The “Peaceful Secession” movement won’t give us two Americas but where is the downside to it?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

If secession could only be achieved by force of arms or a court decision the “Peaceful Secession” movement would be futile. But “secession” need not involve brick and mortar barriers. The spirit of secession can be far more effective in dealing with a federal government gone rogue – it can stop it cold.

But as was the case in 1776 it seems that some who would be expected to come to the “Peaceful Secession” cause have not. Some self –identified conservatives actually seem to believe the only reason to sign a secession petition is because you REALLY believe doing so will bring about a new separate nation in North America. This is the narrowest view of the possibilities involved.

A successful physical secession, however unlikely, is only one reason for signing a petition demanding your state be allowed to “peacefully secede” from the United States.  Aside from this, these petitions assure like- minded people they are not alone which is a vital ingredient in any conservative movement.  It promotes the strength in numbers we need to help ourselves.

Moreover it sends a clear message of support to our Republican Representatives in Washington and our state capitals who must carry our message forward. Petitions like these are a sure measure of voter sentiment and politicians know how to read.

Those who would mock this idea as unattainable are forgetting our nation’s history.

In 1776, fifty five brave men in a nation of 2.5 million American colonists challenged England to a fight to the death. Even knowing England had the largest military in the world and a reputation for cruelty did not deter them from stepping forward.  

Can anyone deny that the original Tea Party patriots who dumped English tea into Boston harbor provided encouragement to the signers of our Declaration of Independence?

Does anyone think complete silence in fear of being mocked while our rights and way of life are being destroyed by Barack Obama is the spirit of our Founding fathers’ or that such silence will help us escape his clutches?

Whether anyone in or out of the conservative movement is unhappy or rejoices over its existence; the “Peaceful Secession” movement will continue until it either fades out or gets  our state level officials fired up. ?  If we don’t do this now why should our elected representatives stick out their neck to help us? 

If the only downside to this movement is giving Davis Letterman gag lines at our expense what have we lost – he and the Left hate us anyway and will never “like” us until we are dead.  Where is the downside to this?  

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3 thoughts on “The “Peaceful Secession” movement won’t give us two Americas but where is the downside to it?”

  1. The spirit of resistance, at all levels, must be nurtured by all patriotic Americans to the neo-Marxists who have grabbed power in Washington.

    The social contract has been broken-Americans, while still bound by natural law, are no longer duty-bound to accept the rule government.

    Resistance must be encouraged at all levels. Non-compliance with the US government edicts is a duty for all freedom-loving Americans.

    I leave you with this comment by Madison:

    Resistance to tyranny is service to God. – James Madison

    PS Remember, you’re supposed to be “Americans”, start acting like it instead of whinny little children.

  2. I think the petitions should be addressed to State Legislators to initiate Secession. Posting to Obama website just gives him a list of opponents for his mischief.

  3. With out using violeence the secesionist movement has about as much chancee of succedding as Ron Paul has in getting the Republican nomination
    Even with violence this movement could not win because it would be impossible
    to organize some thing like the Free Syrian Army in the USA because the FBI, NSA, and so forth have complete control of all means of communication in thee USA. No movement could succeed without their permission and they are not going to give it.
    Finally eveen if the Power structure did decide to off itself nothing would change. There would just be 50 governments that would be screwing Americans rather than one.
    There will not be any improvement in the USA until America’s leaders and its people mature enough to realize that the following program must be implemented to address the real threats that America faces.
    1.) Abolish the Federal Reserve.
    2.)Establish Term Limits for Congress AND THE SUPREME COURT.
    3.)Limit private campaign contributions.
    4.)Close all overseas military bases. Keep our dollars at home.
    5.)Outlaw the production of all automobiles which are designed for family
    use which exceed 2500 lbs.
    6.)Implement a progressive income tax code.
    7.)Implement a progressive unearned income tax code.
    8.)Implement a progressive inheritance tax.
    9.)Increase gasoline taxes 50 cents a year until Americans pay the same as
    as the French.
    10.)Greatly increase taxes on large trucks. A single truck does as much
    damage to the interstate as 10,000 cars. Truckers are getting huge
    subsidies. More long distance shipping should go by rail. The loss of
    long haul trucking jobs will be parially off set by an increase in local
    trucking jobs. That will decrease prostitution!!
    11.)Nationalize all casinos not owned by Native American Tribes. (Those are
    after all already nationalized.
    12.)End biofuel subsidies. Biofuels are a dead end. They raise food prices.
    13.)Limit weapon magazine capacity to six rounds. If you can not defend
    youself with six rounds you are such a poor shot that a gun is no good to
    you anyways.
    14.)Abolish limited liability for corprate board members.
    15.)Elect one half of the House of Representives to at large seats. These
    seats should be awarded on a proportional representation basis. That
    would allow new parties such as the Constitutional Party, the Green
    Party, the Socialist Party, and the Libertarian Party to have a fair
    chance against the criminals that now control the major party.

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