The Left’s sick notion of White Privilege: gathering together to hate themselves

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Each time the yearly White Privilege Conference (WPC) is held, it reminds us that it isn’t only minorities that hate the White majority. Whites can and do hate other Whites merely for being White. This year’s White Privilege Conference will be held tomorrow in Bloomington Minnesota.

The attendees will be barraged with charges of social injustice and encouraged to feel guilty for the low estate of every “person of color” (plus homosexuals as well – of course) around the world.  They will be told their lifestyle is keeping the Red Black Brown Yellow Lavender man down, and that only by empting their wallets can they gain the necessary absolution they’ll need to survive until next year’s conference. 

What the WPC says

This paragraph, (proving that “White Privilege” certainly does not extend to an ability to write in English), shows us how sick with White guilt the bunch at WPC actually is. “Access to privilege doesn’t determine one’s outcomes, but it is defiantly as asset that makes it more likely that whatever talent, ability, and aspirations a person with privilege has will result in something positive for them.”

 You may be a “White Privileger” if …..

To the WPC crowd White Privilege means the following “advantages” come with being White.  

Not having to fear physical attack when out in public.

This is of course laughable on its face because available data proves Whites are the victims of Black perpetrated crimes 39 times more frequently than the reverse.

Working hard and playing by the rules will bring you success in life.

America freely supplies many benefits to all of our people.  A disproportionate number of these recipients are minorities. The basics of comfortable living we hand to people would be envied by most of the world’s working population.

Generous welfare checks food stamps free schooling free healthcare benefits, basically free housing school lunches and in one state even free cars; all paid for by tax dollars  taken from the hard working majority White population support the “unlucky” minorities in our country.    

Having your children learn that the heroic figures in American history were of their same race or ethnic group.

The reality is that our history books have become tortured documents filled with lies and half truths designed to make the White majority’s contribution to America’s greatness an afterthought.

Our children’s text books are filled with chapter upon chapter about  “Black history”  aimed at smothering  even a  single paragraph about Abraham Lincoln and other Old Dead White Guys. Some half witted” historians” have suggested dropping all references to anything that took place before 1870!

In today’s America the “White Privilege” is the privilege to pay for everything and anything our minorities can think of and be “grateful” for the “privilege” of doing so.

And of course, it spite of all of the greatness of their accomplishments, not a single one of our Founding (White Privileged) Fathers has his own day of recognition. That privilege goes to only one man, Rev Martin Luther King, who by the way was a Republican. Find that in a history book.   

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 This day in history April 12

1999: An Arkansas federal judge found Democrat Bill Clinton in contempt for lying about his relationship with his sexual slave Monica Lewinsky. 

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In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both. 

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