The left will soon be victims of their own political scheming and corruption

by Suzanne Eovaldi

Countless conspiracy theories have been advanced after the grisly and senseless murders at Sandy Hook. From dead children ostensibly filmed alive days after the shootings and mourning fathers inexplicably laughing before news cameras, to the incredible claim that “…the whole event was staged and never actually took place,” the American public has been assailed by any number of loons with a personal or group axe to grind. (1)

It was James Tracy, a communications professor at Florida Atlantic University who claimed in early January that ” ‘…crisis actors’ may have been employed by the Obama administration in an effort to shape public opinion in favor of the event’s true purpose: gun control.” (2)  Were any American president   capable of arranging the death of children—real or imagined–in order to advance a favored agenda it would be Barack Obama. But not even an individual imbued with this president’s total lack of class and honor would attempt a scam so easily unraveled!

But the Sandy Hook killings did bring to light two truths which the American public AND the federal government must take very seriously.

In the first instance, “all over the United States school children are being taken out of their classrooms, put on buses and sent to ‘alternate locations’ during terror drills.  These exercises are often called “evacuation drills” or “relocation drills” and they are more than a little disturbing.”  (3)

Often mandated at the state level by “…politicians [who] have become obsessed with ‘school safety’…” or the advancement of pet agendas, one public school in Muskegon County, Michigan told student and teachers they were under attack by “…a fictitious radical group called Wackos Against Schools and Education who believe everyone should be homeschooled.” “Under the scenario, a bomb is placed on a bus and is detonated while the bus is traveling…causing the bus to land on its side and fill with smoke.” (3)

Not to be outdone, a leftist-run school in New Jersey told students they were under attack by a group of “fundamentalist Christians,” called “The New Crusaders!” Naturally, this band of pro-Muslim “educators” mentioned NOTHING to students about the thousands of KNOWN terror attacks committed in the name of Islam.

“There will be an insurrection,” Charles Krauthammer told Fox audiences on 12-9-2012, “…should [the government] be willing to confiscate [guns]…” (4) Sandy Hook was not manufactured by the Obama Regime, but its effect was certainly used by the left to press for draconian gun control legislation, featuring an “assault weapons” ban written by Diane Feinstein which would literally make it a federal crime to possess most of the weapons currently owned by the America public. (5)

The government has both authored attempts to indoctrinate–indeed brainwash–America’s children as to the value of the liberal agenda and worked to demean those who honor the right to keep and bear arms. Sooner or later such arrogant attempts to meddle with or eradicate the inalienable rights of the American public will result in a revolt–an insurrection according to Krauthammer—from which the far left will not recover. And thousands of nanny-state and power hungry politicians will forfeit far more than their offices when the American people finally say enough!  








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10 thoughts on “The left will soon be victims of their own political scheming and corruption”

  1. This came from much higher up the “chain of command” than O’s regime; but it was most definitely ordered done, and executed according to those orders. The PTB are not in the US, and they’re not caring people who want the best for humanity. This is simply another step toward the NWO, which is authored and directed by someone whose intention is to destroy, not to help in any way!

  2. This is meant to be an idea for anyone reading to think over. The total lack of the ability of some to reason and deduce a plausible scenario is what the perps want. It is a possibility,though a long shot,that these “way out” deductions that somebody is behind this event making it more sinister, is obviously ridiculous. BUT, who says it isn’t a set-up by the ultra left to make the right look bad,because everyone knows? it is the right wing who comes out with these nutjob (Alex Jones) scenarios. It probably is stupid loon profs.,but in this day and age one cannot be too sure.

    1. @johnnyangel: You keep hoping I’m wrong, and drinking that toxic Kool-Aid, so you don’t wake up and see the truth. It would disturb your contrived “reality”. I truly feel sorry for you.

  3. I love it when people say “absolutely” that the gov’t was not behind Sandy Hook, but (a) provide no proof of that and (b) go on to say things like “Obama is capable of ANYTHING”.

    So which is it?

    If he’s capable of killing 16 kids at a party in Mexico (F&F) and hundreds of innocent bystanders by drone strike, and toodling off to bed while his Ambassador was being massacred in Benghazi, what on earth makes you believe 20 kids in CT would be “a bridge too far”?

    The reason people support these theories is because the number of “coincidences” and discrepancies are simply beyond belief. For example, a government SSDI database shows Adam Lanza’s death on Dec 13 in New Hampshire – the day BEFORE the shooting. The same database shows his mother Nancy’s death on Dec 14 in CT. Both records are marked “PROVEN”, and one of their neighbors confirmed Nancy had gone to NH on the 13th.

    Is it fair for people to be labeled “nutcases” for raising questions about things that don’t add up? Or are we simply to accept that a dead man somehow made his way into the school and shot all those kids on the 14th?

    There used to be a word for people who could spot holes in a story and do whatever it took to get to the truth.

    That word was “Journalist”.

    1. Sheryl,
      As Suzanne wrote, Obama is the sort who is capable of anything. Even engineering the death of 20 children would hardly cause an individual like Obama to bat an eye or lose a moment of sleep. After all, Obama on at least 2 occasions voted in favor of infanticide while in the Illinois state senate and has supported abortion throughout his life.
      But how would he be able to get by with such a scam in Conn? Sandy Hook parents can be interviewed. They all have friends in the area. All of the children have friends. So enlisting actors to play the parts of grieving parents or having children suddenly drop from the face of the earth as suggested by the FAU professor are just NOT realistic.
      Did he in fact have the 20 children killed in order to advance his gun control agenda? Once again, he is, I believe, capable of it. But getting caught would be–well, pretty FINAL for him! Face the death penalty in order to advance a leftist agenda? He’d have to trust the nut who did it, along with God knows how many others who would need to be involved either in the scheme itself or in the cover up. Would you put your future–your very life–in the hands of such people?
      I believe the first order of business for someone like Obama is “getting AWAY with it,’ whatever the scheme might be. The DOJ could–and DID–cover up Fast and Furious. But they wouldn’t be able to provide cover for something like Sandy Hook. I don’t believe ANY agency could, either state or federal.
      Thanks for reading Coach is Right, Sheryl

      1. I didn’t say Obama had anything to do with Sandy Hook. Just that he’s obviously capable of it and that there are inconsistencies that don’t add up. Blindly accepting something just because you can’t imagine it being otherwise is, frankly, disturbing to me.

        For example, I read (uncorroborated) reports that Nancy Lanza worked for the CIA in psyops. Oddly, I have not seen Word One on who she actually was – what did she do for a living, etc, A real journalist would ask these questions before leaping to the conclusion that it’s just not possible.

        For all I know you’re right and I’m wrong. But my point is that nobody in the media is asking. Nobody even seems remotely curious about Nancy and Adam Lanza. Nobody is asking why Adam was found with 4 handguns when the Coroner told the entire world that everyone had been shot by “the long rifle”. (I assume he meant the rifle which was securely locked in Adam’s trunk during the massacre??)

        Imagine this: a covert operation where the CIA uses a suicidal kid as the fall guy in a plan designed to disarm citizens. All they’d have to do is move the kid’s body, kill his mom, destroy his computer and get some other operative to take out the targets. I don’t think that’s very complicated at all, but you might.

        And as for crazy, well, all I know is that Nancy Lanza is reported to have worked for the CIA, and Social Security Death Index Records actually show Adam dying on Dec 13 in NH while his mom was killed on the 14th in CT. It also turns out that Adam’s computer WAS destroyed beyond any point of salvage … and that some guy in camo was found in the woods right outside the school moments after the shooting. Some guy who apparently was released, but as yet (as far as I know) remains unidentified.

        p.s. All conspiracy theories have some basis in truth, they don’t occur in a vacuum.

        1. Sheryl,
          I was just equating Obama with the government, given the number of clones he has hired over the past 4 years.
          And you’re right, the media has concentrated on the anti-gun agenda from day one of Sandy Hook. As Lanza was clearly not a Reagan Republican or NRA member, anything reporters might dig up on the family could probably only harm the anti-2nd Amendment process. Look at the job the media has done in editing Dorner’s pro-Obama, pro-gun control manifesto!

  4. Coach
    I love your column and repost many of them. Have Suzanne do more research on this topic. You might start with MK Ultra. The truth in the case of Sandy Hook is just to preposterous to believe. Any mass shooting that reported more than one shooter by eye-witnesses is a MK Ultra sponsored event. In the Sikh shooting an eye witness said 5 white males came in and opened fire. Now we find out John Brennan is a Muslim convert.

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