The Democrats are waging a war on men to satisfy the feminist left

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

   So let’s cut to the chase and talk about what’s really going on here.  Was the takedown of Colonel Allen West decided by a Machiavellian cabal in both parties that began with the redrawing of Florida Congressional voting districts, both state and federal?  And was this alleged decision made to move him out of the district controlled by the Democrat Mark Foley called the Chihuahua in high heels?

  By insiders cutting a deal to move West up to the Democrat ex pat region of St. Lucie County, he would be folded in between GOP enclaves in both Martin and Indian River Counties.  Now the Democrats couldn’t have that so a white guy with a rich daddy was plugged in to a district whose election supervisor was a female black activist, and we’re off to the races.   And is the real kicker here a story line circulated through the volunteer        re- count watchers this past week?  Was Allen West removed because operatives in Congress feared he would start up an impeach Obama movement building out of Benghasigate becoming known as Fast and Furious on steroids?

   A Tea Party Email entitled “Massive Election Fraud” points out that in 59 Philadelphia voting districts, Obama received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for Mitt Romney, “a mathematical and statistical impossibility.”  The National SEAL Museum, a “polling location in St. Lucie County, FL had a 158%  voter turnout-the highest voter overage in the entire country and second was Palm Beach County, FL with a 141% voter turnout overage.”  And the Email continues: “In Wood County, OH, 106,258 voters were registered to vote in a county with only 98,213 eligible voters.”   Photo ID analysis reveals Obama won “in every state that DID NOT require a Photo ID and lost in every state that DID” require one.

 When I told Ft. Pierce black activist Chris Williams that this wasn’t a black-white thing; it’s a male-female thing, he wholeheartedly agreed.  He tried but failed to get language on the St. Lucie ballot supervised by Gertrude Walker, to do something about exorbitant utility bills, reportedly upwards of $1,600 a month, being yoked onto impoverished black families. He failed because these petition signatures somehow got lost in some warehouse somewhere.  When black bail bondsman Vince Gaskins was told by Walker that he won before he lost, a white woman with family ties to the utility was announced as the new mayor of Ft. Pierce.

   And now we get to Colonel West who famously said, “I’d walk through hell with a gasoline can to save my men.”   Was the West takedown cast in the high heels and uber feminism now taking over this country?

My handyman said the women want power over men.  Is that why the long knives in D.C. came out after the good colonel?  Was Sandra Fluke a harbinger of a matriarchy set to drive America into oblivion by wussyfying our great military, by emasculating our men?  Ernest Hemingway’s “Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” has the answers for you!


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6 thoughts on “The Democrats are waging a war on men to satisfy the feminist left”

  1. FEMINIST ENERGY DILUTES MASCULINE ENERGY (From my book, “God’s Prophetic Zodiac” 335 pages (c)2007
    Since the advent of the feminist movement, the attack on the male, from small boys to well-intentioned men has been relentless. It is no mystery why the promotion of homosexuality is so rampant. In some way, the general public is supposed to see the dignity in the sexual side of the relationship between same sex pairs and the things they do to express themselves, not to mention transgender-sexuality and bisexuality. Anyone who opposes them on the basis of moral and natural law is considered a bigot or worse.

    When I was in first grade, the buckle of my suspenders wore through a large area of the new varnish on my desk seat-back. I was surely antsy. I would have been given Ritalin if it were in existence at the time. Today, little boys are jailed as sexual harassers for kissing a girl in class (I did that too!), and consistently punished and drugged to modulate their very normal behavior.

    In the “dance” between the sexes, it has always been normal for the male to also do things to entice his feminine cohort. NOW promoted the strange idea that if women were to achieve equality, they must resist gentlemanly attentions, such as allowing doors to be opened for them. In the end, women no longer dressed for femininity, but for androgyny or as hookers stuffed into Lycra embedded jeans and tops with fat striving to escape confinement.

    Little girls still want to be princesses, so maybe the bitter generation will pass without too much of a whimper, save for the screaming of their biological clocks. And we wonder why there are so many pretty homosexual men! Sadly too, bitter young women seldom turn into sweet old ladies with the passage of time. Only by the sought after grace of God! Iick, tick, tick…

  2. Jerry…..I could not disagree with you more!!!
    How did you develop such anger toward women??
    Any energy, including sexuality, if used capriciously or unwisely by both males and females, can and will sap the energy generated by other human beings.
    Why are you so eager to blame women for what most assuredly is a very questionable premise?
    Why blame “the fair sex” for Homosexuality, transgenderism, and bisexuality, when it is apparent that these are either biological events, or life choices made by males?
    Your misogyny (hatred of women), is NOT something to be proud of….nor should it appear in a public forum.

    1. Is that you, Coach? No ID on response. Did I miss the humor in that response? If not, I hope my folloe up clears the air.

      1. No, Jerry…it wasn’t “Coach” who replied to your article….it was me….and there was precious little humor in my response!
        First and foremost, I am NOT a “femi-nazi”; I’ve been married all of my adult life and have very little respect for ANYONE who demeans or abases the choices women make to remain in the home as both wives and/or mothers.
        I realize that your attack wasn’t against women of my ilk, but rather against the rigidity and pitiless attacks by some rabid, uncompromising feminists….but certainly NOT by all who espoused feminism.
        Be at peace Jerry, “The Feminist Movement” is near death…as well it should be…for that movement NEVER was inclusive of “Wives and traditional Motherhood”.
        As you have pointed out in your original post; it wasn’t only other women targeted by this movement….men and boys were publicly abased and shamed as being controlling, abusive, and too many other negative and unpleasant adjectives to list here.
        Any woman “worth her salt” can and ought to encourage the kind and considerate attention of a male, or anyone else, who opens doors for them (as only one example); these gestures ought to be acknowledged with a genuine thank-you. It is only common decency and respect.
        And….any woman who has ever raised, or been around little boys for long, knows that they bark orders at one another, push and shove each other, grab toys as if they belonged solely to them, and develop “meta-messages” between themselves which are vastly different from those exhibited by little girls….that doesn’t make them wrong or right…it’s how boys learn their relationships with members of the same sex.
        Sometimes, however, these actions need to be monitored, redirected, tempered or corrected….this too frequently, rarely occurs; and HAS resulted in tendencies by boys to bully others….male and female alike, well into adulthood.
        I will not pretend to speak for the women who still claim membership in NOW or any other feminist organization…many of them have their own issues with which to deal; it’s not for me to judge them or their motives…I speak only for myself.
        What “got to me” was the tone of your article, Jerry…..and perhaps you would NEVER have intended to leave a reader with such dismay…as I believe you are, at heart, an educator…trying to reach understanding.
        This is SUCH a complex topic on BOTH sides of the gender issue, that to make broad statements….which I believe you sadly did in this case…shows you to be a person OTHER than who you really are; and demeans a class of women who are, by definition, one-issue-oriented, and basically clueless about human nature….but who DID, even by my reluctant admission, make some gains for women’s issues that were of value.
        Sorry to take you to task earlier, Jerry, but you left yourself wide-open to the “sexism”-thing by painting with such a broad brush (no pun intended!).

  3. First place, it was not an attack on women, nor disdain save for the radical feminists among them who with their metrosexual buddies have thrown the normal and delightful courting process into a cocked hat..

    Second,this was a paragraph out of a whole chapter that dealt with a range of gender interplay – not necessarily sexual.

    Here are the paragraph headings (which, by the way, I welcome comment on – not generalized statements about hating women. I sent around a link to Coach’s article and included a very normal feminine photo of my daughter and granddaughter taken on Thanksgiving. A friend who posts here replied how much he appreciated not on the content but the use of humor to make a point.)









    Why are Jews, Christians and Muslims (see the “Islam Chapter,”) fighting when this Jewish mother is so highly esteemed and could be the tie that binds us together under the love of God? The attack on feminine energy gave rise to feminist energy, wherein women began to demand privileges identical to their male counterparts, while unequipped in physical strength and natural drives to compete successfully, save as outlined in Proverbs 31 as below.
    Indeed, women have always been privileged in Western culture, but they paid a price by being confined to the home and denied basic citizen’s rights. This is certainly not biblical, as the woman of Proverbs 31:10-31 was whole in her familial and community pursuits, bringing herself, her children and her husband honor and the blessing of God.

  4. Your misogyny (hatred of women), is NOT something to be proud of….nor should it appear in a public forum.

    As well, your misandry (hatred of men) is NOT something to be proud of….nor should it appear in a public forum.

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