The value of winning the governor’s seats in New York, Florida and California can’t be overstated


By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

 The expected Republican wave of victories in three key states could mean big redistricting reforms for voters in New York, California, and Florida.  All three GOP gubernatorial candidates, Carl Palladino, Meg Whitman, and Rick Scott are do-it-yourself campaign financiers, all millionaires in their own right. 

 They’ll be much less beholden to special interest campaign donors who demand gerrymandered voting districts in Congress.  For years voters have complained bitterly about Democrats drawing up cockeyed boundary lines just to ensure incumbent voter bases stay intact. Victories in these three states will change that.

 In a blatant refusal to address the dysfunction in Albany, New York Senate Democrat Leader John  Sampson (D-Brooklyn) told a recent reform conference, “He (I) knew they wanted him (me) to promise he (I) would support an independent redistricting commission, but he (I) COULDN’T.”

 Dick Dadey of the Good Government Reform Group told audience members having an INDEPENDENT commission draw district lines was necessary. 

  Nevertheless, New York’s  Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has admitted, “If LASSIE  ran on the Democratic line in my district, Lassie would win.”

  Even outgoing governor David Paterson told the reformers. . .”it had nothing to do with the representation of the people.”

  A Palladino sweep will clear out Albany in a way that those hallowed halls haven’t experienced in years and years.

  Now in California a demographic movement away from coastal areas inland to more conservative regions may improve attempts to redistrict fairly.  Sacramento, long the country’s bastion of constipated politics, competes with Albany for the “State Capitol Armpit” award.  Citizen needs continue to fall prey to public sector union lobbying and other special interest power grabs in both cities.

  Just look at the horrible budget impasse that the risk shy California governor refused to aggressively tackle after being union slapped early on in his tenure.  Proposition 20 may be the only hope for cracking heads in Sacramento although a negating proposition also will appear on California ballots.

PROP 20 is one of the most critical reforms in November’s ballots, one of the few that could actually make a difference in reforming politics in California,” says the Orange County Register. 

 Redistricting realities

 Meg Whitman’s proven corporate negotiations track record sorely is needed in her public sector union state denying real voter representation.

 While New York will lose two seats, Florida looks to gain two in the new Congress. 

The numbers are not in on California but either way these Governors will shape the redistricting of their states. This is why these races are so important to both Democrats and Republicans.

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 `Our country needs each of us. Stand up and fight or become a slave. Get out and work for a candidate.

 Do your own research

Don’t accept my word or anyone else’s word on these people this is way too important.

 Use theses sites to find out where the Democrats in these races stand on the issues you feel strongly about.  ACU conservative ratings.  Citizens Against Government Waste  Seconds Amendment rights protection group  all categories, National taxpayers union campaign for Working families: Pro life Pro family through free market solutions free market supporters Military Officers Association of America The American Security Council Foundation pro abortion group

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 Make it your goal to convert 10 people who promise to convert 10 others. Ask each person to donate $10.00 to a campaign. 

 If you can’t physically work in a conservative’s campaign volunteer to make phone calls from your home. It’s easier than you think.

  It’s up to you: Freedom or slavery. It’s that simple. 

 This day in history October 3

 1863: The last Thursday in November is declared Thanksgiving Day by President Abraham Lincoln.

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  1. It is long overdue that we the voters can change the unfairness and blatant in our faces corruption from the no good lying parasites there in Washington D.C. I myself believe our nation's capital needs to be moved to california right there where the border to mexico is so the sorry S.O.B's can feel how it feels to be trespassed upon day and night.What is BORAX going to do after November except shake with fear seeing his control evaporate before his eyes- Yes justice has been a long time coming and we have to give GOD all the credit for his mercy upon us- now this no good ISLAM loving Devil worshipper will get his due-is 30 years hard time in the slammer long enough or is he a traitor worth executing by firing squad?I know some boy scouts that want that job

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