The Republic is Dead! The Rule of Law is Dead!”


By George Spelvin, staff writer

     “The Republic is Dead! The Rule of Law is Dead!,” says America’s new Joan of Arc Ann Barnhardt. Using a seven letter B word with the word Rat, she calls out those 535 “godless, moral degenerate, sociopaths” (1) in Washington, D. C. for refusing to do something about Barack Obama’s lack of presidential eligibility.  “They know Obama is not eligible,” and she exhorts her Colorado Springs audience to “Get your heads around this. . .the executive branch is usurped!”  And another new video (2) just up has compiled Obama’s own words declaring, “I’m not at an American citizen. I was not born in Hawaii. I come from Kenya!” This speech was made just as he was elected Illinois’ new U.S. Senator.  “I have known Islam on three continents,” he says often speaking in Arabic.

Attorney Philip J. Berg, esq. explains that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen (NBC) because the sitting President lost his American citizenship when he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, his mother’s second husband. “His religion is Islam,” says Berg who explains that in order for Obama to attend school in Indonesia, he had to have carried Indonesian citizenship.

She walks  readers  through what Article II, Sect. 1, clause 5 means.  Barnhardt’s condemnation of our elected officials also includes a stinging indictment of them because they did nothing when Jon Corzine’s investment fund “stole $1.6 BILLION in customers’ deposits.” Saying the oligarchy rules, she decries how certain elites in governance can skate along after scandals, but that ordinary citizens whose accounts were frozen lost so much financial worth.

 Just this week, news reports carry the fact that Corzine still is a big campaign bundler for Obama!  Saying the D.C. politicians are “in it for the money and power . .and would rather watch our country be overthrown,” Barnhardt is pulling no punches.  Her strength, power, and courage to stand up and be counted against the forces of militancy and decay make her our heroine for these troubled times.  Not afraid to go where so many just will not, she will be remembered for her fearlessness in the face of daunting odds in the battle to save America.

Our founders wanted our president to hold a higher standard of citizenship and allegiance to our New Republic of the United States of America.  They had just fought and won a bitter hard fought American Revolution, and they wanted to ensure our Commander in Chief held allegiance only to America.  These videos deal with the Constitutional crisis facing our Republic right now, because Obama has loyalties to Great Britain by his father’s citizenship, to Indonesia by his adopted father’s citizenship, and to Kenya where in his own words he says on this video (2)  the Constitution!

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2 thoughts on “The Republic is Dead! The Rule of Law is Dead!””

  1. Thanks for the "heads-up" on Ann Barnhardt…she sounds like a woman after my own heart; and someone worth seeking more information on.

  2. Dear Coach,
    Thanks for illuminating the nation with Ann barnhardt. (She posts at her website every 2-3 days significant political and spiritual commentary – Go Ann!
    And Go team! Let's constitutionally apprehend and prosecute the intruder and his ilk and move-on to serve God and humanity as a nation like others of courage have before us. As Christ Jesus said "When the Son of Man returns will He find any faith on the earth?" Team, it is up to us to show Him a hearty "Yes, Lord" by our action.

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