The Government’s tactical assault on our liberty

 By Doug Book, staff writer

  Two centuries ago the Founders feared a strong,  centralized federal government would establish a standing army,  an irresistible force capable of crushing those rights of individual liberty which had been so carefully and deliberately crafted into the Constitution.

 Today that fear has been realized,  not with the American military,  but in the increasingly disturbing form of paramilitary units and heavily equipped tactical assault teams which exist in even small town police departments and bureaucracies within the federal government.

 In Waco,  80 lives were taken by masked SWAT team members driving armored vehicles in what one writer properly called an  “…ATF publicity stunt gone awry.” 

 Three years ago over 400 children were wrenched from their parents by body amour clad assault teams carrying automatic weapons,  all in response to a confidential telephone complaint of abuse which turned out to be a hoax. 

 In May of this year,  former Marine Jose Guerena was gunned down,  shot 22 times in a pre-dawn raid by a Pima County,  Arizona police SWAT team which riddled even neighboring homes with stray bullets. The  “no-knock”  search warrant which permitted the unannounced entry into Guerena’s home led to the discovery and confiscation of NO illegal contraband,  just the death of an innocent man.

 And in Stockton,  California members of a Department of Education SWAT team dragged a helpless,  handcuffed father through his front yard and held him for 6 hours in a police car,  all because his estranged wife–NO LONGER LIVING AT THE ADDRESS–had presumably defrauded the Department of an unspecified amount of money.  

 From 300 per year during the 1970’s,  Special Weapons Assault Team raids have exploded to more than 50,000 per year over the past decade,  the overwhelming majority for the serving of warrants to NON-VIOLENT offenders,  usually for drug related crimes.  

 And the  “War on Drugs”  which provided the original excuse for the nationwide formation of SWAT teams and the use of armored vehicles and paramilitary tactics has now evolved into the more menacing  “War on Terror.”

 But is this a war on drug dealers and terrorists or on the American people?  Have we become witnesses to the wholesale intimidation by design of the American public;  an abuse of authority which features the use of sheer,  overwhelming force to amend any dangerous  “anti-government”  sentiments of a proud and recalcitrant people who still believe the rights of the individual take precedence over the dictates of the state?

 Too often these paramilitary hit squads derive justification for their actions not from an authority born of equity, but of power. We’ve heard countless stories of Transportation Security Administration employees harassing women in wheelchairs and Department of Homeland Security officials organizing wide ranging searches,  not in response to any known threat,  but simply because they CAN.

 Documents may guarantee rights,  but body amour,  assault vehicles and automatic weapons eviscerate such paper assurances with devastating ease.

 We will only stop despicable and unconstitutional behavior which transcends political party by making politicians more frightened of voters than enamored of power. Tea Parties have succeeded in this. All freedom loving Americans must join the fight.

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3 thoughts on “The Government’s tactical assault on our liberty”

  1. Doug, fine article !
    Just the proliferation of "Cop Shows" on television is a dead give-away to the direction, and the highly-implied unionization, of law enforcements' self-justified methods of increasing the force behind assorted "crowd control" mechanisms.
    That States and the Federal governments have both "upped the ante" in their enforcements against Americans, and that they are both employing Municipal police forces, Social-services employees, SWAT teams, "special operations forces", DEA agents, FBI agents, sheriff's and U. S. Marshall's offices to accomplish the hard work of keeping the citizenry "in line", is painfully and blatantly obvious.
    Ere long, there won't be a single solitary, acceptable excuse for behaving like human beings allowed to us by our keepers.
    They try to ban our self-protection use of fire-arms then ask us to call them after the damage has been done.
    All I can say is this : If one-third of the expense and energy governments devote to harassing its' legal citizens who ironically possess actual, legal protections against their tyranny, were re-directed toward ending the drug cartels, terrorists, criminals, and other anti-American activists entering this country through Mexico who ought to have NO rights in this country; we would no longer have the problems we currently suffer.
    But, as usual, despite our Constitutional protections; our government still chooses to roust its' populace: Ya wanna know why? It's because they have already succeeded in abasing and demeaning we residents of a "free" country, and now our governments wish to work full time to allow folks entering America illegally to become as enslaved to their systems as we are.

    1. Thanks much, Joanne. And you're quite right as usual, as anyone and any group representing a perceived threat to the ruling class elite must be "taken down', even TAKEN OUT if only to provide an object lesson for other would-be, unruly upstarts! Can't run a successful dictatorship with any silly notions of individual liberty floating around, now can they!

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