The case for a Palin/Beck ticket in 2012?

By Suzanne Eovaldi

Is the Conservatives’ dream ticket for 2012 shaping up around the phenomenal popularity of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck? Think about it. Why would her book sales and his book sales be so mystically popular if they weren’t on to something bubbling just beneath the surface of U.S. Politics?

The more Palin’s North Star ascendancy spiked McCain’s poll numbers, the more the academic and media elitists attacked her, not McCain. The Obama crowd quickly picked up on the fact it was the Governor, not the Senator, that was their real threat. I feel without the media’s bias for Obama, Palin would have propelled McCain into the White House. Certain media liberals were pressed into service by their collective desire to protect their chosen one, and hence, the Palin ticket was derailed in ’08.
What the media failed to realize is that the word “fey” is an Old English derivation meaning “fated to die.” So the interminable reruns of Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin really bode calamity for the Democratic candidate. Making fun of a candidate 50% of the nation connected with will only hurt an Obama rerun in 2012. That’s where Glenn Beck’s very formidable media savvy now becomes important. The 912 movement he started merged with Tea Party enthusiasm to provide huge Middle American rallies, of course scorned and ignored by many journalists.

Beck and his creative team of writers, editors, and researchers reach positive greatness as they split screen Pelosi’s words warning of the Conservative threat with actual shots of leftist rioters being bashed by baton waving police in Copenhagen’s cap-n-tax convention. Such deft editing reveals just how hypocritical the liberal machine is.

Let me say that Katie Couric’s asking Governor Palin what books she read is an old grad school professor’s trick used on master’s degree students as a test to reveal if they read the assignment of James Joyce’s trilogy of short stories named “The Dubliners.” I remember my professor saying to us that the main character’s books on his table reveal what his main themes are.
However, what the liberals were too dense to realize is that the newspapers and books they read are not on the reading lists of Middle America. Couric’s asking Palin about her reading habits just pushed the wrong red state buttons and those buttons will be cast in stone come 2012. For underneath the journalist’s condescending disdain lies the smoldering disgust of an electorate sold a bill of goods now propelling our republic into a socialist quagmire. And that’s where Beck’s down home appeal, his revival of a Constitution long ignored in D. C., and his ability to build a campaign structure of many contacts will meld with Palin power in 2012. He is showing middle America how our current administration’s fiscal policies are a Weimar disaster. Liberal long knives long will have been dulled by then and a Palin Beck ticket will teach us how to find the real America once again.

Yesterday’s Rasmussen Presidential Index had Obama at-18

Suzanne Eovaldi, is retired and living in Port St. Lucie Florida.

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1777 George Washington defeated the British under Cornwallis at Princeton New Jersey.

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