The Law itself says virtually no one has to participate in ObamaCare!

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Twila Brase, president of the Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) and one of the most educated of Americans concerning the ins and outs of Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, believes the language of the law makes it clear that the overwhelming majority of people do not have to participate in ObamaCare unless they freely wish to do so. Brase writes:

“Obamacare has more chinks in its armor than a turtle without a shell. As a result, state governors and legislators can inflict great damage. The following amazing chink was discussed by a Goldwater Institute attorney during a Tennessee-based webinar on Monday (at which I was a panelist). It’s only 10 lines long in the 950-page version of the law:”  (1)

“No individual, company, business, nonprofit entity, or health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall be required to participate in any Federal health insurance program created under this Act (or any amendments made by this Act), or in any Federal health insurance program expanded by this Act (or any such amendment), and there shall be no penalty or fine imposed upon any such issuer for choosing not to participate in such programs.”  (1)

I emailed Twila Brase and suggested that this language indicates that ONLY “health insurance issuers” may escape fines or penalties for not participating in Barack Obama’s signature healthcare takeover. Individuals and businesses who choose to not participate will face crushing fines and penalties obviously designed to FORCE their submission to the will of the left. Certainly, we have already heard of these punitive fines and penalties.

Ms. Brase was kind enough to respond, writing that “lawyers disagree” with my reading of this tiny portion of the law.  

Is it possible that we are misreading the language and intent of the law? Does the above sentence actually mean to say that all “individuals, businesses, nonprofit entities and health insurance issuers” who offer group and individual health insurance coverage and refuse participation in ObamaCare will not be fined? That is, individuals who offer group or individual health insurance; businesses who offer group or individual health insurance, etc? Clearly this would dramatically reduce the number of those who could refuse to obey the ObamaCare law and still avoid punishment.

One thing is certain–it’s difficult to imagine that a radical left at long last politically capable of literally controlling the life and death of 300 million American citizens could be guilty of stating that no one has to obey its commands! How could these power hungry Marxists  manufacture a 2700 page law, bribe and intimidate recalcitrant politicians into supporting it and then commit such an extraordinary oversight?

Nearly 3 dozen lawsuits designed to take down ObamaCare are now working their way through federal courts. Maybe the question of who must really obey the law will eventually be answered. Until then, we can only hope that Twila Brase is absolutely correct and the creators of ObamaCare have made a monumental blunder.


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2 thoughts on “The Law itself says virtually no one has to participate in ObamaCare!”

  1. Wow! What an excellent article Doug…and remember folks….you heard it FIRST at Coach is Right!!
    Doug, have you considered the possibility that the Patient Care and Affordable Care Act was, like so MUCH that occurs in the Obama White-Hovel, nothing more than a contrived mania created by that administration, to distract both legislators and citizens from some OTHER more nefarious act of treason?
    Do you know whether any of these lawsuits pending in Federal Courts specifically addresses the above mentioned “negation quotation”?
    How amazing!

  2. Doug, there is another element or dimension to this health care insurance…especially where it applies to businesses across the country; and it doesn’t make a huge difference whether these are small businesses or large conglomerates.
    The name of the game for any business today is “staying alive in this rotten, Obama-created economy”; and I can think of no better way for any company to save mega-dollars than to dump their existing insurance policies and perhaps other benefits….along with their formerly insured employees, into this abysmal ObamaCare; in order to improve their “bottom line”.
    All along, this may well have been a conspiracy of corporate interests and political interests aligning themselves once again to the detriment of workers everywhere in America.
    If such is the case; regardless of the clause quoted above (which SHOULD BE GOOD NEWS TO ALL!), the almighty corporate profit margin was never concerned with being “fined”….they were only concerned with being rid of a financial “millstone”…employee insurance.

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