The ATF: Where Perversion Means Promotion

 By Doug Book, staff writer

In December of 2009, Russell Vanderwerf, Director of Industry Operations for the Houston office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was arrested in New Orleans after staffers at the Residence Inn at which he was staying were sent to investigate a malfunctioning hotel fire alarm. It seems Mr. Vanderwerf had disconnected the smoke detectors in his suite and removed the alarm horn, leaving it hanging out of the wall. But far more interesting to hotel employees, Vanderwerf had also removed the door between his bedroom and the outer suite and replaced it with a four by five foot piece of plywood, mounting it to the door jam with hinges and screws.

Near the center of this makeshift door was a hole, rimmed with duck tape. “A front desk staffer told authorities that she’d received a complaint from  a hotel guest who said the door to that room had been propped open…and that she noticed several ‘young men’ entering and exiting. The guest also complained of hearing ‘sex noises’ coming from the room…”, according to the filed police report.

The duck tape-lined hole, string of young men “entering and exiting” and the sound of “sex noises” I’ll leave to your imagination. What is truly difficult to imagine is that Russell Vanderwerf has not been disciplined by the ATF! On the contrary, according to an ATF agent posting as ‘All Eyes on You’ on the website, “it has been confirmed that Russell Vanderwerf is being reassigned to 99 New York Ave.”

In short, Mr. Vanderwerf is going to Washington, D.C! And just to complete this Orwell in Wonderland tale, ‘All Eyes on You’ tells us that Vanderwerf spent 2010 working from home at full pay, will be moved to D.C. at taxpayer expense and is being promoted to the position of Deputy Chief.

 How can a walking criminal perversion earn an all expenses paid promotion to the nation’s capital? The folks at Sipsey Street Irregulars blog have a theory. For years the ATF has encouraged gun dealers to complete weapon sales to suspected and even to known straw purchasers for Mexican drug cartels. The Agency claims that, thanks to serial number tracing, such sales lead to the eventual arrest and prosecution of higher-ups in the drug sales and transport trade. As ATF Director of Industry Operations in Houston, Vanderwerf was “…responsible for overseeing inspection of all federal gun and explosives licenses in the area.”  So those whose living depended upon keeping their Federal Firearms License knew it was important to keep Mr. Vanderwerf happy. Therefore when the ATF told a dealer to complete a questionable cash sale for several rifles to a Hispanic male, that dealer did what he was told. And the number one seller of arms sold in the U.S. and confiscated by Mexican authorities–115 guns so far–is Carter’s Country, in Houston Texas!

As the above information is only available because of ATF whistle blowers and the efforts of relentless investigative reporters, perhaps Mr. Vanderwerf’s little peccadilloes have been overlooked by the ATF because a vengeful, vocal ex-employee would not represent the Agency’s idea of positive public relations. After all, even in Obama’s America, encouraging the sale of guns to Mexican drug lords would be difficult to defend.

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4 thoughts on “The ATF: Where Perversion Means Promotion”

  1. "2005: Teri Schiavo’s husband ordered the state of Florida to murder her by removing her feeder tube. She died 13 days later. "

    Her husband, his right.

    These tired old lines has cost the Right more than one election and will continue until the Right shuts up.

    1. Denver Your writing is an excellent example of why the Left is losing. The next time you write please have someone proof read what you want to post.

  2. There is no right to kill except in self-defense or state sponsored capital punishment. There is not right to starve a living human being by denying water and food – that is torture! Had Terry been able to defend herself with a pistol I'd bet she would have shot her "husband" who took all her insurance money and wouldn't give her the care she deserved.

    1. STL, I hope you also agree that an American has the right to kill in defense of his liberty, his inalienable rights, and not only in defense of his life.

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