The Empty Chair in Chief made appointments based on who is a good Democrat and we pay for it



By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Perhaps the historically worst appointment to the post of Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was Leon Panetta. He was selected by Barack Obama The Empty Chair in Chief (ECC) for no other reason but that he is a good Democrat and a great fund raiser. He had all of two years in an Army Officer’s uniform and nothing else to support his appointment to run the CIA the most important component in America’s National Security structure. His tenure was a failure that blinded us to the danger of the “Arab Spring.” Instead of sacking him and sending him back to California where he could join Jerry Brown in destroying what is left of the Golden State, the ECC moved Panetta over to take over as Secretary of Defense. Again, because he had great credentials as a Democrat hack the ECC knew he could count on Panetta to lie about how welcoming our war fighters would be toward seeing the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Kathleen Sebelius the ECC Administration’s Doctor Frankenstein, was appointed to head Health and Human Services. She had only one real qualification to be in charge of the health care of 310 million Americans and illegal aliens, and that was that she was a good Democrat who LOVES abortion in spite of her putative Catholic faith. As governor of Kansas she impeded investigations into the gruesome murders of Doctor George Tiller. Now as a good “Catholic Democrat” she is leading the ECC’s attacks on Catholic Church doctrine. Only the “D” after her name qualifies her for this position and we are suffering for it.

Right up there with these two “qualified” Democrats is the ECC’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She had no qualifications to be elected to the United States Senate which is exactly why she ran in deep Blue New York. She certainly has no qualification to be the head of the State Department. Now after a year and a half of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood at the behest of her “buddy” Huma Weiner the Muslim Brotherhood is doing what it always planned to do which is gear up to attack Israel.

To Democrats being a good little Democrat is the only qualification for a job.

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