The Left wing disinformation campaign to deflate your enthusiasm


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Please don’t believe the “news” coming from the Democrat Cheer leaders in the media when they report on polls.

The Romney Ryan campaign is not in disarray. Mitt Romney is not short on money; but Obama is. Romney has people like the  Koch brothers and  Sheldon Adelson ready to spend “whatever” is necessary to win. Obama burned through $120 million attacking Romney. Has anyone even heard the word Bain lately? How about “tax returns” “he’s a felon” or “off shore bank accounts” – not one of those words and phrases laid a glove on Romney – and Obama can’t get that  $120 million back.   

Here are the facts.

Barack Obama is not winning any group he didn’t win in 2008; he is not doing better with any group he did win in 2008; not  Jews;  not young voters; not  Hispanics; not  Blacks and not  women.

Even CNN’s latest streaming pile of dung poll found Republican enthusiasm  6 points higher than Democrat enthusiasm. It found that  Independent voters favor Romney by 14 points and this agreed with Carville and Greenberg’s Democracy Corps survey.

 For the first time ever Black ministers are telling their people to stay home on Election Day.  A May poll in  North Carolina – yes PPP – found 20% of Blacks ready to vote for Romney over Obama’s Gay marriage position. A  Georgia Gallup poll in May found the same 20% of Blacks ready to vote for Romney. A late August poll in  Michigan found 23% of Blacks would vote for Romney and an unreported NAACP poll in Florida (I have a very reliable source but no link) found 23% of Sunshine State Blacks lining up behind Romney.     

Catholic support is at 27% exactly half of what it was in 2008. No Democrat has ever won the presidency while losing the Catholic vote and Obama isn’t even close.  

As per Rasmussen, Republican registration has grown just since June and is now at its historic high. At 37.6% it is 4.3% higher than the Democrat registration which is less than one point above its lowest point ever. 

For prospective, the spread in registration was 1.3 points just before the 2010 election. The spread is more than three times larger now.

Can anyone of our “conservative” heroes please stand up and say these things?

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