The Greatest Generation vs the Greatest Thug

by George Spelvin
The Obama administration’s abject mean spiritedness and cruelty against our World War II veterans attempting to enter their own free open air memorial this week is beyond any words in Webster’s Dictionary! Nothing can describe the affront done to the initial Honor Flight group of 91 vets from Mississippi and their assistants when they met the new word in the urban dictionary, the word now known as “barry-cades!”  “Greater Love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his fellow man.”  John 15:13 is the guiding principle these brave men now in their 80s and 90s followed as they fought to keep America and her Allies free in World War II.  General Patton told his young men about to enter battle, “When you put your hand into a bunch of goo that a moment before was your best friend’s face, you’ll know what to do.”
And now CiR is learning from a leaked internal memo from a very reliable source that “we have been told by (a) senior member of the US Forest Service and Department of Agriculture that people ABOVE THE DEPARTMENT, which I presume means the White House, plan to order the Forrest Service to needlessly and illegally close all private operation.”  According to this memo, Warren Meyer, Phoenix, AZ, who is the owner and president of Recreation and Resource Management, Inc. sent this information in a letter to his two senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, and a source known only as The Tatler obtained this information.  Meyer allegedly went on to say, “I can only assume their intention is to artificially increase the cost of the shutdown as some sort of political ploy.”  (1)  Meyer’s company, RRM employs about 500 campground workers and managers in about 12 states, and this organization, along with other similar companies, provide the US Treasury with millions of essentially free money because user fees fully fund these self-sufficient operations!
But long time employee and now manager of the free Claude Moore Colonial Farm, Anna Eberly is saying, “What utter crap. . .I have never worked with a more arrogant, arbitrary, and vindictive group” as now serve in the National Park Service.” (2)  In her 32 years as volunteer, employee and now manager of the free living history farm, near the CIA, in McLean, VA, she says the popular park was never shut down before and that it is not funded by the federal government.  A US Congressman testified this week that he is looking to begin an investigation into the reasoning and motivations of the selective closings and shut downs of our national parks, forests, and other sites during this partial governmental interruption. One must ask: are these decisions just too calculated and apparently too well planned to have come in response to the actions of the Tea Party or were these cruel closings really a priori planning points developed months ago in the executive branch?
Shutdown Overreach is what reporter Paul Bedard is saying the Obama administration did to our veterans. Senator Rand Paul points out that more guards were sent to defend the Veterans Memorial from its own vets than were sent to protect the US station house in Benghazi when the US Ambassador and other brave soldiers were gunned down in a bald terrorist attack.

But the Greatest Generation is still showing the way to those of us that follow them.  Their steely resolve, magnificent devotion to God and Country, and their fearless courage in the face of evil and danger provide us with the determination we need going forward.  “These vets have fought fascists and communists before. . .( no one) is going to make them run,” reminds a commenter.  You can view a video of these great men crossing the hurtful barry-cades this week in our Capitol without Class. (3)

(1) memo, sent to CiR, allegedly from letter sent to AZ Senators by Warren Meyer, owner of RRM
(2)  (3)

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