The Supreme Court has insulted our intelligence with its decision: we’ll give them ours in November


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This morning we have once again been reminded that our system of checks and balances no longer functions for the good of the American people.

Nine lawyers in the Supreme Court, hiding behind legalese, written by other lawyers has decided that American’s, through our various states,  have no right to either enforce the sovereignty and security of our borders or demand that the federal government’s lawyers do so.

We don’t count in the cynical view of the lawyers that have wormed their way into controlling our lives essentially “because WE say so.” Oh they claim the United States Constitution sanctions and supports their denial of our rights of self-defense, but the truth is they have stolen away the power of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution by bowing to claims that what is abundantly obvious is not at all obvious. In effect the Supreme Court has cynically asked us “Who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?”

To say this was not a political interpretation of law twisted to favor those who would erase our borders and open the flood gates of the world to our midst is the type of infuriating insult we have to take with us as we vote to correct what has happened to our government from top to bottom. This decision ought to be carried like a “bloody shirt” by every American who is alarmed by the ever quickening pace of the destruction of our freedoms.  

They have reduced our lives to a children’s game of tag as the Supreme Court acting as egalitarian school yard monitors admonish us to “Play nice with the new children!”

Well we don’t want to “play nice with the new Children!” We want to kick them the

hell out of our country – a county OUR forefathers risked their lives to build and gave their blood to preserve.

The Supreme Court has made it very clear they don’t give a damn what we want. They have told us we MUST share the bounty of America with people only interested in taking from us whatever they can grab. The Supreme Court has told us illegal aliens deserve “their fair share of America” based solely on their presence in our country. How stupid! How infuriating! How deserving of an electoral landslide to correct this injustice!

If ever there was a moment for those who shy away from voting with the tired old “Oh I never vote because it makes no difference anyway” to grasp the danger all of America has been put in by this decision that time has come.          

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 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both. 

What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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