The TSA’s failure to verify ticket purchase IDs leaves flyers at risk

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

A skilled investigative reporter has lodge a serious charge against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that the agency is both ignoring and hoping will go away. Josh Bernstein insists that anyone with a good fake identification card and a calm demeanor can bluff his/her way through TSA checkpoints just by making sure the name on the fake ID matches the name on his/her legitimately purchased boarding pass.

Bernstein’s charges mean that since the TSA doesn’t verify passenger identities, safe flying from an American airport is a matter of luck rather a function of a diligent federal agency’s procedures.  

Worse than this, the TSA has no plans to start verifying the identifications airline passengers use to purchase tickets. “As long as the ID looks good, it MUST be good” seems to be the current policy. While you, your elderly parents and your children are being searched by TSA agents determined to nail you as terrorists, a dedicated terrorist can walk onto your plane unmolested.     

Bernstein reports that he is in possession of very high grade fake identity documents produced by the Chinese (who may be Obama’s friends but care little about us). He got these documents by simply ordering them from a website specializing in fakes that will fool the TSA.   

It is indeed stunning that Bernstein seems to be the only person who cares about plugging this hole in our security. How can it be that the very agencies – the TSA and Homeland Security its parent entity- which were established to see that we would never again have another 9 /11 hijacker attack have become so lax?

Why has no one the in Congress raised questions about the potential for using high quality fake IDs in murderous attacks on our airplanes?  

Everyday the TSA screens passengers attempting to board thousands of planes across the country. We have seen no successful attacks and this is of course attributable to a system that clearly keeps us safe. Nevertheless, there is wisdom in an African tribal saying that applies here, “No ripples in the water doesn’t mean there are no alligators.”    

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