The FBI–the REAL Fast and Furious conspirator?


 By Doug Book, staff writer

Ten months of congressional investigation,  document dumps and following leads provided by ATF whistle blowers have led many to conclude that the real villains of Operation Fast and Furious were the Department of Justice led agents of Director Robert Mueller’s FBI.

Since whistle blowing Alcohol,  Tobacco and Firearms Agent John Dodson first brought the Fast and Furious scandal to the attention of Senator Charles Grassley,  blame for the gun trafficking scheme has been directed at the ATF from operatives throughout the Obama Administration.

But during the criminal doings of Fast and Furious,  the ATF was often played for a stooge and patsy while Department of Justice attorneys employed the FBI for the more secretive and dirty jobs.

For instance:

Many of the cartel  “higher-ups”  targeted by the ATF were already acting as paid informants in the employ of the FBI. As such,  they were immune from prosecution. At least 6 are known to have existed.

ATF Agent Hope McAllister told Lone Wolf gun store owner Andre Howard he would need to increase his inventory as sales of AK and AR weapons were about to boom. She received this information through the FBI which financed the purchase of at least hundreds,  perhaps thousands of weapons by funding drug cartel straw purchasers with taxpayer dollars.

The FBI illegally approved the NICS background checks of KNOWN straw buyers and felons for the purchase of hundreds of firearms.  Jacob Wayne Chambers and Sean Christopher Stewart, both convicted felons from Phoenix, bought over 360 firearms between them.

The FBI conducted the investigation at the scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death. Five suspects were involved,  but only 2 weapons were claimed by the FBI to have been found.  A third weapon has since disappeared.

Three suspects arrested at the Terry murder scene were released from FBI custody and deported to Mexico. They were not charged in the agent’s death although Manuel Osorio-Arellanes,  the lone illegal charged with the crime said they were all armed and traveling with him. Apparently the Obama Administration refuses to deport anyone but possibly well informed,  Fast and Furious  accessories to murder.

The FBI was in on Fast and Furious from the very beginning.  FBI Director Robert Mueller was one of the principle invitees to the October 26th,  2009 Southwest Border Strategy Group meeting held at the Main RFK building. He was invited by then Deputy Attorney General and DOJ number 2 man David Ogden.

It was there that Operation Fast and Furious was put into motion.

For 10 months the FBI has been able to avoid scrutiny,  hiding behind the ongoing investigation into the death of Brian Terry. But on October 20th,  Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Charles Grassley at last began pressing Robert Mueller and the FBI for answers about Terry’s death,  weapons suddenly vanished from the scene and forensic evidence thus far withheld from congress and the public. Mueller has this and a great deal more to explain to the American people.

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5 thoughts on “The FBI–the REAL Fast and Furious conspirator?”

  1. Yes! I am angry Marxist! No Salvage you are a gone Marxist. Go over to and spew your line.

    1. I believe, by the above posting, that I am to understand that "Salvage" will no longer be with us.
      Thanks Coach for rescuing this site from the likes of a person whose only mission was to deter us from writing as conservatives!
      In dismissing him you have let all of us know that our freedom of speech, within in a conservative forum, takes precedence over the sort of Progressive-Socialist sniping and ravings we come here to avoid. Salvage is better off with his Marxist friends and we can get on with doing what we do best here.
      Well done, my friend.

  2. Hey sweet puppy !
    There is hope then that real action will take place against the perpetrators of this fraud ? After these many months of investigation it appears as if we are still in the "discovery phase" and there's been no further mention of an independent prosecutor.
    Do you happen to know just how far Issa and Grassley can take this inquiry ? I'm referring to any limitations placed upon the committee; and what recommendations or actions their committee can legally take.
    I ask this because I can see these hearings endlessly snailing-along ,for Obama administration foes to get maximum detrimental coverage all the way up to the 2012 elections, without actually accomplishing much, other than the amassing of truly damaging information !
    Investigation does not translate to prosecution.
    It has often occurred to me that without the presence of a special prosecutor, the press is quite free to dismiss Issa and Grassley's committee hearings as a Republican-sponsored witch-hunt giving them "cover" to refuse to report its' on-going testimonies.
    It would be far more difficult for the "drive-by" media to ignore the story details (as they have largely done so far), if this gained the importance of the "Iran-Contra" televised hearings.
    Perhaps the R's want to avoid such a public showing like the plague to avoid any stones being thrown their way; but for this very reason, we may never see actual prosecutions/impeachments/ousters from office as SHOULD occur !
    The media has, so far, been free to refuse "to connect the dots" in it's reportage.
    As a result, all those regular folks, the "Harry and Mary Homeowners" who have still been kept in the dark (by the media), about the actual extent of this multi-agency and DOD sanctioned evil contrived against American gun-owners, may not ever get the opportunity to understand that this administration has done more than force ObamaCare on them; it has actively sought a way to disarm them !
    Doug, do you have any "feel" for where the committee is headed or whether an independent prosecutor will appear ?
    Allow me to congratulate you on another fine article in this series !

    1. Dear Joanne,

      Thanks again. There is another House hearing scheduled for–I'm pretty sure–Dec 8th. Holder is supposed to be there. A special counsel would be great but, upon appointing one I believe all congressional inquiry would stop…maybe by law. Naturally that would give the Regime a free pass, perhaps through election day! Much rather have the week to week drip of new information and scandal as its gone for the past 10 months. I can't imagine Issa or Grassley giving up or toning down the hunt. The only question is will Republican leaders follow through with indictments. Do they have the guts! Both Holder and Newell could be prosecuted for perjury right now. Also, will anyone demand Kevin O'Reilly be shipped back home from Iraq to testify? Or will/can the House send people to question him there? He holds a MAJOR key to this mess. That's why he was sent to Iraq in the first place, after all. The Regime and its toadies will continue the cover up until someone is forced to roll over on the big boys. The committees have a few well positioned to play that part, but will their political bosses allow them to follow through?? That's what drives me nuts.

      1. Dear Puppy ! As usual, you have done your homework !
        I can see now the wisdom of Issa and Grassley continuing this House committee probe in lieu of a special prosecutor. This regime needs no more free passes from anyone, least of all from Congress!
        Perhaps it would be un-wise at this point to prosecute anyone until and unless O'Reilley can be safely secured, deposed (either here or abroad) and removed to a safe location where Holder et alia cannot harm him.
        I would like to believe that The Issa committee has already undertaken that task of location and deposition of O'Reilly and is holding his information as a "trump card" in the prosecution and conviction of both Holder and Newell.
        If Congress does NOT allow the prosecution, or impedes in any way, the findings and recommendations of the Issa committee, there will be political Hell to pay from the electorate.. Americans are fed up with Washingtonian cover-ups. Time to pay the piper.
        As regards the Senate Hearings "starring" Holder in December. Look for Sen. Leahey to ask very lame-assed, fluff questions designed to make Holder appear nearly Saint-like and such a victim of those Republican "witch-hunts".
        Leahey should have been replaced years ago…. I wonder if he is up for reelection and whether he has a strong Conservative waiting in the wings to oppose him…..hmmmmmm!

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