The US must have a State Run Media: for the Greater Good

By Doug Book, staff writer

 Lee Bollinger is an attorney turned academic. Past president of the University of Michigan,  Bollinger now holds that position at Columbia University,  home of the famed Columbia School of Journalism.

Bollinger believes that coming J school graduates will provide a more valuable service if the American media becomes the de facto property of the federal government.

“…I propose…an American World Service…”,  writes Bollinger.  “A media institution with sufficient funding to bring the highest quality American journalism to the global forum.”  And that “sufficient funding”  will be provided by the federal government. From taxpayers. 

Why is government funding necessary?  Because  “…the proliferation of communications outlets has fractured the base of advertising and readers.”  And as a result,  “newsrooms have shrunk and foreign bureaus have been decimated,”  says Bollinger.

It seems that while free enterprise and the internet have expanded the field of news providers,  they have also upset the once virtually monopolistic status of the  “giants”,  robbing them of advertising dollars and audiences.

In short,  choice and diversity,  those prized catchwords of the Left become dangers when beneficiaries like FOX lead in market share.

“Both the FCC and the FTC are undertaking studies to ensure the steep economic decline faced by newspapers and broadcast news does not deprive Americans of the essential information they need as citizens,”  we are reassured by Bollinger.  And of course,  “one idea under consideration is enhanced public funding for journalism.” 

Could there be a more demeaning,  condescending notion?  Our government must decide if its subjects are receiving a proper diet of relevant news,  from acceptable sources!

For unlike profit driven,  corporate entities or amateurish,  pajama clad blogging pretenders,  the State would feature a non-biased,  non-agenda driven,  thoroughly professional force to present the American public with the global information necessary to make informed decisions and hold proper views!

 After all,  “…massive problems like global recession and CLIMATE CHANGE (my caps) require collective public action…”  warns Bollinger.  And the State must see to our proper understanding of these and other issues so that we will adopt the correct points of view concerning methods of dealing with them.

Make no mistake.  Lee Bollinger knows full well a government financed media would become a government controlled media.  It would enact rules defining proper journalistic behavior and content and force compliance from privately held interests.  And upon taking control of the internet,  the State would silence unruly blogs or render their input moot.

In short,  anyone interested in providing news would necessarily become a ward of the Ministry of Information.

The first public establishment any dictator must control is the press. Unlike most liberals,  Lee Bollinger is at least being marginally honest about his wishes.

But like ALL liberals,  he is NOT being honest about his goal.

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This day in history August 5

1861: For the first time, the U.S. government levied an income tax.

Six Wisconsin Republican State Senators need your help. They are facing a union thug forced recall election. The most endangered is Dan Kapanke,  he really needs your help:

In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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11 thoughts on “The US must have a State Run Media: for the Greater Good”

  1. God forbid that we should have a Government Newspaper. Schools brainwash our children, newspapers will brainwash the rest of the country. If Nespapers were objective and sought to ptint the truth instead of being agenda driven by some ideology, they might do as well as Fox News. It alone stands as a beacon of light and a bulwark against propaganda. That is why it is so successful. Truth matters and not ideology.
    Government 'anything' is a necessary evil, at best!

  2. Doesn't O already have his own network in the White House? I was very weary of the establishment of this when he first took office. Just look at what garbage is spewed out at each press briefing now.

  3. Pretty much a done deal, isn't it? We have government run daycares for the little ones, typically staffed with uneducated, minimum wage "moms," with little or no real educational value for these most formative years of a child's life. Then we have government run schools to train our children how and what to think so they can pass the government standardized tests before they head off to a government supported college or university! :) All bases are covered except the adults … That's what the state-run media is for! Heaven forbid we-the-people actually learn to think for ourselves, to educate ourselves, and to get involved!!!!!! :) Oh wait … Individual liberty, oh yea, didn't someone talk about that in the old days???

  4. I say take all the Obama's and Bollinger's in the world along with all their leftist friends and drop them in the middle of the Pacific. Those that survive will have had time to digest the meaning of a FREE PEOPLE and be allowed to join in with the rest of society in America and become "One Out Of Many" once again and live free as the rest of us desire.

  5. This would be REALLY bad public policy. Things are skewed enough as it is already.
    The scribes and verbal mouth-pieces who abandon reason, and distance from administrations, Congresses, etc. to jump aboard the "deception trains and buses", do so for the furtherance of their own agendas.
    This " whoring out " to whatever, or whomever constitutes the "master-du-jour " is an opportunistic symbiosis which has nothing to do with respect for the master's "isms" or personage, but has everything to do with forwarding any fool (or fool notion), which accomplishes their own ends.
    Such an "on-staff", hired news media would be America's answer to Tass and Pravda". Not an option in a quasi-free country like the US of A.
    My Mother warned we three children of the household that "Familiarity Breeds Contempt " ; and it has repeatedly proven to be true, even in this instance.
    No president has ever liked or trusted the media. In the main, such "medes" have only been tolerated as "useful idiots" .
    Mutual contempt and mistrust are still present in the Fourth Estate's pandering to Obama.
    This time around however, more and more voters see what is happening so they appropriately reject the hype and conclusions of both.

  6. In the parlance of "Government Speak.", "for the greater good " has always meant what is most beneficial for government ; it ought never to mean what is good for the people. That is for the people, alone to decide.
    There is no difference in philosophy between the Rs' and Ds' regarding this issue as well. Both meddle and infringe with appalling regularity.

    1. Unfortunately, you're right Joanne. Retention/expansion of power seem the only concerns of too many DC politicians. Republicans, elected in droves by a hopeful public in 2010, cheerfully sold out their constituents on the budget vote. There ARE no cuts, as we both know. Cutting a baseline "prospective increase" doesn't result in a cut at all. It's as phony as Obama's birth certificate. But Republicans, being often as arrogant as Democrats, figure we in the peasant class are just too dumb to know it.

      1. How's my favorite "Puppy"?
        I just posted some nasty news on the CIR site "87 was a Good Start, but Not Good Enough", by Ron.
        S&P has just lowered the U.S. government's credit rating downward from AAA.
        I know I said, somewhere in all my recent postings here that I had hoped this would happen. My belief was that it would take a first-time crisis such as this to jolt the "Pols" (both Rs and Ds ), away from their infernal denial of being the cause of our country's financial straits and to roll up their collective shirt sleeves to set order to the mess they've made; somewhere in the back of my mind, I also kept hoping that a few voices of reason would prevail.
        Now, I'm not convinced that even this Congressional slap in the face by S&P will be enough to sever the partisan Bravo Sierra.
        A pox on the "politics as usual". Look what it's gotten us.

  7. If one was a skeptic, one could possibly make the case that since Moody's and another credit-rating firms did NOT lower the United States' credit rating to agree with the S&P drop to AA+; that the singular rate drop constitutes only a slap-on-the -wrist warning orchestrated by the combined rating agencies to signal a much more deadly future attack . If Congressional members do not begin NOW to responsibly micro-manage every penny they spend, and to additionally take huge divots out of what is already planned-spending, all the agencies will substantially "lower the boom".
    Either that, or S&P is the only agency to take government spending seriously, while the other agencies still feel like enabling the spending-addiction as they have done in the past.

    1. Joanne,

      And if one were an even greater skeptic-of the honor of the left- it wouldn't be hard to say Joe Biden was directly responsible for the deaths of 20+ Seals and a number of others in Saturdays helicopter shoot down. After all, the mouthy leftist told the world it was Seal Team 6 which got bin Laden, making Seals everywhere targets. Couldn't pass up those few additional minutes of glory-grabbing and credit-taking on TV, could he!

      1. Dear "Puppy", once again I show my ignorance. To my shame, I was unaware that we had lost all these Navy Seals recently. None of the usual news sources I visit from time to time held such information. Where did all of this occur? Under what circumstances? Who are the murderers; has any group claimed responsibility?
        I am deeply saddened that more precious American men and women are asked to forfeit their lives for such lost causes as "government interests".
        Biden is an idiotic, loose canon who doesn't have the sense God gave a grasshopper, but was he the only, or the initial, source to reveal the involvement of Navy Seals in the mission to kill Osama?

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