The Death Of Bi-Partisanship!

By Ron Reale, staff writer

I hope,  at this point,  we can all agree that the greatest enemy to our Representative form of government is,  ”Bi-partisanship.”  After this recent debate over the raising of the Debt Limit,  and the successful screwing of the taxpayer yet again,  it is clear that,  ”Bi-partisanship,” just leads to deals being made so egotistic politicians can say they made a deal.

I,  for one,  do not want my Congressional Representative,  the person I picked to speak for me in Washington because of his stated beliefs,  to give up those beliefs for the Politically Correct label of  ”Bi-partisan.”

 I don’t want someone who claims to be for smaller government and less spending,  to agree with a plan,  in my name,  that spends more,  in one day,  than was spent by our government all during the ten years of the 1950s, because  we all know these cuts will  never  happen anyway.

  We have just handed Obama and his America-hating progressive compatriots in the government,  on both sides of the aisle,  what they have wanted for the last hundred years.    An automatic mechanism,  attached to a bill designed to collapse the economic system,  that will also decimate the military.

All the progressives have to do is hold up this “Special Committee” in Congress,  (read: committee set up to cover the asses of cowardly politicians who refuse to stand up and make the hard decisions they were elected too make).  By refusing to cut anything from their sacred cow entitlements,  they will ensure the completion of their grand plan.

It is up to the voters to continue the fight we started last election cycle.  At this point,  many Independent voters are realizing these current economic policies have not worked, either here or anywhere in the world, at any time in history. Even many Democratic voters realize this country is on the way to financial disaster without radical changes in policy.

 This is why Senator John Kerry, D., MA,  (who, I believe, served in Viet Nam),  finds it necessary to call for the censorship of  ideas HE thinks are so incorrect, no one should face the potential harm they cause…(like getting 87 new people into one House of Congress).

We need to keep our principles, and elect those who do the same. Better no deal, on ideological lines of principle, than an ethically challenged, morally bankrupt bastardization of the principles of both sides, resulting in deals no principled person of either side believes in, and further eroding our faith in our own citizen-government’s ability to exist within the parameters of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, existing for “We The People,” and not, “We The Rulers.”

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This day in history August 11

1942: Actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil receive a patent for a frequency hopping spread spectrum communication system that later became the basis for modern technologies in wireless telephone and Wi-Fi.

In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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2 thoughts on “The Death Of Bi-Partisanship!”

  1. One would think the left to be somewhere near panic mode just about now. Never mind the downgrade…the economy gets worse, employment no better and even the media is no longer convincing in the role of Democrat cheerleader. The 2010 election was a debacle and 2012 looks as bad…possibly WORSE, if that's possible. BUT, how many young gun Republicans betrayed voters a week ago? How many will swear to act differently next time around? And how many of those will betray the public at the first available opportunity!

    Do Democrats REALLY have anything to worry about, when it comes to undoing the damage Hussein has deliberately inflicted on the US and its public? Republicans who sound so convincing during campaign season turn into John McCain clones when a vote comes due.

  2. Through "compromise" Congress has taken from us SO much and SO often that there is nothing more that we can, or are willing to give any longer.
    Our Freedoms, our Hopes, our abilities to successfully provide for our families, our trust in one another, our financial portfolios for retirement have been gutted repeatedly,our willingness to even extend a single act of trust to those who say they "represent us", can all be blamed on "the art of compromise" by Congress.
    By politicizing every single act of human exchange and endeavor, these D.C. Bastards would sell us all into the slavery of mind (and being), that government ALONE is the panacea; the answer to all of our hopes and aspirations.
    NEVER FORGET that what the government "gives" to us, COMES to us (usually) ,as a results of loss of freedoms to someone else. Governmental "gifts" can also be taken away with the stroke of a pen.
    I propose two new Congressional "mottos"
    " Power over Performance" , and "Charade over Substance".
    Under the category of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff ": who else got nauseated by the rampant "Stat-ism" exhibited even by Michelle Bachmann during the Iowa Straw poll debate?
    Honestly folks" I kept praying for Lightening Bolts to strike down the liars on the dais !!
    The only persons who even remotely captured my interest were Sen. Rick Santorum, Hermann Cane , and Newt Gingrich (though he offered many fine, pithy and challenging statements, Newt doesn't have a tinker's chance in hell of pulling off the Presidential nomination). He would, however, make an excellent presidential adviser.
    As for "Governor-Good-Hair's" recent entry into the Republican race, let me just say that Rick Perry's value to the nation is as governor of Texas, not as the President. He is Bush and Obama "lite" when it comes to strict Federal immigration enforcement. It isn't even a matter of State's Rights to him; because Texans will tell ya' that immigration issues are still a huge problem within that State's borders during his "watch" and he didn't do a danged thing to stop it.
    Our Federal government has taken from us more than it will ever return to us in terms of restoring and maintaining out individual freedoms and liberties, so be extremely careful who you vote in as President in 2012.

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