The damage done by Democrat attacks to America’s men will take years to repair

 By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

    America will pay a dear price for many decades to come for  the way it has allowed its men to be disrespected, dishonored, denigrated, and pushed into the background in the interests of serving some nebulous diversity agenda prompted by  leftists and the media.

    Just consider the abject foolishness of a government policy developed by Lyndon Johnson and his Democrat vote hustlers that PAYS Black men to abandon the children they father.  Young black females now are delivering babies into homes that are 70% fatherless, and each day we read of the decay of our urban areas this failed policy wrecks. 

 It is frightening to see how few of those in our younger generation fail to realize how  very necessary men and the respect they are due are to restoring America’s greatness.  Our country is hurting because of the destruction of our family units and the destruction of its men.  

     I remember reading somewhere that the apogee of civilization’s development came together in the phenomenon of the United States fighter pilots.  For their sheer ability and determination to bring about victory by facing defeat in the face, our dog fighters combined high intelligence with remarkable feats of courage, common sense, use of merely functionally equipment, plus the skill of leading other men into winning horrific air fights over the Berlin and Pacific skies. After World War II our fighter pilots brought home their highly developed abilities to a very appreciative country.  Remember the World War II manly advice a platoon leader gave his squadron, “If we’re taking flak, we must be over Berlin?”

    And now, look at what we’ve done to our men, thrown them out of their families to get the poverty vote bloc, replaced their innate skills and intelligence with silly women in sleeveless dresses who wear long hair from India and the makeup of harlots. 

 We’ve replaced their excellence with the mediocrity of quota requirements to fill the Leftist inclusion theories and multicultural pap.  Let me be clear. At my age of 76, I readily admit I can not, nor never could, become what we are preventing 1/2 of our society from doing for America.  Nor could those foolish uber feminists I used to meet in academic hallways.  Their hatred of males they could not emasculate was and still is legendary in academia.

   When the History Channel took down the never before achieved nor never will again dogfights of US pilots; when we let politically correct politicians break up Black homes in America; and when we keep up the media drumbeat that working while White is bad, we are arresting America in a way we long shall regret.

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2 thoughts on “The damage done by Democrat attacks to America’s men will take years to repair”

  1. If I see one more stupid, clumsy boorish white man commercial on TV, I'm gonna throw a brick through it. I don't care if FEDEX uses recycled paper including "evil" white exec's compensation package!!

  2. Suzanne : I agree with most all your assessments. Black men have been made irrelevant by the political left to serve an entitlement agenda.
    However Black men are not the only individuals to feel the brunt of left thinking social engineering.
    "Toddyo", writing above, is absolutely spot-on when he remarks about the "stupid, clumsy, boorish white man…." appearing not just in the FedEx commercial he mentioned, but in far too many national commercials.
    I remarked to my husband just the other day, while watching a particular t.v. ad, that there seemed to be a tremendous increase in the number of anti-male propaganda ads and programs. It appears as if strong male characterization occurs only in Cop programs like "Blue Bloods" and others of its genre.
    Fathers are portrayed as clueless, young men as giddy and socially inept, or the reverse, as scheming sex-driven, commitment-phobic jerks.
    My husband and I both use the remote control to mute or fast-forward through all commercials whenever and wherever possible.
    Men really need to fight back against these class war stereotypes.
    And a "heads-up" to FedEx; there's noting wrong or un-American with a businessman's compensation package so long as it is in parity with others' "perks" in that same workplace and if his work, contribution, and value to the company merited the amount if the package. So stop delivering the Obama KoolAid, it's making us sick.
    What IS UNCONSCIONABLE are the present and exhorbitant bonuses being paid to corporation heads of financial firms Americans rescued from financial collapse ! There is no merit there, no value, and they have certainly not contributed to the solvency and reputation of those firms.
    If cutting a deal with the Obama administration in order to survive (at taxpayers' expense!!!!!), constitutes an apt circumstance for a rewarding bonus then America is sicker and more corrupt than I had imagined it to be.
    By the way, Dick Morris, at has a petition we all can sign to insist that Congress not fund any of these bonuses.
    This is a very thinly veiled effort to build stereotypes which will enhance the class warfare being engaged in by the Progressive Socialists and we all have to let them know that we are wise to their games.

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