The media’s “omerta” (code of silence) on Obama’s past


By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

  In 2010, a donation of $450 was given to Democrat causes by one person, David Obama, according to the Huffington Post’s Fundrace website.  He is President Barack Obama’s half brother by Barack Obama, Sr. and third wife Ruth.

 Fundrace reveals five people having an Obama surname gave $11,399 to Democrats, namely Michelle, Barack, Susan, Martha, and Kenneth, a “university professor.”    Nevertheless, this total differs from the total arrived at by adding:   $450 from David Obama; $6,900 identified as last name Obama donors; $2,300 given to Hillary campaign by Barack Obama; $2,300 given to Hillary campaign by Michelle Obama. These numbers add up to $11,950.

 Another website, the Obama Interactive Family Tree, prepared by Chicago Sun-Times political editor Scott Forneck, reveals that Barack Obama indeed does have a half brother, David, “youngest son of Barack Obama, Sr., and wife Ruth.” 

 Forneck’s yeoman’s job and detailed research, does not show any siblings with given names of Martha, Susan, or Kenneth.

 An AOL search of these three names shows “no matches,” and a faculty search for Kenneth Obama says “no matches found” at Illinois Institute of Technology, the identification on the Fundrace site.  Similar searches for Martha and Susan at companies listed as their employers showed “no matches.”

 First wife Kezia and the President’s father had two sons, Abongo and Abo Obama, also half brothers of Barack jr .  The President’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, is the second wife of Barack Obama, Sr., both now deceased.  After their divorce, she married Lolo Soetoro and gave birth to Maya Soetoro Barack’s half sister.  Another half sister Auma Obama recently wrote a book entitled “Life Gets In The Way,” but who are these people?

 According to the Forneck ancestry research, a distant grandfather of the President was Owiny, known as a “Luo warrior and a leader,” who “helped defeat Bantu armies.”   An attempt to cross check the Fundrace Martha, Kenneth, and Susan Obama donors against names listed on the Federal Election Commission website, with donations through 6/30/2010 found no matches. 

 An examination of Barack Obama’s history posted on this site on May 16, 2010 titled  “Barack Obama’s dozens of social security numbers” revealed the existences of 27 different social security numbers under 21 different name variations in 22 different states and the District of Columbia connected to Barack Obama the murky man who now occupies the White House. All of these assertions were backed up by connecting links.  The painstaking research into publicly available data bases was done by Neil Sankey, a private investigator and former British police detective.

 As an aside, earlier this fall the former mayor of Port St. Lucie, Florida was forced to immediately resign her position and was booked at the local jail when a campaign watchdog filed a donations complaint with the Florida Election Commission that proved to be true.  Had federal election officials applied a similar level of due diligence to donor lists during the 2008 Election cycle the man who holds our country’s highest office might never have been elected.

   Where were all of those hot shot Palin reporters who weren’t able to cross the aisle and inspect the campaign records of the Democratic headliner?

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  1. It has been reported that the only one group that can bring impeachment on the POTUS is the 'Congress and that wasn't going to happen while the Democrats were in power. We can only hope the Republican Congress, soon to be in power, will show they understand what the people said on November 2 and start impeachment proceedings immediately or this nation will be doomed to go down and become no better then a third wourld country because of their failure adhere to the majority of the peoples demands

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