The Weather Underground Organizer planted the acorn that grew into Barack Obama

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By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Bill Ayers and our media gave us Barack Obama.

The “destruction of the United States imperialism” was the objective of a revolutionary youth movement defined by Marxist Leninist ideology according to the once Top Secret FBI files on Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground Organization (WUO). The now unclassified FBI document CG100-409D3 dated Chicago, Illinois August 20, 1976, says “among Marxist Leninists the struggle for ideological clarity is a never ending process” and that Weatherman statements “are no different from other like minded revolutionary scientific socialists.”

Startling is the FBI statement describing the “WUO’s unchanging belief in armed struggle and the necessity of the international communist movement to guide their struggle to create revolution in the United States.” FBI investigators also concluded that Mao Tse-tung’s thoughts and those of Cuban revolutionaries influenced the WUO.

Another key point in this analysis is “the understanding that the primary contradiction facing the world is that between US imperialism and the oppressed peoples of the world, especially the Third World peoples.” Obama’s radical left policies Is any of this starting to sound familiar? Here we see the beginnings of the Liberation and Black Liberation Theologies obvious in Barack Obama’s policies.

The WUO manifesto stressed the necessity for reaching our country’s youth in the schools. Replacing the businessman as hero with radical heroes such as “Mao, Che, the Panthers and the Third World” is vital to the Obama/WUO’s plan as well. “The people who suffer under it.. . .have a right and duty to take up arms against United States imperialism” so says the WUO.

One commenter called the fact that leaders of the WUO now draw government paychecks as professors at US colleges and universities stunning. Indeed, Bill Ayers who is finally retiring after twenty years as a professor at the University of Illinois Chicago and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, also a WUO member, is an adjunct professor at Northwestern University School of Law. Both of these people have been teaching our children their view of America and that is a disturbing thought.

Still more stunning is the fact that their theories, along with those of another Weather Underground founder Jeff Jones, are now very prominent in Obama’s redistribution of America’s wealth initiatives. Jones’ Apollo Alliance wrote most of Obama’s redistribution based stimulus bill.

 There is speculation that Ayers was finally forced to retire because, since Obama’s appearance on the national stage, he has became more of a liability than an asset to a university system that has enough problems without having to constantly defend a man like Ayers.

 When I lived near Chicago during their Days of Rage riots of October, 1969, never did I imagine their ideology and action plans would reappear now over 40 years later. Turning on television’s wall of flames images every night was quite enough to comprehend along with tanks in the streets and bombings of police vehicles in retaliation for the killing of Black Panther Fred Hampton.

Only Mayor Richard Daley’s famous “Shoot to Kill” order shut down the carnage. He said he wasn’t going to let the radicals “kill his police or burn down his city.”

We must demand answers from our complicit media for their failure to inform us of Obama’s background of rage radicalism and revolution in the run up to the 2008 election.

Silence in the face of tyranny is collaboration with that tyranny.

Think about this: do you want to trust your family’s future to Democrats?

Our enemies are motivated by fear of freedom. Our faith in America must be stronger to defeat them.

Stand and fight now or there will be nothing left to defend again in our lifetimes. Make our will stronger than their will.

Pray for America.

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Yesterday’s Rasmussen Presidential Index had Obama at – 11; Rasmussen’s latest Generic Ballot poll has Republicans +8 at 46/38.

This day in history August 8

1942 : Six Members who were part of Operation Pastorius are executed in the electric chair at the District of Columbia jail. Operation Pastorius was a failed plan by German Nazi’s to sabotage American economic targets including hydro-electric plants, railway stations, and other key US targets, they were landed in the US by German U-Boats in June and the plan failed because two of the saboteurs George Dasch and Ernst Burger, who was an America citizen, decided they did not wish to proceed with the plan and informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The trial was before a seven-member military commission who sentenced all eight to death but President Roosevelt commuted Burger’s and Dasch’s to prison sentences because of their co-operation with the FBI.

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