The suicidal immigration habits of the Republican Party


By Bill McIntosh,  staff writer

Allan Wall is a Texan who lived and worked for years in Mexico and writes a column for on U.S. and Mexican cultural differences with the eyes of a Christian humanist. Allan shares his thoughts with Bill McIntosh on Mexico, Mexicans and the US.

“Republican leaders promote the importation of future Democratic party voters! It’s suicidal. …If present trends continue, the GOP is headed for permanent minority status.”   -Allan Wall

You lived in Mexico many years. What can Mexicans teach us about preventing voter fraud?

 The Mexican voter registration system is a good one.  It includes several elements. One is a government-issued registration card with name, fingerprints, and a holographic image.  Also, at the voting station the poll workers have a book with a photograph of every voter in the precinct, which they can compare with the card and the voter’s physical appearance. After voting, each voter’s thumb is smudged with ink to prevent repeat voting.

This is a better system than exists in most U.S. states, which have very slipshod voter registration systems.  Ironically, whenever photo voter ID is proposed, the usual suspects, including Hispanic activists, get hysterical about how bad it is.  So why don’t they criticize Mexico’s registration system which includes photo ID as an important element?

 How does the Mexican consular system rally Mexicans in the US vis a vis US politics?

Mexican consulates carry out all sorts of brazen meddling in the U.S., and we let them get away with it.   Many legal Mexicans in the U.S. are dual citizens, and some vote in both countries.  Of course, some illegal aliens are voting, after all, our registration system is so slipshod that it’s not a difficult accomplishment.  We have to understand that Mexico considers all people of Mexican descent in the U.S. as Mexicans.  It doesn’t matter if they are legal or illegal, or even U.S.-born, to Mexico they are Mexicans.

 How strong is the “reconquista” mentality among Mexicans?

 The “reconquista” doctrine does exist in Mexico, and has been openly applauded by certain Mexican intellectuals.  Of course, the Mexican government doesn’t openly promote it. But it doesn’t have to. The Mexican government just pushes for open borders and full benefits for all Mexicans in the U.S.

 Any reflections on  40 million abortions since Roe v. Wade and the fact that Americans feel like foreigners in their own cities-foreign tongues and foreign flags to be seen and heard at every turn?

 I don’t think there is a certain amount of people that we need in the U.S.  and I don’t think we need any more workers.  The economy just has to adjust itself to the population.  Right now we have 14 million Americans out of work so we need no immigrants, legal or illegal.  As for abortion, it is indeed a great crime and a blot upon our nation.  It’s possible that God is punishing us in various ways for this and other sins.  One way I think that God punishes individuals and nations is simply to let us continue the imprudent practices that we are engaging in, which carry with them their own punishment.

Geert Wilders was asked at a conference in Boca Raton, Florida about Europeans replacing their Muslim immigrants with Latinos. He jokingly offered to swap them if we´d take foreign Muslims off their hands as part of the deal! What is it about westerners who are anxiety ridden about “expelling undesirables” abuse?

It is ironic. Western nations (outside of Latin American) have achieved the greatest level of prosperity and freedom in the world and yet they seem determined to commit collective suicide through mass immigration and multiculturalism.  You see it in the U.S. and Canada, in Australia, in the UK and in Western Europe.  And of course, the Third World colonists flooding our countries are all too eager to take advantage of it.  I’d like to see one of our countries stand up to this, it’s be a great example to the rest.

 Why are Mexicans so viscerally Democrat in their voting?

Well, Mexican politics does not have a tradition of limited government. Even the right-wing party in Mexico is, by American standards, economically liberal.  Mexicans aren’t coming to the U.S. for freedom, and they don’t want limited government. They want government benefits.  So they are mostly going to vote for the Democrats.  It’s not because Republicans are anti-Mexicans or treat them badly.  Mexican-Americans are mostly going to vote for the Democrats.  Now, if the GOP leadership wanted to help the party, it would campaign for an immigration moratorium. Instead, Republican leaders promote the importation of future Democratic Party voters!  It’s suicidal.  I’ve only seen one major Republican who seems to get this – it’s Rand Paul (not Ron Paul).  If present trends continue, the GOP is headed for permanent minority status.

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4 thoughts on “The suicidal immigration habits of the Republican Party”

  1. REMEMBER “The penalty that good men pay for not being interested In politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves.”-Plato.

    We must hold our elected officials accountable to govern according to the Constitution! We must take back ground that we have lost over the past decades! We must “Take Back America in 2012”
    Are you outraged that the Obama Administration, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and so many other elected officials show utter contempt for the views of millions of taxpaying, voting citizens?
    We are all too familiar with Barack Obama’s vision for this nation as a socialist, Big Government, limited freedom, anti-life, anti-marriage, pro-homosexual America that apologizes for its religious heritage.
    They don’t want a system like Mexico’s which would stop voter fraud.

  2. Bill, I was unaware that Mexico's voting procedures were so much more rigorous than those of the U.S.. That was an eye-opener !
    To say that America would benefit under such a strict voter qualification and verification system would be grandly understating the issue.
    Our system cries out for changes, including the purging of incredibly out-dated voter registrations lists nation wide.
    Perhaps when we oust the Socialists and RINOS from the Senate, as well as the House in 2012, we can begin to take some very hard looks at the institutions and policies by which we elect those in every level of government.
    As it stands now, the Progressive Socialists will not permit any reconfiguring or tightening up of the voting methods which have benefited them.
    Another thing which has always puzzled and bothered me since the inter-active capabilities of the internet ( and communications in general), have developed so quickly and with such "security"; is the fact that we STILL cannot participate in national referendums electronically to let our law-makers know precisely where their constituents stand on issues which are up for floor votes in both Houses !
    It is obvious that they really don't WANT any input from those who are about to be taxed or further subjugated in some fashion.
    My assessment of that would be "Tough!"…this is our way of reminding you that YOU work for us, and that this one-way system of legislating is a thing of the past !"

  3. Joanne-thanks for your comments. America is in the cross hairs of scoundrels. The hope is that initiative and courage will shine a light un the shamless acts of the powerful to the point that they get forced to act decently.

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