There may be far more to Sandy Hook incidents than guns

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

As Democrats and Progressives use this enormous tragedy as the tag necessary to push for nationwide gun control, permit me, a 30 year teacher of young adult males, to offer my reasons as to why this breakdown in our society is happening.    

First of all, was Adam Lanza on any type of “mind altering” drugs in recent months, or from his early childhood?  Teachers of young males often encourage parents to put their young children on hyper activity medication just to make the classroom atmosphere easier to control.  One of my students, a middle age mom, asked me if she should put her son on Ritalin?  She was getting pressure from his school to do something about his “hyper-activity.”  I said, “No, don’t do it.”  Any type of psychotropic drug affects younger brains more dramatically in my humble opinion.

All we will get from the media and liberal politicians will be pressure on Congress to control the guns Americans can buy, but little to no mention will be given to putting sanctions in place to control the legal drugs our young children are being given! Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, cautions us: “We should be outlawing psychiatric medications, not an inanimate piece of metal.” Adams stresses that, “One of the most common side effects of psychiatric drugs is violent outbursts and thoughts of suicide.” (1)

He wants a real debate about what the real first offender is:  guns or the DRUGS which are huge money makers for Big Pharma and its enormous D.C. lobby!  Adams says, “The Columbine High School shooters were on psychiatric drugs at the time they shot their classmates in 1999.  Suicidal tendencies and violent, destructive thoughts are some of the admitted behavioral side effects of mind-altering prescription medications.” (1)

The debasement of white American males in progress for at least the past 20 years sees fathers pass along much disappointment to their young sons.  And these Dads often are not under the same roof anymore.  We’ve removed the male Rites of Passage rituals from the lives of our young sons.  Our politically correct culture, our Schools of Education and their pedagogic graduates have imposed a PC, multicultural ethos on students for years.  I was hard-pressed to find one positive essay or piece of literature featuring white American males in a syllabus I was given to teach a college level lit class. I substituted “Hamlet” for “Raisin in the Sun” because we’ve had quite enough of Hate Whitey!

Our media foster this gross denigration of white American men in images portraying them as sex fiends, pedophiles and killers in any number of sit coms and TV advertisements. We have a school system which is trending towards imposed matriarchy to continue the destruction of the male ego. 

It is also important that we do more to control the spread of violent video games than simply require an “M” be placed on the product jacket. The frighteningly realistic slaughter of characters in a digital world effectively desensitizes young minds which may equate “assassination-by-joystick” with the real thing.

Gun control advocates will use the Sandy Hook tragedy to advance gun confiscation legislation as they ignore all other potential reasons for the crime. It is legitimate to wonder how many future Sandy Hooks will take place simply because the discussion will be driven by political agenda rather than a search for the truth.



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4 thoughts on “There may be far more to Sandy Hook incidents than guns”

  1. Politicians are not interested in the truth.l They are on;y interested in their agenda, which is the acquisition of ever increasing amounts of power.

    For the last two days, I’ve been hearing the blathering of such luminaries as Jerrold Nadler, Michael Bloomberg, and Diane Feinstein. Public enemies, all.

  2. On target. With every last vestige of manhood squeezed out of our schools, and from our entire society–boys cannot attain what they desire–the respect of other males for physical accomplishments other than maybe on an athletic field. That in no way satisfies the yearning of most young males.

    Many societies once had ways for young men to be formally accepted. From hard physical labor, baling hay or driving a herd to requiring a period of time where one survives without community assistance in the wild (once American Indian custom)there are few ways a boy can now become a man or be recognized as king of the hill.

    It certainly is not found in boy scout troops led by women where I was once instructed to make decorations and paper clothing for some doll project. Good grief America.

    Boys can join a gang, turn to crime, or otherwise slink around on the edges of society to seek recognition, but what else?

    Combine this need with violent video game sales, mind numbing mumbo jumbo prescribed drugs which produce hostility (my best friend went off his “meds” and promptly commited suicide as a teenager) and liberally creating all sorts of violence magnet gun free zones only guarantees another decade or two of this cultural drift with tragic results.

  3. I have to agree with Suzanne Evoladi that there is a problem with the loss of a father in the home. I have seen it in my life that the presance of a strong father figure and a mother as a family usually have fewer troubles with out of control boys when they set realistice boundries (rules) and will backup each other. I was raised in a rural farming area and had my chores and work on the farm which helped us all eat and have a house to live in with a loving family. At 19 I enlisted in the Air Force and had to accept full responsibility for any of my decisions and actions, good or bad. We did not have “gun free zones” as we knew right from wrong. Just remember, The average response time of a 9-1-1 call is 25 to 30 minutes, and a .357 magnum is 1,500 feet per second. The question that can not be answered is, would fewer children and adults be killed if someone with training and a hand gun who was willing to use it had been on site? The ones crying for more gun control need to look at the FBI stats of the shootings in the cities with total bans on guns. Supposedly it is only the law enforcement that are are armed, so why would they need guns as no one else is to have one? Oh yes I remember the robbers have guns too and you are defensless.

  4. A great article that raises some very interesting discussion points. My nephew was put on Ritalin by his step-mom to control his perfectly normal pre-teen “hyperactivity”. It seemed to greatly affect his decision-making ability (yes, even beyond the normally questionable decision-making demonstrated by most pre-teens).

    These sensational events often drive the discussion, especially among politicians. I advocate for calmer, fact-based discussions on the true risks to young Americans.

    Putting Gun Violence into Proper Perspective

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