The Oklahoma City bombing: FBI sting gone wrong or murderous conspiracy for federal acquisition of power

by Doug Book


When Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue filed a 1997 wrongful death lawsuit against the Clinton Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Prisons he had no idea that the scraps of information grudgingly released by the federal government would be the first in a 15 year trail of evidence detailing the criminal involvement of the FBI, CIA, ATF and United States Secret Service in the planning and execution of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Since the 1995 murder of his brother Kenneth in his cell at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City,  Trentadue has badgered, bullied, harassed, threatened and sued  the federal government of the United States. His Freedom of Information Act requests and inevitable lawsuits against those government agencies which have rigorously ignored them have provided extraordinary evidence of federal intrigue  spanning 3 White House administrations.

He has documented the cover-up of FBI and Department of Justice involvement in his brother’s murder;  a cover-up engineered by then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder.

He has obtained evidence of CIA spy satellites concentrated on the Elohim City location of Oklahoma City bombing conspirators and bomb makers.

He has documented the roles played by FBI and ATF informants in the target selection of the Alfred P. Murrah building and the acquisition of bomb making materials.

He has records of a telephone contact to Elohim City confederates by bomber Tim McVeigh 2 days prior to the blast.

He has demonstrated that the FBI systematically erased key moments in video recordings detailing the route traveled by the Ryder truck used in the bombing.

He has forced the FBI to cynically claim in federal court that known-to-exist video of individuals filmed climbing out of that Ryder truck 3 minutes before detonation has “been lost.”

He spent 2 days with Terry Nichols at the penitentiary at Florence, Colorado, obtaining information later specifically denied the American media by Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft.

He has revealed the names and roles of FBI and ATF informants, demonstrating that their participation in the murder of 168 people in the Murrah building was later ignored by an FBI which labeled at least one of these people–Roger Moore–an “untouchable.”

He has demonstrated the government’s role in the murders of Richard Lee Guthrie and Kenneth Trentadue’s fellow prisoner at the Federal Transfer Center, Alden Gillis Baker. Both were found hanged in their cells while in custody at federal prison facilities. Like that of Kenneth Trentadue, both deaths were ruled suicide by prison officials.

Over the coming days and weeks, Coach is Right will develop the above information and a great deal more in a re-telling of what is arguably the most sinister and mind-boggling display of federal arrogance, abuse of power and contempt for the public trust in the nation’s history. All will be thoroughly attributed with extensive documentation, much of it provided, however unwillingly, by agencies of the Department of Justice.

Throughout Jesse Trentadue’s quest,  pivotal questions remain which even today he cannot answer to his own satisfaction. Were the April 1995 deaths of 168 unsuspecting people at the Alfred P. Murrah building the result of a legitimate FBI/Department of Justice sting operation gone horribly wrong? Or were lives lost and families destroyed and the public haunted by images of dead infants being carried from the rubble, because unimaginably evil and power hungry denizens of Washington DC believed a tragedy like Oklahoma City would ensure a new level of federal department funding and increased power over the rights of American citizens which can only be acquired following  disasters of massive proportion?

After all, consider the hundreds of billions invested, the new departments founded and liberties we as citizens have lost as a result of 9/11! Was Oklahoma City an FBI–concocted, 9/11-in-miniature? Evidence exists that it could indeed be the case.

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22 thoughts on “The Oklahoma City bombing: FBI sting gone wrong or murderous conspiracy for federal acquisition of power”

  1. If Oklahoma City was a "false flag" disaster was 9/11 also. Both are similar in the extent of lies, misinformation, cover ups and outright corruption and malfeasance displayed by the government?

  2. Those in power want to stay in power. I suggest that we prosecute all involved individuals for treason, as thats what it amounts to. The killing of American citizens is an act of terrorism and murder, and those responsible need to pay. Timothy McViegh was just a part of the plan.
    As this information comes to light, Ron Paul becomes a more viable candidate.
    I believe he is the right candidate to turn the ship of state around, and to shrink it. I am tired of the intrusive TSA and NDAA act being passed with out a word of objection being heard from the real power, and that would be "We the People"
    It sure seems like it is time to restructure our government to fit in the new age 21st century. This does not mean NWO, in fact it is just the opposite. . .

  3. I was a great supporter of Coach is Right,but what I had been reading seemed to be lawlessness in the Obama Administration.Now when you start mixing the Oklahoma City bombing and the World Trade Center,you are,,,well on the Mike Moore side of things and there can not be any denying that.You can't have it both ways Coach and say The last 3 governments are suspicious or guilty of unimaginable crimes and then in other columns saying or showing patriotic pictures and words.This does not add up to me.First,there may be some wrongdoing all along in any of the 3 administrations,that I can agree with.A direct killing of citizens of these 'United" States seems a bit much,kinda 'over the edge'.Fast and Furious is one thing,the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City are completely another! Don't forget Waco also.that was not handled properly,but it wasn't planned to kill those people .It was handled terribly.If you are going to say the Gov(whether Dem, or Repub.) was behind these mass murders,how can you say you love your country?The two don't go together and unless their is REAL PROOF and not a bunch of hearsay whatevers thrown together.I for one will NOT believe it. I do not think,up until Obama,that our govt. was trying to destroy from within and I still don't.Obama got elected and the country seems to be falling apart due to his mishandling appointments and a misdirected vision.That's why I think he should be out of office,but to claim(how many years?) back the govt. has been trying to kill us off.That's WHACKO until I see something with complete PROOF.

    1. I am certainly not trying to claim that the federal government was in any way involved in 9/11. I merely mentioned 9/11 to illustrate how federal funding of agencies like the FBI can increase after an event like 9/11. Janet Napolitano's Department Homeland Security is a perfect example. Also how the liberty/rights of the American people can be compromised by government agencies whose stated objective is to prevent another terrorist attack. I personally do NOT believe the Bush Administration or anyone in the government had anything whatever to do with 9/11. As for Oklahoma City, overwhelming evidence proves that to NOT be the case. Numerous FBI informants are KNOWN to have been involved in all aspects of the bombing. The FBI did not stop the bombing from taking place and has spent 16 years covering its tracks and involvement.

      The last portion of the above piece simply poses a couple of very reasonable questions, based not upon conspiracy theory or any notions of my own, but upon know facts. Given the Administration we are faced with today, nothing the government might do would surprise me.

      Thanks much for being a CiR fan. And please read the rest of the pieces CiR will be posting about this topic. The facts presented will be extraordinary…and extremely disappointing. Disappointing to know that agencies of the federal government and any of the Americans who run and work in them could be involved in the events that have taken place.

      Doug Book

    2. Thank you for your thoughtful and patriotic response. We here at CiR don’t like having to report what we are finding out about Eric Holder’s connection to the Oklahoma City bombing, but that will not stop us from bring these charges to light. If you are a new reader please understand that we write in short pointed fashion not long drawn out articles that no one wants to read. As Mr. Book has written there is more to come – lots more to come. We don’t ever knowingly write things we can’t back up, and our reporting over the years proves that.

      Over the coming weeks and months we will be presenting the case against Eric Holder in 300 to 500 word essays because that is our style here. Please keep reading, but please withhold your final judgment about whether we are “making this up” or not until after you have read more.

      Final note: your crack about my not loving my country because I am reporting that criminals have hijacked her is out of line. I will let it go because you and I are obviously on the same side which is America’s side.
      Thanks for reading, please keep coming by for the best in 300 to 500 word conservative essays every day.

      1. I am glad I got your and Mr. Book's attention.this does not happen often unless they are smaller sites.That is why I question the Murrah building and the FBI. I definately need convincing on that one and I will be watching for the evidence,I am not making a crack,I am simply telling it like it is.I have not heard or seen any major network,such as Beck or fox 'get down' with this information.Obama and Holder I most certainly agree with you.I may have misread Doug Book's story on World Trade ,but I read things well and it sure sounded like Bush was behind this to Mr. book or was reported in a manner that confused me.i will have to re-read the entire piece and definitely will agree with your letters if indeed I read them the wrong way.Coach,I have followed you for months now and agreed with 99% of stories reported.This one just didn't come out right,in my mind.except Holder and Obama.Since I do not know you froma blog,the questioning of one's patriotism can hardly be determined,unless it is continual writing anti-U.S.This piece just seemed a little far-out there,but I will be waiting,more than you know,for the FBI evidence on Ok.Cy.and I'm sure Okie's will too. Thanks John collignon

        1. I'm an "Okie." We here in the Sooner State know, without a doubt, that the OKC Bombing was brought about with the help of, at a minimum, the ATF, and possibly other agencies as well, including Janet Reno and the former president Clinton. I am in no way surprised to see Holder involved. I have only read the truth from Coach and will, because of that, continue to read his articles. I have found nothing, I repeat, nothing but truth to come from this blog and that is with a lot of independent research into the topics he reports on. Keep up the good work, Coach, many thousands of us appreciate it.

      2. There is no reason not to trace the truth down, wherever it leads, unless one has blinders on. I would encourage johnnyangel to open his eyes to what all has been going down for many years now, from both sides of the political aisle. The rot is deeper than he is apparently aware of.

        Keep these articles coming. They are important. Thanks, Doug, and Kevin, for digging into all this, and giving it some oxygen.

        The Truth will out. And it will set us free.

    3. you need to watch some of the video documentaries of Waco, showing ATF machine gunning people trying to escape from the back windows of the building. We might have two parties in power (dems and repubs) but they're both two heads of the snake. Anything patriotic coming out of the U.S. is by the hands of the people. Do a lot more research, Coach is telling it truthfully about the evil actions of both sides. And you don't have to be a "truther" to know that.

  4. Sting operations go wrong all of the time. Authorities lose money and get innocent people killed, not because they are complicit, but because they are incompetent, or the plan was wrong headed to begin with. When the goal is to gain favorable publicity to advance someones career or political position, then those designated to carry it out may be less motivated to achieve the success of such a plan. The ultimate failure leads to CYA and cover-ups, for which our buracracies are infamous. I see AG Holder's name come up a lot.

    1. You make a great point. The FBI was in desperate need of rebuilding its reputation after the PR disasters at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Infiltrating neo-Nazi nut groups and then bringing them down to media fanfare would be a good way to start. It's certainly possible that's the way this operation started. But gross carelessness (to say the least) allowed for the bombing to take place. And that sort of screw up certainly needs covered up. But look at the trail of bodies left behind in the cover up!

  5. How many Baptist terrorist groups are blowing things up? The whole "right-wing, Christian Evangelical" domestic terror group thing is just BS. Any conspiracies on the part of "Christian Militias" to help McVeigh with OKC were contrived by a corrupt, lying administration in order to crack down on those groups. It was the govt that helped him. Bill Clinton is an evil man and now his wife is in power. She is possibly even more evil than her husband. All of them, then and now, are trying hard to disarm the American people. Look at the U.N. treaty H. Clinton is trying to ram through. It's all an extension of their power hungry plans, they need to disarm us first. People need to wake up to the truth, if they don't this country is finished.

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