The Iranian Problem

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

 Last week the International Atomic Energy Agency released its report on the Iranian nuclear program.

The report exposed Iranians plans to militarize their nuclear program despite their claims that it was for energy production and medical use only. This claim isn’t far fetch. Because of Iran’s lack of crude oil refining capability approximately 30 percent of the petroleum products it needs must be imported.


 If the United States and/or our Allies wish to demand that Iran answer for its nuclear program or face economic sanctions they will be thwarted in the U.N, by Russia and China. Iran will be allowed to continue nuclear weapons program with impunity. The UN will do nothing more than discuss diplomatic responses over a three martini lunch. This leaves the western nations with two options. Do nothing or take out Iran’s nuclear sites.  Failing to act sooner rather than later will mean the world will have to deal with a nuclear Islamic republic with big ambitions.

 Past History

 Iran’s long game plan is to control the oil flow in the Persian Gulf by shutting down the Straits of Hormuz and crippling the capabilities of the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet located in Bahrain. Iran’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan has been well documented as has their involvement in the “Arab Spring” in Egypt.

  Last month a plot involving Iranian agents trying to assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States was discovered.  An Islamic republic with Nuclear weapons would be still more emboldened,:  “so what if a few million infidels get killed that would be no problem, it is the will of Allah don’t you know.”

 A nuclear exchange in the Middle East will greatly affect the rest of the world considering the dependence upon the oil drawn from the region. While we would suffer, Europe and Asia would greatly impacted because of their dependency on Arab Oil. China will be devastated because she needs so much oil it to run her military.

 Military action

 Israel will consider striking Iran to protect her security.  Iran’s favorite straw man is Israel so even if the Israelis strike the terrorist nation first most Arab countries will publicly condemn them but thank them behind closed doors for their actions.

A nuclear Iran will have no problem threatening Sunni countries of the Arabian Peninsula. The United States, under the Obama Administration, will consider military action only if it sees it as an opportunity to ensure Barack Obama’s re-election. Sooner or later the West must deal with the nuclear ambitions of Iran.

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2 thoughts on “The Iranian Problem”

  1. Why do they insist that Cain lacks foreign affairs knowledge. He saw the two state solution a sham by calling the terrorist regime under Abbas the "so called Palestinians" noting that their whole purpose was to eventually destroy Israel. If the population wants to solve any grievances it could be done tomorrow with relocation to ample Moslem lands instead of having perpetual UN funding of "refugees". Unlike the settling of Europe's refugees after WWII or the 700,000 or so of Jewish refugees from Arab lands (after seizing all their property) the sham has festered for over 2 generations.
    He saw the best way to weaken Iran was get the price of Oil to drop by being a major player with our huge oil resources and to as Bush did, locate our powerful carrier forces in the vicinity. His ignored answer to "horrified" critics that Iran is bringing its warships to our vicinity left them reticent.
    How refreshing to have someone who can take a fresh study of foreign policy. The fact that he reviews events in a more truthful manner as a prelude to his analysis does not indicate ignorance but intelligence. It is a shame that Carl Rove and some Republicans go along with the Lefts condemnation of his foreign policy ability. Where were they when the Fraudident made his numerous ingenuous stupid blunders with eloquent presentations.

  2. you would think that after Iraq and Sudan, people would have learned that the government LIES about things…

    the FIRST casualty in war is the truth., and you can not trust ANYTHING from government in a time of war.

    and still the lemmings believe what the TV tells them… sad.

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