommy Thompson

Alabama eligibility case in St.Clair County

Thompson v Kennedy (chairman of the Ala. Dem. Party)

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25 thoughts on “The Alabama Supreme Court may be the beginning of the end of Obama’s house of cards”

  1. This judge and family needs bodyguards 24/7 until this is over. Until we protect our people in office that could make meaningful important decisions we will lose 100% of the time.

  2. > As in the Georgia case before Judge Michael Malihi, the case was pretty well decided by a default judgment against Obama when Malihi abruptly dismissed the case.

    The judge offered the plaintiffs (Orly Taitz, you remember?) default judgment but they denied because they wanted a decision on the merits. Since the merits were zero, they lost.

    Kinda dishonest to first reject default judgment and then when you lose the case, whine that you were denied default judgment, isn’t it?

    1. That is incorrect.

      The case was on the definition of the term-of-art ‘natural Born Citizen’. During the case, the plaintiffs provided US Supreme Court precedence on the construction of the phrase. Judge Malihi then decided to ignore Supreme Court precedence, and instead use an Indiana state case as precedence.

      Judge Malihi decided to ‘punt’ the case, and did not dismiss it, or decided it, on the merits.

      1. Matt–
        You’re right about that. And as I recall, Malihi based his decision on dicta from that court as the Indiana judges never actually decided upon the facts of their case. They eventually threw the case out after expressing nothing but a rambling opinion, worth absolutely nothing legally. In short, Malihi used any excuse he could find to dive under the nearest desk and avoid having to actually do his job. He wouldn’t even answer plaintiff requests for assignment of burden of proof! Unheard of in a true court of law.

  3. wont hold my breath but i will continue to expose the fraud running the entire planet..the puppet emperor has no clothes.. but doing a fine job for his masters..

  4. If we examine the 9 layer electronic PDF ‘birth certificate’ released on the official White House website, and view the ‘guts’ of this PDF using a file viewer in ASCII Masked format, we see on line 2 of the code: ‘%Derek’s PDF’. Who could ‘Derek’ be? Well the President named a ‘Derek Douglas’ (african american) to serve as ‘Special Assistant to the President for Urban Affairs’ on Feb 19, 2009. There were no other ‘Dereks’ in White House detail at that time with special access to the president. In all probability, this is the individual who crafted the electronic 9-layer PDF birth certificate and either uploaded it or had someone at the White House upload to the official WH website. But the boobs at the WH forgot to first print this electronic creation and then rescan it in order to hide the 9 layers – and thus make it appear to be legitimate document on the Internet. It should also be noted that the State of Hawaii CANNOT produce a paper original birth certificate beloning to a ‘Obama’ , matching exactly with what the White House uploaded to the Internet on April 27, 2011. Now, within a week of this electronic forgery being released on the official website, the ‘Bin Laden raid’ and puppet show began, and filled the U.S. television airwaves with distractions for 8 solid weeks. Result: No more talk about the birth certificate. This is how U.S. State Media operates in this country today. But hold on, no pictures of Bin Laden’s body were ever produced or released to validate this puppet show & engineered distraction. And we were also told Bin Laden’s body was dumped at sea, ‘per muslum tradition’ no less. In addition to all of this, the live video feed of this event went blank for 20 minutes at the White House situation room at exactly the moment the alleged raid had commenced, according to then-CIA director Leon Panetta who was present in the White House with all of the others (Obama, Clinton, Biden, etc); NO ONE there actually saw the raid or Bin Laden, or anything else happening in Pakistan at that moment. It was all an engineered farse to distract the public from the disasterous release of a half-baked PDF, complete with 9 layers and a copy of the official stamp of Hawaii. Now we’re hearing from the Congress that if the government shuts down, and we don’t pass Obamacare, the sky will fall. Another bullcrap story. If the markets collapse, they’ll just pump them back up – just like what happened in 2009. By the way, other boogeyman-terrorists of far lesser value / notoriety over the last 20 years had their dead, shot-up bodies photographed and placed into ornate frames and placed on display for the world to see by the U.S. military in: Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 20 years, but no such pictures or display time for the greatest boogeyman of all time – Bin Laden? Think about this. We have an imposter for an acting president. This means that until we find out WHO this individual is and WHERE he was born, the AHCA / Obamacare legislation is NULL and VOID. Soetor/Obama should never have been placed on the States’ ballots; and this is where Nancy Pelosi and Biden could find their tails in a crack. They both signed off on the certifications to put Soetoro on the ballot. The problem is there are two different copies of the certification which demonstrates an effort to conceal information regarding Soetoro/Obama that would otherwise disqualify him as a legal presidential candidate per the U.S. Constitution.

    1. America really has no idea where Obama was born, to what father and why that ad in the Honolulu paper was placed. Since the grandfather was CIA, then it was easily setup. Obama Sr. was a stand-in Dad for the Communist Davis who was the very one Stanley was supposed to be foiling union organization. How embarrassing for an underage girl to bear the reverse of what you were sent there to uncover ? Perkins-Coie law firm knows all about how this joker vaulted to the forefront. I bet those were some nice fees.

    1. You can call Clerk Julia Weller’s office at 334-229-0700. You need to be specific and inquire about “Hugh McInnish, Virgil Goode v. Beth Chapman, Secretary of State.”

      She or another woman who also answers can not tell you when exactly Oral Arguments shall take place.

      Pray in Jesus name.

  5. @426Hemi Just to further clarify something, if you look for the picture of Obama “allegedly” in the Situation Room during the bin Laden raid by Seal Team 6, you’ll notice that Obama has been digitally added to the photo, he wasn’t even in the room. Someone recently examined the photo and decided that either everyone in the room has a large head, or Obama’s is abnormally small. Apparently it turns out that Obama was upstairs playing Spades with Reggie Love during the raid by Seal Team 6.

  6. People I agree the guy is a total fraud. But he is in his second term and even if they had the forger confess and they produced his ACTUAL birth certificate which was drastically different. there isn’t anything what so ever that can be done about it now. You are wasting your time.

    1. Dear Yiddishlion
      Raising doubts about Obama’s birth place is NEVER a waist of time because it presupposes that everybody knows the answer is “settled” which of course it is not. New people come to the light every day and it is the mission of this site and sites like this to get these new patriots up to speed.
      Thanks for taking the time to write and thanx for reading CiR

    2. Yiddish, if a President of the United States produces a late, forged instrument, a document so simple as a birth certificate, to usurp the office. Removal with a resignation is in order. He lied.

    1. Actually not only is it a waste of time I dare say it is actually detrimental. The main core of America’s voting populace is so dumbed down and emotionally driven the whole issue just makes the right look petulant and the far right crazy. Since it will not change anything it becomes a ruse and a distraction from doing that which can actually be accomplished. I do agree with the premise that we need to know the truth, and it IS a good idea, however I believe that it was all done on purpose and designed to look like a forgery on purpose to make us all look stupid. We are talking about truly evil conspirators on the left here. The people in this current administration is so unashamedly diabolical they are capable of absolutely any and all wicked things to further their ideology and lusts for power.

      1. yiddishlion–

        Yep, diabolical hits the nail right on the head for the Democrat Party and far left. But I can’t imagine that Obama deliberately put a phony certificate on the web. That would be taking a HUGE gamble. What if the Regime had actually run into an honest judge? Sure, there are always threats, intimidation and bribes, but things like those can make certain people hunker down even MORE!

  7. “What’s been the biggest challenge in challenging Obama’s eligibility in court? It’s been finding a judge who isn’t afraid to allow the merits of the case against Obama to be argued in court. The Alabama Supreme Court might just be different”

    Well, our article that you linked here, I published in May, AL Supreme Court has been sitting on this case for the better part of a year. One might legitimately ask: considering the importance and urgency of this case, why has it not been heard?

  8. Matt, In Georgia, there were multiple cases and each had different issues. Yiddishlion, how can you possibly say this is a waste of time? If it can finally be exposed that Obama is a fraud, pressure can be brought on Congress to finally do something. If Obama is forced to resign due to criminal charges then all of his 936 executive orders, his appointments may all be deemed null and void…that’s pretty important to me and definitely not a waste of my time…LOL

  9. Malihi, lectured Obama’s attorneys early in the case on how NOT to construct an argument. : “Statutory provisions must be read as they are written, and this Court finds that the cases
    cited by Defendant are not controlling. When the Court construes a constitutional or statutory
    provision, the “first step . . . is to examine the plain statutory language.” Morrison v. Claborn,
    294 Ga. App. 508, 512 (2008). “Where the language of a statute is plain and unambiguous,
    judicial construction is not only unnecessary but forbidden. In the absence of words of
    limitation, words in a statute should be given their ordinary and everyday meaning.” Six Flags
    Over Ga. v. Kull, 276 Ga. 210, 211 (2003) (citations and quotation marks omitted). Because
    there is no other “natural and reasonable construction” of the statutory language, this Court is
    “not authorized either to read into or to read out that which would add to or change its meaning.”
    Blum v. Schrader, 281 Ga. 238, 240 (2006)”

    and then Malihi proceeded to “construct” his own argument in direct conflict with his earlier course in “law 101”: “For the purposes of this analysis, this court considered that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Therefore, as discussed in Arkeny, he became a citizen at birth and is a natural born citizen.
    The court finds the testimony of the witnesses, as well as the exhibits tendered, to be of little, if any probative value, and thus wholly insufficient to support plaintiff’s allegations.”

    1. Tommy–Malihi ignored the only true Supreme Court precedent and proceeded to butcher both the law and standard procedure of the court. Funny that the judge started out so well and ended up so badly. Almost as though he had a sudden change of heart about following the law.

  10. exactly right Doug, Mahlihi “constructed” his own argument out of thin air with nothing presented in court to base his facts on. He ignored the US Supreme Court ruling in Minor v Happersett but chose the lower case of Ankeny instead. We’ve seen this type of “sudden change” in so many of these cases. This is why I think this case before the Alabama Supreme Court is so important and different.

    1. Tommy–plaintiff’s attorney Moore took a new tack in this case, doing away with the Natural Born Citizen argument and wisely so. Is Obama an expatriate, given his failure to file with Selective Service and his Indonesian citizenship! Did Beth Chapman properly verify his eligibility to serve as president?
      Of course, always the BIGGEST question–can the American people find an honest judge!!

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