The “Poor Bob” Menendez scandal just won’t go away


By Kevin “Coach” Collins 

When minority Democrats are caught in a corruption net they can’t slip out of they will usually play the race card. “Oh woe is me, here I am a poor brown skinned boy (or girl) from the bad side of town trying to pull myself up by the bootstraps and the evil racist right wing is lying about me trying to keep me down,” or something close, can be heard as a panicky, knee jerk response to being caught having committed a crime. It can often signal that the final act of the drama is not far off.

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey is one of these “poor, put-upon minorities.”

The evil right wingers just can’t let go of allegations that poor Bob got paid off by a rich Miami eye doctor to insure that life became very good for him. What poor Bob accepted in return for selling out the rest of us was being flown to the Dominican Republic, on the doctor’s private plane, for three sex tours where he was serviced by under aged hookers. That is a federal crime; or it would be if the hookers could be found, but alas they have disappeared.  

But what do the facts say? The FBI and the IRS raided the office of Salmon Melgen, the doctor involved,  because they believe he owes the government millions in unpaid taxes. The papers also say poor Bob “discovered” a bookkeeping error and has now “paid” $58,000 to Melgen for flying him down to see the underage hookers again and again.

Now those under age hookers can’t be found – hmmmm. End of scandal right? Not so fast, an American hooker who is of age has come forward to say she has serviced poor Bob and OTHER U. S. Senators.

This must be serious because over the weekend poor Bob went to a Black church in New Jersey crying and wringing his hands about being picked on by those “evil right wingers.”

Where this is going is hard to say but the timing of having the American hooker, who has been found and will come forward, is bad news for poor Bob. Someone who has the real cards is determined to trump his phony “race” card. Someone with the power wants to bring him down.        



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