The American Minute September 25 is pleased to announce American history scholar; nationally known speaker and best selling author William J Federer’s daily American Minute column will be part of CiR’s afternoon update.

 Bill Federer is a tireless and meticulous researcher whose daily history lessons reflect the relationship between God and our nation. The body of his work demolishes the notion that our founders were colorless and soulless men who were proponents of a slavish separation of church and state.

 When the topic is American history, Bill can frequently be seen and heard on such national programs as the Sean Hannity Show and the Janet Parshall’s America radio show.

We’re sure you will enjoy Bill’s daily columns and want to share them with your friends and families. Bill Federer is an American patriot whose message needs to be heard by all.    

 By Bill Federer, staff writer

 “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

 Thus began the first of the Ten Amendments, or Bill of Rights, which were approved SEPTEMBER 25, 1789.

 “The Father of the Bill of Rights” was George Mason of Virginia.

 When George Washington was chosen as Commander of the Continental Army, George Mason was drafted by Virginia to fill his place in the Continental Congress.

George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights from which Jefferson drew from to write the Declaration of Independence.

 George Mason was one of 55 founders who wrote the U.S. Constitution, but was one of the few who refused to sign it because it did not end the slave trade and did not put enough limits on the Federal Government’s power.

 George Mason joined with Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams to prevent the Constitution from being ratified, as the abuses of King George III’s concentrated power were still fresh in their minds.

 It was largely through George Mason’s insistence that in the first session of Congress ten limitations or “Amendments” were put on the new Federal Government.

 George Mason suggested the wording of the First Amendment be:

“All men have an equal, natural and unalienable right to the free exercise of religion, according to the dictates of conscience; and that no particular sect or society of Christians ought to be favored or established by law in preference to others.”

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  1. As always, a very informative "Minute". Incredible, the number of great men who came together at the same moment in history to help "create" this nation.

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