The Democrats’ “chickens have come home to roost”

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Let us all salute Bob Turner an American patriot who stood up to all the Democrats could throw at him and won!

 Last night the national Democrats got a look at the ‘ghost of Election Night future’ as their noses were rubbed in the dirt Barack Obama has dropped all over their party. Their “chickens came home to roost.”

 No matter how their stooges in the media try to spin it, Republican Bob Turner’s stunning upset victory over Democrat David Weprin in a 75/25 Democrat district is an ominous sign of major trouble for Barack Obama and the hundreds if not thousands of down ballot victims he will drag to defeat next year.

 The edge softening language in last week’s reports trying to explain away Weprin’s bad polls numbers means nothing now. The fact is the Democrats just lost a seat they had held since 1923. Turner’s victory is in “Scott Brown” proportions. There is no upside for Obama and his Party in this loss. There are no plausible “Yeah buts..” not in this one.

 Saying the district was/has been “trending Republican” is empty rhetoric. The reason for any signs of Republican life in New York’s 9th C.D. is traceable to Anthony Weiner – an obnoxious twerp. Last year his punk like behavior chased the district’s small number of Republicans to the polls to vote against him. While they were there they voted for McCain, and that is the main reason Obama “only” won 55/45 in New York’s 9th CD. Weiner built the foundation of this house of horrors for the Donkeys, but Obama insults to the district’s Jewish voters and Blue collar Democrats finished it. 

 Turner victory was a foreseeable byproduct of the smug arrogance of the liberal Democrats that run America’s big cities. When Weiner imploded and had to be forced to resign, they selected a candidate who does not even live in the district. This “because we say so” attitude should have worked, but it backfired because until yesterday national Democrats had been deluding themselves as to how much damage Barack Obama has done to their party.      

 The Democrats’ “chickens have come home to roost.”

 Talk of Barack Obama being in a “close” race next year has been rendered laughable. The Democrats’ problems of even fielding candidates in many parts of the country have now grown exponentially.

Finding challengers to incumbent House and Senate Republicans willing to put up at least $100,000 of their own money – much more in some big market districts – to run with Barack Obama hanging around their necks will be very difficult.   Democrats will have to settle for second and third tier “also rans” who will destroy those below them on ballots across the country.    

 In the words of Barack Hussein Obama’s “spiritual adviser” the Democrats’ “chickens have come home to roost.” Electing him was the worst mistake the Democrats have ever made. Bob Turner’s victory said that yesterday and we will all say it again next year.    

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 This day in history September 14

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12 thoughts on “The Democrats’ “chickens have come home to roost””

  1. Ok let´s just hold steady Barry. Get renominated so we can eviscerate your candidacy in Nov. 2012. And please let´s not encourage that nasty witch Hillary
    to be the new transformative candidate-a woman and wow maybe even a flaming dyke! Hillary is strychnine to Obama´s cyanide. Do you read me Dick Cheney??? Do we need another less unpalatable democrat at this juncture?

  2. Absolutely correct, but I cringe at the mention of the progressive liberal Scott Browns name. All he can be counted for is voting against his supposed party. I am rooting for him to lose to the Dem in the next election, (unless a real conservative or republican runs against him). I am tired of liars and frauds in the republican party. The RNC should withhold all support for him, or support the dem, instead. At least she will be honest in her positions.
    Ron Reale

  3. If the Dems are completely suicidal they will run Obummer again, but I think not. My thought is that it will be Hillary running for the Democrats.

    1. Hillary in place of Hussein? I just can't buy it. An ego as monumental as Barry's would not permit it. But I DO see Hillary taking Biden's place as VP. Face it…Obama will HAVE to do something to win in 2012. Fraud, illegals voting a dozen times each, those things will certainly go on, but they won't be enough to make up for the whites who will not be conned/intimidated into voting for Hussein again.

  4. Get rid of him now!
    The Dems can save million of wasted dollars and remove this clusless wonder that has taught all of us HOW NOT TO AMERICANS and we the people can take back our counrty .
    We can put Americans back to work.
    Defund Socialized Medicne and also reform the system and allow working families to have affordable coverage .
    Secure our Borders and deport .
    Defund all Sancturay status cites and refuse to give them one penney of Federal Funds.
    Start with CA that has been scaming the system for decades.
    Amnesty program??? …if you want to see blood run in the streets just try it.
    Reform all welfare from cradle to grave programs and any able body welfare receiver can work in a public restoration program, in the city or county they live in..Get their lazy butts to work, period. Wake up America!

  5. I thought voters there were afraid a bolt of lightening would strike them should they move a shaky hand away from their customary democrat side of the ballot. Let us hope this breaks the ice with them and they realize their party is full of Marxist elites who expect big rewards for putting a "Communist in the White House" (catchy tune that).

  6. This also proves that any blogger who abuses others about how great bamadick is and mostly come on conservative blogs to enact their stupid evil communist muslim treasonous rhetoric is a paid obot and they are only there to cause havoc and disrupt common sense people such as birther patriots, conservative patriots, patriots, tea party patriots, who all ALL American true patriots who just want to preserve the US Constitution and the rule of law. Most common sense people want sharia bs law to never be mentioned again and if you want to stay in America you MUST assimilate to American culture. Bring your own crap but don't shove it down our throats. Mainly love America and put America first, this is a true American. rev. wright (lower caps indicate no respect whatsoever) must be now thinking that those chickens he ask for were defective.

  7. Thank you stlgretchen a couple weeks ago Rich Swier who as or more conservative than I am wrote a blog accusing the Florida Legislature of selling the souls of our school kids to DC for 63.00 each….

    I’ve argued for almost two years if the teachers were smart, they’d come off the ” poor mistreated teacher line ” they’ve used for the last 50 years, and explain real impact of RTTT to TEA Partiers and ask for a little help…logically it should have been a TEA Party fight, Its DC over reach at it’s worst. There isn’t a GOP legislature in the country that would take on the teachers, if they had TEA Support

    The teachers wanted no part. Logic didn’t work with them, I got the same reaction as most of the other conservatives who tried reaching out to ‘em.. It’s been months and I’m still bleeding.

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