The Second American Revolution is just around the corner!

By Doug Book,  staff writer

 Prior to the 2010 elections,  pollster Pat Caddell warned members of the political ruling class that the nation  “…may be at a pre-revolutionary moment,”  calling the November vote  “…more of a national referendum than any  [midterm]  since Watergate.”

A longtime Democrat,  Caddell’s warning was not directed exclusively to his party,  for though it would bear the brunt of voter scorn,  Republicans were also widely mistrusted and arguably enjoyed a record victory principally because they were NOT Democrats.

As a measure of voter distemper,  consider that John McCain,  a presidential candidate just 2 years earlier,  might have suffered a primary defeat had he been challenged by a more formidable opponent.

Indeed,  finally called to account for his frequent betrayal of conservatives,  the McCain campaign was forced to craft a right-wing political caricature which left him barely recognizable as the aisle crossing capitulator he had been…a role which cost other Republicans their careers.

Nor has the mood of an angry and suspicious public changed in the interim unless it be for the worse as the arrogance of political elites and their contempt for voters,  the nation and the law have intensified with each passing year.

After all,  politicians readily boast an ability to do as they wish while blissfully ignoring Constitutional limits placed upon the powers of the state.

For this reason,  elected officials are increasingly considered political and financial opportunists who pursue power and wealth to the detriment of both nation and public,  their hypocrisy and dishonesty no longer accepted as the virtual entitlements of public office holders.

And political “legitimacy”,  a nebulous treasure coveted by politicians and previously bestowed by media or party is increasingly awarded by voters alone to politicians who defy rather than submit to party demands and who are despised rather than adored by the media.

Caddell claims that a  “…sea of anger is churning…”  And he is right.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll,  just 17% of likely voters believe congress legislates with the consent of the governed. Eight percent believe members of congress are more likely to listen to the concerns of voters than the demands of a particular political party. And just 6% rate the performance of congress as good or excellent.

 When will the American people make it clear they have had enough?

For decades,  Big Brother has confiscated wealth and trampled liberty. Taxpayers have grumbled yet done nothing as trillions have been gifted to Democrat voter blocs. Perhaps criminal assaults by politicians have not been  “personal”  enough to elicit more than occasional protests via the ballot box.

But recently,  the political ruling elite have hinted at the practical confiscation of retirement savings and 401K accounts. Such an act WILL be personal. And coupled with the implementation of other schemes to finance the practices of placating,  rewarding and vote buying,  the political class will loose a public upheaval not seen in this nation since 1776.

The victors of this second American Revolution will determine the social and economic course of the United States for centuries to come. Most of us will be around to watch it begin.

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21 thoughts on “The Second American Revolution is just around the corner!”

  1. I think 6% is high. Why haven't we already started taking our government back? Let's get someone who is not in it for the money and how much money they have to campaign with. Let's quit being politically correct. The house defunded some of obamas czars and yet they are stil there and these are the one who are making the rules, ignore them as they are not vetted or constitutional. The people are just sitting there letting it happen people cannot think for themselves any longer. This is a real problem!!

  2. I received an email today from Floyd Brown. He has faxes available for Congress and the Senate to begin impeachment proceedings on Obama. Go to:….

    I know, some of you are going to say we cannot impeach an illegitimate prez. if he's not really qualified to be president. Forget that for now. Who knows, maybe by at least starting the process, we can finally, dig into his past and force his hand to show his documentation of his past and why he has a CT SSN. We can't wait until 2012. This man, BHO, is a danger to our economy and is wreaking havoc with our security. He took an oath to protect and defend this country from all enemies foreing and domestic. Unfortunately, it turns out that he's the domestic enemy!

    If you can afford it, go to site above, and send those faxes. We need to inundate Congress and Senate with them, and let these aiders and abettors of Obama know that we will not tolerate Obama and his dangerous policies any longer. We cannot afford to, it's that bad.

    If you love your country and want to see it return to a free Republic, then send off those faxes and let those in Congress and the Senate know that we've had enough of this traitor and fraud sitting in our house.

  3. What an excellent, "No Punches Pulled" article Doug!
    However, we need more kindred spirits to stop the madness.
    Hopefully articles such as yours may help to "pierce the void" of continued general-voter apathy and ignorance.
    Folks like us have been galvanized a long time ago; we've tried our best to stay informed.
    Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the "Jay Leno Man on the Street' type of "citizen air-headedness" which runs rife across our lands due to GUMMINT SKOOLS.
    I have wondered myself, since the early '80's, what it would take to initiate the cleansing revolution so desperately needed in this Country.
    Each time Congress or an administration would slap the body politic in the face with an insult, another loss of freedom, and another piece of blatant special interest legislation; each time we had ANOTHER "Market Correction" due to both governmental and Wall Street malfeasance which cleaned out private portfolios and no one could, or would, explain into whose pockets our money went "pffftttt" into; each time I was aware of a Federal spending bill that had more than one dissimilar subject to be voted upon in a yea or nay vote, I cringed; and each time I saw the Republican Party members in Congress exchange one set of governmental interferences for another when the Dems lost the majority, I would say to myself "This is the straw….." But nothing ever happened and I cannot explain why citizens remained convinced that they still controlled this run-amok farce which disguises itself as a Federal government.!
    The writing has been on the wall for many moons.
    I wish I could give the average voter more credit for "smarts"; but I have learned that just isn't possible. They repeatedly show themselves to be "dumber than a box of rocks". Ignorance on issues, candidates histories, beliefs, Party Platforms, even the location of States is, I swear, the stuff of cartoon lore.
    They're lucky if they can even find their proper polling place!
    Yet here we are; simmering away toward a full boil-over "revolution-style". Maybe, maybe not.
    We have had de-facto "Taxation Without Representation" for so very long now that had we ACTUALLY been engaging in genuine protest, Pekoe Tea would have re-made the ecology of Boston Harbor !
    De-facto non-representation is accomplished when a Congressperson or State legislator listens first to PAC and Corporate money. Indulges his/her "conscience" rather than respecting the rule of law and Constitutional limitations, acts without knowing the wishes of his/her constituency, and then insults their constituency further by refusing to listen to their outrage and fury!!
    Just because a legislator is "physically present" in a State Capitol, or in Washington D.C. does not mean that we are being well represented.
    Confiscating our retirement savings and IRAs, or even hinting that they will no longer be taxed-deferred, would have to be THE MOST egregious act of political suicide, not EVEN on a par with voting for Obama-Carl, that any Congress or President could aspire to!
    Self-immolation on a funeral pyre would be less painful!
    I believe the country is still in a "wait and see" mode. Curious I admit , but so like the patient sheep we have become. Our slaughter could be imminent at any time, yet we while and graze away our time in fictional gardens just hoping for better pastures.

    1. Heck Joanne, you said it better than I did! You ought to be getting comments, as well as sending them!

      I believe the wait and see mode is coming to an end. It will take one great spark to set millions of Americans on a rampage against the political ruling class. I still believe the only act severe enough will be the practical overturning of the 2nd amendment. That would start a shooting war…one that we would eventually win if only by attrition. The British meekly turned their guns over to the state in 1997. Many millions of Americans would NOT follow suit.

      1. Dear "Puppy"
        Au contraire mes ami ! I seriously doubt that I can hold a candle to your writing !
        Me? I offer opinions from my observations and beliefs alone; and you know what is said about opinions !!
        You, however, explore and open up new thoughts with fact-based information plus your good insight.
        That we are like-minded in many of our conclusions is a very happy coincidence indeed.
        You and "Coach" provide all the comments to me that are important and that are helpful in keeping my aim straight.
        But still, a gal does like to hear an honest compliment now and again so I Thank you !
        Your above article, as well as the above post of yours, quite clearly and appropriately, name two potential catalysts to a full out revolution; both of which would involve gun-play in my estimation.
        If the Feds take either our retirement assets or our fire arms there will no turning back from the 2nd Amendment protection against governmental tyranny.
        Warmest regards, Jo

    2. How about this approach to do something now instead of waiting to see if our system can overcome the Democrats stealing again?
      Let us clamor loud and vigorously for a Congressional investigation into the many forgeries and security risk concealments by Obama and his conspirators. The press will do its best to stop it with the usual disinformation and ridicule but I see little chance of anything else providing a quick solution. A successful investigation could lead to prosecution. We have got to get brave candidates to speak up and make his forgeries a major issue. Isn’t it interesting how Democrats seem to have Candidates like Kerry who have to hide or manipulate their past? The Democrat Party is now mainly a reborn Communist party full of arrogant (Pelosi) crooked lawyers (Schumer) and thieves.
      Forget about impeachment that does not have bearing in such a criminal and conspiracy case. The immunity a President has will need some consideration. Do he and his conspirators go to jail now or after he leaves office? Surely those who don’t care about liberty but only want to enhance a Marxist state have got to learn something and be embarrassed. Incidentally it was the NY Times that cleverly backed the maverick McCain who of course refused to question Obama’s truthfulness.

      I believe Darryl Issa of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Speaker Boehner as the best targets of our clamor. We have to encourage them to accept the cause with courage and stamina to resist the usual ridicule and character assassination from the wealthy bullies.

      Also let us make sure that if we should be lucky enough to overcome the cheating and gain a new lawful administration and unlike the forgiving Bush, have put in place a new attorney general, such as Rudy Giuliani, who will proceed to investigate, track down and prosecute every knowing conspirator. Without such a basic correction and defense of the Constitution we are lost.

      1. The new Republican majority has the power to investigate limitless "questionable" acts committed by the Regime. Fast and Furious/Gunwalker is being looked at quite seriously by both house and senate. The problem is the GUTS of Republicans. Make a legitimate claim about the criminal/underhanded goings on at the White House or throughout the executive branch and you will be deemed a racist by our unbiased media. And the vast majority of Republicans haven't the spine to face such a coordinated assault against their nice, cushy jobs. Look at George Allen. He uttered a meaningless word..MACACA..and lost his career as a result of the media labeling him a racist! And perhaps most disgraceful was the number of Republicans who cheerfully sold him out, rather then take heat themselves by exposing Allen's phony attackers.

        Fact is, the political ruling class is far more interested in power and perpetual re-election than in doing what is right.

  4. We need to stop giving them more money,revolt against all forms of taxation. Then the government will pay attention to us. They need us. We dont need them.

  5. Taxation is a reality that exists and must continue forth, of this I have no illusions. For without government institutions our society would fall into anarchy, and the dog ear dog world of social Darwinism would consume us all. Leaving us with nothing but a socially divided society of wealthy elite, and a over worked and under payed working poor. These things however seem to be being made into a reality by our political leaders, who not so long-ago were meant to be civil servants, not cronies of special interest. These things however, did not happen over night. This took time, far more time than one president or even two or three. It has taken many small steps to reach this point, and now we are witnessing the fruit of the labor put forth by industry, business, special interest, and greedy politics. The many issues that clog our system are as numerous as they are daunting. Career politicians pollute our system with their unlimited running for multiple terms. Special interest and lobbyists slink in and around our leaders to divert government funds towards their private interests. The deregulation and loss over oversight when dealing with large powerful institutions has crippled our nations ability to deal with powerful organizations which easily could cripple our countries economic foundations. A loophole ridden tax code that favors the rich but exploits the poor and middle class. An out dated medicare and Medicaid system that only provides for the poor and elderly, when both could be scrapped and replaced with a much more effective social medical program which could provide for all, and universally lower our nations medical costs on whole. A social security system that is not saved for the elderly, but spent by the government until the aged populace requires it, but only receives a fraction of what they contributed over all. The outsourcing of American companies to nations who pay their workers pennies on the dollar, and yet our population is demanded to "stay competitive" but how the hell can one compete with that?! The media has lost all objectivity, passing off opinion as news, forcing their highly politicized bile down our throats, while spreading disinformation so as to confuse us. There is no ability for the populace to make an informed decision, but rather they are told how and what to feel by what ever bias leads them. Our public schools are massively under funded and decentralized, with no agreement on a solid basic curriculum of education required, and an unchallenged student body who is only demanded the most minimal amount of effort so as to pass the foolish standardized testing our nation forces upon the children without realizing that the test is meant to see where the child is on the chart of excellence, not set the bar for excellence. Another problem we have is jobs, with green energy being a good probability at construction job creation, it would only be right to allow the hardhats within our society to go out and start building wind turbines and solar panels, this would get our deteriorating infrastructure a massive boost, along with the floundering economy. However, we have people who benefit from the noncompetition of green energy. Both coal and oil stand to loose profit if green energy enters in on full scale, but what of the free market, shouldn't the people decide which is superior for their needs? What is it that we can do to stop the madness? The more I look out at the horizon, and see what is being taken away from the average American citizen by both our government and private enterprise, the more I fear that there will be blood on the horizon. Revolutions seem the be running rampant around the world these days, with old regimes being toppled around the world due to both public and political unrest and if things don't shape up soon, I fear that the United States will be the next battle ground the world will be watching.

  6. I agree with most of what Coach is saying in his article, one thing I do object to however is Coaches Weekly Poll, as it does not list all of the GOP candidates running for President,
    if this is a mistake than Coach should correct the error, if Coach was deliberate in his leaving out candidates such as Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, then it appears that Coach is no better at conducting a Poll than any Main Stream Media Corporations are. Especially considering this is a Patriotic website.
    Giving voters choices about who they can vote for is what really makes America a great nation as well as other aspects too numerous to mention.

    1. Paul and Johnson only ? Why not mention Santorum? None of them has as much of a chance as Newt and he wasn’t on the list either. The inclusion of the four people on the list was my call because they have the best chance of winning. The results prove my point.
      Thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts.
      Keep asking questions and keep demanding answers. That’s the only way we can ever get the truth.

      1. Coach, I think Mike88 committed a "gotcha" on you my friend. Not that I believe that Hunstman, or Johnson have a tinkers' prayer in Hell of "winning". But this IS all about the "fair process" of getting to the final determination. It's not for any of us to pick and choose who the contestants will be, but to allow free access to the expression of opinion regarding them.
        I must admit, that I have, myself, been curious as to why Bachmann, Santorum and Paull's names do not appear on your surveys.
        Would that make this a "double-gotcha" Coach ?

  7. Lol the 2nd revolution will take place on the interwebz and will involve fat a**ed rednecks trying to come up with new Obama insults. Meanwhile, obama and Hitlery will take away the people’s guns while they stuff hot pockets into their mouths and wave Chinese made American flags.

    America died when Kennedy was taken out by a military coup. Every president since has been following a script. Romney will be no different. Hell he’s already back peddling on the Obama tax. What’s that tell ya?

    We’re finished.

    1. You are obviously on the wrong site. Bring facts not opinions or take your act elsewhere.
      Thank you for reading CiR,

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